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  1. NHL 2017-18

    New number font is much better. I think the new sock stripes look great on the white uniform, but on the navy set they're just a bit too minimalistic. But at least it matches the jersey striping now.
  2. NHL 2017-18

    I don't mind the new Bruins socks, but as I look at these game photos I'm not so keen on them. They remind me somewhat of a semi-pro team cosplaying as the Bruins. There's too much black and not enough colour contrast like before. If they must stick with these socks then maybe adding a yellow stripe to the pants would make up for it, but then again that would be even more wrong.
  3. New Series - Redoing the NHL

    Fantastic work all around. Those Ducks jerseys are basically perfect and I want one right fvcking now. With the Coyotes, I'm in two minds about the roundel crest. It suits the uniform design and functionally works well, but on the other hand it doesn't fit the Coyotes franchise as their primary mark. An interesting direction nonetheless.
  4. 2017 NHL Offseason

    We'll only know for sure if someone donates a urine sample.
  5. NHL 2017-18

    The only thing bugging me about this is that the sticks aren't orange. I get that this is what it looked like on the third jersey and why they did it that way and that was fine. But they already have a version of that logo with orange sticks in the identity, so it's not like they couldn't use that... right? I dunno. Brand Guidelines gonna Brand Guideline.
  6. THE Video Game Thread

    The Sonic Mania soundtrack is quite simply marvelous. I think everyone here will enjoy this High Quality Rip* of Stardust Speedway Act 1. *Brought to you by Totino's
  7. Las Vegas Lights

    Still a better name than Vegas Desert Lights.
  8. THE Video Game Thread

    Today's the first I've heard of it. I've had no issues myself, but apparently it's been stopping people from playing offline and Sega themselves are looking for a way around this.
  9. THE Video Game Thread

    Problem is, that idea makes too much sense. Nintendo's gonna Nintendo.
  10. THE Video Game Thread

    The slightly longer wait was worth it. Sonic Mania is an absolute joy, and well and truly puts Sonic 4 to shame. My only gripe is with the unlockable abilities for Sonic only being usable on a non-save playthrough, which just seems like an odd choice considering how much thought has been put into the rest of the game. But to be honest I like the default drop dash ability enough to not use either of those anyway. While there are plenty of old Zones in this game, it never felt as if any of them were being lazily recycled. They took the original level designs, made them bigger and better than before, and even borrowed elements from other Zones in earlier games. There are corkscrews from Sonic 2's Emerald Hill in Mania's Green Hill. Stardust Speedway Act 1 may remind you of Sonic 3's Marble Garden. And the new Studiopolis Zone is basically the Casino or Carnival Night of this game. I definitely recommend it. Anyone who grew up with Sonic, or enjoys classic platformers in general, owes it to themselves to play this game.
  11. NHL 2017-18

    That's basically been everyone's major gripe with the Adizero uniforms. While I don't hate the collars, a few teams have made weird design choices with theirs. The Maple Leafs of all teams shouldn't be doing that half-white half-blue nonsense.
  12. What Are You Listening To?

  13. NHL 2017-18

    It sucks that they're not gonna be worn in the game, but blaming the players for it is a bit of a stretch.
  14. McDonalds customer pays for order of nothing