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  1. Since you mentioned the London Knights and the name's thematic tie to the British capital city, did you know that there was once also a team named the London Knights that played over here? They were owned by AEG, and being the owner of the LA Kings and with their policy of giving their other teams regal-themed names, naturally this led to them copying coming up with the London Knights. The name's the same but they went in a completely different direction with the logo and colour scheme:
  2. At 98, he's probably outlived just about anyone who eats Big Macs on a regular basis.
  3. The big flaming eyeball lamp things hanging off his head are a somewhat unsettling sight, but other than that I dig Alpha's design.
  4. And that's why teams like Detroit and Toronto have been using single layer numbers for almost their entire existence.
  5. Speaking of the Browns... Word is they're the latest team that's "moving to London"
  6. Yeah, not too long ago the Pens were this close to being moved to Kansas. Either that or the whole ordeal was an empty threat made in order to get the new arena built. I don't remember the whole story but either way that was a thing. Whatever the case, I'm glad they stayed.
  7. The "City of Champions" patch is almost as tacky as Minnesota's "State of Hockey" patch. Ditch that and you have a pretty decent third jersey. Losing the triangle behind the penguin is an interesting design choice, kinda gives it more the feel of an old school mascot logo. It's so weird not having it there, but as an alternate mark or a one time thing, it's fine.
  8. Welcome to the boards! Looks nice, and I'm all for simplifying the colour scheme, but there needs to be more contrast between the orange in the logo and the jersey behind it. It's why the current third uses a gold triangle, for example. Maybe introduce a logo-only tertiary colour?
  9. Actually, the original Ducks Edge sweaters retained the metallic gold stripes. The third-now-home jersey later introduced flat gold striping. I guess it's possible that the Knights could use metallic stripes. I'd be all for it.
  10. Wait. Do octopuses even have nostrils? UNLESS you've just been lying about your species the whole time and you're actually a...
  11. I like the logo set overall, but that drab flat gold is triggering my 2006 Ducks rebrand PTSD. Golden Knights is whatever I guess.
  12. If the Ducks are anything to go by, the gold will look nice on hats and on the jersey crest. But the logo will either appear to be a muddied brown/bronze/beige or a flat golden yellow in branding applications. Speaking of which, the black and gold will inevitably draw comparison between the Knights and Ducks, but as far as I'm concerned Vegas can have it.
  13. Minor similarities aside, if we're comparing them then the Knights just shat all over the Kings logo.
  14. It used to make me cringe, but the more I think about it, the more I don't mind Golden Knights so much. Logo's great, name's whatever, my only hope now is that there aren't any Addy-dass stripes on the uniform.