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  1. Tried out the Pokemon Sun & Moon demo. Core gameplay is basically the same but with a couple new battle mechanics that make it easy to win. Meh.
  2. Saw the Power Rangers teaser. Don't know much about Breakfast Club so I can't make that comparison, but the first thing I was reminded of was 2003 Spiderman. I believe both were cited by Dean Israelite himself as influences and hints of the direction the movie is taking. So far, I really, really like what we're seeing. I have a feeling RJ Cyler is pretty much going to steal the show here Yeah, I saw it recently and can see those influences. Probably helps that it was directed by Hideaki Anno of Evangelion fame. The quasi-realistic take and this kind of political commentary and deconstruction are themes that often crop up in anime. Gundam and Patlabor are the first examples I can name off the top of my head. Even Digimon gets quasi-realistic on occasion. I've only watched this on a flight and have no idea if it's even getting a UK cinema release so I might not get that kind of experience, but I really enjoyed this movie. The cinematography was fantastic, maybe even better than the 2014 film. As someone who's not really invested in Godzilla, this has got me interested in checking out some of the earlier installments.
  3. The CG is clearly not finished but aside from that I like what we're seeing. Looks like the Dinozords have more of a fossil-inspired look to them.
  4. Got fed up with watching from the sidelines and bought myself a PS Vita, mainly for Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth. And then my boat floater of the week just days after that: a new Digimon World game got its worldwide release announced! EDIT: But not on Vita after all. Piss. [/weeb]
  5. In case any of you are still playing this: Fake ‘Pokémon Go’ app tricked half a million players into downloading malware
  6. So here we go: [Ducktales theme] Yeah it never gonna leave yours head! Never! DuckTales Woo Woo
  7. Finally caved and bought a new phone to replace my aging iPhone 4S. Got a Wileyfox Swift, a mid-ranger setting me back at just under £100. This'll be my first time owning an Android phone so that'll be interesting. At the very least it'll be nice to use the phone without the battery draining after an hour and apps committing seppuku every time I try to open them.
  8. Las Vegas Giant Hairy Scorpion Knights FTW
  9. That's basically the only reason. He's pretty much fixed on the name. Adjectiveless Knights he couldn't do apparently because of trademark issues with the London Knights. Between the three, I'd say Silver Knights is the best (or rather, the only good) option. But it's probably going to be Desert.
  10. In a game that's largely played indoors in an arena specifically built for that purpose... -- But I agree, "Desert" Knights is a bit much.
  11. Well said. Maybe this is a topic for a whole new thread, but I wonder if we'd still be having this recurring North Stars name discussion if the current Minnesota franchise had gone with something better than the Wild - which for the record I don't hate so much, but it's really down to how you interpret the name, which itself doesn't make it a particularly good name for them. Preferably that, but I'm not sure if they even need an alternate. Far as I'm concerned the uniforms they have now are basically perfect. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't want them to bring out a North Stars-ish third.
  12. I had to unfollow him on there for this very reason. It was nonstop.
  14. Nighthawks sounds like the sort of generic name a rec league team would come up with when they can't think of anything else. As it happens, I have a local rec league team named the Nighthawks.