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  1. In a game that's largely played indoors in an arena specifically built for that purpose... -- But I agree, "Desert" Knights is a bit much.
  2. Well said. Maybe this is a topic for a whole new thread, but I wonder if we'd still be having this recurring North Stars name discussion if the current Minnesota franchise had gone with something better than the Wild - which for the record I don't hate so much, but it's really down to how you interpret the name, which itself doesn't make it a particularly good name for them. Preferably that, but I'm not sure if they even need an alternate. Far as I'm concerned the uniforms they have now are basically perfect. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't want them to bring out a North Stars-ish third.
  3. I had to unfollow him on there for this very reason. It was nonstop.
  5. Nighthawks sounds like the sort of generic name a rec league team would come up with when they can't think of anything else. As it happens, I have a local rec league team named the Nighthawks.
  6. Not allowed Black Knights so they're going to ape the Blackhawks instead. Cue the whole North Stars thing and we'll inevitably end up with no less than three pairs of teams with basically the same name. Yay!
  7. New Sharks logo looks like this, new Sharks logo looks like that. Maybe it's just me, but it looks like an illustration of a shark in the style of their current branding. I agree, the fin is way too big. If they shrunk that down then this would make for a decent jersey crest. If anything I'd like to see this replace the current full body shark.
  8. Happened to find this music video on another board, and now I'm hooked to the song
  9. New Sharks logos are OK. But why bother if they're not being used on the uniforms? I suspect that they're testing the waters with new branding.
  10. Except nobody has said "screw Atlanta". As far as Winnipeg is concerned, they have the Jets back. The fans simply don't and have no reason to care about their time as the Thrashers. Why would they? I'm sorry if that bothers you, but that's just how it is. I always saw their use of double blue as a carryover from the Thrashers, albeit reversed and the lighter shade adjusted. Navy remaining the primary colour like it originally was for the Thrashers. If you look at it that way their uniform now is already quite similar. As a sidenote; for something that was hastily cobbled together at the last minute, the current Jets look has really grown on me.
  11. Pokemon Go has been banned in Iran.
  12. They've only been around for five years. Better to give them space to establish their own identity first.
  13. Like the Habs, the Oilers don't really have a lot left to throw back to. Their whole look is about as throwback as it gets. I don't have much to say about this, but it'll be a good looking game and it's cool to see an old Jets uniform returning.
  14. They own the Thrashers franchise history and records and such, but AFAIK the previous owners retained the rights to the branding for some reason. Not that the Jets have any reason to use it anyway.
  15. "Hats are for baseball players" I don't want to hear that from the berk who rebranded one of his teams away from a perfectly good hockey logo to a baseball script.