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  1. The change for Dallas could be nothing more than the addition of the 25th Anniversary patch for all we know.
  2. Or remove the obnoxious sleeve piping.
  3. Depending on where you go in London, you may still get somewhat of a feel for that "back in the day" experience. Just don't go anywhere near the suburbs.
  4. I hope you like that third jersey then. ...Mind you, apparently none of the teams are getting a new primary logo, so maybe the Avs aren't promoting the thirds after all.
  5. So they're playing Nashville Predators dress up.
  6. This version of the Ducks wordmark was what was first leaked before the full reveal of the rebrand. It was a helmet sticker for the first four years and after that it was never seen again. If I were looking for an NBA team, this logo would probably sell me on the Hawks.
  7. But paired with a primarily black and white colour scheme, it's still a generic black and white uniform. If NHL uniforms were superhero costumes then these were the equivalent of wearing a business suit instead. The logo itself is OK. Not amazing by any means, but it's OK. It's a simple, clever design that's like a modern take on a more traditional hockey logo, and that much is what I like about it. But the bolded part is where I disagree and is my main problem. Yes, we know it's a D in the shape of a duck's footprint, but that's only because it's been spelled out for us since day one. Without any context, it doesn't jump out at you and say "this team is the Ducks". Often I've been asked and then had to explain what it is, which is usually followed by the question of "Where's the duck?" I also distinctly remember the time a friend mistook it for a sideways Starfleet insignia. I feel this is in part because, unlike the Mighty Ducks logo which is modeled after the bill - albeit, a more cartoonish depiction of it - the D is based on a body part that isn't uniquely associated with ducks. It'd be like the Coyotes using the paw print as their main logo. Or the Sharks using a tooth as theirs. Speaking of the Sharks... Is this a first or has any other team done a survey like this before?
  8. The D foot does improve the set, but not by much. I feel that the main issue with this set was the uninspired use of colour. Too much black, the metallic gold blended with the white stripes on TV, and the orange is so minimal that it may as well not be there - and this is again in spite of them playing up Orange County and #PaintItOrange and all that jazz. The striping design is the only standout feature, and even then it's not interesting because the colour balance is about as safe and boring as it gets.
  9. Something akin to their early days in Dallas would be nice. But the Stars set is so good that I'm not sure they even need a third.
  10. Random thought: 2018-19 is the Ducks' 25th Anniversary season. Now I'm wondering if their plan is to tie in with that. Nashville basically owns gold now, so I don't see that happening.
  11. Even the Crying Jordan shaped mask on the last page was more creative. If mildly unsettling.
  12. Stars: Don't know if vintage white works for the home uniform, but I love the North Stars inspired look. The third is a nice homage to their earlier days in Dallas. Sadly I can't get past the Texas State logo being a crest, but this is more a fault with the existing design as opposed to your use of it in the concept. The logo is overrated anyway in my opinion, but I especially dislike the version used in the current Stars branding because the star is so awkwardly placed and it drives me nuts. I appreciate you taking the time to draw it in such detail, but I still hate it Wild: Fantastic look all around, but I don't have much else to add. I like the star helmet logos. I like the striping, the colour balance, and... well, basically everything. And that third jersey crest may very well be your best rendering of it yet. The M-Arrow is a nice homage to the North Stars. I once did something similar to that with a W, but now that I think about it an M probably works better because it doesn't emphasise the terrible name they've been stuck with Coyotes: Massive improvement over the current set. The third is an interesting way of having two dominant colours without the silly Turd Burger cape effect, and I wonder how that'd look in action. The only change I'd make would be to swap the red and black sleeve portions on the white jersey, but I can also see how that might not work as well with your subliminated design.
  13. Ugh. Well, congratulations Nashville. Enjoy your first Cup Final. Go Sens I guess.
  14. On a different note, the original Megazord (or rather, Daizyujin) has been added to the roster of a Super Robot Wars mobile game in Japan. Notably, this also marks its first official appearance alongside the King of Monsters himself. That's right. Through this game, it's possible to have the Megazord and Godzilla fighting alongside each other! How crazy is that?