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  1. I only really have one on the sports bucket list and that is to catch a Ducks game in Anaheim. For places I'd like to visit: - More than a few parts of Japan. Hokkaido, Yamagata, more of Kyoto, and the Itsukushima Shrine to name a few places. Hell I'd probably live in Tokyo if I could. - A few more American cities. New York, Chicago, Seattle and Miami are the first ones off the top of my head. - Finland - Kinda want to see China, kinda don't - I feel like I owe Scotland a visit - The Lake District in Cumbria - Australia. The idea of traveling all the way there always seemed quite daunting - even compared to California and Japan, which are 12-13 hour flights from the UK - but I'd like to visit Sydney, maybe Melbourne too. - Sorta want to go to Paris for the Eiffel Tower, but beyond that nothing is really drawing me there.
  2. As someone who doesn't pay much attention to the NFL, it surprises me every time I learn that the Cardinals are a hundred plus year old franchise. I have to agree that they don't really look or feel the part, aside from keeping the colour scheme relatively simple.
  3. Good call. Even with Brexit on this side of the pond, the constant back-and-forth bickering over politics on the internet has become toxic, and there's just too much of it. Even beyond that particular topic I find that there are people who just do nothing but post and share the same crap on Facebook, constantly, all day, every day. Whether it's generic Minion memes or what have you, they can get insufferable. I normally have the patience of a saint, but can get incredibly irritable when it comes to things like this - and whether that's related to Asperger's or Depression, I'm not sure. Needless to say, the unfollow button is a godsend. Means you can keep that Facebook friend without seeing any of their posts (But I will "unfriend" under extreme circumstances, like when people decide it's a good idea to share a video of a man being shot dead)
  4. I probably wouldn't mind the smell of freshly cut grass if not for the smell of petrol lingering in the air.
  5. Based on their season-by-season record, I only have one question to ask. What history?
  6. There's been speculation that the Avs may go in that direction with their branding, but at the moment nobody knows for sure.
  7. Here comes a new challenger.
  8. IceMen is about as generic a hockey team name as it gets. It's whatever.
  9. The Komets operate as an independent franchise and the Blues are already affiliated with the Missouri Mavericks.
  10. Wikipedia has banned the Daily Mail as a source on its articles.
  11. Man arrested for doing the dirty deed with a drain cover. Never let me down, Romford.
  12. I vaguely recall something like this for the '67 expansion club in celebration of their 50th anniversaries. But then most of them have already, with the Blues and Kings having one game throwbacks, and the Pens and Flyers having them as full time uniforms to begin with. The only team that hasn't is the Stars; I think something about them wearing North Stars jerseys was brought up a while back, but they've yet to make any indication of any plans to do so, or any acknowledgement of the franchise's 50th anniversary.
  13. Transformers 5 Super Bowl spot has dropped! Also, Michael Bay is hinting that this will be his last one. Which I'm sure he said about TF4 as well.
  14. Oh fur fox sake.