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  1. First time I've seen these, and for better or worse I think I know what retailer that is and I just cringed. I'd probably get one of these if not for the jersey striping. Inaccuracy aside it looks :censored:ing terrible on a t-shirt.
  2. It's fake. So very, very fake.
  3. It's a pretty standard template for an anniversary patch. Nothing remarkable about that Devils one either.
  4. I used to listen to an episode on my one day off while working on a design or something, but nowadays I download the episode's mp3 file and load it onto my Sansa Clip Zip for my commute to (or from) my part time job on one of three days that I travel there. The commute one way consists of two bus journeys and usually lasts around 1 hour 30 minutes which - while not ideal in the slightest - is basically perfect for podcasts. Other shows that I have in rotation often go well into the 2-3 hour mark and I split those between the journeys there and back. Like marble, a lot of my sports knowledge comes from listening to you guys talking about it on the show, but unlike him I'm almost exclusively an NHL fan and don't pay much attention to the other sports. Not even the British ones, but then my very reason for becoming a hockey fan in the first place is somewhat unusual*. On separate occasions I've tried getting into the other big three American leagues and ended up losing interest for different reasons**. But despite this your discussions about the silly happenings in every league, the sports media, or in general, always keeps me amused EDIT: Also, count me in as a member of the I've-never-watched-Game-of-Thrones club. I've missed out on basically all of these big popular shows - even Breaking Bad - but the fantasy genre has never appealed to me all that much so nothing's really drawing me to it. *Long story short: an animated show about a Power Rangers-esque team of hockey playing, humanoid ducks from outer space made me a fan. **A friend tried making me into a Chicago Bulls fan and it never stuck. I was briefly a Houston Texans fan while on my University's football team, but my interest in hockey kind of overpowered that and I simply stopped caring. And then I tried following the Angels but the all-too frequent 3am phone notifications gave me second thoughts.
  5. To be fair, MOD EDIT also works as an accurate representation of his posts
  6. It makes me sad to see those without the Mighty Ducks logo on the front - even when I know they're never going back to that full-time - but it's still an awesome set that I'd have a hard time complaining about.
  7. With cartoony graphics!
  8. Do people go to Pittsburgh and Detroit specifically for casinos?
  9. Custer's Revenge would like a... wait. "World's First Sexiest Game". Are you sh!tting me?
  10. The colours themselves are fine. But when they're right next to each other it looks like they're merging into a nasty greeny brown that looks like puke. Not that habsfan's concept warrants the "puke" emoticon, far from it. It's just an unfortunate issue with that colour scheme. Move the colours around as hockey week suggested and you'll have a winner.
  11. Custer's Revenge would like a word.
  12. Following on from and expanding on this question: If you could go back in time and take ownership of any expansion franchise, what would you have named the team instead?
  13. How many goats must be sacrificed to make this set a reality?
  14. Something something Treason Day