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  1. Your 2016 World Series Champions Chicago Cubs!
  2. The closest you get is Amber Rayne, Tiffany Rayne and Dakota Skye I saw online that Dak won in Lambeau which is something that Aikman and Staubach never did? That actually correct, I could have sworn Aikman had some wins up in Lambeau during that stretch where the Cowboys owned Brett Favre in the early to mid 90s.
  3. Is Yahoo even relevant? Does anyone even use Yahoo for anything?
  4. While the fan wank discussion about Trump violating vulvas is entertaining, I'm a bit concerned about a war with Russia. I don't see it on CNN so I'm guessing it's just Alex Jones fear mongering and there is nothing to worry about.
  5. Zeke is a beast so far. I was down on him at the start of the season especially after the Giants game but he has shown himself to be legit the last couple of weeks. Now the big question is what do you do when Romo comes back?
  6. I read the thread title in Morgan Freeman voice
  7. I think this story deserves a dolphins gif
  8. I suppose it's a good time to dust off an old favorite:
  9. The story of Georgia Tech vs Cumberland and the 222-0 score.
  10. I guarantee that Hillary Clinton will win this election. She is going to win so much that everyone is going to tell her, "Hillary, I can't take all this winning." Congratulations on Hillary on becoming the first female president. For the first time I feel good about the direction of this country with HRC. What a glorious time to be alive.
  11. The flag of Abkhazia is pretty neat.
  12. Give it at least 2-3 years before calling the bust/HOF cards. Even if Wentz does well this season, let's see how he does afterwards. RG3 came onto the scene as a world beater in his first season only to sink in his 2 and 3rd season, ultimately losing his job to Kirk Cousins.
  13. Pay no attention to that, they were just holograms to make the stadium appear fuller than it was.
  14. What it comes down to is the cult like mentality that each party/candidates have and the unwillingness to concede and listen to facts. It's exactly the same problem with religion and the unwillingness to be open minded to ideas that might contradict what they have been led to believe. Being a die hard democrat or republican is not that much different than the die hard (insert religious denomination) instead of god/gods that people fight over, it's the party and the candidates. But the mind set is exactly the same.
  15. I don't know what to make of it, but a suggestion going around is to get Big E ready for the Royal Rumble so he can win it and go on to main event WM33. You may now shred this idea to pieces.