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  1. With today's social climate it's a movie that would never see the light of day if it was made today.
  2. I get what you are saying and largely agree. I just don't feel it's a major news story. If people want to shred him on social media, they can have at it. It's just not a major story for me. It's no different from most of the stuff that comes from the entertainment industry.
  3. The Kaepernic story is a non-story which I fail to see the controversy in. He's within his first amendment rights to do as he chooses. If he was doing something that violates the law, that would be a different story. Other wise, who cares about a qb that's about to be out of the league.
  4. It's a shame the Nighthawks got ruled out. They could offer discounts on Nighthawk TV dinners:
  5. Its the internet. The same internet that made Hitler relevant again with the Hitler memes instead of leaving him in the trash can of history. I gave up trying to figure it out.
  6. last year it took week 2 or 3 to end the Cowboys season. This year it ends in preseason. Time to see what Dak can do.
  7. It should be obvious after reading a single page of this thread that it's going be 230+ page democrat fan wank that would make Tessa Taylor blush. Its the same going into logo and uniform threads where the majority of the posts are traditional/classic/retro logo/uniform nostalgia fan wank. It's just the nature of the threads. I enjoy a fan wank like the next person but sometimes I like a little variety. I just come for the catered Little Caeser's pizza and Doctor Thunder.
  8. If the Chargers don't want him, the Cowboys could use him.
  9. This was an A+ Summer Slam. I enjoyed it top to bottom. I have never watched a Summer Slam that I enjoyed top to bottom where every match was fun, enjoyable and could watch again. I believe we are in a new golden era of wrestling. WWE is listening and they finally giving the internet what they want, pushing the stars we want. It is glorious. WWE take all my money. Take it all you deserve it.
  10. Nakamura/Joe was a legit 5 star classic. A+
  11. I'm pleased to see what he has done the last couple of games. I know people where down on the Cowboys not getting Paxton Lynch but there's something to be said about Dak being a steal. What a steal it could be if he could take over as a legit starter in 1 to 2 years. What impressed me about him was in the second quarter he had 2 TDs on the same drive waved off and still managed to end the drive with a TD. I know it's the dolphins, but still I like what I have seen out of him. Now I want to see what Zeke Elliot can do. That's the pick that I'm anxious to see.
  12. For most it's basic trolling/rebel rousing/board disruption. The key to good trolling is subtlety, consistency, not let people know that you are in on the trolling and you take it as far as you can go before flaming out and getting banned. It's knowing when to post inflammatory commentary but keep it subtle enough to keep you under the radar from the mods. So in a sense the art of trolling has been lost.
  13. Let's rehash the CCSCL board memes. Has anyone actually heard from some of these banned members or seen what they have been up too? I've always been curious to see if any of them may have changed or what they are doing right now.
  14. The same can be said about 9/10s of the roster. Outside of Lesnar, Cena, Orton is there really anyone on the roster that's a legit top guy? maybe Rollins. But that seems a bit generous.
  15. CGP Grey did a video that touches on this and the issues with the EC.