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  1. The flag of Abkhazia is pretty neat.
  2. Give it at least 2-3 years before calling the bust/HOF cards. Even if Wentz does well this season, let's see how he does afterwards. RG3 came onto the scene as a world beater in his first season only to sink in his 2 and 3rd season, ultimately losing his job to Kirk Cousins.
  3. Pay no attention to that, they were just holograms to make the stadium appear fuller than it was.
  4. What it comes down to is the cult like mentality that each party/candidates have and the unwillingness to concede and listen to facts. It's exactly the same problem with religion and the unwillingness to be open minded to ideas that might contradict what they have been led to believe. Being a die hard democrat or republican is not that much different than the die hard (insert religious denomination) instead of god/gods that people fight over, it's the party and the candidates. But the mind set is exactly the same.
  5. I don't know what to make of it, but a suggestion going around is to get Big E ready for the Royal Rumble so he can win it and go on to main event WM33. You may now shred this idea to pieces.
  6. Coming out of the draft, I wasn't terribly high on Dak and I figured he would be serviceable at best and that Zeke Elliot would be the one impressing everyone. After preseason and the last 2 games, I like what I see out of Dak Prescott and really haven't been impressed with Zeke Elliot. I heard people comparing him to Matt Forte of the Bears. Which I'm sure after he gains some experience he'll do better but I have fears he may be closer to Curtis Enis than Matt Forte. Re: Rams... Maybe it's time to start Jared Goff, the guy the Rams gave up the farm to get.
  7. I could get into Alexa Bliss if they could all out in her being a batshss crazy Harley Quinn character. I wouldn't even oppose them tweaking Ambrose's character into a crazy lunatic fringe character instead of having him come out as the "lunatic fringe" and not do anything crazy to earn that moniker. Then pair lunatic fringe Ambrose with Alexa Bliss. I know terrible Idea but something I wouldn't mind seeing.
  8. I don't personally hate Trump. I just find this whole candidacy by Trump to be amusing. The right wing has completely bought into his ultra conservative, ultra nationalist platform so he has massed a following like he is a modern day Jesus. All the while, strip away the trolling, racist, bigoted and near fascist tenancy he's a classic anti-war liberal.
  9. I can't believe it's been 15 years since that happened. That is still as vivid to me now as it was when I was living in New York when this happened. Thread title is on point, Never Forget.
  10. Is this an Ohio thing or nationwide thing?
  11. I fail to see the issue here with the players standing up or sitting down for the anthem.
  12. I'm as big of a proponent of fair wages/livable wages as anyone, I just think starting out workers out at $15-$20/hr is excessive. Sure you can impose a $21/hr minimum wage limit on a company like Walmart and they are going to turn around and either shut down stores which eliminates jobs or the cutting of hours, benefits, incentives and layoffs. All of which Walmart did just in the past year and that was in response to the wage increase they themselves approved.
  13. Where I'm at, Walmart starts their employees off at $9/hr. After completion of the "Pathways training program" it gets bumped up to $10/hr. Which is about standard if not above standard for most companies in retail. Given the type of employees that go through there and the high turnover rate, it's exceptionally generous.
  14. Is it really necessary for TTU to continue to pile on SFA? 69-17. Enough already.
  15. As much as I like the Balor 'demon' gimmick, him going over Lesnar is beyond stupid, makes the opponents that Lesnar has either beaten or squashed look dumb. There isn't a single person on that roster that I'd want to see go over Lesnar, let alone someone 1/4 the size of Lesnar.