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  1. I'm pulling for the Penguins and Blues purely based on uniform aesthetics.
  2. 2016 WWE Extreme Rules

    IC title match was pretty good. The rest of the show was take it or leave it. Glad to see Rollins back.
  3. Players You Hate

    I really have a hard time disliking players. Even on rival teams I'm supposed to hate but don't, I have players I like. If there are players I dislike, it's the draft picks that the sports media overrates and ends up busting out of the league in 4 years while setting franchises back several years see Leaf, Ryan and Russell, JaMarcus.
  4. 2016 WWE Extreme Rules

    I actually liked the Stardust character, I felt like they should have done more to develop his character. Instead he just became a curtain jerker job guy. I felt as talent as Cody was, that character should have been more than what it was. I know alot of people hated it, but for me i liked it because it was unique in a way. He went from the generic crew cut hair, black tights, first name, last name default character select on Smackdown Vs. Raw to at least a half assed attempt at a unique character. Was it cartoony? yeah, but I prefer the cartoony type of characters over generic looking wrestlers. I will say this I bet LU could make the Stardust character work and get it over.
  5. 2016 WWE Extreme Rules

    To say he is a comedy character almost derides most of his character development. He had some of the best character development and could do a super funny character when the story called for it or he could go into super serious mode and you could take him serious and you could buy into it without thinking he was a one off joke. It's a type of character development that you just don't see anymore.
  6. Established franchises that have never worn a throwback.

    How is the 93 to about 99/2000 home and away set regarded with most Stars fans? They had a decent amount of success in those uniforms but they seem to be forgotten to the 'star' template and the current set.
  7. What Grinds Your Gears...

  8. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    I don't know if they are necessarily wrong uniforms as much as a painful reminder of the crop of guys the Isles had that got traded away for a hill of beans. This maybe the nostalgist in me but I still kinda associate Luongo, Chara, Bertuzzi, McCabe Berard, Palffy, Jonsson and Salo with the Islanders.
  9. 2016 WWE Extreme Rules

    It all comes back to the argument that the Cena ass kissers would say every time Cena would beat somebody. "Cena didn't bury (insert up and coming wrestler's name/ we'll call them Y). Even in losing, Y looked great and it shows the company thinks alot of him by working with Cena. Clearly it's all up from there." My response to that is always, "Maybe, and to a point it's true. But it's what you do with the guys afterwards that matters" You can have a guy take a guy like Cena to the limits and give it all they have and still come up short, if and this is the important part, if you build them strong and continue to book them in a way that makes them look strong and you continue to push them and then when you do decide to come back to the feud, they can go over a Cena, 100% legit/no bs/no get win backs/no take backs/no onesies/no twosies, and it doesn't hurt Cena and it helps build a new star. Now if you have them built up and then feed them to Cena, then turn around and make a joke out of them and bury them to mid card limbo with no purpose, story or direction then they are wasting everyone's time. Point is, they built Sandow up a bit just to have him win the MITB briefcase, only to lose it to a one armed Cena. Then afterwards they turned him into a joke character that never really recovered.
  10. 2016 WWE Extreme Rules

    It's good to know Sandow's match against a one armed Cena has done him wonders in his WWE career. wait, what's Sandy Damien doing in the Impact Zone?
  11. The Next 100 Years: Conspiracy Theories and Discoveries

    now that we got all the science fiction out of the ways let's go with something a little more plausable; 1. Within the next 50 if no probably 30 years, the job sectors will be fully automated. CGP Grey did a video where nearly 90 to 95% of the work force could be automated. 2. Going along with the theme of automation, within a 100 years I could see human military personnel be replaced with automated war machines. Not terribly unlike the Terminator franchise sans the time travel. 3. Real life Bionic Man/Cyber men. I don't think it's a stretch in the next 50 years if we see some degree of variation of the Bionic Man/Cyber men especially with modern advancement in medicine and limb replacement. 4 within the next 10/15 years, I could see some serious advancement in virtual reality. Possibly a streamlined/less clunky version of the Oculus Rift. I also see movies and gaming eventually being merged into one. YOu already see this with alot of games now, but I think eventually it will all be merged in to one VR set.
  12. 2016 WWE Extreme Rules

    It maybe one of those times Cena will get a bigger pop than normal just out of sheer unadulterated hate for Reigns. It will be one of those rare times the audience who used to hate Cena with pure unadulterated hate and rage will now be cheering Cena. I've said this before the one person who benefits from Reigns being the champion is one John Felix Anthony Cena. Instead of him being the one catching the hate and wrath of the fans, now it's Reigns being the perpetual lightning rod if you will. Now Cena can come out do his thing he's done for the last 10 years and the audience will actually be behind him. Naturally that's when the WWE will try to turn him heel.
  13. NFL Offseason '16: Do you know how to Ram it?

    They really need Elliot, Smith and Collins to pan out because 4-7 seems really iffy with me.
  14. He's not an Islander or someone in the division or conference, so I'm indifferent about him but is there anyone you do like? I would be more interested in hearing about that.
  15. 2016 WWE Payback

    holy hell that theme is awesome. I would hate to see this theme wasted.