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  1. Now this has me more interested in the HoF induction ceremony than the entire 7 hour epic of WM33.
  2. Visually that was a nice game to watch.
  3. Bill Paxton Memorial Region 1. Endless Tacos 9. Giant Anthropomorphic Eggplant that s Grenades Because I like tacos and a taco stand on every corner. CIA please don't tell Trump. 5. Sinking Depression of Remembering Robin Williams Killed Himself 13. Harambe Self explanatory 3. PBJ the Size of Maine 6. Bill Belichick in an Ironclad Warship How else will he torpedo the fun out of the NFL. 2. The Sinking Depression of Living in Trump's America 7. Goro #2 is too horrible to think about. Goro is my go to character on MK:Armageddon. It's the last MK I bought and still enjoy. Shut up. VOTE GD Batman Memorial Region 1. Sacred Moose Leg of Flin Flon, Manitoba 9. Accidental Curly Fry Because Curly Fry 5. Outback's new 3-Point Bloomin' Onion 13. The TV Guide Channel Outback's Bloomin' Onion is always a win. 3. Nostalgia Boner 6. Breakfast for Dinner Because it still rages. 2. THX sound before movies 10. Tangled Slinky The THX sound is strangely satisfying VOTE Sentinel Prime Memorial Region 1. Anti-Trump Bald Eagle 9. Ancient Aliens' Robot Osiris Robot Osiris is the stuff legends is made of 4. Buffalo Sabres' skate-wearing buffalo 5. Team Israel's WBC Mascot Because NHL. 3. Russell, MB Goalie Beer Thief 11. Freaky Mr. Rogers Statue it's Mr. Rogers dammit. 2. OG Aaron Burr 10. Tom Brady's Sex Toy #10 is the secret to Tom Brady's success. VOTE Bernie Kosar Knows What it Means to be a Cleveland Brown Region 9. 1974 Winnebago 16. Kellyanne Conway's Next True Statement Given the choice between KC everlasting search for her first true statement and a Winnebago. I'll take the Winnebago 4. Chimp Biker Gang - Darwin's Disciples 5. Detroit The Darwin's Disciples will be the next big stable in TNA/Impact/Anthem wrestling. 6. Real Life Sharknado 14. Russian Dash Cam Real life Sharknado is the type of trainwreck i can get into. 10. Righteous Indignation of Keith Olbermann 15. Wonder Sauna Hot Pants Work the Frozen Food department for your local retailer and those things become a Gods send. VOTE Reminder: Voters are encouraged to post their votes and reasoning in the thread, but only survey votes will be counted towards the total in each match.
  4. To be perfectly honest, I don't think anyone needs to be punished for it. Not Xavier and not Paige.
  5. re: Xavier Woods and Paige, he simply was making her feel the power of positivity.
  6. Title should be worst stock cars. The cars aren't called nascars, they are stock cars. That said, I present this:
  7. I have to think the Roman/Strowman match ends with Undertaker getting involved messing with Roman. Otherwise, poor Braun for having to put over Reigns again.
  8. I'm going to be honest, that's a nice looking match up. I really dig both of those uniforms.
  9. Except that Jack in the Box has had some degree of nation wide success that still continues and is my preferred choice over McDonalds. At best they are Fuzzy's Taco to the Mexican food sector of the food industry. Even that is a stretch.
  10. I don't get the hate, I really don't. People hating on this don't see the bigger picture. KO and Jericho has enough built in heat and story that it doesn't require the world title. KO will be fine and the match alone has the potential to be Match of the Night. Goldberg had to win. There was no way around it. You can't have Goldberg squash Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series and then eliminate him in short order at the Rumble only for him to lose to Kevin Owens at a c-level show. If you are building up Lesnar/Goldberg at WM, especially for your main event which clearly will be the case, then Goldberg can't be losing to Kevin Owens. Also, the world title needs to main event your biggest show. You can't have your rumble winner in a mid card world title match for one brand and your other world title match for your other brand not be in the main event. All that said, Owens and Jericho even for the title was not going to main event over Goldberg and Lesnar. That match actually needs to be for the title because why else would anyone care about the match especially if Goldberg squashed Lesnar before hand. This at least adds intrigue to the match. It was the correct decision.
  11. Was the Seahawks the go to destination for players about to retire? Seems like I see alot of players as a Seahawk on their way out the door. Jeff George, Jerry Rice, Terrell Owens, Warren Moon etc.
  12. I wouldn't be opposed to a Big Show/Braun Strowman match at WM. It would be a far better use of Big Show than having him job to Shaq. Strowman is going to lose to Reigns tomorrow night. That's obvious. So a good way of having Strowman rebound is to have him go over in a match with the Big Show. They didn't have a horrible match on Raw so it's not like a WM match would be any worse than Show/Shaq. I'm always down for a big man hoss match. sure it's not going to be a 10 star mat technician masterpiece by two 195lb former indy fed stars but I could go for it
  13. The only promotion that got me even half way interested in ADR was LU*. There again, LU can make anyone interesting and compelling. But if ADR and Bobby Lashley is what is supposed to get me fired up for TNA/Impact Wrestling/Anthem Wresting/Matt Hardy Brand or whatever they call themselves now, then I'll pass. *Btw, if you're not watching LU, you should. It completely blows away anything WWE can come up with.
  14. Leafs get Boyle from Tampa for Froese and Tampa's Second
  15. it's really hard for me to take Bray Wyatt as champion serious when he's lost mostly every major feud he has been in. He lost to Cena at WM 30, Taker at 31, got humiliated by the Rock last year via Erick Rowan getting squashed.