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  1. You TubeRed
  2. Not really. I didn't buy into the sports media narrative that over inflated how good the team was. Sure the team was improved but there was no way this team was going to the NFC title game let alone Super Bowl. The defense is mediocre at best and had the tendency to give up the big play. There was several games they were fortunate to win because of the play of Dak and Zeke. With all that said, I'm impressed with the resiliency of the team. When the Packers got up 21-3, they fought back and Dak gave them a chance to win. The game against the Giants was a typical Romo being Romo in big game spots. So no the game isn't a difficult pill to swallow because they were not expected to have the season they had with the play from the rookies that they had let alone the ridiculous notion this team was a Super Bowl bound team.
  3. so after 2 rounds, whose brackets are still together?
  4. He's in better shape than any point I ever remember him being in. I had to do a double take to make sure it wasn't an NXT guy.
  5. so far the playoffs are unfolding exactly as I expected. Though after what the Falcons did to the Seahawks, the Packers/Falcons NFC championship game could be a fun one to watch.
  6. I fully expect GB to win next week. This is a much better GB team than the one Dallas played earlier in the season. I have them being the representative of the NFC in the Super Bowl.
  7. The Lions I expected to be one and done especially when they drew Seattle. As for the Raiders, once Carr got hurt, it was a forgone conclusion that Oakland was done. That was one of my easier picks to make. While I don't think the Texans are as bad of a team as people make them out to be, they did benefit greatly from an under performing Colts team and a improved Titans team that isn't quite there yet.
  8. Realistically I see the Packers or maybe the Giants playing either Patriots or the Steelers in the Super Bowl. The winner of the GB/NYG match up will probably end up representing the NFC in the SB. The only other team I see is maybe the Falcons to make it interesting. In the AFC, it really comes down to NE and Pittsburgh. The Chiefs could be the surprise team. But like the Falcons they hang around to keep it interesting but I'd be stunned if they get past either Pats and/or Steelers.
  9. I know this is a bit off topic but if you haven't seen Okada vs Omega, you really need too. This match gots me all hot and bothered. Its better than Ricochet vs Ospreay. Which is saying something because I thought that match was the best match I have ever seen. Yet this match seemed to top it by a landslide margin. Meltzer's 6 star rating does not do this match justice. Seriously...Watch. This. Match! You will not be disappointed. Once you are done watching this match you will feel guilty that you aren't throwing NJPW all your money. Buy it, own it.
  10. AFC Wildcard Texans over Raiders Steelers over Dolphins Divisional Steelers over Chiefs Patriots over Texans AFC Championship Patriots over Steelers NFC Wildcard Seahawks over Lions Packers over Giants Divisional Packers over Cowboys Falcons over Seahawks NFC Championship Falcons over Packers Super Bowl Patriots over Falcons
  11. They could like what the NFL does with the Super Bowl and have it rotate between California, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia and Florida stadiums and domes.
  12. There's still the hope of Big E breaking from New Day, winning the Royal Rumble, main eventing WM 32 and winning the title from KO.
  13. He's good for fantasy football and semi competent compared to the string of over the hill and horrible QBs that came after Troy and before Romo. That said he's grossly overrated.
  14. That sums up my feelings. If anything its a learning experience for him. He's going to have rough games like that. I'm pleased with how far they have gotten and they have a chance to rebound against Tampa.