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  1. it's really hard for me to take Bray Wyatt as champion serious when he's lost mostly every major feud he has been in. He lost to Cena at WM 30, Taker at 31, got humiliated by the Rock last year via Erick Rowan getting squashed.
  2. is it all but guaranteed that Bray Wyatt wins this thing?
  3. I'm sure that will go over well.
  4. In some respects that reminds me of the 2011 World Series between the Rangers and Cardinals. Rangers up 3 games to 2 and needing a 1 out to win in game 6 and manages to lose in extra innings. Game 7 was a formality and the Rangers that point on, I don't think have been at the same level since. Another game that comes to mind and it's been mentioned already is Viking/Falcons in the NFCCG. The Vikings I don't think have been the same since. Also, Houston/Buffalo in 93 AFCWC in which Buffalo comes back from a 35-3 deficit to win. Everyone knows what happened with the Oilers in the years afterwards.Then in a weird twist of fate, Titans/Bills in 99 and the Music City Miracle. Buffalo themselves haven't been the same since. I don't think they have even made the playoffs since.
  5. Game's over now. Atlanta all but is winning this game.
  6. We're in agreement completely.
  7. He's a character that doesn't need a championship.
  8. I really think you're trying to over think the character and the backstory. The creative team themselves haven't put any thought into his character or backstory. He's basically a guy that comes out, does a bunch of spooky stuff, says cryptic promos and hangs around big, smelly guys, and does random stuff. That's basically the depth of the Wyatts and mainly Bray Wyatt's character. With that said, it wouldn't hurt them to give his character some depth and backstory so people can 'get' his character. I don't think people get his character. Some like it because it's different. Some like it for other reasons but for the average person, I don't think they really get his character or the motivations of his character.
  9. that vignette reminds me of how much potential the Wyatts have yet get wasted. It just frustrates me that they could be so much more and yet they just spin their wheels and go nowhere. If anything they need to do more of these vignettes to give some depth to their characters.
  10. This looks like WM 9 bad. I'm sure the matches will be fine but that's barely passable as a house show card.
  11. Or Doctoress? Pretty confident that the next Doctor will be a woman.
  12. This could easily be settled. A full 60 minute East vs. West All Star Game with the uniforms being Purple or Black vs White or Yellow. Because the uniforms themselves on their own, are the best they have had in a very long time. I actually wouldn't mind owning one.
  13. The Central vs Pacific game was awful to watch. 2002 all over again.
  14. How about Rusev winning the Rumble? Could work.
  15. NHL 94/95/96 was mandatory playing for any hockey fan then. I remember NHL 95 had a master roster list included with the cartridge. I may or may not still have it but it was pretty cool to look at.