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  1. 2016 WWE Payback

    It's under Account Settings. There is an option for signature. I have signatures turned off so I tend to forget that signatures exist.
  2. This was my reaction last night when I saw the Islander win:
  3. I don't see Dallas beating Chicago.
  4. New Sacramento Kings Logo Unveiled

    I've looked at this logo several times, and I'm just now seeing the map of the US underneath the crown.
  5. 2016 WWE Payback

    A preview of the 2017 RR
  6. The all encompassing Doctor Who thread

    I'm taking a wait and see approach with the new companion. Though Bill is an uninspired name for a companion. Her real name is more interesting than her character name. Also the Daleks need to be put to rest for a bit, same with the Cybermen.
  7. Please ban hammer don't hurt 'em

    It's not the same withouthim railing on Shane Doan, Dustin Brown, and Jamie Benn in the NHL post season thread.
  8. Goodnight Sweet Prince

    It's not even been 2 days and the conspiracy nuts are trying to link his death with the NWO/Illuminati/Underground Silurian over lords. Or maybe it was just his time to ascend to the heavens and join the Super Band of the Gods. Because when you are the Gods, you don't just listen to a musician, you bring them on to the stage up in the heavens.
  9. CCSLC Positive Thoughts Thread

    Monolithic opinionthreads with little to no dissenting opinion is a tedious read. I rather see a spirited thread with opposing view points discussions said view points.
  10. 2016 WWE Payback

    The only time Finn is interesting to me is when he wears the body paint. Other than that he looks like a generic create a wrestler from Smackdown Vs. Raw.
  11. Harriet Tubman to replace Andrew Jackson on $20 bill

    The fact that Hitler admired Jackson and used the trail of tears as blue print for some of his administrative actions is enough of a reason to Benoit himfrom American history.
  12. 2016 WWE Payback

    Outside Lesnar, Cena and maybe Orton, most of the people on the current roster aren't main event guys. Outside of the ones that put on great matches, there's not much in terms of main event star power.
  13. I'm assuming that Jamie Benn is going to be this post season's Dustin Brown. While I'm not a jersey snob or get my knickers all bunched up over it but I do find when people do this amusing: As much as I like the current Stars uniforms, I do miss the All Star Game rip off set.
  14. 2016 WWE Payback

    While I don't watch it or care too, this is an interesting spoilerfor season 3 of LU.
  15. Axl Rose is AC/DC's new lead singer.

    I wonder if this classifies as 'bands with the wrong lead singers'?