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  1. I can't wait for Asuka to be on the main roster. She is above and beyond my favorite on NXT among men and women. Plus she has the best ring gear in the business. yes I might have a slight thing for Japanese women.
  2. Glad to see fisherman get some love. I don't think it was as bad of a look as people make it out to be. The classic logo had that 10 year run with 4 straight cups attached to it and the fisherman logo came about during the worst period in the history of the franchise. I do wish it could have stayed as a minor league logo or at the very least they could have kept the lighthouse logo. There was nothing wrong with the lighthouse logo.
  3. @BringBackTheVet That's an interesting read there. Fidel Castro gets painted as this super boogieman. The only thing people even know about Cuba is the propaganda that everyone has been fed. Sure there's some bad things, but there's alot of good things there too which BBTV i think articulates pretty well.
  4. I did too and the only thing I saw was his Lions logo concept.
  5. What was the deal with Brett Jayroe?
  6. For me personally, I'm kinda burned out from the election. After a year long political shiftposting marathon on social media, it was fun but I'm bored with it now. Is there really anything THAT particularly interesting going on? We do have the race for the NFL playoffs and the CFB National championship race. NHL and NBA season is well underway. In wrestling, there is Survivor Series and the road to the Road to Wrestlemania.
  7. What's the deal with the 2 point conversions? This isn't Madden.
  8. When I first saw this on my Twitter feed, that was the first thing I saw. Now I can't unsee the nuanced Confederate flag. It really does look like something you would see in an alternate history CSA.
  9. the only people that the anthem protest is bothering is the highly marginal fringe cult of Trump crowd and most of them are too busy worshiping at the alter of Trump to be bothered to watch NFL or sports in general. The reason the ratings are down is because the product right is not that good or fun to watch. All of which has been articulated in the last few pages. The NFL moved towards a corporate, vanilla, sanitized product. Just look at the playoffs/Super Bowl logo system as a reflection of a boring and sanitized product.
  10. I'm pretty sure if the Cubs came out wearing the Big Tent Isle Clowns uniforms and still broke managed to break a 108 year drought, no one would bat an eye. Only thing that matters is the final W. How they look winning the final W is for us to bicker among ourselves about.
  11. I wouldn't mind it as a sunday alternate or something like that but not a full time look. What they have now is fine could use a bit more teal but overall fine.
  12. What'cha goin to do when Snoopamania runs wild over you!
  13. Your 2016 World Series champions Chicago Cubs! Thanks for playing Cleveland.