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  1. Pretty much a rule for concept art... fireworks, hot air balloons, spotlights, etc. Every picture needs at least two pieces of flair.
  2. Saw the new Beauty and the Beast. There's a review headline that pretty much sums up how I feel; it went something like, "It's a photocopy of a great movie, but like most copies, a little fuzzy around the edges." The production design was pretty cool. There were some new songs, and I actually really liked most of them. There were some new story beats, which I thought were handled fairly well. The "feminist" Belle really didn't bother me. I was expecting to dislike those changes, but it actually gave me a great laugh once(in a good way). Most of the movie, though, is a direct lift of the animated film. At that point, it felt sort of like the world's best cosplay. I didn't really need the parts that were lifted from the animated film... the animated film was nominated for Best Picture back when there were only five nominees and trendy Pixar wasn't around to make it OK to like animated films! Gaston was good, the castle objects were good, the LeFou thing was weird, and I thought Emma Watson wasn't really up to the singing.
  3. Still remember that giraffes have a black tongue, and I am still terrified of Zeke the Plumber.
  4. Saw Rogue One at the drive-in tonight. I still thought the Leia CGI was great.
  5. Felt unbalanced to me the second I looked at it. I would rather have the hour and minute digits both in the background behind the hands.
  6. That's pretty messed up. I think it should be on the officials to get a player in the box in a timely manner, or give the team another penalty if they hold up the game too much.
  7. What if the Chimp Conference turns into the Red Wings/Patriots? In the future, you'll have to tell people, "Believe it or not, there was a time when the chimps couldn't buy a win in the GToV."
  8. CLEstones is a hard man to impress.
  9. New Dave Chappelle stand-up on Netflix is really good. I've just watched the first hour, though.
  10. New Dave Chappelle stand-up on Netflix is really good. I've just watched the first hour, though.
  11. I don't know if this affects the voting, but Maine is not one of the original 13 colonies. It's a PBJ the size of the 23rd state.
  12. Webstaurant Store ads that are much easier to click on than normal ads (on a tablet). They're the only ads that will get "clicked" on if I only put my finger on them to scroll down the page, and they tend to be on the part of the page where I do my scrolling.
  13. Caught 10 Cloverfield Lane on Amazon Prime. It was really good, but it was definitely a different movie once everyone started getting figurative superpowers for the last 15 minutes or so. On the whole, though, I think the ending was a net positive. It would have been easy to end it with a twist right when she got out of the bunker, but I thought they left it in a much more satisfying place.