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  1. Cosmic

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    An abstract native-styled logo from a Native American or First Nations artist would be a good fit with one of the abstract names like Evergreens or Emeralds IMO. Unless we need an angry princess cut emerald swinging a hockey stick.
  2. Cosmic

    2018 NFL Season

    LMAO... "The Patriots might have lost this replay challenge, so actually we decided to change our call to something you can't challenge."
  3. Cosmic

    New Era to close its Derby, NY plant

    5th and Ocean seems like they have a variety of products, and that could be what the "one product production line" quote was about.
  4. Cosmic

    This Sunday: Bills and Dolphins Battle in 1960s Uniforms

    Just double post your next reply if you have nos right now-- Nike over shoulder.
  5. Cosmic

    2018-19 NHL Season

    That 2019 first round pick is looking unexpectedly nice, and honestly I think there was a lot of addition by subtraction there. A guy that would drunkenly hit a Tim Hortons with his truck and drive away truly has a dark heart.
  6. Cosmic

    2018-19 NHL Season

    At least this one wasn't in the middle of a game (as far as I know):
  7. Cosmic

    New Era to close its Derby, NY plant

    I don't think they actually own the Florida plant, though. Part of their rationale was to be more like the big boys and not being owner/operator of their own factory.
  8. Cosmic

    American Patriot League

    Shreveport, Mobile, and Daytona Beach seem geographically reasonable... how in the heck is this league gonna pay for teams to travel to and from Sacramento?!
  9. I've noticed that, too. All you can do is laugh. PoC is the preferred term now, and "colored" is gently, anachronistically racist.
  10. Cosmic

    2018 NFL Season

  11. Cosmic

    Seattle has an NHL team

    That's the optimistic narrative, yes.
  12. And he didn't even use the British cigarette word. It's obviously not okay to use "gay" as a pejorative, but this is like finding out someone called black people "colored" when you were expecting the find the n-bomb. In regards to whether he should have scrubbed his social media, this one isn't quite as bad since he doesn't have an agent yet. Somebody in the program or his family really should have told him, though. The ones that really drive me crazy are when all these first-rounders have problematic tweets are still live on draft day... that should be the first thing your agent does these days!
  13. Edit: Yeah, me too. Double edit: seems to be fixed as of this morning
  14. Cosmic

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Any of the other major professional sports or the semi-pro college ones are much more of a threat to the NFL.
  15. Cosmic

    Seattle has an NHL team

    They were just THAT dumb last time. The Panthers left their leading goal-scorer exposed for no good reason, the Penguins traded to ensure that the Knights took Fleury when everyone knew they should anyway, and teams made all kinds of deals where they ended up losing multiple pieces instead of just sitting back and letting Vegas pick.