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  1. The Sabres' original arena was built over the terminus of the Erie Canal during the Depression. Now that the arena is gone and the canal is sort of back, there's a marker where center ice used to be when the canal is turned into an outdoor rink in the winter.
  2. I was reading the series for the first time just before the movies started. I remember being disappointed in them at the time, but they have grown on me as the books have faded in my mind. They're not bad, but there's so many details in the books that they can't fit into the movies. Order of the Phoenix was somewhere around 900 pages IIRC and it was still just one 2.5 hour movie.
  3. I know it's a cliche, but the books are way better. If I were you, I'd start reading the series.
  4. I like that you could repeat it forever. It looks like a zoomed-in architectural detail from an old building.
  5. He is the career leader in PPG, but his numbers aren't so far out from the people around him; Selanne, Robitaille, Esposito, and Shanahan are right behind him in career PPG, and their goal totals aren't much better (Esposito is, in fairness, 77 goals ahead). He did play in the high-flying 80s, but he also played through the entire dead puck era.
  6. Do you guys normally gravitate towards video news stories, sports or otherwise? If it's a sports highlight or a news story that has a compelling video component, sure. Other than that? I normally run the other way. I find it normally takes a video three minutes to tell me what I can read in 30 seconds. If Fox is headed towards mostly video, I won't be going there much.
  7. For a 2020 second round pick and a guy that was just drafted in the 7th round over the weekend. I really wonder if McPhee isn't overthinking these deals; I think many GMs overvalue draft picks. I think the Knights should probably try to win a few more games than it seems like they want to. Ask the Avalanche how tanking* went. *Not that the Avs were trying to tank, but you can't argue with the results.
  8. Is the first "season" available to download anywhere?
  9. In 2017, it seems there's a pharmacy on every corner. If LMU couldn't buy the iodine, then he probably could have gone across the street to a Rite Aid or a grocery store. My father-in-law died of cancer eight years ago. I don't remember the details, but it was a real hassle for my mother-in-law to get the painkillers that the doctor prescribed at the end.
  10. The concept is so good that I almost want to say yes, but it will look just as mismatched as it did during the slug era. It was designed to go with the red and black. I would, however, really like them to circle back and re-do this logo with a different B. They've never had another good shoulder patch.
  11. Will you guys be doing anything special for the eclipse on August 21st? If you didn't settle into your current career path, what kind of job would you be doing? Do you have any phobias? Greg, Zach: Have you ever walked out on a movie in the theater? Mike: Have you ever walked out on a movie in the theatre? If you had to pick a reality and/or game show to appear on, which one would it be?
  12. I could be wrong, but I think the greenish gray was only ever an issue translating between different color systems.
  13. True patriot love...
  14. ^^^ Really doubt it will be good, but I am very interested to see what happens.
  15. It's okay for things you don't like to be popular. Between Hamilton and Moana, Lin Manuel Miranda is on a pretty good run.