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  1. There's been talk on the news of the Sabres bidding for it, but nothing concrete. The area around the arena has come a long way from the mid-90s, but it's going to be changing a lot more over the next 3-5 years or so. The Sabres might be waiting for the right time to strike. I'm sure it's just a token waiting period for Vegas.
  2. I'm sure they're wetting themselves over the chance to have it in "Vegas", as well.
  3. Buffalo hasn't hosted since the 70s; they can get in line.
  4. Well, that and Alexandra Daddario.
  5. If anyone's team isn't in the Finals, they really should be rooting for this to happen.
  6. Ah. My understanding is that Spider-Man does Homecoming (which is still a Sony movie that Marvel made all the decisions for), Infinity War, and then Sony does whatever after that. I don't think splitting Spidey and Venom up for that short time is a big deal, because Marvel probably wouldn't have wanted to use Venom in Homecoming, anyway. Sony should have just kept their mitts off of Venom for a couple of years. Also, less than a year now until Infinity War! Just realized that.
  7. I don't think those rights are split the way you think they are; Sony is just being dumb. Sony controls all the Spider-Man characters, but they decided to play nice with Marvel Studios when their own stuff went down in flames.
  8. Ironically, I think it might have done better if it came out right around now. Typically, summer is crowded, but I think the slate is full of "good, not great" hits for the next month-ish. This past weekend would have been a good target, probably. Alien, Pirates, Wonder Woman, Baywatch, and The Mummy are the "big" competition. Pirates will probably still be big, but that franchise is definitely fading in the US. Wonder Woman could be a huge movie, but I don't know if I'd count on it; maybe it can be the beneficiary of the weak competition. How do you guys think the Green Ranger story would play out with the Rangers already in possession of the green power coin, and Rita blasted off into space? I hadn't really considered that until just now.
  9. It's just how he's channeling his anger/frustration about the Blackhawks.
  10. Thoroughly terrifying. It sounds like there's not a great way to know if it's happening to you.
  11. Thoroughly terrifying. It sounds like there's not a great way to know if it's happening to you.
  12. I mean, Ducks fans didn't really want to be up 3-2 going on the road again, right?
  13. Saw Power Rangers today. Didn't like the zords, didn't like the suits (actually they weren't terrible except for the spots on the spine), but everything else was pretty darn good. I thought how the Rangers found each other was probably better than the show. Rita and Zordon were really well-done, too. It wasn't a waste to have Bryan Cranston in there, so that was cool. I could nitpick, but the zords were really the only thing that I didn't like. Maybe they can get blown up in the sequel.
  14. Either wait until 2020, or throw it into warp speed to get everything ready for 2018. I know they always say it's a two year process and blah blah blah, but there shouldn't be a reason a team can't change with a full 15 months before the start of the target season. 2019 seems like the worst of both worlds now... don't get the glory moment of new brand with new stadium, but still make the fans wait longer than necessary.
  15. On the one hand, it looks nice. It really, really does. On the other hand, it looks more like a Thruway rest stop map of all NYS parks than a driver's manual. It should probably show more traffic control devices than just stripes on the road. I think it's a nice design in the wrong application. I don't often say this, but @Ferdinand Cesarano is right. *Comic Book Guy voice* It says right here on page 29 of the manual that transportation and utilities agencies should use a nice Pantone 307C blue or similar.