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  1. Is the first "season" available to download anywhere?
  2. In 2017, it seems there's a pharmacy on every corner. If LMU couldn't buy the iodine, then he probably could have gone across the street to a Rite Aid or a grocery store. My father-in-law died of cancer eight years ago. I don't remember the details, but it was a real hassle for my mother-in-law to get the painkillers that the doctor prescribed at the end.
  3. The concept is so good that I almost want to say yes, but it will look just as mismatched as it did during the slug era. It was designed to go with the red and black. I would, however, really like them to circle back and re-do this logo with a different B. They've never had another good shoulder patch.
  4. Will you guys be doing anything special for the eclipse on August 21st? If you didn't settle into your current career path, what kind of job would you be doing? Do you have any phobias? Greg, Zach: Have you ever walked out on a movie in the theater? Mike: Have you ever walked out on a movie in the theatre? If you had to pick a reality and/or game show to appear on, which one would it be?
  5. I could be wrong, but I think the greenish gray was only ever an issue translating between different color systems.
  6. True patriot love...
  7. I know there are at least a couple other theme park enthusiasts out there, so I figured I'd give this a shot. The D23 Expo opens later this week, and there's a good bet we'll get some news about upcoming projects. There will definitely be lots of info about Shanghai Disneyland and Avatar Land in Walt Disney World, and hopefully yet-unannounced expansions for Disneyland/DCA and WDW. The Disneyland Resort expansion was already promised to the city of Anaheim in exchange for no tax on entertainment tickets, and the changes to Disney's Hollywood Studios were essentially confirmed by CEO Bob Iger at the shareholders' meeting when a 6YO "tricked" him into revealing that the park would change names at some point in the near future. Iger has also said on multiple occasions that Star Wars will get an increased presence in the parks after the purchase of Lucasfilm, but that hasn't materialized yet. Personally, I hope we get a solid idea of what these new Star Wars areas are going to entail. I'd like to know what the major attactions are, even if they're light on the details. What do you guys think? What are you hoping gets announced? Shanghai: Avatar:
  8. ^^^ Really doubt it will be good, but I am very interested to see what happens.
  9. It's okay for things you don't like to be popular. Between Hamilton and Moana, Lin Manuel Miranda is on a pretty good run.
  10. I think they'd sabotage Mary Poppins Returns.
  11. Does it seem to anyone else like it could be a cigarette logo? Just needs a Surgeon General's warning hem stripe.
  12. It seems to be the first time everyone on this board is okay with it. It's dumb, and I'm saying it's dumb. It was dumb for the Coyotes to buy their way to the floor with Pronger, and it was dumb to give teams "freebie" buyouts. He was still really good, but not shocking that a 38YO would "retire" after making 94% of his contract's money in 66% of the time.
  13. It's just very convenient that without Hossa playing until he's 43 or this rash that nobody's heard of in 30 years, the Blackhawks would have to pay a cap penalty.
  14. Players with a NMC can be exposed if they waive it; Fleury did it. It's dumb no matter who does it, but you have @the admiral going on about imaginary ways he figures Vegas might sidestep the cap when they don't even have any NHL players yet. Meanwhile, the Blackhawks seem to have the same luck with the cap that the Penguins have getting calls in the playoffs. He was great defensively and he scored a lot of goals last year, but he's going to turn 39 in the middle of next season. It's not like he was cut down in his prime.
  15. The Hawks got to pay him an unsustainable salary for the years that he did play, and now the cap hit and (admittedly bogus) penalties disappear because they can call this an injury that will never go away. His willingness to play through it seems to be proportional to the 75% pay cut he was going to take this year (down 87% from what he made two years ago). This is very strange, and not only in ways that make Chicago look bad. He hasn't played hockey in two months... why did this come out now? It looks bad that it's right before they need cap space to sign free agents and make trades at the draft, but (in Chicago's defense) wouldn't Stan Bowman have liked to protect any other forward from Vegas? Hossa didn't know literally five days ago?
  16. Is that really an issue with the Kings? I feel like the silver would disappear, and it would look like just white on a dark background. The silver flourishes on the Sabres' slug jerseys always seemed to disappear quickly.
  17. The Senators should be using the gold sleeve stripes from the G'Knights. The gold used to be what made them special.
  18. Christ on a cracker... is that the best story they could come up with? He is literally allergic to hockey?!? @the admiral better never complain about the Coyotes' cap circumvention again.
  19. Sabres retread, or three-time Cup winner who just won 9 games in the playoffs? Decisions, decisions...
  20. Kudos to adidas for figuring out that poking holes in fabric makes it more permeable.
  21. Is it just me, or is Tampa's logo falling off their jersey? Like a heavy magnet sliding down the fridge door.
  22. Exactly what I thought when I saw it. Looks like a Devils crest slapped onto a sweatshirt template where the company didn't bother to make the exact right striping for each team.
  23. I think the difference is having a color in the logo that's not in the uniforms vs. having a color on the uniforms that's not in the logo. Blackhawks, Jets, etc. I think usually work.
  24. It looks okay, but I think they need to add red in two or more of the following places: crest, hem, collar. I wonder if they went through with whatever special fabric they were supposed to have?
  25. The directors of the Han Solo movie have left due to creative differences. The movie has already been shooting for four months and will still be released in less than a year. I've got a bad feeling about this...