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  1. It's just how he's channeling his anger/frustration about the Blackhawks.
  2. Thoroughly terrifying. It sounds like there's not a great way to know if it's happening to you.
  3. Thoroughly terrifying. It sounds like there's not a great way to know if it's happening to you.
  4. I mean, Ducks fans didn't really want to be up 3-2 going on the road again, right?
  5. Saw Power Rangers today. Didn't like the zords, didn't like the suits (actually they weren't terrible except for the spots on the spine), but everything else was pretty darn good. I thought how the Rangers found each other was probably better than the show. Rita and Zordon were really well-done, too. It wasn't a waste to have Bryan Cranston in there, so that was cool. I could nitpick, but the zords were really the only thing that I didn't like. Maybe they can get blown up in the sequel.
  6. Either wait until 2020, or throw it into warp speed to get everything ready for 2018. I know they always say it's a two year process and blah blah blah, but there shouldn't be a reason a team can't change with a full 15 months before the start of the target season. 2019 seems like the worst of both worlds now... don't get the glory moment of new brand with new stadium, but still make the fans wait longer than necessary.
  7. On the one hand, it looks nice. It really, really does. On the other hand, it looks more like a Thruway rest stop map of all NYS parks than a driver's manual. It should probably show more traffic control devices than just stripes on the road. I think it's a nice design in the wrong application. I don't often say this, but @Ferdinand Cesarano is right. *Comic Book Guy voice* It says right here on page 29 of the manual that transportation and utilities agencies should use a nice Pantone 307C blue or similar.
  8. Sony: "Dad! DAD!!! I know how to do it now! I mean it! Let me gooo!!!!
  9. I save the good stuff for my feelings journal.
  10. I know there are at least a couple other theme park enthusiasts out there, so I figured I'd give this a shot. The D23 Expo opens later this week, and there's a good bet we'll get some news about upcoming projects. There will definitely be lots of info about Shanghai Disneyland and Avatar Land in Walt Disney World, and hopefully yet-unannounced expansions for Disneyland/DCA and WDW. The Disneyland Resort expansion was already promised to the city of Anaheim in exchange for no tax on entertainment tickets, and the changes to Disney's Hollywood Studios were essentially confirmed by CEO Bob Iger at the shareholders' meeting when a 6YO "tricked" him into revealing that the park would change names at some point in the near future. Iger has also said on multiple occasions that Star Wars will get an increased presence in the parks after the purchase of Lucasfilm, but that hasn't materialized yet. Personally, I hope we get a solid idea of what these new Star Wars areas are going to entail. I'd like to know what the major attactions are, even if they're light on the details. What do you guys think? What are you hoping gets announced? Shanghai: Avatar:
  11. People are basically betting on Tnak Trivia on FanDuel. That might be the craziest part of this whole thing.
  12. I know it's not usually what they do, but they had the 4th most cap room in the league (according to ESPN), and they only made four draft picks this year (3rd, 3rd, 4th, 6th). A high revenue team with a lot of cap space and without high quantity or quality draft picks... no, I'm not shocked that they made more moves than usual in free agency.
  13. You're not wrong, but IIRC they had the most cap room this year (somehow). It's not totally shocking that they spent a decent amount of money in free agency. Personally, I think Brady still has a couple more years, if not more.
  14. I went to so I could make a joke about the Vegas jerseys looking like that. I clicked on the link (knowing that it was the Army site), and my brain still had a second of, "What the? How'd I get to the Vegas site?" This identity is a travesty. My prediction is this, btw. In gray with a little red. About that Oilers site a little while back: if something says it's official when you know it's not... don't even bother looking at the merch.
  15. Baywatch is rated R for graphic nudity? Hmmm... probably not the kind I'm thinking of.
  16. I've had cantaloupe and prosciutto on pizza. It was yummy.
  17. Sabres-Rangers at CitiField is official. I stand by my previous statement: This is an embarrassment. I'm embarrassed. Everyone who made this happen should be embarrassed.
  18. Reminds me of the human-dino hybrid concept art from Jurassic World.
  19. That's a pretty crazy trip. Did you plan it all piecemeal, or is it a package of some kind? I hope you have a great time.
  20. @DDR did you guys have a car with you? We're going to be tent camping at the Fort in November. If I have to take a bus somewhere within the resort (most likely to get to the boat for MK), it will be a pain; driving right up to my campsite, though, I think will be a plus.
  21. Are they contractually obligated to show the end of the series on NBC? I think NBCSN might burn down instead.
  22. Edmonton-Ottawa. The dream is still alive.
  23. KeyBank Arena has an ice cream waffle sandwich with local ice cream and Lucky Charms in the waffle batter, which are made basically across the street from the arena. I approve.
  24. In 2020, you should probably just spend the year in a sensory deprivation chamber. I don't think you're gonna enjoy it.
  25. I prefer the flower behind the face; this update makes it look like a chat bubble. I like the new livery, though.