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  1. I feel like I remember hearing that the team never turned a profit, even in the America West days... I think hope has fled. It's been over 20 years!
  2. Cosmic

    NFL 2018 changes

    Yeah, they're yoga pants. You said yourself that the term was co-opted. The CCSLC doesn't need to un-co-opt it. FWIW, I don't mind plain pants, as long as the balance of colors is there in the overall uniform.
  3. Cosmic

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Yes, one of the times where the nudity was absolutely essential to the plot.
  4. Cosmic

    2018 NFL Season

    Good luck finding another guy that can lead the team to a 1-31 record!
  5. Cosmic

    Football and CTE

    I just don't see the equivalency between a steady drum of hits and a one-time thing (especially an unintentional hit like Nittmo's). If you want to take away football because one bad thing could happen and ruin lives... I feel like we're all one bad spill on a bicycle away from being on house arrest ourselves.
  6. Cosmic

    Football and CTE

    I don't think you can look at him as anything other than the seven standard deviation outlier. You could say the same about Kevin Everett. One hit, and he came reeeal close to dying on the field. I think you have to separate the things that are likely or probable to happen from the "lightning strike" freak accidents. Say it turns out that CTE affects only 10% of players... it's still a world apart from the freaky kind of thing that happened to Bjorn Nittmo.
  7. Cosmic

    Football and CTE

    I'll bite... your version of his story simply isn't true. He had at least two previous concussions from football before the fateful play with the Bucs. "The preseason exhibition between the Buccaneers and Atlanta Falcons on Aug. 9, 1997, wasn’t televised in the part of Florida where the Nittmos lived. Mary Lois stayed home with their two girls and wasn’t aware Bjorn’s opening kickoff had gone awry until the Buccaneers called after the game. Nittmo had two previously diagnosed concussions Mary Lois knows of. Both happened while kicking for the Montreal Machine in the World League. To be informed of a third head injury was disconcerting, sure, but long-term effects from multiple concussions weren’t considered perilous two decades ago as they are today."
  8. Cosmic

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    No, he's just happy to see you.
  9. Cosmic

    NFL 2018 changes

    I agree that the Jags looked "big picture" good against the Saints. I could quibble over details (or lack thereof), but bottom line is they looked good. I think the thing that the groundswell of positive feedback is missing is that they'll be a black/white team approximately 87.5% of the time.
  10. Cosmic

    Football and CTE

    "I never wore a seat belt when I was a kid, and I turned out fine!" The people that died in a car when a seat belt could have saved them aren't around to complain.
  11. Cosmic

    "Bad Design" that actually works

    @oldschoolvikings's post: the Dodgers and the Giants. I think liking both uniforms is the popular opinion, but they both do things that we would rag on other teams for trying. That's what the thread should be... whether or not we actually fly into unpopular opinions territory is another matter. Here's another good example (I think)... adding black to the Lions.
  12. Cosmic

    Hornets Go Full Retro, Unveil Throwback Court

    I like the idea, but the logo was never good. Kind of like if you judge the Lakers logo on its own merits, instead of it being the LAKERS.
  13. Obviously it's either the Dolphins or the Jets. The Dolphins have the old 90s rivalry, but I feel just about nothing for or against the Jets. They feel like the little brother team to the Giants, so I don't feel like they have as much New York gravitas.
  14. Cosmic

    U.S. Space Force Logo Vote

    That bugs me, as well. NASA is and should remain a civilian agency for peaceful space exploration. The Space Force would be a branch of the military... the Space Force isn't going to Mars any time in the next 200 years. I like the bottom left the most, because it looks the least like NASA.
  15. Cosmic

    Forgotten classic uniforms

    It's like finding a precious butterfly that everyone thought was extinct; I don't want such beauty to leave the world.
  16. Cosmic

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    But I loved Pleasantville!
  17. Cosmic

    NFL 2018 changes

    New thing they're trying for motivation... players have to stay there five years before they can wear real NFL game jerseys.
  18. Cosmic

    Football and CTE

    They didn't find early onset dementia, which is being used as a leading indicator for CTE. They weren't directly testing for CTE. It doesn't mean CTE was all made up, but it might mean football and hockey don't automatically fry your brain. I'm not going to play the odds with my kids. Also, it's the University AT Buffalo! Edit: You can read about it here:
  19. Cosmic

    Forgotten classic uniforms

    But that's... why... I can't believe....
  20. Cosmic

    Ducks Go Mighty Retro for New Third Jersey

    100% serious here: there should be a lawsuit against Adidas for marketing what they're calling "authentic" jerseys. Words have meaning! If you're going to say it's authentic, you should be able to take your jersey from the team shop onto the ice when you get called in, Scott Foster style. It's completely disingenuous. They are creating a separate product and telling you it's the real thing. Look at this copy I just grabbed from the NHL website: "You may not prep for Buffalo Sabres game days exactly like your favorite player, but your game day routines can have one awesome thing in common—proudly putting on a Buffalo Sabres Authentic Custom Jersey from adidas. " Semantics about what the word "authentic" could technically mean aside, they are literally telling us these jerseys are the exact same thing that the players wear on the ice... but they're not.
  21. Cosmic

    Popular Defunct Teams

    Seems like as good of a place as any to note that Alexander Semin and his $2.33M buyout payment will be the fifth highest paid forward on the Hurricanes this year.
  22. Cosmic

    Popular Defunct Teams

    Hartford is a bigger TV market than precious Las Vegas, so I don't see why they couldn't make it work. With at least an equivalent arena, does anyone think they'd be worse off than they are in Raleigh?
  23. Cosmic

    MLB Relocation? Naw...

    Having a terribly lopsided lease in favor of the tenant isn't exactly a "loophole".
  24. I don't like the idea or the jersey, but I do like to see a team lean this hard into one of their in-game promotions.