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  1. PSLs are one-time revenue; you can't compare the numbers to teams who are in the middle of their stadium life cycle.
  2. Cosmic

    2018 NFL Season

    Bills lose 37-5 to Colts. Next up... Patriots on MNF.
  3. I don't know how PSLs from suites might factor in (do suites have them?), but the Chargers would be lucky to get to even that disastrous $150M figure from single seats. If you take out those 26,000 seats and their measly $2.6M in PSL revenue, then the Chargers need to average $3,332 per seat from the rest... assuming they sell every single ticket in the place. The highest PSL they've announced is $3,000 per seat. The only possible saving grace is that some of the prime tickets aren't on the price chart; I assume they're setting them aside for current STH for now?
  4. If they ditched the PSLs from those 26,000 seats that only cost $100, that's only $2.6M in potential revenue they'd be losing. I think they could still get most of the good PR, and that's not a ton of money to throw away.
  5. Cosmic

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Any of these minor leagues should actually have tryouts nowish. If this were the NFL, they would be having the draft right now; plenty of time for undrafted free agents and such to latch on. I don’t understand why these AAF rosters are supposedly locked down so far ahead of time. It makes sense that these guys are wanting to try out now... there’s finally team names, a schedule, etc. Even if the AAF doesn’t get many players this way, it’s a way to get on the local news.
  6. Putting your feet up on the seat in front of you is fun.
  7. Tell me this language in a press release isn't a cry for help: That's the way the Bills or Bengals or Jaguars should be talking, not a NFL team in a megalopolis. I don't think Dean pitched his move to the other owners based on the need for a more affordable family option in the LA market.
  8. I think the Chargers have it much tougher than the Clippers... the Rams can be a rough analogue to the Lakers, but there's also the Raiders doing the "I'M NOT TOUCHING YOU!!" to LA from Las Vegas, as well as USC and UCLA pulling in 65,000+ each for their home games. There's no basketball equivalent for those. UCLA basketball gets pretty good crowds, but they're not NBA-sized.
  9. Every situation is different, of course, but the Islanders found new owners to undo some of the boneheadedness of the previous owner. The arena wasn't the complete source of their problems; the Coyotes' best times were in America West, which had a similarly unfortunate hockey setup. They left their fans behind, and didn't pick up many new ones. Rules that limit when teams that moved to LA can be sold are the NFL's own doing, and can be undone if the situation is right. I wouldn't be completely shocked, but where in the heck is this money coming from? They're only selling 25,000 tickets per game. Their TV money is from national contracts. There can't be many suites in a 27,000 seat stadium.. Are companies falling over themselves to be "the official collision repair shop of the Los Angeles Chargers"? They're also paying $650M for the privilege of being in LA, IIRC.
  10. Cosmic

    Cursed Uniforms

    After they started 1-1-1 this year, I was going to make a joke that this was the latest the Browns had been at .500 since _____, but it wasn't that long ago that they had some decent runs. One upon a time, they were just a mediocre-to-bad football team instead of an all-time-bad team. Their recent awful run coincides with the start of the new uniforms in 2015. Before these uniforms, the only times they had been truly awful were immediately following the Panthers/Jaguars backlash expansion draft.
  11. Cosmic

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Also, this thread is only seven months old. We wouldn't even officially know the new XFL existed yet if it were using the AAF timeline.
  12. The Chargers' asking price for 26,000 of the PSLs in the new stadium is only $100. They're apparently having trouble selling them. The Vikings started their PSLs at $500. The least expensive Rams PSL is $1,000 for the same stadium and market. Meanwhile, I think every AAF team is selling tickets which don't include food or parking that are more expensive than the Chargers' most expensive ticket in the new stadium. Can't fail in that market?
  13. Cosmic

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    The XFL isn't beginning its season in four months.
  14. Speaking of Brooklyn... The Islanders moved to a brand new (few years old by the time they moved in) building closer to the heart of a world financial capital with 20 million people in a 30 mile radius. They literally cannot fail based on market size. You're telling me that they're going to move back out to the suburbs to play in a 45 year old building that they tried to replace for years until their new building is finished?! Except that's exactly what happened. If the Chargers are really revising their revenue goals down from $400M to $150M, that's a frickin' disaster.
  15. You need about three solid lines of asterisks if you want to talk about how Southern California supported three teams before. The Chargers flipped the bird to everyone south of Camp Pendleton since then, and the Rams and Raiders have actual history in LA. Who is signing up for the Chargers bandwagon right now?
  16. Cosmic

    Unpopular Opinions

    I don't like the Bucs' numbers, but my biggest problem with their uniforms is the matte pewter yoke right next to the metallic pewter helmet. It really highlights that they are not the same color.
  17. Are there a lot of fork-and-screen movie theaters (where you can eat a full meal at your seat during the movie) out there? The Orlando Downtown Disney/Disney Springs AMC has been like that for a few years, and it seems to be pretty popular. If they're already closed, it seems like an opportune time for construction.
  18. Cosmic

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 6

    Perfect description of the Jags combo.
  19. Cosmic

    Dunkin' Donuts,err wait just Dunkin'

    Good to see they’re saving space to put the “Donuts” back. ?
  20. Cosmic

    2018 NFL Season

    No politics, please.
  21. Cosmic

    2018 NFL Season

    Don’t worry... Derek Anderson will save the day!
  22. I prefer that over the "Jag-wires".
  23. Cosmic

    Isles Officially Unveil New Third Jersey

    I appreciate the local knowledge, but it has to be a chicken-and-egg thing... it can’t just be a coincidence that Nassau County also uses the same colors as the megalopolis world city a few miles away, right?