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  1. I don't even need it to be as powerful as its rivals, but I wish I could have a Nintendo system that would function as my ONE console without me feeling like I'm missing out. More power would probably be part of that, I realize, but I'm burned out from the lack of the big third party titles.
  2. 29 out of 30 teams end the year disappointed. Shattenkirk was exactly the kind of player that Cup contenders trade for to help them win. Teams give up part of their future to get guys like that, with probably similar chances of re-signing said player. The Blues had that guy without giving anything up, and they assumed the same risk of losing the player that most deadline-deal teams assume. Sorry, the GM packed it in. It's worked out so far for them, but they traded "good now" for "hopefully good in the future". That is the opposite of what playoff teams do. It doesn't matter that he was going to leave; they could have kept him for the playoffs, traded his negotiation rights, and gotten something (admittedly less) for him. I don't hate the Blues, but I don't see how you can spin trading a top-4 defenseman for a young center who had 3 points in 26 NHL games to that point as somehow being a good thing for this year.
  3. The Rangers play the NFL on Fox theme in the arena?
  4. Ask the GM: "On the same day Armstrong defended his decision to keep former pending free agents David Backes and Troy Brouwer for last season's playoff push, he explained why he did not repeat that choice with Shattenkirk, who was viewed as one of the league's top unrestricted free agents at the fast-approaching Wednesday deadline. "I would say, if we were sitting where Minnesota (first) or Chicago (second) were in our standings in our division, I would have thought, you know what, they've earned it," Armstrong said. "You people (media) as experts can tell us who are Cup contenders and who are not Cup contenders. Everyone says Minnesota is a Cup contender. Everyone says Chicago is a Cup contender, based on what they do and with their experience. Last year at this deadline, everyone said St. Louis is a Cup contender. Now we are at the dark horse part of that. But dark horses win every once in a while, too." "You build your team, then you look at it and you rebuild it," he said. "There are two teams that haven't had to rebuild it, and that's the Chicago Blackhawks and the Pittsburgh Penguins." He added: "This is not a good feeling. This is not a feeling I want to continue. But it's something that I felt like we had to transition, and when you transition, you have to make hard decisions, and you have to ride out the storm. Has it been easy? No." Yeah, sounds like a guy that was planning on a long playoff run.
  5. I guess you can do it if you're an optimist?
  6. Spring is right around the corner, and this is about the time when I dig my teeth into travel planning for the upcoming year. I love spitballing plans. It's like the sports off-season; all of the optimism, none of the crushing reality yet. Pretty straightforward... what are the things that you want to make sure you check off at some point in your life? Also feel free to discuss the potential "bucket list" things that you've already done. Some of these may be combine-able. In no particular order: - flowing lava (from a safe distance) - total solar eclipse (very likely doing the one this year) - see a humpback whale or larger (went whale watching once and had a great time, but only saw dolphins) - large rocket launch - redwood forest (RotJ area preferably) - Alaskan cruise - Grand Canyon - Pacific Northwest - Yellowstone National Park or similar (maybe Glacier NP) - Mammoth Cave NP - thorough tour of the Washington, D.C. area (cumulatively over time). White House tour would probably be the crown jewel. I'd say I'm about 40% of the way to completion right now. - get back to a nighttime desert sky. I saw one for only one night, and it was mind-blowing. - long distance and/or scenic train ride. You really have to go out of your way to take a train; in my very limited experience in the US, they're priced close to airline prices. For that cost, I'll normally fly. However, a train ride with a scenic route and overnight accomodations of some kind would be really neat. - New Orleans - drive along the coast from LA to San Francisco - skate the entire length of the Rideau Canal (and back?). My only attempt thus far was cut short due to ice maintenance. I did around 10 km on the 7.8 km skateway, though, because I did a round trip from the start. I'd like to at least do a one way trip all the way through, even if I have to take a shuttle back. - Europe. I know that's impossibly vague, but I likely won't get there often; I want to do it at least once. Probably France and/or Italy and/or Greece. - Japan - moving target of improving upon the oldest manmade thing I have seen. The oldest that I'm aware of right now is 1726. - high altitudes. The highest I've been is likely at the top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire ~6,200'. I don't need to go to the top of a 15,000' mountain (and probably don't want to), but I want to get out to an area with a landscape like this (see Denali below). It's stunningly beautiful, and I've never seen anything like it. Wife's bucket list: - dude ranch booked for Spring 2018 Potential bucket list items already checked off: - family trip to Walt Disney World as a kid and an adult - family fishing trip - cottage in the Adirondacks - New England road trip - swam in the Atlantic and the Pacific - Niagara Falls? It's definitely worth seeing, but it's 20 minutes away. I don't know if other people really care about it. Edited to add: DONE - Inaugural Winter Classic Potential upcoming - the World Juniors group stage game between US and Canada will be outdoors this year. I am amenable to going, and a sport I love being played at a high level of international competition as part of a rivalry in front of 70,000ish people on the border between those two countries could be pretty cool. Plus, it's a rematch of this past year's gold medal game. Not sure if fate will be on my side, though.
  7. Figure out how to travel back in time, and then we'll worry about that.
  8. For me, the smoking gun is that Minnesota also participated in that "expansion" draft along with the Sharks. Whether or not the NHL calls it one, that's about as close to a de-merger as you can get. The icing on the cake is that there's one owner to follow from Seals to Barons to North Stars to Sharks.
  9. I don't think the NHL considers them actually part of the Seals franchise, but if you look at the history of what happened, I'd say they are. It's surprisingly unambiguous.
  10. Is it that bad to have back-to-back games in a stadium on consecutive days?
  11. I think it was definitely time for Bylsma to go; I don't think the point total this season lived up to the talent on the roster. Murray? I could have gone either way. I was not a fan of the Robin Lehner deal, but things like the Kane and O'Reilly deals were pretty solid. Any idiot could have drafted Jack Eichel, but the early returns on his 2014 and 2015 drafts' 2nd+ round picks seem to be not so great; that could also be a factor. I just want them to make the playoffs in a league where more than half the teams make the playoffs. Is that so hard?
  12. I do feel bad for Blackhawks fans, but the Western Conference playoffs are a hell of a lot more interesting without Chicago in it.
  13. Quebec City was in it long enough for the NHL to get their nonrefundable deposit.
  14. Has to be Dave Mishkin. Plenty of announcers yell, but I feel like Dave Mishkin is mad at me when the Lightning score.
  15. Couldn't have happened to a better guy.
  16. Hopefully this is in the right spirit: A Sabre is a weapon that a Blue Jacket officer would have carried. The Preds took the Sabres' mascot and turned it into their identity. The Canucks' orca logo only appeared after the Whalers went away. There is a team called the Stars, and three other NHL teams have stars in their primary logos. The Blues and the Flyers came into the league in the same year, and they have similar wing-y shapes in their logos. The Bills and the New York Rangers are both New York State RWB teams whose names are based on Western-themed puns that don't really translate into their identity at all.
  17. That criticism doesn't feel quite apt when one of the 3-0 leaders was a fairly big underdog.
  18. My mother-in-law sets her DVRs to start at something like 7:55 for an 8:00 show, because she's paranoid about missing any. She's often recording a show after Jeopardy! is on, which means the recording starts right in the middle of the Final Jeopardy "answer". If I'm around, I hear the music and I instinctively go to see what the question/answer is... she fast forwards right through it. I cannot fathom why a person would have a Final Jeopardy in front of them and not want to at least read the "answer".
  19. Keep that anger flowin'. It looks good on you.
  20. I know the NHL makes arenas leave a certain number of days available, but I don't think it's a complete blackout. Maybe the combination of an NBA and NHL team in the same building essentially would be, though.
  21. The first time I saw a McD's with the touchscreen ordering, I spent like five minutes figuring everything out, and then I realized that I could have just walked up a told it to a person in 15 seconds.
  22. I dunno... the typos made me feel like I was right at home reading a Tnak post on the CCSLC.
  23. I think Alex Ovechkin will go. He already has a ton of money. If the Capitals cancel his contract (unlikely), he'll play in the KHL and probably make even more.
  24. It all makes perfect sense now.