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  1. Yeah of course. Here's the image for the champions up until now For the Giants, go ahead and make it for their time in New York as well. Thanks so much!
  2. Skinny39

    NCAA Color Rush

    I'd love to see your take on an all purple LSU. Those helmets would be a pain!
  3. Hey Silent... I'm just getting back into the forums again, so I figured "why not go back to Silent for a round three?!" LSU baseball/football (you know what to do for them) Steelers Division wins and Super Bowl titles (same as last time I think?) Timbers MLS Cup wins and Western Conference Titles Here's where things get a bit interesting... San Francisco Giants Division pennants and World Series titles San Antonio Spurs Conference titles and NBA Finals Championships BONUS: I'm sure you've heard of Veras' AFA. Is there any way that you can make a sig with all of the AFA champions up until 1982? His thread has just recently updated, so I figured that now would be as good of a time as any to ask! Thanks so much man! And as always... your work is greatly appreciated. P.S. If you're tired of making these things for me, is there any way that we could talk a little bit more to work out something where you could teach me how to make these beauties?
  4. I have been away from this thread for a while, but all I can say is WOW!!! The evolution of the logos and uniforms for each team is absolutely incredible. I dont see how you can keep up with all of this, while balancing a family and a real job! P.S. Can't wait to see what's in store for the my Grizzlies, the hometown Krewe, and the identity of the Comets! Congrats Veras. Keep doing what you're doing
  5. Skinny39

    State/Team Pride Design - UPDATED

    Looks good!
  6. Skinny39

    Minimalist Football Helmet Signatures (Taking Requests)

    Could you do LSU in their traditional yellow helmets and their new white helmets that they wore last season in bot a sig and a profile pic? Thanks so much!
  7. Skinny39

    My first logo!!!!!

    Orion. The circle and its outline are supposed to be the O
  8. Skinny39

    My first logo!!!!!

    I was justr kind of toying around and this is what I came up with. I guess it is kind of abstract but i was going for the record type look that Afro mentioned. And Pava, what could I change about the font to make it easier to read in your opinion?
  9. Skinny39

    My first logo!!!!!

    Hey guys, a while back I had posted a request about needing a logo for something... Well, I decided to try and make it myself and here's what I came up with. I'm using Illustrator, which my aunt suggested (she is a graphic designer and said that it would be worth the price). I think that it was pretty decent for my first logo compared to the others around here. Any C&C would be greatly appreciated!
  10. I honestly have no idea either but thank you again Silent! Keep up the amazing work!
  11. Instead of the Bucks could you do the New York Knicks Conference Titles and NBA Finals Victories. Thank you so much!
  12. I haven't looked at this thread in forever Silent! I finally came across it today and it's awesome to see how big this has become. Great Job with all of these! I do; however, have one last request... I promise this is my last one lol. Can I get: LSU Football and Baseball national championships Milwaukee Bucks Conference Titles and NBA Finals victory (1971) Houston Astros Conference Titles Pittsburgh Steelers Conference Titles and Super Bowl victories Portland Timbers Conference Titles and MLS Cup victories
  13. Skinny39

    Dragons Logo

    This looks really nice; however, I do agree with KentuckyX on that the line consistency wavers and the tail should be a bit thicker with more detain than just a squiggly line. I cannot wait to see this evolve!
  14. Do you have a mac? If so, hold Command, Shift, and 4 all at the same time and then click and drag the frame to what you want to screenshot.