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  1. Where at exactly?
  2. The Giants and Titans of NY wasn't a coincidence. The name Titans was chosen because the owner believed that Titans were mightier than Giants
  3. Can someone mock up how it will look with the blue jerseys? And the blue pants?
  4. ok so I've been trying to find if the Rams ever used the current logo in LA colors. This is the only example I could find but I don't believe they ever officially used it. Does anyone have any other examples?
  5. Found this
  6. nfl

    Some one woke up on the wrong side of the bed
  7. I've been seeing a few things about how much better some NHL matchups look now rather than they did ten years ago (for example Pens vs Islanders looks better now than it did 10 years ago) so what uniform matchups look better, or worse than they did in the past?
  8. Where'd you here the rumors about the Angels?
  9. I saw the Bills with red score bugs and the Giants with Grey...
  10. Can you do PCL Angels and Hollywood Stars?
  11. So as some of you may know, there's been a few MLB teams that have worn their BP jerseys in game (such as the Brewers, Phillies and Astros). Have any other teams done this?
  12. So I have been making baseball concepts in paint (I dont have anything better) using the wiki template and I was wondering if anyone could help me make custom wordmarks or just make them for me, it would be a big help.
  13. I think you should just use block numbers for the lions
  14. In a couple years MLB jerseys will be made out of paper with them getting lighter and lighter every year