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  1. This saga is almost as entertaining as the coaching search.

  2. @PhilHecken

  3. Our fake jump pass was better. #AnchorDown

  4. When coach says he wants you to design the team’s uniforms:

  5. RT @AustinPeayVB: We're going to Cali! The Govs will play at UCLA in the First Round of the @NCAAVolleyball Tournament! #LetsGoPeay 🎩👌 #…

  6. @Cholland_15 It’s even weirder without you. 🤧😉

  7. RT @Coach_heals: This is heartbreak. I’m devastated. No way around it. But nothing will ever change how I feel about this team - and especi…

  8. @VU_All_Access Austin Peay scored 69 once. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  9. @CfieldsVFL Prices for our game kept dropping the longer Butch stayed. Wonder if I should keep waiting, or go ahead…

  10. Forget football, this @PredsNHL game is the most entertaining thing I’ve seen all day.

  11. @immyaxl @SECcountry @vandy_62 @247Sports Just in front of the school on probation, the school with race-culture is…

  12. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Vandy is also doing a patriotic thing. FWIW, I think this is the first time Vandy has done anything like this for football. Baseball has had their stars-and-stripes unis for a while.
  13. @RedditCFB

  14. In the middle of my drawing class and realized I had basically drawn Ohio.