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  1. Be sure to catch Week 1 Gameday tomorrow morning! I will posting the matchups and opening polls which will be up through Saturday and Sunday. Spoilers were added to some teams with background, stay tuned.
  2. "Oh no". "I thought this died". Nope! We're back, under the same, more experienced management. Along with 11 other members of the board, the SCAA is moving in a new, improved direction. I picked them based on who showed the most interest in SCAA, as well as who I thought were self sufficient enough to deal with their own logos and unis. It's nothing personal if you participated in the old SCAA but were not picked for this one. Here is the premise... Setup Myself and 11 other members created fictional college identities. Some were used from the original SCAA thread, while others were created brand new. As well as sets of logos and backstories created for each college, we made football uniforms. From here, two conferences were created with 6 members in each. The Pacific Conference to the West, and the Continental Conference back East. Using these conferences, we made an eight game schedule for each team (5 conference game and 3 out of conference games). How it Works Every Saturday, 6 uniform matchups will be posted. These are the "games" in each week of the season. As well as posting the uniforms in this thread, a poll will be setup weekly to vote on the best matchups. Once these votes are counted, both teams in the first place matchup will be awarded 300 points, second place matchup teams will receive 200 points, and third place with 100 points. Additionally, each individual vote will awards 50 points to each team. At the end of eight weeks, the winner of the Pacific and Continental conferences, as well as the next two leading scorers from either conference, will participate in a 4 team playoff tournament. After these two matchups, the two winning teams will go head to head and ideally the best overall uniform should win! How are you involved? If only the members from each team voted, it could very well devolve into a Pirates of the Caribbean situation, with each person voting for their own teams. This is why your involvement can be so important, the more votes the better. I decided to start very small for a reason, and expansion is likely to be small and deliberate for that same reason. Now that that's all out of the way, here are your members and colleges of SCAA 2017! From the Pacific Conference on the left, going top to bottom... Alaska-Juneau State University Kodiaks (Juneau, AK) @~Bear Lake Tahoe Tech University Sierra Guardians (Carson City, NV) @Pulv! Mililani University Mano (Mililani, HI) @ZionEagle Portland Tech University Pioneers (Portland, OR) @Bruins Rainier Tacoma University Thunder (Tacoma, WA) @Spanna65 University of Santa Monica Aztecas (Santa Monica, CA) @sleuthpanther And from the Continental Conference to the East... Mercy Valley University Titans (Convington, KY) @poiper2 Quad City College Lions (Davenport, IA) @Steelman Robert Gould Shaw University Colonels (Boston, MA) @XenonDesigns University of Southern Indiana Cardinals (Bloomington, IN) @gswansea University of the Iron Legion (Hibbing, MN) @Chapeeko Waxahachie State University Buffaloes (Waxahachie, TX) @ColeJ Spoilers were added for some teams, will be continued and added to!
  3. @OMMF Thanks.
  4. A lot of retro vibes from these kits, pretty good looking sets!
  5. Really solid update. Chances are we'll see some black and grey combos in the future, but very pleasing rn.
  6. Maybe if you haven't done something with palm trees or leaves you could try sublimated pattern of that sort? There's an older FIU shield logo that involves stuff like that.
  7. Not sure if I'm a fan of the green, might look better with just two colors.
  8. Thicken up the stripes on the grey and consider a red face mask and grey would be the winner. Nice looking helmet for sure
  9. Charlotte and FAU look excellent. The design isn't bad for FIU, but I think it could be improved by making the striping a little thicker of all.
  10. USF and UCF look good, I think the feathers add one too many elements to the uniform, including the diamonds and checkers.
  11. Really is amazing that you do this in paint, stunning work. Really big fan of Cincinnati, I've never been a big fan of red with uccon but it fits well with their recent brand.
  12. Those Nevada uniforms look like practice jerseys, same as WSU. Not enjoying the trend
  13. Both are great, I really like the army alternate. Would like to see royal blue incorporated in the BYU design
  14. Don't be frustrated by the sparse replies, all of these are fantastic upgrades to their real life counterparts. Keep up the good work, I'll be keeping up with this closely as usual!
  15. The simple font probably works the best, really cool idea.