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  1. sleuthpanther

    American College Football Association (ACFA)

    Agreed with @dakotapalm. However, these are getting much better. Eastern Texas is a clever start, and Central Louisiana is a very well-rendered logo. It looks like you put some time into designing these, put that same time into the rest and this will be a great project!
  2. sleuthpanther

    American College Football Association (ACFA)

    You need to slow down a bit, and think about some of these logos. Think about what real college logos look like. They aren’t state outlines with letters in them, and they aren’t just two letters next to each other. They are usually arranged together, look at Oklahoma or North Carolina as examples. They still look pretty messy, and the line work needs to be cleaned up a lot. Lastly, you have to give us the nicknames. It’s a super important part of the traditions around college football, and you just ignored them for a few of your schools. There are some good ideas here, you just need to take the time to put enough detail into each, individual school.
  3. sleuthpanther

    Local Rugby Club Concept

    Sorry guys, it's been a bit if you couldn't tell. Should be all good now!
  4. sleuthpanther

    Local Rugby Club Concept

    Can no one see it?
  5. sleuthpanther

    Local Rugby Club Concept

    Hey guys, it's been a while. While I was up at university, my case of rugby fever got exponentially worse. Now that I'm back home in AZ, it got me thinking about if everyone had the same obsession with the sport as I have developed. I'm unsure if this will continue beyond this little concept, but I have a little more time to kill now that school's out so who knows. For now, I have a little concept for neighborhood a I grew up around. "Encanto-Palmcroft", in central Phoenix. The colors are meant to represent the vintage feeling of the neighborhood, as well as the stucco/tile coloration many of the houses have. Crest Encanto-Palcroft is well known for its historic homes, mostly Spanish style villas and its streets lined with palm trees. I did my best to recreate a simple, stylized version of one of these types of houses, and included the palm tree at the bottom to include both aspects of the name. I struggled a little bit with the tiling on the roofs, and would like to know how I could represent them in a different way. Kits The kits are not very complicated. I thought the shoulder striping looked classy, and although the template does not show it the socks would feature identical striping. The clash kit features green details that are supposed to represent the green fronds of the palms (maybe a little exaggerated), and the black is just a dark base besides maroon to make the green pop. The kit ad is probably the most interesting part of the uniform. The Heard Museum is dedicated to preserving as much of the indigenous native-american culture as it can, and is adored by everyone in the central phoenix area (if you are ever in Phoenix check it out, it's very cool). This template was given to me over a year ago, and I cannot find who gave it to me. If I see the name it will click very quickly, so PM me so I can give whoever it was credit! What do you guys think? Should I expand into more well-known areas of AZ, or even a larger rugby concept? C&C is always appreciated, thanks!
  6. sleuthpanther

    NCAA Basketball 2017-18 New Uniforms

    Arizona State (ranked 16th and undefeated) playing in a HUGE game against Kansas at the Phog. Greys jerseys with yellow numbers, no maroon at all. Looks cheap and is infuriating to watch.
  7. sleuthpanther

    NCAA Football Super Series

    @JCRGraphix Is Lumen Christi a little inspired by Saint Norbert's College? Both are small small catholic schools in Green Bay, and SNC's nickname is the Green Knights instead of the Golden Knights. It would just be a very funny coincidence if it was, great series so far.
  8. sleuthpanther

    NFL “Gridiron Gals” Logos (27/32)

    Seems like the kind of art you'd see on the side of a WW2 fighter plane, pretty cool idea and great execution!
  9. sleuthpanther

    Texas Tech Concept

    I think there's way too much red in the logo, and it needs the black beveling. Besides that, looks great! I love the shoulder cap pattern
  10. sleuthpanther

    Miss. Gulf Coast Community College (MGCCC) Rebrand

    Drop the grey. But yes the bulldog looks good, I'd just thicken up some of those key lines in the middle a bit. Just finished the show yesterday too, great series!
  11. sleuthpanther

    University of Providence (new name, new logos)

    I mean, it is a spartan style helmet? Like different enough to me
  12. sleuthpanther

    NFL 2 - Team Finals - BOISE

    The red numbers on red uniforms do not look good, should be white or yellow. Also the pants stripes are too short to be impactful in any way. Either take them off, or elongate them fully or halfway down the pants.
  13. sleuthpanther

    College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Just, eh? Definitely catalog, the away does not really match the home to much in terms of design (except both being boring), and that fluorescent yellow is butt ugly. Not really that offensive unless we see a highlighter uniform, which we probably will.
  14. sleuthpanther

    NCAA Division I FBS Concept Uniforms (Done in Paint)

    Thag stripe truncation on Toledos uniforms looks awesome, just screams rocket taking off. I would add something else to that shoulder cap, right now there's really no point to it. Maybe a stripe to match the striping of the pants?
  15. sleuthpanther


    It's that time of the week again, welcome to Week 3 of SCAA Gameday! This week we wrap up non-conference play, before entering a league wide bye week. After the bye, conference competition for the Pacific and Continental Conferences will begin! Before this week's coverage, let's look at how the standings are forming. Pacific Conference Standings 1. Alaska Juneau State University (950 points) = 2. Rainier Tacoma University (800 Points) = 3. University of Santa Monica (700 Points) +3 4. Portland Tech University (550 Points) +2 5. Mililani University (500 Points) -2 6. Lake Tahoe Tech University (400 Points) -3 Continental Conference Standings 1. University of The Iron (1100 Points) = 3. Mercy Valley University (900 Points) +1 3. Quad City College (650 Points) -1 4. Southern Indiana University (550 Points) = 5. Robert Gould Shaw University (400 Points) = 6. Waxahachie State University (200 Points) = A lot more movement in the West, with the biggest drop for USM and biggest drop for LTTU. The tops of the standings are consistent, with UTI being the highest scorer so far, followed closely by AJSU and MVU. One last segment before the games this week, I believe we have @Bruins of Portland Tech University joining us this week to contribute to the discussion! sleuthpanther: Thanks so much for joining us this week, let's get to the discussion. My first question, have the Pioneers met your preseason expectations? Is this where you thought Portland Tech would be in Week 4? Bruins: Well, you know we're always optimistic about our football program, we got a lot of great kids on this squad, a lot of hunger, so we're pretty happy about where we are right now. But obviously football seasons aren't only 2 weeks long, so we're always looking ahead, always planning, and there's a lot of things we can be doing better. But in short, yeah, we're very happy with our position right now. sleuthpanther: That's great to hear, bright futures around the SCAA are to be hoped for. There have been a few surprises in the first two weeks, plenty of massive momentum changes from huge point differentials. Is there a team you see in the standings that you think is primed for a huge breakout this week? Bruins: Yeah, I mean there's an incredible amount of talent in the league this year, what UTI and AJSU are doing is remarkable, and it certainly makes us want to step our game up. But, yeah watching, scouting I expect a nice breakout from RGSU this week hosting the Kodiaks, thats gonna be quite a trek from Alaska to Boston for them. USM's got a nice squad this year too, I look for a quiet jump from them against UTI. sleuthpanther: A few dark horses out there, should be exciting to see. Let's finish up here with my favorite question. Tell us something we might not know about Portland Tech! Bruins: Well, we're all about community here at PTU, and our love for the City of Portland shows through our students in a huge way, so one of the causes we've added in recent years is our "Pennies from Heaven" program which encourages students and faculty to put pennies in receptacles all around campus, and 100% of that money goes to Portland area children's hospitals. Kids have really embraced it, and believe it or not 10's of 1000's of dollars have been raised for our local Children's Hospitals so far, and that number is only growing, and growing rapidly at that. sleuthpanther: A pleasure as always, thanks for your time! Now let's get to this week's matchups. Robert Gould Shaw University Colonels vs. Alaska-Juneau State University Kodiaks Lake Tahoe Tech University Sierra Guardians vs. Quad City College Lions Waxahachie State University Buffaloes vs. Mililani University Mano Mercy Valley University Titans vs. Portland Tech University Pioneers University of Southern Indiana Cardinals vs. Rainier Tacoma University Thunder University of The Iron Legion vs. University of Santa Monica Aztecas Very sorry for the late arrival, hectic weekend but here it is at last! Get your votes in, and once more thanks to all the SCAA members for making this possible!