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  1. Those Nevada uniforms look like practice jerseys, same as WSU. Not enjoying the trend
  2. Both are great, I really like the army alternate. Would like to see royal blue incorporated in the BYU design
  3. Don't be frustrated by the sparse replies, all of these are fantastic upgrades to their real life counterparts. Keep up the good work, I'll be keeping up with this closely as usual!
  4. The simple font probably works the best, really cool idea.
  5. I think the numbers on the colored jerseys need white outlines, besides that nice work. The whole series is coming along great!
  6. Congrats on a really good looking project so far, can't wait for the rest of the series!
  7. I realize that you matched it up with the new stripes, but I think the old stripes would just look so much better. However the design is great as a whole! I'd also just add number outlines to all uniforms.
  8. I'd buy the Seminoles one in a heartbeat.
  9. What the hell is that the little red ball at the end of the logos?
  10. Make the stripes match color on black set and you have a winner.
  11. Could I still create college for for thread

  12. These are awesome, in the updates you thickened the lines up which would have been my complaint. I think on the Express logo you can get rid of some of the detailing, looks more like a picture and less like a logo right now. The Mill Rats idea is just genius, nice job!
  13. That definitely does not look good. Boring stormtrooper look for MSU, and ugly chromed out bfbs look for UK. Blue Blue White vs. Maroon White Silver would have been gorgeous.
  14. Thanks for the comments guys, I'm working on something that looks less like generic nothingness at the moment, stay tuned