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  1. sleuthpanther

    Logo upgrades that were actually UPGRADES

    My brain KNOWS that first Saint John’s logo is ugly as sin... but my heart is telling me the same it told me about the navy/red Iowa State cardinal-in-a-cyclone logo. Something about that color scheme is intriguing, it’d be interesting if a school ran with that scheme again.
  2. sleuthpanther

    Bucky Badger Refresh

    I think the real life update is closer to the original design... but that’s not necessarily a good thing. Your update is infinitely better, well done
  3. University of South Florida Bulls. Why is it shaped like a "U"? Cause it's a university? Pretty outdated imo.
  4. sleuthpanther

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Well don’t worry. Since the NCAA hates individuality, new uniform codes are being enforced this year about shirts hanging out from under the jersey, exposed back plates, and exposed knees. At least at the level I play at, they’re taking this pretty seriously.
  5. sleuthpanther

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    “Ice in his veins”
  6. sleuthpanther

    Maryland Football Concept

    Jersey looks better IMO, but you’re right about the pants. Make them match the helmet again and that looks damn good.
  7. sleuthpanther

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Unpopular opinion I guess, but I loved the shell helmets. If the pattern was a little lighter I think it’d be a really good look for them.
  8. sleuthpanther

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Just match the pants stripe with the helmet/jersey stripe. I really dig that font too, it’s unique to NDSU and I’m glad they kept it. So close...
  9. sleuthpanther

    High School Logo Redesign

    Bottom left.
  10. sleuthpanther

    College Rugby Redesign

    It's been a minute, but just wanted to get some feedback on something I've been working on. Lake Forest College Rugby has been one of the most successful clubs on the LF campus, but has never been more than a club. In recent years the competition has increased dramatically, and the move to a full-fledged varsity program looks realistic. With this in mind, I made something that could be considered the first official crest of this club. Hope you guys enjoy, comments and criticism are always appreciated!
  11. sleuthpanther

    American College Football Association (ACFA)

    Agreed with @dakotapalm. However, these are getting much better. Eastern Texas is a clever start, and Central Louisiana is a very well-rendered logo. It looks like you put some time into designing these, put that same time into the rest and this will be a great project!
  12. sleuthpanther

    American College Football Association (ACFA)

    You need to slow down a bit, and think about some of these logos. Think about what real college logos look like. They aren’t state outlines with letters in them, and they aren’t just two letters next to each other. They are usually arranged together, look at Oklahoma or North Carolina as examples. They still look pretty messy, and the line work needs to be cleaned up a lot. Lastly, you have to give us the nicknames. It’s a super important part of the traditions around college football, and you just ignored them for a few of your schools. There are some good ideas here, you just need to take the time to put enough detail into each, individual school.
  13. sleuthpanther

    Local Rugby Club Concept

    Sorry guys, it's been a bit if you couldn't tell. Should be all good now!
  14. sleuthpanther

    Local Rugby Club Concept

    Can no one see it?
  15. sleuthpanther

    Local Rugby Club Concept

    Hey guys, it's been a while. While I was up at university, my case of rugby fever got exponentially worse. Now that I'm back home in AZ, it got me thinking about if everyone had the same obsession with the sport as I have developed. I'm unsure if this will continue beyond this little concept, but I have a little more time to kill now that school's out so who knows. For now, I have a little concept for neighborhood a I grew up around. "Encanto-Palmcroft", in central Phoenix. The colors are meant to represent the vintage feeling of the neighborhood, as well as the stucco/tile coloration many of the houses have. Crest Encanto-Palcroft is well known for its historic homes, mostly Spanish style villas and its streets lined with palm trees. I did my best to recreate a simple, stylized version of one of these types of houses, and included the palm tree at the bottom to include both aspects of the name. I struggled a little bit with the tiling on the roofs, and would like to know how I could represent them in a different way. Kits The kits are not very complicated. I thought the shoulder striping looked classy, and although the template does not show it the socks would feature identical striping. The clash kit features green details that are supposed to represent the green fronds of the palms (maybe a little exaggerated), and the black is just a dark base besides maroon to make the green pop. The kit ad is probably the most interesting part of the uniform. The Heard Museum is dedicated to preserving as much of the indigenous native-american culture as it can, and is adored by everyone in the central phoenix area (if you are ever in Phoenix check it out, it's very cool). This template was given to me over a year ago, and I cannot find who gave it to me. If I see the name it will click very quickly, so PM me so I can give whoever it was credit! What do you guys think? Should I expand into more well-known areas of AZ, or even a larger rugby concept? C&C is always appreciated, thanks!