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  1. The Los Angeles Angels Formerly of Anaheim.
  2. RockyTopper

    2018 NFL Season

    Sports make a select cluster of people a lot of money while the rest of us get to pay for TV or astronomical ticket and parking prices and chow down on $8 hot dogs with a $12 beer in our $150 jerseys to root for "the home team" and hope "we" get the win today. If folks wanna do that, groovy, heck I dabble in it (otherwise I wouldn't be on this post), humans are creatures who love things like sports and the drama and the "narratives" and the action going on, but it's a stretch to say a country loses when X team wins (unless you're Honduras and El Salvador in 1969). The Patriots could go 0-16 every year for 100 years starting next year and it's not gonna make a difference in the Universe except maybe some people will only make $50,000,000 instead of $100,000,000 because the team sucks real bad when it used to be real good. Numerous people in Browns, inc., made boatloads even as their franchise went 1-31 in two seasons. Dow Jones ain't crashing cause the Pats won tonight, brother.
  3. Thanks for the fun season, Braves. All the confidence it's the first of many even better ones to come. Til we meet again some sunny day.
  4. Proud of the Braves pulling out the win tonight even after losing that 5-0 lead, esp. Vizcaino striking them out in the 9th after getting runners on first and second with no outs. Even if the season ends tomorrow this win and this performance makes me feel great about the season and the future. They looked like a playoff team! Division winners! Just a fun young team on the rise with lots of grit and fight. Get them another piece or two and let them all grow and stabilize and you've got an awesome shot at some pennants and some rings. Sportsball no longer sucks.
  5. RockyTopper

    2018 NFL Season

    Classic Titans. Beat the SB champs in a shootout only to choke to Buffalo a week later. Anemic offense, pathetic wide receivers. I'm thankful the outcry for "national attention" and "respect" got ignored and nobody worth while had eyes on this game. If you can't beat Buffalo and can't even score a TD on them you don't deserve respect and you shouldn't want attention. Do nothing but catching drills all week, sign somebody with decent dependable hands, do whatever they gotta do and get the train back on the tracks if they want to be anything more than your normal irrelevant dumpster fire of a franchise. Sportsball sucks.
  6. Points in tonight's game make me feel a little better about Atlanta's, at least with the Braves you can just tell they're a green squad who exceeded expectations this year but have a lot to learn and places to grow and they don't have all eyes on them and a 108-win season to their back and a 100-win rival coming after them.
  7. RockyTopper

    2018 NFL Season

    Hey, uh, I think we gotta good football team in the Volunteer State, maybe. Fought with guts and grit, stared down the defending champs all the way to overtime and won. Post-game interviews were great too, excited for the win but level-headed and ready to keep this momentum going one week at a time. I can dig it.
  8. RockyTopper

    2018 NFL Season

    Man, these Rams sure are starting out hot. L.A.'s looking like a good challenger to knock off Montana and the Niners and get to Super Bowl XXIV. #partylikeits1989
  9. RockyTopper

    2018 MLB Season

    If the Braves have to meet the Rockies in the NLDS with the way things are going, that series is gonna be over real quick. Granted the Braves are generally the weakest team with a playoff spot already secured so maybe that's gonna be true regardless, but oh well.
  10. RockyTopper

    Goodbye, Weight Watchers, Hello..... WW?

    Who could that be? Woodrow Wilson? Willy Wonka? ....Walter White?
  11. RockyTopper

    2018 NFL Season

    Last night I had a dream that the Browns beat the Bills in the Super Bowl. That means you can expect a mid-season conference realignment announced any moment. Baker Mayfield literally reshaping the world of football.
  12. RockyTopper

    Papa John(')s new logo

    The Papa(s) Formerly Known as John. The underlined S is the new .
  13. RockyTopper

    2018 NFL Season

    Maybe these rule change debacles are all a low-key conspiracy to make the NFL look like it cares about player safety while actually slowly making the game unrecognizable and unwatchable so the league will die a slow-burn death and executives have decades to slowly get off the sinking ship, instead of a Hindenburg-type imploding collapse from some combination of CTE-related deaths/illnesses/lawsuits, fewer and fewer kids playing at school/pee-wee program levels, network/cable TV in general dying as a medium, etc., Just adjusting my tin foil hat over here.
  14. RockyTopper

    2018 NFL Season

    Also, while they're still not that good, the Titans' new Columbia blue alt. jersey looks pretty sharp in person when they're combined with white pants and navy helmet and socks. If they made this their home primary combo I'd be a fan. The league doesn't need another navy primary set, much less in monochrome.