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  1. This is where the lowest possible expectations at all times really comes into play: I started watching OT assuming they'll lose, I assume they're gonna lose the series, I assume that I will never see any team I like win a title in my lifetime, I assume by some way or form it's gonna be Ducks vs Pens, and if it's Ducks vs. Senators, the Ducks will win because that's just how things are. By denying myself all possible hopes and thrills for success until after it happens or the opportunity for it to happen has shut, it makes the slightest positive deviation a win. Could the Preds win the series? Sure, they definitely have a shot! But I have zero expectations that they will. It's bad enough that they're playing with me by getting this deep in the postseason and this close to a title appearance. If I beat them to the punch and embrace defeat before it happens, it'll either a. soften the fall when it happens, or b. make my excitement if it doesn't happen that much greater. Being a fan of bad/mediocre teams that have never won a title (at least not in 20+ years) sure makes for some interesting results for a fan's psychology, huh?
  2. I don't watch: come back from down 2 in the 3rd I DO watch: lose in OT guess who's not watching anymore (for superstition's sake)
  3. I'm sorry, but no Pats fan who hasn't watched for longer than 20 years has room to even come close to describing anything Pats related as "historic failure." Choking away a perfect season 10 years ago when they had already won three rings is the equivalent of a trust fund 16 year old not getting the right color Lamborghini on their birthday. This Pats era isn't going to be remembered for the 18-1 year, I can guarantee that. Contributing to the post, the 2000 Titans have my vote. Sizably better team than the one that won the AFC the year before, the best team probably Tennessee has ever had, blew it to the Ravens in the divisional round.
  4. It must be nice having seen your team win a championship in your lifetime and be in hot contention for another one for years now, but still be able to find a way to paint your team as one that's some perpetual loser that's just now shaken some curse off its back tonight and, even go the extra mile and be angry at apparent haters. Can't be good for your blood pressure, though.
  5. Pens-Ducks creeping closer and closer. It's Super Bowl LI all over again man, as soon as it's started to bubble you can just feel it coming inevitably (or is that the Mexican food I had earlier?). The worst part is my home team is shaping up to be crushed in the process in its first time in the deep rounds of the postseason. I don't care tons for hockey or watch passionately, but that's sure gonna suck because it's so refreshing to see a Nashville/Tennessee team actually be pretty dang great and make a deep title run. This is a year to be proud of, I would take a 0-4 sweep in the WCF if they played Edmonton or a 0-4 sweep in the SCF if they played Ottawa, but the Ducks in the WCF? Or even if they get through to the SCF, the Pens? Yuck.
  6. I'm the Manhattan Flash, and I AM the best bank robber in New York!

  7. When you return to the boards after a year or so away: BUT when you return there's been a lot of positive updates to the site(streamlined uploading and personalizing things). I dig it!
  8. This is a huge loss for sports and especially for UT, though I'm definitely glad she's at peace now and her family need not deal with the terrible effects that Alzheimer's and other mentally-eroding diseases can cause. I know those impacts quite personally. She'll forever live on as a legend of Rocky Top and one of the greatest ever to call themselves a basketball coach, or really a coach in any capacity. RIP, Pat. Thanks for the years of fun, success, championships, and passion.
  9. Bernie hasn't dropped out nor endorsed Hillary, but the gist of his speech was "continue this revolution we've started, go local", i.e. run for local offices, continue the movement from the ground up, and get involved in state politics and go up from there, which is something I have been telling people for a while now. People genuinely overplay the importance of a singular President at times, but even if a (now virtually impossible) Bernie presidency came to be, it wouldn't mean anything or go anywhere without any of the other pieces of the system in play for him. When you pin your entire political cause on one person winning one office in one election, and that doesn't happen, it dies. But I hope people take up his call and expand their political action and involvement instead of being obsessed so completely on #BERNIEORBUST
  10. I agree that Superdelegates are a very problematic, shady, rather un-Democratic thing and the election process would be better, far better, without their controversial influence, but the fact of the matter is that they exist in the 2016 Democratic nomination process. Now, it's a fair point for people to say that, because Clinton's presumptive nomination is based on Superdelegates that have not cast their vote yet, rather than the pledged delegate count reaching any sort of "magic number", such a declaration should be held off. But this is where things get problematic. What about 2008? Obama won the nomination on Superdelegates, not pledged delegates, as he was still short of the needed number of delegates when you take out his superdelegates. Where was the outcry then? Not to mention in 2008, Obama actually lost the popular vote count to Clinton by about 300,000 votes, whereas Clinton has a 3 million vote lead on Bernie. Speaking of, shouldn't this shift of focus/stance bother Bernie supporters? This Man's entire campaign has built itself on an image of anti-establishment, anti-corruption, things that in many people's eyes Superdelegates are, that being corrupt establishment "cheat codes" for victory. Now that he has no chance of winning the nomination outright solely on regular delegates OR popular vote, he wants to somehow pull a Hail Mary by trying to get a contested convention and draw Superdelegates to swap to his side. He's trying to grab the nomination via the very means that clash with what he's come to stand for. Corruption is one thing, a flawed, troubling election system is one thing, but you seriously cannot pin Hillary's winnings over Bernie entirely on them. More Democrats want Clinton to be the nominee, the math shows it, the map shows it, the stats show it, and it is what it is, even with the problems and the controversies and troubling aspects of the election process that definitely need to be addressed and improved and righted, be they superdelegates or possible voter fraud cases (that have potentially happened but not on a scale to tip the election, still unacceptable if they happened, but not a damning cheap trick). I voted for Bernie back in March, I don't regret that, and I still think he's the better choice, but facts are facts. One can put up a strong protest or stance or rallying cry against the flaws of the system without trying to take advantage of the very flaws you criticize. I wouldn't feel good about a Bernie nomination that flew in the face of the popular or pledged delegate votes and was decided by a miraculous flip-flop of superdelegates, not at all, and no Bernie should feel good about such a (very unlikely) theoretical victory.
  11. Though it's got its fair share of tourist cheese I'd definitely go to Broadway, all sorts of live music and bars and great food to peruse, I especially recommend Legend's Corner and the Dueling Piano bar down there. My brother went to JDD a few months back and had a great time, but it's a little bit of a drive so it'll definitely take up a day if you're doing it. Nashville is surprisingly diverse culturally and it has a Germantown area with great food and beer. Nashville is a mecca if you're into music, lots of record shops both downtown and elsewhere, I love going to McKay's which is a huge used music and bookstore in West Nashville. When you're in Nashville, music and bars are the two big time things if you can't already tell, especially with the Preds and Titans off-season and the Sounds out of town. Don't think there are many college athletics going on but since you're near Vanderbilt if anything's going on like that you can check that out. Same goes with MTSU, though it's about 45 minutes away to the Southeast of Nashville.
  12. Bonnaroo usually airs one the NBA finals games in their cinema tent and this year it's game 4. Last year it was packed to the brim with mainly Cavs fans. I imagine this being the Bonnaroo crowd the audience this go round will be in blue and gold watching potentially a sweep clencher in a comfortable, air-conditioned tent in a field in Tennessee, inebriated with Pabst Blue Ribbon or whatever cost-efficient alcohol is on hand flowing like water or the tears in Crying Jordan Meme's eyes. Festival ticket: $450, Surreal Sports moment: priceless.
  13. Perfect for when you're drunker than a bicycle! Not really a beer drinker but I like a lot of the designs for Yazoo, a local brewery here in Middle TN, especially their Dos Perros Ale. I dig the abstract yet soft art look.
  14. Not sure where this kinda stuff would go but I wasn't about to dump this in the concept forum so I guess I'll bump this thread. I'm not a graphic designer, nor a concept designer in general, much less for sports teams, but I AM a doodler. I've been out for Summer break a couple of weeks now so it's a fun way to pass some of the time at home or at work. I was inspired earlier to come up with a joke concept that is on one hand riddled with cliches and typical logo design choices, but on the other applied to a stupid pun of some kind, be it verbal or visual (or both) to create an absolute masterpiece. Ladies and gentlemen, proudly representing the people of Bat Cave, North Carolina...YOUR Bat Cave Bats! I wanted to go meta on the whole "X swinging a bat" thing, but I can't draw a good swinging pose, so Bat Man™ is echoing the Babe calling his shot, looking intimidating and fierce. Those are bat wings on his back, tying into the animal and the object. Of course every team needs a roundel, the text of which reads "Bat Cave Bats Baseball Club", and I present three caps: the classic main cap, the alternative Bat Man™ cap, and our special third cap, depicting the bat shown in the wordmark logo. This third cap will be used for our "Goin' Batty" themed nights. In all, I believe it's a crackin' look which will sure be a home run with fans. Go Bats Go! Flappin' and Swingin' To Victory!™