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  1. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    Yep, today was the last nail in the coffin I'm sure. Or should I say, brick (by brick) in the...wall. I dunno. Should be for the best for Tennessee, but this is Tennessee so hey. What's the difference between Tennessee football and toilet water? At least toilet water knows how to make it over the top after enough crap.
  2. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    Classic Vols, having to play from behind and bank on miraculous breaks that sometimes happen in a game they should on paper win solidly. Impressive comeback/2OT thriller or not this team doesn't deserved ranked status. At least they won. I'm expecting another year of getting stomped by Alabama (again), probably lose to Florida (last year was a fluke), inexplicably lose to Vanderbilt in the last week of the season (again, because Vols), finish second in the East (again), and win a middle-of-the-pack Sponsor Bowl game (again). Yawn. How many years are we gonna get of underachieving in the most frustrating but predictable ways possible? At some point it's better to just suck and not have to worry about inevitable disappointment. Go Vols, I guess.
  3. Boy has 2017 sports wise just been a bummer or what? The Patriots make a ridiculous comeback against a ringless team for their fifth title, Warriors-Cavs round three (three) is likely ending up being a lopsided dud, and a thrilling NHL playoffs with so many new teams and surprise runs ends with.....(drum rolls)...the Penguins. Again. Beating a ringless team in their first appearance. Again. As the away team. Again. Whoa boy. And all of it ending on a sour officiating note, no less. I'm glad my intensity for sports hardly exists much these days cause there wouldn't be much of a point to being intense with it with outcomes like this, y'know?
  4. Not only does this shellacking give Nashville brand new life, it guarantees I'll be able to catch at least game 5 at Bonnaroo on Thursday. Gonna be lots of yellow this year
  5. It sucks that I'm going to be experiencing a hometown team losing a championship up close and personal for the first time in my life, but it wouldn't suck as much had it been seriously anybody else in the Eastern Conference. Ottawa, Washington, Columbus, heck even losing to the Rangers or Habs or Bruins wouldn't be as much of a soul-sucker. What a depressing way for such a colorful playoff season to end. It's historic that they're going back to back, whatever, but why did it have to happen to two cupless teams who waited 2 decades for their first appearance back to back man?
  6. What a great bounce-back. Even if they don't complete the comeback this kind of an effort is a lot easier to bounce back from in a game 2 than a 3-0 smashing, really brings that 1st period called back goal into even more question. There's life in them there Preds!
  7. But what if both teams are underdog types? Not exactly sure many people would've foreseen an Ottawa-Nashville series. I'm generally a defeatist with my sports teams anyway so I like finding scenarios that cushion the disappointment and I find one team that's never won a title losing to another one that's never won is better than a team that's never won losing to a team with multiple titles playing for a repeat.
  8. I don't think I'd be as disappointed if they were getting pounded 3-0 by Ottawa. Being a Canadian team's first franchise championship punching bag wouldn't be quite as disappointing. But Pittsburgh's? Sure don't feel good captain. I just hope they make this a series while there's still time to make it one. And who knows, we live in a world where the Cubs are defending World champions and Cleveland is about to play to defend a championship title, both teams coming back from 3-1 deficits, and Nashville is neither cursed by a goat nor the city of Cleveland. Why not a turnaround for them?
  9. Why would the Bettman era NHL rig it for a team like the Penguins when they're playing a sunbelt warm climate expansion team? Would robbing the Preds really #GrowtheGame?
  10. The Pens will win and crush another cupless team's first appearance dreams, we're getting Cavs-Warriors III, there is no color or divergence allowed silly!
  11. This is where the lowest possible expectations at all times really comes into play: I started watching OT assuming they'll lose, I assume they're gonna lose the series, I assume that I will never see any team I like win a title in my lifetime, I assume by some way or form it's gonna be Ducks vs Pens, and if it's Ducks vs. Senators, the Ducks will win because that's just how things are. By denying myself all possible hopes and thrills for success until after it happens or the opportunity for it to happen has shut, it makes the slightest positive deviation a win. Could the Preds win the series? Sure, they definitely have a shot! But I have zero expectations that they will. It's bad enough that they're playing with me by getting this deep in the postseason and this close to a title appearance. If I beat them to the punch and embrace defeat before it happens, it'll either a. soften the fall when it happens, or b. make my excitement if it doesn't happen that much greater. Being a fan of bad/mediocre teams that have never won a title (at least not in 20+ years) sure makes for some interesting results for a fan's psychology, huh?
  12. I don't watch: come back from down 2 in the 3rd I DO watch: lose in OT guess who's not watching anymore (for superstition's sake)
  13. I'm sorry, but no Pats fan who hasn't watched for longer than 20 years has room to even come close to describing anything Pats related as "historic failure." Choking away a perfect season 10 years ago when they had already won three rings is the equivalent of a trust fund 16 year old not getting the right color Lamborghini on their birthday. This Pats era isn't going to be remembered for the 18-1 year, I can guarantee that. Contributing to the post, the 2000 Titans have my vote. Sizably better team than the one that won the AFC the year before, the best team probably Tennessee has ever had, blew it to the Ravens in the divisional round.