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  1. Congrats Jets, a squad that the Preds were always chasing from behind the whole series and couldn't overcome. Well done. Now go beat Vegas why dontcha?
  2. A good moment that just kinda feels right in the Universe. Congrats Caps! In the spirit of 2018 (and many in this thread, very understandably), you're still in the running for a chance at the #1 game show of the 2018 playoffs: CAN YOU STOP VEGAAAAAAS?
  3. The Jets have slayed the Wild. Hopefully the Perds can finish off Colorado tonight and get a nice Nashville-Winnipeg series underway.
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil Stripped-Down Uniforms

    Another vibrant color uniquely associated with an AFC South team falls victim to a Nike rebrand. Columbia blue for the Titans, now teal for the Jags. Less so for the Jags, but still. They're passable, less cluttered or tacky than the Titans new look, and the solid black helmet was an obvious and excellent decision. Other than that? They're boring. Did we need a black home primary? No number outline at least?
  5. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    I'd take something mediocre in design and not aged very well that's still unique and kind of fun over the Nike monochrome flustercuck that manages to be messy AND boring at the same time.
  6. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    Am I the only one who thinks this new set does not jive at all with the logo? Just the color emphasis and balance on the flaming shield (#thumbtack) implies Columbia as the clear secondary color, but as I've said before it's like they want to make silver just as equally the secondary with spots of red as a sparse tertiary. Either balance the Columbia and silver in the uniforms (really could've been easy, less navy is always good), update/recolor or redesign the logos, or pick silver or Columbia and roll with it. This set feels like the design team wanted navy and silver but remembered, "Oh, Columbia is a major identity piece of the team" and splashed it on the armpit stripe and whipped up an alternate as a last thought.
  7. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    Will these look tolerable in-game on the field? Probably. Worst look in the league? No. Cluttered avant-garde Nike mess? Yep. Oh well. I'll buy one if they win a Super Bowl in them, but that's about as far as I'll go. Here's hoping for a big, red, messy color rush jersey!
  8. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    This jersey looks like them trying to introduce silver as a secondary color but keeping Columbia blue at the same time, and the result is just not balanced at all. If you're gonna go with hokey, cluttered, Nike-gonna-Nike design choices, the armpits should've been silver to go with the shoulder yoke, or maybe the yoke and armpit stripes could both have been Columbia blue. Either way, it's easier to just drop one color for the other. As bummed as I would've been seeing Columbia go away, Navy with silver as secondary and red as a splash of tertiary would not be bad on its own. May as well be serious with a redesign and alter the logos and wordmark. In fact, navy, silver, and red as the scheme would make the T-Sword alternate a perfect primary as is. The number font is not great on its own, so on a cluttered, messy uniform they look even worse. Not an unworkable atrocity, just not the greatest redesign job.
  9. 2018 NFL Offseason

    Decided to watch some reaction compilations from the big moments of the playoffs, and when one clip showed a young Saints fan (about 13-ish years old? I think) screaming after the Minneapolis Miracle I thought, "You're OK kid, your team won the SB just a couple years ago" Until I realized "a couple years ago" is actually 8, that SB XLIV happened a little more than a month into this decade, that this decade will be over in 1 year 11 months, and that kid was probably 5-ish years old in 2010 and might not even remember that game clearly if at all. I'm in my early 20s. This is just gonna get more and more common with longer stretches of time for me as time goes on, isn't it?
  10. My Hockey Jersey is too Small!

    Have you tried Hare Krishna?
  11. Fun With Flags!!!!

    How about something a little atypical: a history of the flags of a fictional micronation Having been a concept/idea of some kind ever since I was in elementary school, in 6th grade or so I established "Peytonia," a sprawling nation, population 1, with territories including my bedroom at my parents' house, the spare room in that same house, an unofficial claim of Marie Byrd Land in Antarctica, and a similarly unofficial claim of a swath of land on Mars north of Valles Marineris. I've passively on-and-off stuck with it ever since, even if more of an idea than a physical entity. That includes drawing up flags and symbolism! There used to be MS Paint files of all of the early flags and symbols, but those have been lost to the sands of time, so the 2010-11 and 2013-14 are crudely drawn approximations. The 2012 one is actually someone made for me in high school which I still have, so I dug it out and took a picture. As a basic rundown of each: 2010-11: My family refers to me as "Bug" which is a nickname nobody has any idea where it came from, and nobody outside my immediate family calls me by. So I decided to use the bug (specifically an abstracted beetle kind of one?) as my first concrete national symbol. Like I said, the original of this flag is long gone, so I recreated it from memory. It drove my crazy trying to remember whether I had a black bug or a gray or gold bug, and the black and red may be reversed, but you get the idea. Imagine the crude thrown-together approximation here, but even crappier and more compressed and you get the idea. At this point, Peytonia was no particular government, but best described as a monarchy. Perhaps the strong black and red coupled with self-referential icon of its founder reflect that. 2012-2014: at this time, Peytonia was a "Constitutional Monarchy" and I decided to revitalize the flag accordingly. Yellow was introduced as a national color, and the bug went to the wayside, replaced with the "Giraffe" seal (giraffes are one of my favorite animals, though sadly no giraffes are native to Peytonia), with the checkerboard royal shield, flanked by branch and sword, representing growth and power. The flag shown here was by a high school friend based on my design, she definitely idealized the branch from its original idea whereas I genuinely just imagined it representing the weeds that grow outside in the yard of the house (really). The old English lettering spells "Peytonia" and while hard to see that's supposed to be roman numerals representing the year I was born (not telling that, but I absolutely butchered the numbering and had no idea how it worked so its wrong and barely readable anyway). 2013-2014: I got into the Beatles, became quite an idealistic Micronation leader, and the flag transitioned accordingly. While the previous flag still hung up on my bedroom wall, I designed a totally different kind of flag and symbol. The giraffe was eventually retired as a symbol. Light blue canton coupled with the plain white field symbolized peace. I also began writing music at this time, so the new symbol reflected it: a music note coupled with a peace sign. In all a very weird time symbolism wise for Peytonia, which became a Republic and is still to this day (I even wrote a two-page constitution in 2014). 2017: after shelving my duties as leader and sole citizen of Peytonia for a while, I decided to revisit it once again and give it a simple, clean, unique flag. I reincorporated red and yellow, and the yellow and blue stripes have thinner/more spread out dimensions than most tricolors (I based it off of the flag of Crimea). Early variations had no "~P~" at all, but I decided to add it later to fill the white which looked emptier than a normal tricolor since the top and bottom stripes are wider apart. Blue still represents peace as well as good will, and the gold now represents good and fruitful living. As a bonus, I included an updated sketch of the national seal that I did during some downtime at work the other day. Since the flag is simplified, I decided to incorporate the classic symbols of Peytonia back into the national identity by way of its seal. The bug is stamped at the bottom, while the shield is flanked by the giraffes. The same "~P~" appears here for continuity with the flag. The proper roman numeral "MMX" appears as well in the banners reading "Est." and "MMX" to represent the proper naming and founding of Peytonia in 2010.
  12. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    Not sure how the current Pats run is a "soft" dynasty that's somehow less of a dynasty than those other dynasties. Basically, what you have here with New England is a long stretch of success like the 49ers, except instead of starting out in 1981 with Walsh and Montana and ending in 1994 with Seifert and Young, its all been under the same coach and quarterback AND they have three more appearances to boot. It's almost like the Belichick/Brady Pats are a double dynasty, with two runs where they made it three out of four SBs, winning all three times the first go round 2001-2004 and coming darn close to doing it again this go round 2014-2017, with the 2007 (16-0 perfect regular season, an unequaled feat in the 16-game season era even if they lost the SB) and 2011 appearances coming in between the two of them. Love them or hate them there's just nothing else comparable to their success.
  13. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    Exactly. Their dominance as a dynasty is reflected in how close and down-to-the-wire their three SB losses are and just how excellent the teams that beat them those three times had to play just to edge them out. Even then those teams had to get some timely breaks and, more importantly, completely capitalize on them 100% of the time to make them mean anything. 41-33 being their "worst" deficit of defeat is wild. If this somehow ends up being the last SB appearance Brady/Belichick and Co. make as a dynasty, even in defeat it's a last hurrah for the books that plenty of franchises would kill just to get even close to it.
  14. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    Do we still have any idea why Malcolm Butler was benched? Granted this game was an astronomically weird offensive throw-down on steroids all over the scoreboard, yardage, records, etc., but I can't help but wonder if he could've made a difference in that for NE's favor. Surely after the defense got burned with long passes and TDs Belichick would've put him back in if he thought that he could or should.