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  1. PD13

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Iowa State had a great previous set in my opinion, but these are a nice replacement. The folded numbers are original, and I get a “swirling” cyclone feel from them (although that might be borderline nikespeak...). My one issue is how the 1 looks so different from all the other digits. Looks like a block 1 whereas all the other digits have strong curved elements and the fold somewhere. That said, solid look, 7.5/10. I’d rate it higher if the black option had some cardinal and yellow. I get the “Win in the Dark” campaign necessitates a black jersey, but don’t abandon your brand in the process.
  2. PD13

    Minimalist Football Helmets (Taking requests)

    The Gig Harbor one looks fantastic! Thank you again.
  3. PD13

    Minimalist Football Helmets (Taking requests)

    Could you do Gig Harbor High School? Here's their helmet: Thank you!
  4. PD13

    Rutgers Basketball Adidas Concpet

    These turned out nicely. I think the design elements are really consistent throughout, and overall it's a strong set. One thing I notice on the red jersey that could be tried on the other two would be an outline around the numbers in the color of the wordmark to make the numbers "pop" a bit more.
  5. PD13

    Random NFL Designs

    These look great. I think the helmet is actually really good without a stripe, and your removal of black is exactly how they should go about doing so. Still showd contrast without being busy.
  6. PD13

    Ugly Christmas sweater inspired wallpapers

    Thank you so much! Turned out perfect.
  7. PD13

    Ugly Christmas sweater inspired wallpapers

    These have turned out so cool, it's a great project idea. Could you do a high school one? Thank you!
  8. PD13

    Fictional Spartans Team Concept

    Here's my quick take on both suggestions. I think they each look pretty good, and the original color scheme definitely needed adjusting. thanks for your feedback!
  9. Hello everyone. I've been working on a fictional league for quite some time, and I was looking for some feedback on this particular set of uniforms. DISCLAIMER: I am aware that this is a recolored San Jose State logo, I am in the midst of learning to draw my own logos to replace them. Also, the number font is Conrad's "Golden Bear".
  10. PD13

    LA Chargers Logo

    That's definitely a good point. I'll work on creating a balance between L and lightning bolt. And as for the use of this logo, I think it'd function as a secondary- used on the collar, 20 yard line, etc..The current logo is solid, and not San Diego specific, so it should/would carry over with the relocation.
  11. PD13

    LA Chargers Logo

    Here's my take on an LA version of the Chargers, seeing as this scenario looks likely within the next few years. I'm not really a logo designer, so feedback would be appreciated!
  12. As a Seattle sports fan, I think these would fit perfectly with the overall pro sports trend in the area, from the logo to the colors. Looking forward to seeing how well they play!
  13. I haven't posted on the thread for quite awhile, but I've followed closely through the wild events the 70s have brought to the league. As a Grizzlies fan, I've been intrigued by the latest additions to the West (and hopeful that they don't dominate us right away ). Speaking of dominance, do the Grizzlies have a decent shot at becoming a top team with their young talent?
  14. Thanks so much for the Donion ones! The DC jersey was probably quite difficult, so I really appreciate the high level of accuracy you put into it. Keep up the great work!
  15. Could I please get a Washington Wizards jersey and Seattle Seahawks jersey w/ name: Donion, number: 13. I'm in no hurry, I think what you've done so far has been awesome. Thanks in advance!