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  1. You really have to work on the sizing of the nike logo, the sponsor logos and the MLS logos. all three are far too large.
  2. Absolutely perfect. Great work. I really like the current Atlanta jersey, and I actually thought the other day about how scared I am for them to have to come up with a new jersey come 2019. I'd welcome this design with arms wide open. Look forward to the rest of this series
  3. Love the concepts already! Curious to see how the other teams will look like. Houston Logo is great! Only thing I would fix is the MLS logo on the sleeves and sponsor logos are too large imo.
  4. I think I prefer A as you can really tell the two letters apart. But B still looks good. Now I am not sure which one I prefer... hahaha. Thoughts?
  5. Thanks a lot, both of you. Really struggling with Edmonton and would love suggestions on a name
  6. Here is my concept for Ottawa Rivermen. Now, before you come out and yell at me asking why I didn't go with a Red, Black and White colour scheme, I am going to say that I wanted to make a blue and off white jersey for this series. It kind of gives an oldschool hockey feel, and Ottawa has a long hockey history. Simple name with Rivermen, but fits Ottawa as the Outaouais River runs through it. Didn't have a single roundel crest yet, so forced myself to put the monogram into a roundel. Would love feedback! Likes are appreciated but comments are encouraged! One more team to go!
  7. Sorry should have clarified that i am Québécois, and I often hear "je viens de la ville de Québec " obviously it isn't in team names, as that is traditionally a soccer thing to do. Like NYCFC and Man City
  8. Since FC Edmonton will remain a seperate team, I'd like to avoid all ties to that team. I'm currently working on Edmonton, should be posted tonight
  9. Wait what? I call it "la ville de Québec" all the time. "De Québec" is more common, but I definitely say ville.
  10. Little dissapointed on the amount of feedback I've been getting on this series. Thanks to all of those who have given me feedback though, it makes me want to keep going. Here is Halifax Castaways FC. For this entire series I wanted to created timeless crests that look like the clubs are older than they actually are. I think I nailed that with Hamilton Club and hope to get a similar effect for Halifax. Hoops were used because hoops are the best.
  11. Here is the Winnipeg Eleven, or WXI for short. Went for a simple crest with two elements that represent Winnipeg. First, the Upper Fort Garry Gate plays into the shape of the crest with its remparts creating the top part of the crest. Next, we have the Manitoba Golden Boy creating the main element of the crest. The blue is similar to the colour used by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
  12. Can I get feedback on the names as well? Here is what I have in mind: Edmonton ______ (haven't come up with anything yet, suggestions would be awesome) Calgary SC (Nicknamed the Owls) Winnipeg Wanderers Hamilton Club Ottawa Silver Elevens (play off the old hockey team The Silver Sevens) Halifax Castaways
  13. Thing is I'm designing the Hamilton Club, and not an exact replica of the Ti-Cats. i figured for Calgary that it'd be cool to try something new and completely unconventional. If it is odd, then I am okay with it
  14. Up next we have Calgary SC, or CSC for short. Chose an owl for the crest, and kind of went outside the box with the jersey design. As unconventional as it is, I think it actually works pretty well. Would love some more feedback!
  15. Thank you! Thought it was pretty cool to design a ball for once, really like the way it turned out. As much fun as I have creating kits and crests, it's fun to do something new like that haha. As for the template, I actually paid for it, but it's worth every penny. https://yellowimages.com/stock/football-kit-with-v-neck-long-sleeve-mockup-front-view/ There are variants on the collar and sleeve length, but you have to purchase each one. I got the ball template from there as well.