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  1. If you want to creep up to Victoria, we have a field in Beacon Hill Park. Vancouver also has a field in Memorial Park, I believe.
  2. Xamboni

    LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 5 Voting

    G: 10 S: 11 B: 7
  3. Xamboni

    jneto's soccer concept

    These are gorgeous. What template is it?
  4. Xamboni

    San Jose Sharks Alternate Concepts

    Why is there the outline of the Hurricanes logo on the jersey?
  5. Xamboni

    Washington State Cougars Logo

    Why is the outside stroke rounded?
  6. Xamboni

    Lower Island Soccer Association

    I don't think there is a single river within the Bays United area. There are creeks such as Bowker Creek, but otherwise I don't think a river is a good symbol for Bays. The wave is pretty iconic. I'm a former Bays player (12 years) and am currently coaching for Bays now, so I take offense to the random river Jersey looks great, I would just switch the shorts to black as that's our secondary colour.
  7. Xamboni

    Lower Island Soccer Association

    Cordova had Claremont as well, played a number of games there.
  8. Xamboni

    Lower Island Soccer Association

    It still baffles me that Gordon Head didn't keep their brand. They were as big of a club as Bays and Gorge.
  9. Xamboni

    Lower Island Soccer Association

    I made the other one! I actually want to revisit my concepts and see if I can come up with something more modern. As for your version of the series, unfortunately I think you need to keep working on the LISA logo. What's the point of having a certain element when you can barely even see it? I think you need to work on the integration of the maple leaf. There's also quite a bit of awkward negative space between LISA and the ball.
  10. Rovers logo can be found on the bottom left of the logo presentation
  11. Did this one as pro bono work for the group. Everyone involved is ecstatic and I'm glad to help local soccer. The Swanguardians are named after the stadium the Rovers play in (and the Whitecaps used to play in), the Swangard Stadium. Would love feedback.
  12. Xamboni

    Las Vegas Flamingos Concept (Jersey Concepts Added)

    Any feedback on the latest update?
  13. Xamboni

    Las Vegas Flamingos Concept (Jersey Concepts Added)

    Changed the colour of the pants and added some black to the jersey. Will keep working on it, try and get it perfect.