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  1. I'm happy with the swan song finish by Mikey. He somehow didn't get any damage and he did amazing finishing with a top 10. Also kudos to Debby with a 9th place run. Also; is the 15 car going to run any more races this year?
  2. Seattle Sonics - I really didn't like this relocation. I understand that they had their financial struggles,and that OKC was having increased attention after Katrina,but I would had moved the Hornets to OKC and the Kings to New Orleans. Cleveland Rams - Very unpopular opinion. I just thought it would had been a good idea if they stayed in Cleveland. Maybe we could have had the Cincinnati Browns. Ack. My brain hurts now by that horrid thought. Cleveland Browns - No explanation needed. Atlanta Thrashers - Atlanta now is a thriving market with it being Hip Hop's capital,and it could do well with the NHL.
  3. I really love this. I really love what you did with the Browns with finally making the helmet BROWN. I can't wait for what your doing to my hometown Colts.
  4. That was a great finish. I'm so happy for Kurt. After 16 years of madness,he finally won it. He's one of my favorite drivers and it's so amazing. I think this is gonna be Kurt's year.
  5. I love Michael Waltrip's paint scheme for the Daytona 500. The only thing that bugs me is the neon numbers.
  6. I'm loving this series. Hopefully you could do Butler sometime.
  7. I completely love this idea.
  8. I really like the idea. Will be watching closely.
  9. Yeah,for me (a little biased because I'm a Hoosier) the Pacers logo is so iconic for us here in Indiana that I couldn't see anything else. But I do support your idea for the alternate logo. That would look good.
  10. The Billy Joel and Springsteen ones at Wells Fargo are reasonable,even though Joel is from New York and the Boss is from New Jersey.
  11. This will forever be my favorite alternate jersey of all time. I hated the Sixers look during the Iverson era,but I always loved this because of the soothing classic blue contrasting with the modern logo.
  12. I always love these articles......but of course,31 will lose it and 1 will be hoisting the trophy.
  13. I'm from Indiana,and I think the name is so unique. The name "pacers" comes from the pace car,which is used in auto racing events,such as the Indianapolis 500,held in Indianapolis. The logo is solid,but it needs to make sense with the name. So hopefully the next time they change their identity,they change it to a race car.
  14. What I would do is keep the eagle,but put the word mark on the back of the helmet.
  15. I'm really liking this series.