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  1. Very interesting concept. As a fan of NASCAR myself, this is a good idea that would work well.
  2. Looks really great. You always make the best courts.
  3. The outline of the state of Minnesota.
  4. Hey pepman, could you do a T-wolves court with the new primary logo with the outline of Minnesota in the middle of the court?
  5. I'm absolutely in love. I love it how you took the colors of the ill-fated SoCal Sun of the WFL to put to the team and you put it to perfection.
  6. Ah sorry. I thought their only time in the Stanley Cup Finals was in the flu-stricken 1919 Finals.
  7. I think the Metropolitans need to return if the NHL gives Seattle a team. It's a nice name, and the old Metropolitans almost won a Stanley Cup. I just love that name for some reason.
  8. This looks promising. Will be following very closely as it progresses.
  9. Probably, but it may the most famous example.
  10. Piazza on the Marlins. Nothing else needs to be said.
  11. I think I'll speak for everyone. What may be the most annoying thing in the world are kids fighting in the comments section on YouTube about how they were born in the "wrong generation" and how they wish that more people could acknowledge the music that they are listening. It's so annoying. Sometimes I just want to throw a concrete block at my computer.
  12. I think this is your best concept yet. I love all of the combinations and everything.
  13. I think next you should do Iona.
  14. The "cold" green/blue scheme is really looking good. A basic color representation of the state of Minnesota.
  15. I've actually been to the gym where they filmed the home games for the Hickory Huskers from the movie Hoosiers. To be honest, it was an unreal experience and something that I will never forget.