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  1. Hey man,can you get me a Ball State basketball and a Pacers combo? Thanks in advance!
  2. I really like the new park (may be biased). Hopefully it can stay intact for a while.
  3. I can barely see the 51 for the Rams championship.
  4. You win.
  5. I always thought that Ray Charles was not blind for some reason......
  6. Can you get me a Washington Generals sig? Thanks in advance!
  7. /concept forum I think you blew my mind. This is so perfect in every-single-thing. You deserve an award,my man.
  8. Those Hawks unis was used until 96/97,I believe.
  9. Not many people know about Led Zeppelin's front man Robert Plant's solo career,but I love this song so much. "In the Mood" - Robert Plant
  10. That was certainly a crazy finish out there. So happy for Truex! Also:fight broke out between Joey's crew and Kyle Busch. Kyle got out of the brawl with blood on his forehead. I bet you,this is gonna turn into a nasty rivalry.
  11. I always love it when companies go "retro". I personally love the Pringle "rewind" can back a few years ago.
  12. Looks beautiful. Great job sir.
  13. Personally,I loved the Turn Ahead the Clock uniforms. [Insert "those uniforms should be in the bad uniforms thread" comment]
  14. accidental post
  15. To be honest,I liked the red font Blazers unis more then the black font unis,for some reason.