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  1. The NFL doesn't sell mass quantities of helmets and football pants. The jerseys are sold in abundance and made well in advance. You can't go Willy nilly changing on a whim with little notice.
  2. Seattle Shotgunners Faux plaid flannel sweater/jersey(color doesn't matter) Faux denim pants(blue) /badtaste /stilltoosoon
  3. Picking the black trim would be too easy. Look at those shorts!
  4. Dirk + Trashbag = golden fugly
  5. Not exactly a uniform, but close enough.
  6. Certainly doesn't stand for World Championship Football
  7. That will rival the Ravens gold pants on the ugly scale.
  8. Not fantastic, but could have been much worse.
  9. Here's a pic of the teal cap. Not sure if this was spring training or just BP.
  10. SPLAT!
  11. You know...I don't think this was ever mentioned in the thread. Thanks for bringing it up.
  12. Root Sports Mormon Sinner Region
  13. No. 🤢
  14. Yeah I believe even the announcers called it the Super Bowl during play at SB1.