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  1. Northstar Soccer League

    I second that. Number 3 just has a better look to it and it would probably look better on a kit than the other two. Also on an unrelated note, what program are you using, because the quality of these kits are fantastic
  2. Northstar Soccer League

    Your execution and designs are absolutely godly. My only suggestion for change is that you make Duluth and Hibbing's third kits different colors so you don't have three jerseys with the same color scheme. When Norwich did that people didn't take too kindly to it...

    I second the notion that you need extra detail. Also I think the Bulls could probably have Jordan too.
  4. USMNT 2018 World Cup Jerseys

    I feel like if you switched the sleeve colors between the two, it would look better. I think the idea you have is perfect for the USA though, I could definitely get behind these if they were real.
  5. Floridian Premier League (Derby Posters)

    I’ve been away from the boards for a while, but I’ve still been looking at other soccer concepts for ideas. In about late-July I decided to revive it, but instead of building off of what I already had, I decided to go back to square one. I made the league brand new and doubled the teams to a whopping 48. So this is the biggest project design related I have ever done, and like I said before, I’ve been working on it (drawing up ideas, writing backstories, designing kits and crests) since about late-July. I hope you all enjoy this mammoth of a project and please don’t shy from C&C. I can take it. League Backstory: The Floridian Premier League was founded in 1940 to give an southern counterpart to the thriving American soccer leagues in states like California, Texas, and New York. It’s immediate success brought it to the same level as these other leagues and it has been a farm for successful play domestically with other state league sides. It is composed of 48 teams, the most sides of any league in America. 8 of those teams get relegated, and 7 of them go to the American Champions League. Its most successful club domestically is International Gardens, and its most successful club nationally is Lauderdale Athletic. Team List: Athletic Club Boca Biscayne Athletic Soccer Club Brevard Brevard Rockets Soccer Club Buena Vista United Cascades Soccer Club Clearwater Soccer Club Daytona Racing Club Soccer Club Deerfield Deportivo Miami Fort Brooke Soccer Club Soccer Club Fort Myers Freedom Tower Soccer Club Gateway Soccer Club Gold Coast Diamonds Gulf Shore Athletic Harbor City Soccer Club Hillsborough City Soccer Club Homestead City Soccer Club International Gardens Soccer Club Islanders Soccer Club Keys United Soccer Club Lakeland Swans Soccer Club Lauderdale Athletic Club Lighthouse United Soccer Club Locomotive Gainesville Menéndez Club de Futbol Miramar Club Deportivo Nautica Soccer Club Ocala Riders Soccer Club Orange County Soccer Club Palm Beach Maritime Panama City Soccer Club Paradise Soccer Club Pembroke Rovers Soccer Club Progress United Real Palmas Club de Futbol Reeves Soccer Club River City Soccer Club San Agustín 1565 Sporting Pensacola Springs United Soccer Club St. Johns Brigade St. Lucie Union Sunshine City Soccer Club Tampa Bay United Volucres Soccer Club Ybor City Soccer Club I’m gonna do a similar thing to TheGiantsFan where he has a famous person from that city represent the name on the shirt, and you have to guess it. In this concept I’ll post a league table, and at the end I’ll group the crests and home and away kits together to get a big idea of what the league looks like altogether. I’ll be posting the teams alphabetically and about one per day, maybe more. Anyways here's the first club...
  6. Floridian Premier League (Derby Posters)

    This is exactly what I did, read back through my second division post, and as for second season we'll just have to wait and see...
  7. Floridian Premier League (Derby Posters)

    Got a little surprise bit here. Decided to make a few derby posters to just get the whole feel for the league. Enjoy cause this is the last post (for good) on this series. Thanks again for all the support!
  8. Floridian Premier League (Derby Posters)

  9. Floridian Premier League (Derby Posters)

    Thanks to everybody who commented, supported and gave feedback on this series. This really was the biggest project I've ever worked on so thank you all so much for supporting it. -Soflo
  10. Floridian Premier League (Derby Posters)

    Here's the scores from the last week too.
  11. Floridian Premier League (Derby Posters)

    FIRST DIVISION 1 Islanders- (33-9-5)- 108 points- Islanders capitalized on a historic 18 game winning streak toward the middle of the season to win their first ever FPL title. World class goal scoring and consistent defending all season long gave them the slight edge over 2nd place Lauderdale and 3rd place Ocala who were hot on their tails as the season concluded. To say nobody expected them to win is an understatement. Their title will be one of the greatest upsets in league history. 2 Lauderdale AC- (33-8-6)- 107 points- Lauderdale AC continued their domination of modern FPL, as they secured their 4th top-5 finish in 5 seasons. They nearly captured a back-to-back title in 2017, but Islanders got the best of them in the end. They will have the chance to redeem themselves in the US Super League, which they lost in the semi-final last year. 3 Ocala Riders- (33-8-6)- 107 points- Ocala Riders kept their hot streak of top-10 finishes in recent years, with their best finish since their title-winning season in 2003. They also will be going back to the US Super League after missing out last season. 4 Deportivo Miami- (32-8-7)- 104 points- The 2015 champions, who experienced a massive drop-off to 21st place in 2016, bounced back to their winning ways, as well as earning the title as “Miami’s Premier Club” 5 Daytona RC- (32-8-7)- 104 points- After losing the charm of their 1963 title-winning squad over the years, many critics believed Daytona would fall down the table. However, they have been able to hang in the top-half, shown especially by this season with a solid 5th place finish which guaranteed them US Super League qualification. 6 Buena Vista United- (32-8-7)- 104 points- Another surprise team (maybe not as much as Brigade) arose in 2017, from the “Mickey Mouse Club” themselves, BVU. After improving from 20th to 12th two years ago, success was expected from them, and they exceeded these expectations. They also booked the penultimate US Super League spot. 7 St. Johns Brigade- (30-11-6)- 101 points- One of the underdogs and surprising finishers of the season, Brigade used fast counter-attacking play to score plenty of goals, but their defense may have cost them their first title. They were also able to capture the domestic cup, the Sunshine Cup and book the final US Super League spot. 8 Clearwater- (30-10-7)- 100 points- Leading the league for the first 8 weeks, Clearwater looked to be title-challengers. However, they burned up all their energy as they started their descent to the bottom of the table. It was only until later in the season, that they were able to win again, which propelled them back into the top 10. They made it to the Sunshine Cup final, but lost 3-2 to St. Johns Brigade. 9 Biscayne Athletic- (29-10-8)- 97 points- Biscayne Athletic proved that they can be one of Miami’s elite clubs as they finished 2nd in the running of Miami clubs for the third straight year. Look to see them capture another title in coming years. 10 Fort Brooke- (26-12-9)- 90 points- Another team who started the year strong, who sank into mediocrity toward the middle of the season. They used a slow style of play that was effective only for short periods of time. They had a late push that put them back in the top 10. 11 International Gardens (25-15-7)- 90 points- Perhaps one of the unluckiest sides in the league, International drew 15 times, more than any team in the first division. They were unable to score many goals, and could not capitalize at home, so their chronic drawing doomed them to 11th rather than a USSL spot. 12 San Agustin- (26-9-12)- 87 points- One of the best feel-good stories of the season, San Agustin were able to rebound from going bankrupt 5 years ago by building the club from the ground up. They slowly grew better, and they have now achieved their best position since the 80’s. 13 River City- (24-12-11)- 84 points- Another team who has tumbled since their title winning year, River City did improve drastically. They moved back into the top 20 after finishing an abysmal 19th in the second division two years ago. 14 Tampa Bay United- (24-10-13)- 82 points- The decline since their title winning season in 2013 continues after dropping from 1st to 5th, then to 8th, then to 11th, and now 14th. They are the favorites to sign the young Colombian striker from Deerfield, so maybe their woeful attack will get better. 15 Panama City- (22-15-10)- 81 points- Panama City were one of the best teams in the league in the final 10 weeks, which was enough to get them to the top-15. However, their abysmal play in the first 37 was costly, as the burden of a poor defense haunted them all season. 16 Reeves- (22-14-11)- 80 points- This marks the first time in 8 seasons that Reeves did not finish as the top Orlando club. The hunt for their first title marches on as they’ve come as close as 2nd in 2014 and 3rd in 2012. 17 Real Palmas- (22-8-17)- 74 points- A very surprising result from the season, as Real Palmas, one of the favorites to win the league, played very sloppily and looked like a mere shadow of what they were the past two seasons. 18 Hillsborough City- (19-14-14)- 71 points- Some teams have accepted their mediocrity. Hillsborough however have protested the poor management and ownership of the club in recent years by chanting TAKE ME BACK TO 1989 every match. They did improve slightly this year though. 19 Menendez CF- (19-12-16)- 69 points- Menendez were another very unlucky team, as they lost over 10 games they were leading at halftime. Had they finished those matches out, they would have finished 6th place. 20 Lakeland Swans- (20-8-19)- 68 points- A successful season back in the top division for a usual bottom feeder club, Lakeland was able to capture their first top 20 finish in 9 years. They also made it to the semi-final of the Sunshine Cup, so it was considered their best season in years. 21 Cascades- (18-14-15)- 68 points- The rebuild the team promised in the 70’s seems to finally be working. They burst into the top 10 early in the year by staying in the top 7 for the first few weeks. They just didn’t have enough talent to hold it all together though. 22 St. Lucie Union- (18-12-17)- 66 points- St. Lucie Union had a breakthrough season, last year by getting promoted. They scored more goals in a single season than ever had, so maybe the Union are on the rise for the future, despite being relegated again. 23 Sunshine City- (18-9-20)- 63 points- Bay Area’s historically worst team enjoyed their time in the top division. But they just couldn’t connect, so back to the bottom they go. 24 Palm Beach Maritime- (17-12-18)- 63 points- Despite having a mediocre season as usual, Maritime had reason to celebrate because they defeated their southern neighbors AC Boca in the regular season and the final table. Next year we’ll be able to see that derby again as they’ll both be in the second division again.
  12. Floridian Premier League (Derby Posters)

    So the way the FPL scheduling works is that each team plays 47 games (twice against teams teams in their respective division, and one game against one team in the opposite division toward the end of the season (to increase greater league unity). The FPL is basically divided into two divisions: first and second. It’s kinda like the NCAA with football, it has D-1 and D-2 and they usually play one game against each other, but it’s still the same association. The bottom three finishers of the first division are relegated and the top three finishers of the second division are promoted. Top 7 gets US Super League (American version of Champions League). If you win the Sunshine Cup (domestic cup), you get qualification the Super League, unless you’re already top 7. SUNSHINE CUP FINAL: St. Johns Brigade 3-2 Clearwater SECOND DIVISION 1 Harbor City- (29-9-9)- 96 points- They nearly made it to the Sunshine Cup final, and they won the second division, so a fairly successful season for Harbor City, as they look to turn back the clock to 2010. 2 Orange County- (28-11-8)- 95 points- Finishing last out of the Orlando clubs for the second consecutive year is nothing to celebrate, but they hired a new manager and for some reason are favorites to sign the captain of Daytona, who was a rock in their solid backline this season. Oh yeah and they got promoted. 3 Locomotive Gainesville- (26-9-12)- 87 points- A pretty strong season for a team plagued with injuries all year. Good to see the Governor’s Cup between them and Cascades return for next season too. 4 Freedom Tower- (24-11-12)- 83 points- Maybe the biggest shock of them all was Freedom Tower. They dropped from 9th to 24th last year and many thought they would be back to winning again and be promoted quickly. They came close, but no cigar. They stacked up well on paper, but they just couldn’t find their groove all season. 5 Lighthouse United- (25-8-14)- 83 points- Another choke job from a team who made it seem like first division was reasonable, but threw all chances away in the final 10 weeks. There’s always next year for them (again). 6 Nautica- (22-16-9)- 82 points- Ol’ 4-timer continues to solidify the nickname of Jacksonville Jackasses. Not only are the fans annoying and pretentious, the team is absolutely shambolic. Half of their 22 wins came in the final 25 weeks. 7 Volucres- (22-11-14)- 77 points- Way too many close losses. It was seeming like Volucres couldn’t go long without losing a close game. Their solid domestic play made up for the slow attack that hindered their promotion. 8 AC Boca- (20-12-15)- 72 points- A fairly big surprise as AC Boca who have been pretty solid (staying in top 20) for the past 4 seasons, fell below the top 30 and below their noisy (kinda) neighbors Palm Beach for the first time in a while. 9 Progress United- (18-15-14)- 69 points- Progress was the opposite of their season this year as they continued their drop since their glory days in the 50’s. Progress United have seemingly good players on paper who seem like shells of their former selves on the field. 10 Springs United- (18-12-17)- 66 points- Springs United joined the list of Broward teams who completely crashed and burned this year. Despite not being close to the worst team from the county, Springs United scored the second least amount of goals out of all of them. 11 Deerfield- (16-16-15)- 64 points- Another Broward team that sputtered out this year. Their young striker is a positive but top teams are chomping at the bit to sign him. 2009 really feels like a long time ago for them. 12 Keys United- (17-13-17)- 64 points- The boys down south continued their relatively short span as a club with another losing season. It might be time to start thinking about management change. 13 Pembroke Rovers- (16-16-15)- 64 points- Pembroke lost WAY too many close games this year. Only three teams had more losses after scoring first than them. The Pembroke-Miramar derby was REALLY hard to watch this year. 14 Ybor City- (15-15-17)- 60 points- Ybor City, A.K.A. the Tampa Afterthoughts really fought hard this year. You could tell they were playing their hearts out every game, but they just haven’t had enough talent in the past 10 years to crack the top division. 15 Sporting Pensacola- (16-12-19)- 60 points- A little bit of a surprise here. People thought Pensacola could get to the top half this year, especially with their experienced coaching staff. Not everybody’s perfect though. 16 Miramar CD- (13-18-16)- 57 points- This stat shows you how bad West Broward teams were this year. In their three meetings with Pembroke this season (once in regular season, twice in Sunshine Cup), only 8 shots were amounted by both teams. In three games. Serious rebuilding needed here. 17 Gold Coast Diamonds- (15-11-21) 56 points- Another Broward team, another failed season. In fact they earned the title of Broward’s laughing stock by winning only 15 games and averaging 0.5 goals a game. Lowest in the league. 18 Brevard- (15-10-22)- 55 points- Brevard were better than their cross-county rivals this year, but they got absolutely stomped on in the US Super League after a flukey season last year, which showed their true colors and sent them back to bottom. 19 Gateway- (13-16-18)- 55 points- kinda surprising that a Miami team would be this low, but Gateway SC showed that big cities can make big messes too. 20 Paradise- (13-15-19)- 54 points- It was definitely not Paradise in Sarasota this year as Paradise SC finished below 15th in the second division for the third consecutive season. They do have a phenomenal youth academy so be on the lookout for PSC in the next few years. 21 Gulf Shore Athletic- (14-11-22)- 52 points- Gulf Shore were bad. So bad that their veteran goalkeeper retired midseason. That kinda sums up their whole year. 22 Brevard Rockets- (12-17-18)- 52 points- Man James Harden had a year. And Mike d’Antoni was a great coa… Oh wrong Rockets. Yeah these guys sucked. 23 Fort Myers- (10-14-23)- 44 points- Well they improved this season. Last year they finished dead last so… Yay? 24 Homestead City- (5-10-32)- 25 points- These guys were the worst team bar none all season. Like how do you win 5 games in a 47 game season. Future looks bleak for Homestead.
  13. Floridian Premier League (Derby Posters)

    Just want to let people know that the poll is open for just 1 day now, so get your votes in!
  14. Floridian Premier League (Derby Posters)

    Good to see my designs are inspiring. Also glad you like St Johns and Palm Beach; those were some of my favorites.
  15. Floridian Premier League (Derby Posters)

    I'm gonna leave the poll up for a week, and then I'll explain how the standings and playoffs go after that
  16. Floridian Premier League (Derby Posters)

    So the poll is now closed. Stay tuned tomorrow for the final table release.
  17. Floridian Premier League (Derby Posters)

    You'll notice that 2017 is empty. That's where I'll need you guys' help...
  18. Floridian Premier League (Derby Posters)

    Some of them I had to revise how many titles they had, but I decided they could put stars above their crest for League Cups or Champions League titles too.
  19. Floridian Premier League (Derby Posters)

    I'll be posting a league map and championship timeline soon, and I also have something extra to show as well, so keep your eyes peeled
  20. Floridian Premier League (Derby Posters)

    YBOR CITY SOCCER CLUB TAMPA Founded: 1960 Championships: 0 Kits By: Puma Sponsor: Bealls Derbies: Clearwater, Fort Brooke, Sunshine City Crest: Green Ybor City road sign with soccer ball Home: Green with white and yellow stripe across Away: White and grey horizontal stripes
  21. Floridian Premier League (Derby Posters)

    VOLUCRES SOCCER CLUB ST. PETERSBURG Founded: 1958 Championships: 0 Kits By: New Balance Sponsor: Florida Credit Union Derbies: Sunshine City, Tampa Bay Crest: White circle with red stripes and pelican Home: White with light red stripes and dark red sleeves Away: Navy with gradient gold stripes Volucres means "water-birds" in Latin
  22. Floridian Premier League (Derby Posters)

    TAMPA BAY UNITED TAMPA Founded: 1940 Championships: 4 Kits By: Nike Sponsor: The Melting Pot Derbies: Hillsborough, Fort Brooke, Volucres Crest: Oval with pirate ship at center and swords below Home: Black and red horizontal stripes Away: White with blue stripes
  23. Floridian Premier League (Derby Posters)

    SUNSHINE CITY SOCCER CLUB ST. PETERSBURG Founded: 1940 Championships: 0 Kits By: Puma Sponsor: Emera Derbies: Volucres, Ybor City Crest: Blue badge with Sunshine Parkway Bridge Home: White with blue sleeves and top Away: Blue with yellow and white sash