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  1. FinsUp1214

    2018-2019 NFL Potential Super Bowl Uniform Matchups

    I wouldn’t call it non-Browns worst, but the Pats’ roads are really not great at all in my opinion, either. The home and road set really seems to look worse year after year; there’s looks in the league we harp on often here for being dated, and rightfully so in most of those cases, but I think nowadays I’d lump New England right in there too. Yeah it’s the dynasty look, I get it, but I also think it’s got some pretty glaring flaws (which BJ pretty much nailed). You could tweak this or that on it, but I think I’d rather them roll out something a bit different altogether from the neck down (cause my beef isn’t with Flying Elvis, I’d be fine with him staying).
  2. FinsUp1214

    2018-2019 NFL Potential Super Bowl Uniform Matchups

    Chiefs/Rams would’ve been so much better than what we’re getting in my opinion, but I do think Pats/Rams will at least have some decent contrast thanks to that Rams gold. LA’s carrying that matchup for sure, in my opinion.
  3. FinsUp1214

    New 2019 NBA All-Star Game Jerseys Leaked

    Ah bummer! Had some hope for a moment oh well, maybe someday.
  4. FinsUp1214

    New 2019 NBA All-Star Game Jerseys Leaked

    Oh hey, I just noticed the sleeve trim stripes go all the way around on these and doesn’t get cut off in the back. Huh.
  5. I think the Chiefs have the best individual endzone option; the logo and wordmark fill it in more and the red and gold pop a whole lot more.
  6. FinsUp1214

    New 2019 NBA All-Star Game Jerseys Leaked

    A small part of me was hoping for some teal and purple to go with Charlotte, but I knew better than that.
  7. FinsUp1214

    2019 MLB Changes

    I wonder if the Braves will “promote” the cream alternate to primary home (and either keep cream or make it white) and then make a road grey to match. So basically a set pretty close to what they wore in ‘66: (but with “Atlanta” instead) To be honest, I’d be completely 100% fine with that.
  8. FinsUp1214

    2018-19 NBA Season - New and improved!

    Yeah, very odd night for him indeed. But hey, they happen sometimes! Still got 30+ tonight anyways too.
  9. FinsUp1214

    2018-19 NBA Season - New and improved!

    Harden from three tonight:
  10. Both games have looked absolutely spectacular today. Probably a good thing since tomorrow won’t look so hot.
  11. FinsUp1214

    Fresh NBA Concepts | San Antonio Spurs (3/30)

    There we go! In my opinion, I think that little change on the collar made a big difference. Very nice! And I like the addition of the Texas logo on the other waistbands as well!
  12. FinsUp1214

    Fresh NBA Concepts | San Antonio Spurs (3/30)

    Oooh the Spurs are interesting (in a good way)! I’m digging a lot of it. Things I really love are your takes on the wordmark and font, and the way you’ve unified it with other striping elements of the uniform. I also love the striping itself and how you have the spur on the shorts sticking backwards; that’s a really clever touch that I really appreciate and is evidence of the thought you’ve put into this. That Texas logo is really nice as well. I really appreciate that you went for something different on the statement uniform, and though I usually don’t like different solid colors between jersey and shorts, I think this could actually work with some tweaking, and I don’t think it has to be too much at all; I think if you changed to collar from solid black to something like grey-black-grey or even black-grey (so that grey is the color along the edge closest to the neck), it will mimic the striping you have on the shorts better and unify things juuuust enough to pull it all together! All in all, I really enjoy this Spurs concept a lot. Very well done!
  13. FinsUp1214

    NFL changes 2019

    Thank heavens he wasn’t in Indy long enough to “make ‘em flashy”.
  14. FinsUp1214

    Logo upgrades that were actually UPGRADES

    And that GD swollen talon and squat wings...I frankly hate that thing. They could’ve done a much better job of updating the original (and the original did need updating, yes). For example, I love this concept by @LogoFan . It’s my favorite attempt at updating the original I’ve seen yet: I might have “swooped” it a little more to give it some speed, but this is still just about everything I wish Atlanta had done instead of energy drink bird.
  15. FinsUp1214

    Logo upgrades that were actually UPGRADES

    I feel like the Arizona Cardinals are a textbook example. The logo update was a grand slam. If only the same could be said about the uniforms... A quick couple off the top of my head: The Blue Jays have been covered and praised many times, and deservedly so. I’ll just echo many sentiments and say they nailed the whole thing. The Pacers may seem like a weird one, and it’s not a perfect logo for sure, but I think this update was much bigger than it has been given credit for. The ball in fast, direct motion expresses a whole different feel to the identity than a ball still in a player’s hand. It wasn’t an enormous departure, but it still delivered a certain new clout to the identity. With this logo in unison with the FloJos, the identity looked “fast” and had a certain speed to it that the previous logo didn’t exhibit. It was a really great, underrated update in my mind.