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  1. Homer pick: Salt Lake Bees I've also really liked Nashville Sounds and, if they were still around Portland Beavers.
  2. I've never been the biggest fan of their orange hat, but that light blue one is beautiful. 1) it's just a beautiful color, and 2) the colors of the logo accent the light blue background better than the orange, I feel. They stand out there as opposed to getting a little lost in the orange, which I feel competes too much for your attention for a vibrant logo like that to work against it.
  3. You make a great point. As one who advocates for socks being uniform across the board, maybe this is a good step to encourage the wearing of them more. And as Matito said, maybe down the line the league can streamline this a little better. Now hopefully, if that does happen, the single design settled on per team isn't the corny ones. Let's hope it's stripes or solids of some sort!
  4. Gosh, these Stance socks are cheesy. I guess some are okay, but a lot of them are just crap. The Golden Gate Bridge doesn't need to be on the socks. And giving teams even more options than they had before is just making the problem worse and a whole lot less uniform than it already was. Remember when teams only had one socks design and it looked professional and not like a bunch of little leaguers that got their socks from 12 different stores? Those were the days
  5. Some compiled footage of Eric Thames vs. pitchers this past month:
  6. Yes, probably within the week! I'm finally in the finals homestretch and will no longer be going at the speed of molasses with the concepts the series is still alive and I'm excited to be able to continue and devote more time to it!
  7. Bingo to all. As a Hispanic Utahan myself, I love the name and feel it's been a strength in relating to the, as you noted, surprisingly strong Hispanic population in both SLC and Provo. It gets a lot of crap, but I don't know of a single fan that cares. It works just fine for us and we love 'em.
  8. The Jazz killed it over the offseason. Johnson, Diaw, and Hill have been huge in their own ways and collectively as veteran help. It's been incredibly valuable in ways that exceeded my even good expectations for them. I mean, this series is where it is because of Iso Joe, period. That little link between Hood and Johnson is one of my favorite parts of this team, too. It's so cool to see them play together knowing their story. How awesome that's got to be for the both of them! And I kid you not, you're the second person I've seen today compare Ingles to Toby! I hadn't seen it before, but now I'll never unsee it again. Who knew Toby was so crafty with the rock?? For reals though, Ingles has been sneaky valuable all season. On a team with some pretty exceptional passers, he may be THE best.
  9. Jazz Bear don't take no crap.
  10. Iso Joe's stil got it, and a whole lot of it! Oh, and the Jazz's FG % in the 4th quarter? 71%.
  11. On an overpass near Salt Lake: Prayers worked!
  12. Thats still my favorite Indians cap of all time. If I had my way - and this is probably an unpopular opinion in and of itself - that'd be their primary cap across the board. Maybe one with a red bill too as an alternate.
  13. Yep. This is precisely why I'm behind Westbrook for MVP. Listening to Colin Cowherd's weird vendetta against him is hilarious, in that it seems in every show he has to plug in how much more valuable LeBron is than Russ and how all those triple-doubles are just stat-pads. Is LeBron valuable? Oh, absolutely. It'd be ridiculous to say no. He's going to end up as one of the two greatest players ever. But for this season's race alone, it comes down to where either team would be without them. Without LeBron, Cleveland's probably a 7 or 8 seed. Without Russ, however? OKC isn't a seed at all; they're lottery. And not the close lottery, either.
  14. I'm with you. I've always thought it was really ugly and tacky. I get there's a lot of nostalgia and history to it, and I'm all for throwbacks in general, but it's still a terrible uniform.
  15. Yeah, something's off. I really thought they'd build on last year and contend for a wild card, but if they don't figure something out soon, they won't come close. There's thankfully been some bright spots, though. Haniger's been great so far and Paxton is pitching well.