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  1. That's my opinion on the double blue as well. I never, ever liked it. The double blue screamed "generic cold-weather location" whereas the 90's palette was very, very Utah. Right down to even the copper. I still really miss it. Kimball, I was thinking the same thing. I do remember seeing something about the Jazz having originally been in that throwback lineup. Seems like it was specifically the purple one that was lined up.
  2. I think you hit two home runs and a triple here. Creighton and Clemson are stunning, but Syracuse needs just a pinch of navy trim. The simple orange and white looks better suited for (and reminded me first of) Texas or Tennessee. However, the core of the design is totally there. Just a spritz of navy and you've got it. Youre really cranking out some good work in this series, great job!
  3. So the Jazz are intriguing me a bit. Tonight's game features a '97 team reunion to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their first Western Conference Championship. At first, they shared some pictures here and there of different players leading up to the event, but over the past couple of days they've gone so all-out with the era-specific colors and graphics that I'm really wondering if (well, more like hoping) they're going to surprise us with one-time throwbacks. I'm fuzzy on the uniform rules and maybe I'm just reading too deep into it but they seem to be doing a lot for even a team reunion. They've changed the profile pic on both Facebook and Instagram to the '97 logo, and (the big kicker for me) posted a video with tonight's matchup featuring the '97 logo instead of the current: Again, it may just be a whole lot of nostalgic excitement for the reunion/anniversary, and that's the extent of it. But to go so far as to use the '97 logo as a matchup logo instead of the current primary after already basically changing everything on social media to the old stuff over the last week just really makes me wonder (and hope) surprise throwbacks are in the works. I'd be ecstatic if it happened.
  4. I wonder if the trees will be a subliminated pattern across the uniform, something like Atlanta's triangles. It could possibly work. Either way, I'm excited for this one. Given the track record of the designer, this should be pretty well done.
  5. There's some great stuff here! I really love Nebraska. Great call on both the stripes and the wordmarks. That's a look they could wear for years. Butler is close, but something's just a little off for me. I'm not sure what, but I think it may be the numbers on the shorts; they seem just kind of tossed in to fill the space. Otherwise, Butler's just about there. The script and numbers look great. And Auburn is good. I don't know that modernizing the side panel stripes are all that necessary (regular stripes down the side would work great), but it all still came out good. Looking forwards to more!
  6. While I truly liked both looks a lot at the time, if I had a choice between one or the other ever staying, I'd have had the Islanders keep this darker set and let the Oilers take the course they've taken. The Oilers just look better AND right in the brighter colors and I liked the Islanders darker because 1) the orange trim really popped against that navy, and 2) it distanced a bit from the Rangers. Not that they've ever looked too similar, but it's always bugged me that for a long time and now again, the two NYC area teams were/are both royal blue.
  7. I always really loved the flag-stripe the South Africa baseball team had on the sleeves. They should've had one on the pants also.
  8. Hard to argue with Earnhardt. That car was THE coolest. I also loved Dale Jarrett's UPS car. It was like the Brown Padres of Nascars.
  9. I'm not a legitimate big-time fan per se, but I've always taken a big liking and interest to Paris Saint-Germain in general because of their kits. I've always loved the vertical red stripe down the chest (and its different variations over the years).
  10. The Mighty Ducks are an interesting case in regards to this thread. They're so "love/hate" across the board that I dont know that either opinion is particularly unpopular. Seems for every person who adores it, there's another that hates it. Just sort of evens out all the time. As for me? I'm in the "freaking love it" camp. All the things that bother others about it are just frankly non-factors to me (like the "too Disney" argument; I mean yeah, it's Disney, but so what? I don't care. It still looks great to me). And the identity is one of the biggest sources of childhood nostalgia rush in all of sports for me. Truth be told? I was something of a Mighty Ducks fan as a kid, but legit stopped caring much for them when they rebranded. Dead serious, I hated the rebrand that much. It was awful then and is still awful now (only now it's also aged). The Mighty Ducks identity was precisely what roped me in in the first place; being a kid in the 90's meant you were their target market as far as the brand was concerned, and hey, it worked on me and tons of other kids in my neck of the woods. And just to to be clear, I'm perfectly fine with them being just the "Ducks". The name isn't the problem at all. Whether "Mighty" is in there or not really doesn't make a difference to me. I just want the colors and the duck mask to come back permanently, and for the webbed-D and regurgitated-candy color scheme to be shot back to the dark demonic hole from whence it came.
  11. Thank you all very much for the comments! Much appreciated! And now I'm pumped and motivated to try out the rest of the league, too. I'll see if I can send some stuff down the pipe here in the coming weeks! I've got some potential sock stripe ideas for Texas too. I've got three at least bouncing around in my head, so I'll give 'em a go and see how they turn out!
  12. Speaking of the Salt Palace (re: conversation earlier), this is a really great picture of the entrance: Just an awesome, vintage feel to it. It got me looking for other pictures of the entrance as well. This one is more or less to show context of where the first picture is taken, but I also hadn't realized the entrance featured the old Golden Eagles logo as well. The two teams were a tandem tenant even up to the Delta Center's opening until the Golden Eagles were sold and moved to Detroit in 1994. I was born in 1992 and the Salt Palace I know now is a (very nicely) renovated convention center, so I'd never seen this entrance before. The next picture has something really neat to it: This is Pre-Jazz, as evidenced by the Stars logo at the left side of the entrance instead. Look closely underneath the Salt Palace logo also, and you'll see that Johnny Cash was coming to town that Wednesday.
  13. A friendly bump with purpose, if I may! I forgot to add, the action templates used are new ones I'm trying out. I wanted to showcase the uniform in various possible actions and settled on designing these three based on images of Nomar Mazara, Yu Darvish, and Francisco Lindor. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the templates as well as the uniform and logos!
  14. Agreed, I think it would be a much better cap logo also. It's certainly more distinctive, but even beyond that, the block "I" is just too narrow and merely a thin strip in regards to the area it covers; I was watching the game earlier today and at one point thought that one of the players didn't have a batting helmet decal on. He did, its just that he was looking in a particular angle (but still not that far to the side) which, with a little glare, made the "I" unreadable. It just sort of disappeared. Granted the script "I" still doesn't cover much area either, but 1) it's better designed, and 2) still covers more area than a toothpick and has substance to it.
  15. I dont know, it contrasts fine in other cases I can think of. Canucks, inaugural Timberwolves and Seahawks all have/had similar shades of blue and green and look good to me.