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    Sun League - A Floridian Baseball Branding Project

    This whole thing has been so excellent. I really appreciate that you found a way to go Minor-League whimsy while still delivering professional packages. Another great success of yours is that when you look at each identity side by side, there’s no mixing them up; they each have a unique identity and every team will contrast well with each other in a lot of ways. My personal favorite I think is Ft. Myers. Love the logos and LOVE the name. Another awesome series all around, man!
  2. FinsUp1214

    This Sunday: Bills and Dolphins Battle in 1960s Uniforms

    I get that intention and approach, I really do. And it’s definitely well-meaning. But I hardly think for a second if they did go back to the throwback look that many people would (or should) look at them and be like “ugh, the 2020’s uniforms, what a bad omen” or “they remind me of when they went 3-13 in 2020” or whatever. That set will ALWAYS be the Dolphins’ glory days set, I just don’t think you can tarnish it that way. And true fans of the team know it’s history and should know what those uniforms really represent. I mean, for all the suckage the Raiders have been at various times and certainly now, that’s never tarnished thier set one bit and I haven’t met or heard of a single Raiders fan who wanted to change things now just because they hit rock bottom these days. Plus, I really don’t like the idea of sacrificing the opportunity to have a great look in favor of keeping an inferior one* just because your team itself is inferior. If you can’t play good, at least look good. In short: I don’t see tarnishing as a risk at all. I really don’t. Even if a few younger fans here and there do see it that way because of generation gap, then they need to be shown some clips of Csonka, Griese, Shula and Co. to clear that up quick *Just a personal subjective opinion that the throwback identity is much better than the current (though the off-season tweaks were definite improvements). Others may think differently and that’s totally fine! But dang it I HATE belly-flop dolphin. I’ll never fully embrace that identity as long as that thing lives.
  3. Oh I do too, for sure. I just like it better in purple.
  4. If my team(s) have a bad identity but have throwback gear available, I buy that instead. With the exception of a hat given to me by my sister for Christmas, all of my Jazz gear is throwback purple. I’ve expressed my disdain for the Jazz in navy before and I won’t wear it to games.
  5. FinsUp1214

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 13

    Man, I don’t think it clicked to me until I saw this post just how good Week 13 was. Some really solid matchups all around. It’s interesting to me, there are some definite little flaws here and there between both the Bills and Dolphins throwbacks - more so the Bills - and yet that whole thing somehow looks so great and throws you on such a fun Zeitgeist trip that those little flaws don’t even bother me for that game. As a history lover, that’s a really fun matchup. Perfect? No. But enjoyable though and still aesthetically pleasing? Definitely! Great, great game to watch. Love the color matchup too. And for the record, those “little flaws” are not extremely damaging in and of themselves in my opinion. Like, they by no means “tank” either set. I’d prefer the Dolphins’ pants stripe to have matched the helmet back in ‘66 and then they’d have nailed it, and for the Bills to have had a bit more striping consistency from head to toe, it always looked a bit mismatched. But 1) I totally get they’re reproductions of the past real things so of course I “get” why it is the way it is, 2) I’m going off of purely preference here on those striping wants and is no way a concrete universal “rule”, and 3) they still have a lot of great things going on for them anyways and in the Dolphins’ case, they’re much better than what they have now in my opinion and I’d take them over belly-flop dolphin a million times over. I also just realized that I actually really like how the retro buffalo on the helmet provides a nice punch of red in contrast to the blue numbers. I don’t know why that didn’t jump out at me before. Very nice!
  6. FinsUp1214

    2018 MLB Off Season Thread

    My gosh, DiPoto is mashing the reset button. At this rate he’ll trade the effing Ivar’s on Alaskan Way for prospects.
  7. FinsUp1214

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Kansas State has, in my opinion, one of the more underrated looks in the nation. I know that’s probably one of those “ugh don’t throw that around” kind of labels, but I really do think so in this particular case. It’s a uniform that doesn’t get talked about very much, but when you really look at it, it’s pretty hard to find much of a flaw in my opinion. I really can’t think of a single thing I don’t like about it. It’s a very well designed uniform; great color balance and distribution, helmet and pants stripes are consistent and against a consistent background, and it’s a classic, no-nonsense football uniform that keeps things interesting with a great pop of purple. I got curious and thought I’d try something; I googled “Kansas State Football” in google images and did a little uniform matchup head-to-head between each team they were playing against in an image (at least the ones in which an opponent was visible). In my very subjective opinion, they were the better looking team a vast majority of the time, with exceptions being Texas, UCLA (‘17 Cactus Bowl), and (non-alternate) Oklahoma; and even then, I’m not so sure those teams were “winners” so much as they were “draws”. So yeah, I think KSU looks pretty darn good.
  8. FinsUp1214

    Kansas City Scouts: Resurrection

    While playing NHL 17, I came across the Kansas City Scouts' logo when messing around on Create-A-Team. I got to thinking pretty hard about what I would do if I were ever approached to build a new Scouts identity from the ground up, and got to sketching. Today I have a finished product to share! The Scouts looked really good during their time, and I'd be perfectly fine if a resurrected Scouts franchise skated out of the gate wearing those exact get-ups. I wanted to challenge myself, however, and went the way of the Winnipeg Jets with a built-from-scratch identity. This identity revolves around a war-painted horse with feathers attached to the mane as the primary mark. The alternate marks are inspired by painted hand prints that warriors would place on their horses for both accomplished missions and an oath of vengeance. The original logo is also used as the primary crest of an alternate third fauxback, which is a red, navy, and gold version of the original sweaters. Let me know what you think! C&C is appreciated, you know the drill!
  9. FinsUp1214

    Redeeming Qualities of Bad Uniforms

    This may be a bit of a stretch given that they were just special edition helmets, but I thought the Alouettes’ throwback wings helmet and 70’s bird logo helmets were awesome on their own and definitely the highlights for the now-outgoing set, in my opinion. I feel like they complimented the uniforms better than the A-bird too: On that subject, I actually don’t think the Als’ white jerseys in that set were all that bad, either. It was just everything else in that set that was the problem, and a big one at that.
  10. A few of my all-time favorite football ones: And though it definitely had its flaws and there’s changes I’d have made to it, I still love this one for the nostalgia: And I hadn’t thought about soccer, but there’s definitely some great examples there. I love Brazil, France, and Mexico especially.
  11. FinsUp1214

    Unique Team Names?

    A few HS names I know of in Utah: - Jordan Beetdiggers (that would make Dwight Schrute proud) - American Fork Cavemen - Juan Diego Soaring Eagle (that’s not a typo) - Davis Darts - Rowland Hall Winged Lions
  12. FinsUp1214

    Best Logo Refreshes

    This: to this:
  13. FinsUp1214

    Best Logo Refreshes

    The old falcon did need updating, yes, but the resulting angry bird with the jacked-up swollen foot and the squat wings wasn’t the answer. They could’ve done much better with the modernization than that. I cant find a good picture that looks a lot like the logo’s intended form, but these three come a little close at least with the wings and head: What the original’s got on the current to me is a more correct proportion regarding the wings. They were longer and the falcon seems larger and more imposing. The current’s wings just look too small and diminutive and don’t seem “correct”. Throw in that inexcusably huge foot and the whole thing’s got a proportion problem. They were so concerned with making it look fast and speedy and angry that they neglected to make it look right. Now, to each thier own, but I really do think they could’ve updated the Falcon and done a much better job than they did. That’s just how I see it.
  14. FinsUp1214

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 11

    I was SO glad the Falcons busted out the “throwbacks” against the Cowboys. That was one of those teams I always thought they would look fantastic against, and they sure did. Absolutely loved the look of that game. I’m pleased to see the Saints busting out the color rush more. Though I’m not holding my breath, I’d really like to believe they’re mulling that look as a full-time option. That Washington throwback is alright in a vacuum, but it just looks kinda dull for some reason when matched up against just about anyone. Just like you said, it’s “nothing special”. They should really consider bringing back the 2002 fauxbacks if they want a throwback in the rotation; that might be one of the best football uniforms ever and looked great against just about everyone. EDIT: Oh hey look at that, Washington actually did wear the fauxbacks against the Texans in 2002. And it indeed looked really great.
  15. FinsUp1214

    2019 Minor/Indy/Summer Collegiate Baseball Changes

    Yeah I was extremely suspicious of that one when it came out, given that it’s not even what the cake itself or the baby found inside is even called. No WAY a local suggested it. I learned pretty quick when I lived in Louisiana that people look at you really funny if you don’t know what a King Cake is! So knowing that, I can’t imagine in a million years a local would get that wrong. That was Brandiose BS from the start.
  16. FinsUp1214

    Instant Classic (Uniform Disaster)

    Teemu finally gets a Cup and holy crap what a trash uniform to win your first and only Cup in:
  17. FinsUp1214

    Sun League - A Floridian Baseball Branding Project

    Oh this is gonna be good! I’m here for this!
  18. FinsUp1214

    Forward Madison FC

    I have to admit, at first I was like WTF at the flamingo, but then I remembered watching a segment about those Wisconsin pranks on (I think) Mysteries at the Museum, and it all made perfect sense afterwards. It certainly could run the risk of a lot of people outside of Wisconsin being really baffled at it, but I’m assuming that the legend of the pranks is well-known enough in and around Madison that they’ll be plenty safe with the target market, if not completely nailing it for them. It’s quirky in a really great way.
  19. FinsUp1214

    Old school --lower case, non-caps in branding

    I completely agree! I think the lowercase one helps to cement them as a product of the 60’s and gives them even more of a classic feel. Not that the Chiefs necessarily need help looking more classic, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to round the whole thing out with the 60’s era wordmark.
  20. FinsUp1214

    Old school --lower case, non-caps in branding

    Oh, the Chiefs had an all-lowercase wordmark as well. Not exactly sure when it was introduced, but here it is on 1969 team picture: (On the bottom right corner under the helmet) According to Gridiron Fields Database, they began using it on the end zones in 1972 (though it doesn’t have any entries listed before 1966 so I’m not entirely sure if it was used between 1963-66, anybody know for sure?) And just for kicks, here it is on a 1979 program
  21. FinsUp1214

    Old school --lower case, non-caps in branding

    I almost forgot about the Alouettes!
  22. FinsUp1214

    2019 Minor/Indy/Summer Collegiate Baseball Changes

    Triple-hate “NASH” on the front of the jersey. Let’s seriously cut it out with stupid unnecessary* city abbreviations already. Other than that, not awful. The strings going down the shoulders and arms is a decent idea and those script wordmarks are really nice from what I can see, though they should be on the main home and road and not on the alts only. * “PHILA” is necessary and always acceptable. “NASH”, “PHX”, “ATL”, etc. certainly aren’t.
  23. FinsUp1214

    Old school --lower case, non-caps in branding

    I wonder, do the Suns fit in this category? It certainly has the look of those kinds of wordmarks, although 1) only applying to “suns” and not the city name, and 2) I’ve never been quite sure if the “s”s were intended to be read as uppercase or lowercase: In any case, I honestly have always liked the look of all-lowercase wordmarks. There’s just a certain “coolness” to it. Great thread idea!