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  1. Yep, it would've provided a larger "big game" reputation for him for sure (though his '68 performance in and of itself was legendary). It would have been awesome to see what he could've done in multiple World Series. Also, it's a shame overall the Tigers couldn't have been more successful than they were during the later part of his career. Thier offensive decline ended up hurting him badly - I think it was in '74 or '75 that in a 14 start stretch, the lineup only provided him with 14 total runs. It was a wonder he could still get 15+ wins at the time with an offense like that.
  2. That one's a little different, it's basically the Cooperstown model (wool with grey underbrim) without the NE flag. The on-field will be polyester with a black underbrim. Mickey's is awesome though, tons of great throwback hats from every era!
  3. As soon as that cap is available for purchase, it's mine.
  4. Count me in as another 90's kid going with the 60's. - Teams began experimenting with different color schemes, and RWB dominance began to be broken up. - More expansion, relocation, and new/merged leagues added to the variety of identities, logo styles, and team colors. - Despite all of this change, traditional and timeless elements of uniform design remained intact, with most teams still donning classy looks (even if wearing an untraditional color scheme) before the advent of trendier and less timeless ideas. All of these things brewed up a perfect storm. The 60's were a beautiful decade when it came to identities and aesthetics all across sports.
  5. BYU will wear a memorial patch for LaVell Edwards throughout the coming season: I would assume they have a navy patch for the other jerseys, but also wouldn't put it past them to have the same royal patch across the board as well.
  6. I really liked "It Don't Matter to the Sun" because it didn't sound like as big a departure from his regular style, and "Maybe" because it was a pleasant surprise of a good 90's ballad. The rest of the album was pretty blah to me, though. I don't mind the idea of concept albums wading into new territory, but if you're gonna do it, you've really got to nail it from start to finish. As much as I like Garth, I just don't think he did that with Chris Gaines.
  7. We have a winner. I'm not familiar quite yet with what to expect as far as alternates are concerned with Nike, but could Phoenix wear '68 throwbacks? That'd be sweet.
  8. Yep, it sure looked really good back in the day:
  9. Coming from a fan of the 90's Dolphin, this one is the winner for all time. If it got in a Tekken fight with the Cruiseliner Bellyflopper, it'd win in one punch.
  10. Different strokes for sure, and nothing wrong with that! I'm just of the opinion that the Tigers have the best set in baseball as is. The road has just the perfect amount of orange and the "Detroit" script is a thing of beauty. The idea behind the pullovers was fine, but I strongly dislike pullovers and thus don't feel the concept was as well executed. I could get behind it though if it were a button down and the stripes were thinned to navy-white-orange piping though, and the white outline taken off the orange "D" on the cap.
  11. Eh, I still like the (devil) sting ray a whole lot better. It's always been a better logo to me and provided for a better identity altogether. Besides that, the sun ray logo itself has always looked really unbalanced and awkward on it's own. It looks okay when placed on the wordmark, but frankly looks terrible on a cap. It's not very versatile. I think the Rays jumped the gun way too much with the initial rebrand. People had (stupid) trouble with "Devil"? Fine, just keep the stingray , drop "Devil" and officially call them the "Rays", and let it refer to any other kind of sea ray. They didn't have to pull "ooh now it's a sun ray!" out of a hat. It just seemed desperate, almost like Michael Scott freaking out in the infamous Office fire drill scene, but the branding version. They also didn't have to go double blue either, but that's a different story.
  12. I'm just not feeling any of this ASG stuff. The game caps just strike me as corny. Why would I buy one when the teams' regular caps look better? Let's go back to regulars with a patch and call it a day.
  13. Dang, I wish the throwback stuff had a little more to it. Cruiseliner/Insurance Agency Dolphin needs to go, and fast.
  14. The only thing I ever thought was wrong with the Caps' 90's set was the numbers. Other than that, the colors are great, the logo is strong and actually something representative of the nickname, and the uniform flowed well with said logo as it was designed to accompany it. It was and still is the best the Caps ever looked. Compare that to a templated mess that says "capiLals" on the front, and something so garishly too 70's that it looks dug out of a time capsule that wasn't supposed to be opened until 2074 and also happens to say "capiLals" on the front. The choice is easy for me, blue/black/bronze eagle it is, and a million times over.
  15. I'm actually kind of excited about that. Toledo has all the elements in thier identity to have a great look, but always look like space garbage instead. Hopefully Nike takes better advantage of thier identity or, at the very least, rolls out a number font that isn't fat crap like the old one.
  16. I can agree with that. The black one was a decent alternate, but that blue jersey was beautiful. It absolutely should've been kept.
  17. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this. I always thought blue/black/bronze looked perfectly federal and patriotic. It doesn't always have to be R/W/B.
  18. B for sure. Minnesota has one of, if not the best, logo in the league. A center stripe behind it isn't necessary in any case; they look best when the crest can stand out.
  19. Most of what has been said are my thoughts as well, but I do want to say that Vegas is a big, big winner for really having a look of their own. I was a little nervous when I saw the color scheme for the first time that they could potentially wind up looking a bit Ducks-circa-2007, but going with that grey was an excellent move and the uniform itself is really classy. Due to proximity, I've been mulling over adopting Vegas as my team, given that I don't have one. Foley's a dork, but these uniforms help their case for me. Other quick thoughts: - I'm flabbergasted that Washington is still garbage, but whatever. - Someone needs to tell Minnesota to google image thier inaugural uniforms, remind them they looked perfect once, and do that. The new jersey isn't bad, it's just a big fat "Y THO". They got it right the first time. - And lastly, I turn to New Jersey and say:
  20. And then there's also George Springer tied for 3rd in the AL with 20 the leadoff spot. Wowza.
  21. I came to post here, then realized I had the last post here also. I guess I just really like Alternate Sports History! Work got slow today, so as I like to do when that happens, I pulled up old World Series games on YouTube and watched one. Today was Game 7 of the '68 Series between Detroit and St. Louis, which Detroit won. I got to thinking of Mickey Lolich, the series MVP who went 3-0 in the series (2 of those wins coming at the brink of elimination) and outdueled Bob Gibson in the classic clincher on two days rest. Even more impressive was the fact that each of his three wins were complete games. Despite this big accolade and a very solid, consistent career, Lolich has fallen short of election to the Hall of Fame, both during his years of eligibility and in the Veteran's Committee. Lolich's resume is suprisingly very impressive. He went 217-191 with a 3.44 ERA, was a 3-time All-Star and aforemtioned World Series MVP, compiled 2,832 strikeouts (which was in the top 10 in history at the time of his retirement, and is still 3rd all-time among lefties), struck out more batters between 1965-75 than any other pitcher (Bob Gibson is 2nd), and is the Tigers all-time leader in strikeouts, shutouts, and games started. Despite him faring very well against strong contemporaries like Catfish Hunter, Bob Gibson, Don Drysdale, etc, he never won a Cy Young (took 2nd in 1971) and only had one World Series appearance, the two things which seem to be the biggest knock against him usually (his low 200's win total isn't much of a problem when you compare it to similar totals like Drysdale's and Hunter's). So that got me wondering and asking, if Lolich wins the Cy Young in '71 or any other year, or/and if the Tigers had appeared in or won another World Series during his prime, given he hypothetically pitches well in that series also, would it have been enough to get him in? I say absolutely yes. His career is comparable enough to other Hall of Fame contemporaries of his time, most notably Drysdale and Hunter, that those extra accolades give him the extra "umph". It'd take him a few years, given voting trends of said contemporaries (Hunter was third ballot; Drysdale tenth), but given he retired in 1979 and was first eligible in 1985, I think he gets in sometime in the early to mid 90's. That Cy Young and an extra ring would make it hard to point at those particular unchecked boxes for those voters who live and die by them. That said, I personally am fairly liberal when it comes to judging careers based on awards or rings, as a player can't control if he wins an award or not (many great seasons and performances have been snubbed before for many reasons, so awards as an end-all-be-all isn't totally fair), and championships are a team effort, not an individual. Thus, I don't mind putting a lot of stock in the player's individual efforts and letting hardware be extra frosting. Lolich was a model of consistency rather than flashiness, had a much better prime than is given credit for (with the exception of his '66 and '70 seasons, he was one of the most productive pitchers in the AL from 1964-1972), was deserving of the '71 Cy Young and put up nearly as good a campaign for it in '72, and again, did rack up some hardware with a ring and an MVP award in the '68 Series, which can be argued wouldn't have been won without him. Given this paired with his records, I would be perfectly comfortable voting him in anyways.
  22. Disney is perfect for Orlando. If we have to have ads, that one just looks right. It's up there with Goodyear for the Cavs and Five for the Fight for Utah as my favorites.
  23. At this point, I don't see how Cody Bellinger doesn't hit 40+ home runs this year. Just ship him the ROY award already!