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  1. Great stuff with West Coast! Today they announced a new logo so should be interesting to see that on the jersey. Go Eagles once more!
  2. As an Aussie I love seeing AFL concepts on this board. Great stuff so far. Go West Coast!
  3. NFL Aussie Rules Jumpers 2

    These are really cool. Great effort. Did you watch today's Grand Final?
  4. If that Cosmos jersey existed in real life I would be buying it.
  5. Hope the Spirits go back to theIr original loom in the 2000s.
  6. Wow! Some great updates there. Really like what you did with the Magic.
  7. Try making the snowflake's stroke thicker for Chicago.
  8. National Floor Hockey League

    The Orange on the logo looks different to the Orange used on the uniforms.
  9. THE CONCORDES LOOK INCREDIBLE! Third jerseys are also looking magnificent. I love the 1990s.
  10. Return of the USSL-2017/18 USSL Premier League

    Was their a bit of "Bonino Bonino Bonino" action after the championship hahaha
  11. Great changes! New York looks very 90s, you captured the aesthetic very well.
  12. So 90s! I love the evolution of all the designs, really great stuff.
  13. WFA Club Championship 2017 (Week 4 Scores)

    Stanly City now carries the hope of a nation in the finals. Should be interesting.
  14. I could really see Nova Scotia go for a community ownership model one day, considering they're sort of small town and therefore are probably better orientated with fans.