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  1. LA looks awesome! I'm getting a real Richmond FC vibe from them.
  2. Spanna65

    Personal Branding

    New one looks like a 1980s version of the old one. Still pretty cool though.
  3. Spanna65

    The New XFL

    That's hardly West considering the whole competition takes place on the East Coast.
  4. Spanna65

    The New XFL

    Pretty much. The NRL can hardly be called a National competition anyway considering their's no team further West then Paramatta and Penrith, and no Adelaide team either.
  5. Spanna65

    The New XFL

    The Western Reds, played in the ARL and later during the Super League in the 1990s before folding. They were unfairly made to pay the airfares of any team travelling to Perth which left them in a bad state financially. Support was always pretty good so basically ever since then the NRL has been playing games in Perth- we even get a double-header at the new Perth Stadium to open the season up.
  6. Spanna65

    The New XFL

    As @willmoen said, we have two AFL teams and have at one point had an NRL club (hoping to get another soon).
  7. Spanna65

    The New XFL

    Add Perth to that list. We have a brand new 60k seat stadium.
  8. Spanna65

    IFHL - International Floor Hockey League

    No Perth team?! Half of Australia is now disenfranchised. Just kidding, this looks great. But you should have a team in Western Australia, the Gold Coast have a pretty unstable history with sports teams.
  9. Spanna65

    US Cricket League - Beltway and Chicago logos open!

    Looks cool but Pads barely ever have any designs on them. They're usually just one colour.
  10. Spanna65

    NARBA in 2018

    No worries mate. They all look great, but I think the Outsiders is probably my favourite just because of how different and creative it is.
  11. Spanna65

    NARBA in 2018

    This is such a unique sport! What an interesting creation. So I'm assuming games are played like team ten pin bowling events?
  12. Spanna65

    US Cricket League - Beltway and Chicago logos open!

    Most teams just have the roman numerals XI rather than just 11 in their name.
  13. Spanna65

    Nike Select League Cricket

    Yeah I can see a few real players in their apart from Bairstow, namely Ben Cutting and Travis Head who have represented Australia at some point in their careers. Having said that this is really quite something. It should be awesome when you get all 24 teams up and going.