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  1. EmeraldSpecter

    UFC Thread

    I am someone who really loves championship belt design... but that new belt is disgusting. WeatherTech floor liner crossed with WWE toy belt crossed with a complete lack of awareness of aesthetically pleasing design. I’ve seen worse, but this one is BAD.
  2. EmeraldSpecter

    Name That Font!

    I think that looks close enough to me! Thanks!
  3. EmeraldSpecter

    Name That Font!

    I'm having an issue locating a specific font. The newer version of this logo is the Sofachrome font... I want this font, though, and I can't find anything willing to ID it for me (all the apps seem to get really confused).
  4. I'm interested in the 28 team version still, though I'm more than happy to wait until an even 32 team league, too... As for running the individual leagues, I'm also interested in that... I'd take your base spreadsheet and modify it out a bit to run a league... it's kinda what I like doing.
  5. Do you think you could post the whole spreadsheet for those of us that like this type of thing? I’ve built many in the past and would love to see the actual workings of the sheet as a whole. Im also okay if you want to wait until your experiment is over, but I’m not interested in the historical info... just the spreadsheet.
  6. I'm predicting a Pittsburgh-Portland Victory Bowl, with Portland pulling out a win. It'll be out of nowhere, it'll be isolated (ala Chicago Bears), and my team will fail to repeat the return to the big game for decades. But we'll always have the Dragon Dance (which I'm sure is big on late night TV).
  7. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaas! This is awesome.
  8. This is MY team! This sucks if they leave. I do like the Wasps and the Ghosts, though... but Portland, still...
  9. EmeraldSpecter

    PRO Chess League

    There used to be a United States Chess League, but apparently they became the PRO Chess League... PRO is an acronym for Professional Rapid Online. I missed season 1 but there is a logo for every team. I don't know who designed them but a lot of them have the same thematic feel. Thoughts? My personal favorites are the Buenos Aires Krakens, Portland Rain, Reykjavik Puffins, and Ljublijana Direwolves. The bigger versions are below:
  10. As a resident of Portland, and a convert Timbers fan, the hate exists in real life between the Timbers and Sounders. We in Portland feel awkward having to root for the Seahawks, but I think whatever.
  11. I'm excited to see if the Wasps can win another one before they start fading a bit to allow other teams to go into the future. I was disappointed that my Dragons didn't make it into the playoffs but I think they will be a big factor through the 80s and maybe even come away with their own dynasty to "solidify their identity" that you've currently got them in. Incidentally, I just linked my website to this thread for anyone that might be interested in checking it out. Hopefully it can get more traffic, not that this isn't the single most popular thread on this forum.
  12. I'll hold the door, follow you out, and we can discuss this wonderful idea further. I love non-conventional names!
  13. Plus the Crows can inspired by the Smallville Crows, of Superman fame. Smallville is in Kansas.
  14. I don't weigh in often due to work tying me up so much and my "highly successful" soccer league wrapping its first season on my website (my username with a ".com" for those wondering). But it this is something I wanted to weigh in on. Kansas City and Tampa being added to the mix and while I don't have an opinion on the KC nickname (Pioneers strikes my fancy), I do have one on the Tampa Bay team. Being a US Naval vet, I'm partial to making one of our coastal cities something nautical themed. While Pirates, Marauders, or even Corsairs wouldn't be terrible, you could really cause a stir using something more patriotic sounding in light of the proximity of the controversial Rebels (a franchise I love the design of, BTW). What I'd suggest are the following along those lines: Admirals, Armada, Sailors, Fleet, Chiefs (of the Petty Officer variety), Sails, Commodores, or Submarines (or by extension, Submariners). This would, as I said, give the nautical theme while also providing Tampa Bay's ownership to "take a patriotic stand against the Rebels iconography." My two cents. Thanks for reading.
  15. WINGS!!!!!!!!!! Should I add more exclamation points? !!!!!!!!!