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  1. Again the Magazine picks The Guardians... I just hope they aren't wrong this time lol Also interesting victory bowl logo departure from roman numerals. I sthe logo inspired by the super bowl 50 logo and the NFL 75th anniversary patch?
  2. sweeeeet! Great to see the Guardians building off of last season! Also, the Victory Bowl Logo is, as always, on point. It adds nice variety from years past and builds on the league brand and fits the era. And way to fit the roman numerals in there btw.
  3. Yes! finally get to see that seeded number next to the guardians name. And dang what a fight in most of the divisions this year! hopefully the guardians can pull one out and not choke! Also, I love the Victory Bowl logo, spot on for the period and I think you nailed the use of stroke for the era!
  4. Logo looks great for the time period, really reminds me of some of the super bowl logos from the 80's! I hope the victory bowl never goes to a template haha field looks immaculate btw. Definitely a visually appealing match up. Keep up the great work!
  5. New Lions uniform... (1st!!)

    These are great! The more modern approach to the shoulder sleeve is very nice. Very cohesive
  6. Wow what a season! I was hoping the North would be more competitive. And I guess it was to a degree but not in the way I was expecting(I mean an overtime game between the guardians and ghosts sounds pretty epic!). So the Guardians went 8-8, with all the off-season acquisitions from the Hart pick up to the draft, would the team consider this a mediocre finish or a step in the right direction? Regardless, I think they will do better next year with a full season under their belt. New graphic flows well and seems like a great fit!
  7. Nice pick up Cincy! lets make a push for the playoffs this upcoming season! I smell some close games in northern division this coming season. Should be a good division to watch!! Also, Veras, forgive me if you already mentioned this, but what was the draft order of this collegiate draft? Thanks and keep of the good work!
  8. Cleveland Browns finally get a fresh start

    These are pretty sweet! I will agree for some reason the grey jersey just doesn't work... Maybe try an orange one? Also I know you chose more modern block numbers, however I will note the block numbers seem a little out of place. Maybe try the traditional block numbers (their old jerseys used them before the re design), they are pretty classic and are designed well enough that they can look modern when paired with current design, in my opinion. But great direction overall with the brown helmet
  9. High School Athletic Redesign

    great evolution here! I would love to see a wordmark as well. Only real complaint is more of a nit pick but the face does look a little squished and the black outline/stroke appears to be uneven in spots. But you modernized the older looking cardinal exceptionally well! props!
  10. Yet Another NFL Series (32/32) - COMPLETED 3/5

    Way to finish it out! not sure how I feel about the gold but I really like how you seamlessly added it as a third color. Overall very well done! You have some great ideas flowing here. Great Series!
  11. Yet Another NFL Series (32/32) - COMPLETED 3/5

    Im really enjoying this series! Denver - way to tie in the white on their helmet, I've always thought thats something they lacked. Overall uniform combos seem good! KC - LOVE LOVE LOVE the new logo! it has desperately needed an updating and I think you nailed it! anything close to this and itll be great! good show! Raiders - classic. simple. nice. Chargers - definitely a cleaner look and I see what you are doing with the sleeve bolt getting it to look like a normal sleeve stripe. Overall solid. Im fine with the sky blue, and you utilized it well, but Id be curious to see how navy pants complimented the jerseys. Not sure if itll work but worth an exploration. lastly, I feel there is a little bit of a disconnect with the white on white away set. Unity wise the numbers seem a bit too disconnected style wise from the pants. I think it may be due to the navy stroke over powering the sky blue on the pants making it flow less with the sky blue jersey numbers... so maybe thin out the middle stroke on the pants to match the strokes on the numbers? idk and sorry for being long winded
  12. Yet Another NFL Series (32/32) - COMPLETED 3/5

    Liking the helmet striping on the Giants, very clean and uniform look overall. Solid on Cowboys and Warriors. Eagles stripes felt a little forced into the design. I think a different typeface may help or play around with how the numbers are expressed, either stroked, drop shadowed, or stand alone. I definitely like the new brand direction for the team though! great work
  13. Yet Another NFL Series (32/32) - COMPLETED 3/5

    Looks like you fixed the browns! woohoo. Anyway as far as the Bengals, I like the sublimated striping in the pant stripe, that being said it feels a little dis-jointed not being any where else in the design. I'd be curious to see what it looks like at its full intensity. Maybe something more along the lines of whats on the sleeves. Idk if it'll work but it may be worth exploring. Also, I love everything you did with the NFC west, just about perfect!
  14. Autozone Liberty Bowl Logo Redesign

    With bowl season having just ended, I couldn't get over how much of an update I wanted to give to the Autozone Liberty Bowl logo. So I took a stab at it. This is my first real completed re design so C&C appreciated! Also, that being said I'm pretty new to the boards, as far as posting so any constructive advice in general is appreciated - Thanks! Current logo: My design:
  15. I see Cincinnati making moves, hopefully the risk pick will pay off... or at least provide a QB battle that causes someone to step to the plate! who knows, could result in a valuable trade piece later down the road. Very interesting Commentary. Can't wait to read more and see what graphics there are to go along with it.