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  1. alecgoff

    Uniforms you're most thankful for

    I’m thankful that the NFL is allowing the rams to have thses beautiful throwbacks as their primary home uniforms
  2. alecgoff

    NBA Changes 2018-19

  3. alecgoff

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    The Milwaukee Marlins has a nice ring to it...
  4. alecgoff

    Winnipeg Jets Unveil New Alternate Uniform

    Really Reminds me of the First penguins winter classic jersey. Not a bad alternate look for the jets.
  5. alecgoff

    MLB changes 2018?

    From bad to boring, the marlins are making a mistake by trying to impersonate a storied organization. They are the miami marlins. I hope this rumor is not true.
  6. Really think they could have added a teal color to the logo, kinda like the Miami Heat's Vice uniform.
  7. alecgoff

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    When will nike learn? They will make more money on sales if they make uniforms that are not blinding to the eyes!
  8. alecgoff

    Ducks Go Mighty Retro for New Third Jersey

    To be completely honest, this would not be a bad option for the sharks.
  9. alecgoff

    Ducks Go Mighty Retro for New Third Jersey

    If they just switch the black to eggplant, it would be a classic.
  10. If only the NBA lets teams wear superior throwback jerseys...
  11. alecgoff

    Terrible names, amazing uniforms

  12. alecgoff

    49ers Throw It Back to the 94ers, Unveil Alternate Uniform

    Since when is a throwback of a throwback not considered a throwback?
  13. alecgoff

    Rockets Uniform Changes

    Just a quick mock-up of what it could look like.
  14. I know that this is just their alternate, but for winning their first championship in 108 years...