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  1. Skiumah8

    Oldschoolvikings' NFL concepts - Titans concept added 1/18/19

    Wish the Vikes could wear these in real life!
  2. Skiumah8

    NFL REDESIGN (Bears update 1/16)

    I agree that the Titan profile logo could use a little reworking. I think either of your alternate logos could look good on the helmet. Part of that is because they don't include red and neither does the jersey. I would suggest either adding some red accents to the jersey or just eliminating it from the logo. Also, I would like to say that this thread is overall full of great stuff, and keep up the good work!
  3. Skiumah8

    Fresh NBA Concepts | San Antonio Spurs (3/30)

    Agreed. My one nitpick is the white collar. I've always thought that collars look best when they are darker than the jersey base, but I realize that is impossible with a black jersey. Could you try a red collar, or a two-tone red-white like their current set?
  4. Skiumah8

    Lycan38's NFL - LA Rams Added

    That is one clean look. Lots of users here seem obsessed with somehow integrating the wings from the logo and/or gold into the uniform somehow, which sometimes looks good but in my opinion is overdone. This would be a major upgrade over their current piping disaster. Would white pants be the only option? I'm wondering how grey pants would look.
  5. Skiumah8

    Chapeeko's NFL (Texans & Colts added)

    Solid concepts around the board, especially the throwbacks. The Texans concept is one of the best I've seen, similar to their current (which is a good uniform but pretty stale) and the white helmet helps distinguish it from the other navy teams. My one comment would be to try and work silver into the Carolina white jersey top for consistency since it gets used in the helmet and pants.
  6. Skiumah8

    NFL Done By MCH: Take 2 (Baltimore Added)

    Pats look nice, Browns are different and not I would have done but still look pretty good. Only suggestion I have is not modify all the pants stripes to the slanted templates. IMO Patriots would look better with the stripe extended all the way up and down the side.
  7. Skiumah8

    slikye1's NFL (Panthers updated & Jets added)

    Looks great, one of the best updates I've seen for the Panthers. Your English is perfectly fine, dont worry! Minor suggestions: black pants, and if you're tweaking the font, try to find a way to work grey into it. White numbers look a tad off on the blacks especially, as white isn't used anywhere else on the uniform (which I'm a fan of).
  8. Looks really good overall. Only major tweaks I would suggest are to add more purple on the Raven's black jerseys and thicken the font for the Broncos. Minor nitpicks: the Bills and Panthers ended up being pretty similar design-wise with the stripe near the wordmark, and some teams (Vikings, Chiefs) had both light-dark-light and dark-light-dark striping. Love the feauback looks for Miami and Chicago.
  9. Skiumah8

    NBA Redesign (NEW PRESENTATION; Portland Added)

    Not a bad idea for redoing the Clippers colors and logo, but when I look at them all I see is the Oilers. Despite your attempt to distance the Clippers from the Pistons, I still think the 2 are pretty similar in striping/cuffs style - ie. layered cuffs and collar, same pattern on a straight side stripe. Maybe add a curve to the Clippers. The white shorts with the blue top actually look pretty good. Pacers: for the alternate, I would add the Flojo slant pattern onto the shorts as well. For the home/away, the top looks a little cluttered. Maybe shrink the wordmark, and make the side stripe thinner. Every other set is really good; Golden State and Boston are perfect. Can't wait to see what you do with the T-Wolves!
  10. Skiumah8

    H11K NFL Uniform Revival (Denver Broncos Revamp)

    This is vast improvement over their current uniforms. I agree that re-adding the black outline to the numbers would be better. Also, could you make red pants? I know you said you would eliminate the monochrome look, but I think they would look great with the white jersey based on what you have so far, and might actually look okay with the red. Side note: that is the cleanest and sharpest template I have ever seen, helluva job.
  11. Helmets and field look great. Call me crazy, but for your design, I like the navy alternate better than the powder blue (opposite in real life). How about making navy accents on the powder blue and white more noticeable, to provide better contrast. Also, try making the shoulder bolts slimmer, they look a little stretched.
  12. Skiumah8

    NFL Done By MCH: Take 2 (Baltimore Added)

    Like the idea of making the striping consistent, but why not extend it to the pants? Also, I agree with Paperthin in that the swoosh on the home jersey should be white. Otherwise looks great.
  13. Skiumah8


    Falcons look the best, IMO. Vikings looks like a ripoff of Nike's Navy helmet. Sublimating anything hardly works, and is unfortunately becoming the new BFBS. Your simpler looks look good, remove the sublimation from others.
  14. Skiumah8

    An NFL unlike anything you've ever seen. (Chargers added)

    Overall not a bad design. I like the use of the three stars on the pants. As for recoloring the Titans... not a bad idea, but almost black purple would look awful on a green field. A darker navy would look better. Using cyan is in a similar vein to the brightened orange for you Broncos jersey, so good consistency I guess.