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  1. 2017 MLB Season

    The Rays could be a dominant force this every year if they didn't their pants against the Yankees and Red Sox every game.
  2. Congratulations on winning the ULL Gait Cup 2017 - by my calculations, you won the game 17-14.


    All Hail the Kings of Lacrosse !

  3. Montgomery Biscuits Cleanup

    So, the Montgomery Biscuits have IMO, a 6/10 logo. My logo ranking is made is made up of two parts, Idea and Execution. It gets a 10 for the idea, but a 2 for execution. I mean you know you have a bad logo when the outline widths are noticeably different on the SAME detail/shape. This is probably more of a tweak than a full-on rebrand, but they're still more than 1 RGB step up on a color. I made the outlines consistent and tweaked the colors a little bit. If you don't know here's their old logo And my edition No fancy sheet right now. The uniforms I would like some feedback on the hands because I'm unsure how to make a good fist but I don't know how both hands open looks. Other C&C welcome though!
  4. NFL hand-drawn Concepts (Miami & Washington)

    Really good. I only have two problems with these. First off, Ryan Tannehill is #17. Not a huge mistake, however. Second, it seems like you used different templates for each team. I'm pretty sure the whole league is on the Hypercool template.
  5. NFL 2 - Team Finals - BILLINGS

    You're darn right there's justification. Don't take that personal, though. Theyʻre both about equal distance for me, so I would go to either's games. Also, please tell me the South version plays at Fluor Field. That field is a thing of beauty.
  6. Probable contenders for NHL expansion

    Same here. Also curious about Portland, Puerto Rico. This is really mindboggling, I don't see either one on Google Maps.
  7. Fun With Flags!!!!

    You guys are lucky, my town doesn't even have a flag. Here's our logo. If we had a flag it would probably just be that same thing but the tree is at the bottom and bigger.
  8. You May Like

    I can tell you're from England because if you "rip it up" in the US, you have to wear a brown band at the gym and nobody wants to hang out with you.
  9. Famous Relatives

    I'm watching the end of Major League and with so many extras I was thinking that it would be cool if one of my relatives got the chance to be in a sports movie. Then I remembered that my uncle was on the show Swamp Loggers for a couple months. Anyone else have relatives on TV/movies/anywhere?
  10. Ugly Christmas sweater inspired wallpapers

    Carolina. I didn't think anyone would want a Florida wallpaper
  11. Ugly Christmas sweater inspired wallpapers

    Can I get a Panthers one?
  12. Aww man! I was just gonna start a racquetball series. As someone who actively plays the sport, I agree the guy in the logo looks like a ultimate player, rather than racquetball. Also, I would put a regular t-shirt on the template because some players opt for longer sleeves. Look forward to seeing more!
  13. SSmith48's 100 Post Special: Colorado Rapids in Puma

    Anyway, the answer is it's not available anymore because Conrad's site was deleted.
  14. Current Temperature Where You Are

    Yesterday the high was 25 F. It's 78 right now. I live in a weird area.