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  1. Of course they did. WWE: Our biggest stars are McMahons and John Cena.
  2. Not surprised we're getting a WWE Championship Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania. Very surprised it's going to be AJ Styles and not Luke Harper in that match. Though I guess there's time to change that still. I just really don't care about Styles vs. Shane.
  3. I don't eat much cereal, but if I do it's usually Kashi Go Lean. And once every few years I'll go crazy and get a box of Lucky Charms. Tastes like memories.
  4. Ok, so yeah, essentially weighted the same. 20 points possible. That's interesting. I could get down with that. @nuordr, this is your show. Proceed however you think best.
  5. That could be fun. Each category weighted the same, or weighted with different priority? So, basically, are you thinking PROMO, IN-RING, CHARISMA, DRAWING POWER are each 25%?
  6. Nia Jax needs to never talk. They should give her a mouthpiece. Hell, as awkward on the mic as Charlotte can be, I'm fine if they put her with Charlotte as the "Enforcer," and have Nia beat the holy hell out of Worthless Dana Brooke to take the spot.
  7. I don't want to upset the balance of anything here, but I agree that the vote was flawed. The vote, to me, did a good job of giving us each era's Top 16, but the order is absurd. So maybe we consider that initial voting round our "Selection Sunday" and now get a bit tighter on our methodology? With that said, thank you nuordr for organizing this. It's a yeoman's effort.
  8. Ditto, tho I'll acknowledge it logically doesn't make much sense for Lesnar to cost Goldberg the match and thus sabotage his own shot at the title.
  9. So are we just voting 1-16 again, or are we doing a tournament style bracket now?
  10. I don't believe they'll squash Owens. The story was Lesnar didn't take Goldberg seriously and they knew they were gonna do another match. I don't think WWE is that shortsighted and stupid to kill off Owens just to promote a Goldberg/Lesnar match that already has enough heat. I can see: a) an 8-10 minute match with Goldberg getting the win due to outside interference from Jericho, or an 8-10 minute match with Owens retaining due to outside interference from Lesnar
  11. We're going to WDW about four weeks before World of Avatar opens, but I'm not terribly disappointed because I'm sure it'll be insane at first there. We'll see it next time. It looks great. I've never seen Avatar, but even still the world looks fantastic and I'm sure it'll make me want to see the film.
  12. ^ lol, we love Joe Rohde. He's a little bit ridiculous and a lotta bit endearingly passionate.
  13. I don't watch TNA so the Hardys going to WWE would be better than the alternative in terms of my ability to watch them, but I have zero faith in WWE's ability to book the Broken Hardys gimmick.
  14. Ugh, we really need to fix that stupid auto-formatting. I have never wanted to use a shortcut for sunglasses smiley emoji, but I often would like to include a secondary point in a list!
  15. Building on the above three posts, I think WWE having an authority figure is fine. Just not Stephanie McMahon. She never puts anybody over, never gets her comeuppance in the end (with the possible exception of Vickie Guerrero and the mud pit) and is always out to make herself look strong. She gots to go! Even Vince knew when it was time to take the Mr. McMahon character off of TV. And speaking of Mr. McMahon, Vince McMahon has his flaws for sure, but his on-screen character almost always put over somebody big in the end. Sure, Mr. got some (relatively) meaningless handicap match wins and stuff on Raw, but by and large, Vince did good business. Steve Austin would not have been the cultural phenomenon he was without Mr. McMahon. Mick Foley got over on a different level after his interactions with Mr. McMahon. Kurt Angle, Triple H, the Undertaker, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan...all got the better of Mr. McMahon in high profile matches. Stephanie can't put anybody over in the ring and she's not putting anybody over on the mic or in other programs. She's a selfish character and the crowd doesn't even love to hate her from what I see. Daniel Bryan is good in his role. He's around and has a purpose to his actions beyond "it's time for the Authority figure promo, I guess."