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  1. I like the idea of traditional Survivor Series matches, but agree that they can't carry a PPV in the modern environment. So that's why we end up with these 3 mid-card SS matchups between brands with no real stakes except made-up brand pride. What I'd rather see is a hybrid Survivor Series/Battlebowl concept where the survivors from a certain number of Survivor Series matches get reallocated, or go into a Battle Royale, with the winner getting something tangible – a prime Rumble spot, a title match, etc.
  2. Shockingly, these guys were better off as Los Matadores. But honestly, they've been around for awhile. There's nothing there with them. Keep them as the "name" enhancement tag team every fed needs.
  3. Is the point of the Shining Stars that we're actively supposed to hate their existence and they'll make convenient jobbers? Because if not, it was such a poorly conceived gimmick. To have a nationalistic heel gimmick, your nationality should be 1) actually a nation, and 2) a perceived enemy of the United States or 3) inherently interesting. Puerto Rico is a United States territory that most fans know very little about. It's like they're trying to be two Kofi Kingstons, except heels, with boring offense and without fun faux-accents.
  4. He looked really good. He's a graybeard now, and he's leaner, but he's still built and looks to be in great shape. Cardio could be a question as he was sweating bullets and seemed to be breathing heavy, but I think he'll look the part. In one of his pre-Survivor Series appearances on Raw, I'd like to see him destroy somebody. I know he's not going to have a match – and he shouldn't – but they should play the "disrupt and disrespect" card while Goldberg's in the ring cutting a promo. The Shining Stars would be PERFECT for this. "Goldberg, you should be retired...and we've got the ideal place for you to retire: Puerto Rico, the Shining Star of the Car...." SPEAR. SPEAR. JACKHAMMER. JACKHAMMER. SNARL.
  5. I hate the 3 Hell in a Cell matches. No reason KO/Rollins needs to be in a Cell. I'd be fine with two Cell matches: Rusev/Reigns and Banks/Charlotte. Love that the women are main eventing, but worried that will add pressure to be dangerous and gory.
  6. Seriously? I thought his return came off great. The crowd ate it up and for a one-off match it should be fun. Goldberg/Lesnar at WMXX was bad, but Brock and Goldberg were both in bad places and on their way out. Lesnar's style is very different now. Goldberg's style will be necessarily very different now. I'm not expecting match of the year, but can they create a heavyweight spectacle for 15 minutes? I don't see why not. If the crowd boos the match, so be it. I'd hope they'd take it for what it is. A one-time-only attraction between the biggest star in the sport and a legend (like it or not) who seems to be coming back for the right reasons.
  7. It shouldn't matter at all, but I can't help but think less of the both of them for being together (and now engaged). I know nothing about their personalities, but I now find myself thinking Paige is immature and tempestuous, and Del Rio is a creep.
  8. Totally agree. Being that it's Toronto, I wonder if they tried for Trish.
  9. Glad to finally catch a glimpse of Mads Mikkelsen. He makes everything better.
  10. Down Mingsy. Down boy.
  11. Fortunately, not likely to be an issue for you.
  12. Kenny (Ken Doane) always had talent, and in an alternate universe could've had a long WWE run. He had a beautiful "can opener" leg drop finish.
  13. I read that they are replacing them. Apparently they're a little tighter than the regular ropes, to assist with springboardiness and stuff.
  14. I'm in on Goldberg wrestling one more match. I'm out on TJ Perkins. Personally he doesn't resonate with me, but more importantly the crowd is dead for him. Though, to be fair, the crowd is dead for most Cruiserweights. Still some work to do there. The matches are fun but there's no reaction to the guys themselves.
  15. Interesting match ordering, but a good show overall. Great WWE World and Intercontinental Title matches. During the opening match I thought they might do a non-finish or contested finish and then close the show with a rematch, and when they did the double-submission-hold spot, I thought for sure that would be the case. And I could've done without AJ randomly using a chair to get the win. But picking nits over here.