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  1. I don't know. I don't love the new finish, but the Springboard High Knee is weak, too. It looks like it barely grazes the dude. Reminds me of RVD's top rope thrust kick. It's fine to have in the arsenal, but I don't think it's a finish.
  2. That would have been really fun if Cody Rhodes and Stardust were two distinct characters on two separate brands. I wonder if Broken Matt could pull that off. I'll rephrase. I'm certain Matt Hardy could pull that off, but I don't think WWE would let him.
  3. Whenever Sanity's music first hits, just for a second, I think the Miz is making a special NXT appearance.
  4. I feel like Curt Hawkins stole Triple H's old "H" from his tights.
  5. I doubt this push is a direct response to concussing Finn, so it's hardly a reward for potatoing Related, was it confirmed Finn was concussed. I find it hard to believe he'd be back wrestling on Raw the week after.
  6. He's doing a Hitman: Agent 47 gimmick, I've heard. He cosplayed it at WrestleKingdom a few years ago.
  7. All I remember is bubbles. I think her gimmick was popping bubbles.
  8. I thought Emmalina was gonna be a throwback glamorous "Diva?" But yeah, I also heard Lana might be getting that discarded gimmick. So maybe this IS what Emmalina was gonna be? Who knows?
  9. Escaping thru the door is the worst thing to happen to cage matches since...the dawn of cage matches, I suppose. I guess I can deal with pinfalls and submissions, but I miss good ol' fashioned climb-over-the-top-to-win cage matches, preferably with the blue grid cage.
  10. What the hell is that? That won't get over. Lana's whole thing is being classy and superior. Dumbass dancing is dumb.
  11. Get busy livin' or get busy dyin'.
  12. Jack Swagger's title reign is what happens when you give somebody the belt to get them over, instead of giving the belt to somebody who's already over. I believe you can elevate somebody by giving them a Championship, but that person has to be almost at that level anyway, and already over with the audience to at least some reasonable degree.
  13. Dude, Khali won the f'n title!
  14. Not sure if you guys covered this, but apparently Mahal's push is part of WWE's India growth strategy. I guess pushes have always been business decisions (or who's friends with HHH decisions) like "who can draw the most money?" but it's weird to think of a guy's push being determined by WWE looking to penetrate an emerging market.
  15. What could the HoH match be that wouldn't be a horrible, cheesy disaster? A cage/cell with weapons? A Boiler Room brawl type match?