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  1. I was mostly kidding, but yeah, it's still sunny, but not warm for much longer. Certainly not in West Virginia.
  2. Cody Something debuts at Bound For Glory. I always like Cody Rhodes better in theory than on my TV. Can't wait for the inevitable "I've been held back, watch me now!" promo.
  3. 1. Bummer. You're right, it's crazy dated...but that's part of its charm to me. But more thrill-rides is probably a good thing for Epcot. 2. Also, Stitch's Great Escape is going to go seasonal very soon, potentially before closing for good. Rumor has a Wreck-It Ralph attraction coming in its place. Hopefully it won't close for good before I go again. My daughter was a fraction of an inch too short for it last time and she burst into tears.
  4. Yes, she can do both. Separately AND together (cruise + Parks) like you're thinking about. We're thinking of doing a "double whammy" next year, too. Maybe we'll see you aboard! But yeah, keep in touch. And again, just to reiterate (and feel less spammy) it's free. Let me know. She's happy to help.
  5. After NXT, Talking Smack might be the best WWE-produced wrestling program out there.
  6. My wife has put her years of Disney-loving experience to good use and is now working as a Disney-sanctioned vacation planner. So if anybody's planning (or considering planning) a trip to WDW, Disneyland or a Disney Cruise, PM me. She can help plan, get the best deals possible and book for you. And booking thru her (and probably other booking agents/sites) doesn't cost you anything. It's 100% free-to-you service.
  7. I think the winner was able to choose. I remember Batista's decision being part of the build to his match with HHH. HHH wanted Batista to move to SmackDown so Evolution could own both brands (but really, because he was storyline afraid of wrestling Batista). Batista ultimately chose to challenge HHH. And wasn't Chris Benoit a SmackDown wrestler when he won the Rumble, but switched to Raw to challenge HHH the year or two before that?
  8. As much as I think the "TNA" name is ratings poison at this point, I don't want to see WWE buy them, even if it would be great to have the eventual AJ Styles and Samoa Joe anthologies. WWE presumably (and probably rightfully so) would just shut the thing down, eliminating a place for, I don't know, 40 wrestlers to make a good living. At this point, the best case scenario is selling controlling interest (or better, selling outright) to somebody who has a clue and an idea (any idea) of what they want the company to be and the patience to commit to the vision. Oh, and this might just be me, but a complete rebrand, burying "TNA." Calling the company "Impact Wrestling" would be just fine by me.
  9. I dig it, too. Seeing this title makes me even more disappointed with the Raw Women's, Universal and SmackDown Women's titles. The CW strap proves out that it's possible to get your big ass WWE brand logo on the title without making every belt homogenous af. And it's a nice use of the "different colored underline" beneath the WW.
  10. I hope enough people watch NXT now that when Bobby Roode debuts on the Main Roster the crowd sings along to his theme like the NXT crowd does.
  11. Watched the CWC FInals on delay late last night, and overall the Cruiserweight Classic was such a great few months of TV, with a unique presentation. Absolutely loved it. But if I can be a bit nitpicky, I feel like TJ Perkins was an uninspired choice for the tourney winner, and I still maintain that having the CWC winner be a different guy than the first Cruiserweight Champion would've been "best for business," with your first big divisional feud ready to go. But again, nitpicky. Awesome stuff overall, and I hope we see more stuff like it, either by WWE incorporating elements of the presentation, or by having more tournaments on the Network (CWC2, tag teams, women's, maybe even hardcore).