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  1. And Angle's being inducted by Jeff Jarrett.
  2. Hardbody Harrison. Oh boy. He was out there. The dude, apparently, didn't know that he was never moving up the card so was always pitching bizarre angles. Here are two of the best ones I could find:
  3. "I wish him the best in his recovery." What the hell is that supposed to mean?
  4. No way. If that WAS happening, WWE would make sure it was a surprise, and the Bullet Club guys like to swerve the smarks.
  5. Finn Balor showing up at Progress Wrestling and playing musical chairs with fans is just wonderful. lol at: • the idea • picking fans to play • the music being HBK and HHH themes • the crowd singing along the themes • the "bull(shot)" chant after the fan got questionably eliminated • The competitors doing the "HBK shimmy" • "This is wrestling" • "You effed up" when Balor does the HBK pose and gets elim'd • "just press play" • "You deserve it" at the winner
  6. Forgetting McCarthy for a second, Capers is one of the most respected defensive coaches of his generation and 90% of teams or more would jump at the chance to have Ted Thompson running their organization. BTW, on that separate note, I searched briefly but couldn't find the answer...when was the last time an NFL team won a playoff game without scoring a touchdown?
  7. My final four is correct, but I missed one in getting there. I had the Raiders instead of Houston losing to NE.
  8. No hard data here, but I feel like I've seen it backfire (coach calls timeout before a FG the kicker woulda missed) as much as I've seen it work.
  9. I've never watched a national game where the announcers weren't all over Rodgers. If I weren't a Packers fan, and especially if I were a butt-sore Bears fan, I'd likely be pretty annoyed by the Rodgers love.
  10. I saw all of day one and then 2 of the 3 matches for both guys today. Both are really good. I was surprised Trent Seven went out so early, but I think almost everybody in the tournament had a good showing.
  11. Didn't see most of the event, but the Finals were great. Tyler Bate is a star.
  12. I enjoyed the first part of the UKCT, but I wish there were somehow fewer matches today. A few of the first round matches were a little rushed. I'd have been on board with a time-limit draw in one of the matches giving somebody a free pass to the semi-finals, if only to reduce the number of matches by one so the others have (a little) more time.
  13. Chris Jericho vs. Dean Malenko is the greatest feud WCW produced during my time as a fan. The Cruiserweight Battle Royale at Slamboree '98 was the pinnacle of the feud. Jericho had beaten Malenko, who then exiled himself while Jericho continued to build massive heat for the feud by insulting Dean and his family WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY working really good programs with other Cruiserweights. When no real challengers remained/rose up, WCW held a Battle Royale for the #1 contendership, with the winner getting a title shot immediately after. Ciclope won in a shocker. Only, that's not Ciclope. This was one of the biggest pops I've ever heard. Jericho's reaction was priceless, and Malenko got a huge win in a classic moment - one that would lead to many more with Jericho's "conspiracy theory" gimmick. FULL MATCH:
  14. I have avoided UK Tournament spoilers so I can watch later, but apparently Cole and McGuinness have been getting really good reviews for their commentary. Seems like maybe Nigel inspired Cole to raise his game.