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  1. WWE SummerSlam, 20 August 2017

    I haven't watched WWE in weeks. I read the results to see what happened, and mostly it's "not much." I might watch SummerSlam, but if I do it'll be on delay so I can fast forward.
  2. WWE SummerSlam, 20 August 2017

    WWE held the Hardys off TV yesterday because they're scrambling to figure out if/where they fit into SummerSlam now that the Revival can't compete.
  3. WWE SummerSlam, 20 August 2017

    I hope we're headed towards a swerve where it's revealed Corey Graves and Jason Jordan plotted this whole thing to further JJ's career.
  4. WWE SummerSlam, 20 August 2017

    "Enzo Amore is a loudmouth backstage, too, and is kind of annoying!" He'll be Future Endeavored soon. He's a locker room cancer. "JBL has physically and emotionally abused many Superstars and other WWE personnel." That's just good ol' fashioned hazing, Maggle! You should see how Ivan Koloff would stretch guys back in the day.
  5. WWE SummerSlam, 20 August 2017

    Is the from the new season of Southpaw Regional?
  6. I'll agree with that. His stuff is formulaic. He's got a very distinct style. But he's very talented.
  7. WWE SummerSlam, 20 August 2017

    I didn't see any of Charlotte's images so correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't her nudes relatively benign? I read that they were the kind of photos you'd take to evaluate your body for areas to hit harder in the gym.
  8. WWE SummerSlam, 20 August 2017

    Is the sex tape what would be keeping Paige out? I mean, I'm sure it couldn't have helped, but there was a laundry list of other things going on with her before that surfaced. Even before that tape was leaked I remember thinking that Paige wouldn't be back.
  9. WWE SummerSlam, 20 August 2017

    There are plenty of places to see, ahem, "boner stroking hot" girls in the world. I don't turn on WWE to see those girls. Eva Marie botched everything she did (ring announcing, refereeing, wrestling, you name it) to the point that they made it her gimmick to not perform. There are half a dozen girls as – or more – attractive as her on the roster, and at least triple that number of women who are better performers than her. Her heat, at least to me, was of the X-Pac variety.
  10. WWE SummerSlam, 20 August 2017

    I still don't understand what was up with All Red Everything and I guess now I'll never know.
  11. WWE SummerSlam, 20 August 2017

    I mean, technically I did type something about Marc Maron, but it wasn't meant to crap on him. I thought he was really good. I just couldn't shake the Hank Azaria thing -- probably because there's a resemblance and when I first saw the trailer I was like "hey, they got Hank Azaria!"
  12. WWE SummerSlam, 20 August 2017

    Whoa! Awesome Kong was Welfare Queen? She was good! I thought she was some unknown actress!
  13. WWE SummerSlam, 20 August 2017

    GLOW is a show that if binge-watching wasn't a thing, I probably wouldn't have watched past episode 3 or 4. It couldn't hold my interest week-to-week. But as a 10 episode thing I watched over the course of like 2 weeks, it was okay. Marc Maron is pretty good in it actually. Better than I thought he'd be. Though I can't shake the feeling that Hank Azaria could've elevated the whole show if he had that role. It just feels like Sam is the perfect Hank Azaria character.
  14. WWE Battleground

    I always loved Bret's "synchronized stomping" with his punches. My little brother and I would take turns kayfabe punching each other Hitman style, and I must say my bro worked pretty snug.
  15. WWE Battleground