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  1. Way to eff up the Too Sweet, AC Slater!!!!
  2. Maybe you should have shut up and listened, Atomic!
  3. Alexa is so believable as a bi+ch. If I were fantasy-drafting a roster, I can't say for certain I'd draft Charlotte ahead of her.
  4. Not a great ending to the battle royal. Styles 100% hit the floor first, after quite a bit of awkward posturing on the ropes by both men. Now I'm no pro wrestler, but in that situation it seems like it's Harper's responsibility to make sure he hits at the same time as AJ since he's the one who was dictating when Styles would hit. It was so off that they didn't show a single replay from any angle. Personally, I think WWE ought to acknowledge the refs made an error, but the official "draw" decision will stand.
  5. Speaking of making money off of Punk, they really should've brought back those ice cream bars Punk demanded. I wonder if that's the upshot of the New Day ice cream angle. Is there going to be a tangible product? Or is this just New Day weirdness?
  6. The problem, CS, is you're thinking rationally. I agree with you. But Vince is rarely rational. And reports are that he's not happy. http://pwinsider.com/article/107874/wwe-reaction-to-rock-shouting-out-cm-punk-why-punk-and-wwe-remain-at-odds.html?p=1
  7. Me too. I don't hate Vince like a lot of other fans do, but I do think it's funny that he has to eat crap and smile about it with the Rock because the Rock has nearly all the power in that business relationship. Sure, Rocky likes to be able to promote his stuff to the WWE audience and I believe him when he says he still gets a thrill from performing in front of a crowd, but he knows (and WWE knows) they need him way more than he needs them. So he does whatever. the. hell. he wants and as mad as Vince might be, if Rock said "can I come back next week and cut a promo?" WWE would of course jump at the chance.
  8. Agree that Mine Train is really, noticeably short. But I still enjoyed it – my daughter LOVED it – and I think it's worth a FastPass.
  9. 1. A movie about Paige's life sounds awful. 2. On a scale of 1 to Jeff Jarrett, how pissed off is Vince at the Rock for pulling that? Unless there's been a thawing in the Punk/WWE relationship that we're not aware of, I can't believe they'd be ok with that. He's the Rock so he gets away with a lot of stuff nobody else would, but still. What's next? Skyping with Nailz during WrestleMania?
  10. I don't know, man. That's usually the rub new era acts get, you're right. But the New Day is so over and such a babyface act that if there's any Legend interaction, I think it's much more likely that we see a heel act (Rusev and Jinder?) get shat upon and then a New Day dance fest with INSERT LEGEND HERE.
  11. I think so. You've got Sheamus and Cesaro, Cass and Enzo, Gallows and Anderson. Just do a Triple Threat match. It's not ideal, but oh well. Since the Draft, I thought they were going to build to The New Day vs. Enzo and Cass. Guess not.
  12. Good for DDP. I think he deserves it for his WCW career and his effect on the business (not just helping Scott Hall and Jake Roberts get their lives in order, but also extending the careers of Chris Jericho and Goldust, to name a few) just cements it. As far as the New Day hosting, I mean it does kinda seem like a slap in the face doesn't it? The only thing I can see is they want to run some big angle, or think that they want to give the New Day a spotlight beyond just being part of some multi-team match. They'll still get a big entrance and could, in theory, be used in several vignettes throughout the night.
  13. I didn't know actual real people could confuse the two countries. I thought it was just a Jim Carrey gag.
  14. Oh yeah, I don't mess around with mechanical pencils and :censored:. And seeing as I don't have to write in any official capacity (forms/reports/contracts/etc.) I don't even bother using the erasers most of the time because, to your point, they're mostly worthless. Most of my writing is of the note-taking/brainstorming/sketching variety and I just prefer the feel of pencil-on-paper.
  15. I like the way the Uni-Ball Vision Elite writes, but it's pretty susceptible to smearing. All in all, I'm a pencil guy.