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  1. slikye1

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    I think their wordmark is even smaller than NOB in the adidas era... Increasing the size made the jerseys waaaaay better IMO.
  2. Bears number font IMO. Really iconic and classic as a non-block sports font.
  3. Thanks! Maybe unpopular opinion but realized that I actually like these lol.
  4. Sorry it may be off the topic, but I wonder if the Bucs the first to use some reflective fabrics as part of the outline of the number? Can't think of whether there's other team have done this.
  5. slikye1

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    The wordmark is just way too small...
  6. slikye1

    Unpopular Opinions

    As a sports number font (also the NOB), Arial is really terrible: but I'm okay with Helvetica
  7. slikye1

    NFL to NBA (#14 Falcons updated on 8/11)

    And the 14th team is the Falcons! To be honest I think it's a bit difficult to translate the Falcons set to basketball uniforms... IMO the current set is outdated (not as bad as Cardinals though lol), though I do love their red helmet sets (which is in a good color balance IMO), but you know I don't want to use many block fonts in this series. And I also wondered how to put their primary logo on the uniform, it just not work IMO So according to their previous wordmark and logos, I finished this: I'm not a fan of their current wordmark logo (and also the blocky font), so I choose something more serif , like their previous wordmark. Compared with some work like Jags or Seahawks I have finished, I would say I tried to finish this base on the color balance rather than the logos. Looking for C&Cs! And I may finish something base on the Atlanta Hawks set... Will consider about how to do it. Thanks for watching!
  8. slikye1

    Forgotten classic uniforms

    Wow it's hard to believe that T-Mac era uniforms is forgotten... At least in my country it may be the most popular Magic uniforms(maybe because of T-Mac). And some jersey collectors seem to be love that so much because of the shiny fabric. Also wonder if it's reasonable to define a uniform forgotten or not by whether they have worn the throwback version... If I am not mistaken, the Piston have not worn the Bad boys era classic, the Kings also haven't worn the Webber era uniforms (except the two tone one). If base on whether the throwback version will be worn, IMO "a whole different identity from their franchise history" uniform will fall into this situation? Such as 90s Warriors and Iverson era Sixers.
  9. slikye1

    "Desecrating" the NFL

    Love the idea of the whole series, the double green and italicized NOB and number look so good! Looking forward to some untouchable uniforms!
  10. slikye1

    NFL to NBA (#14 Falcons updated on 8/11)

    Here's the Jets!! It may be an unpopular opinion, but I prefer the 1978-1997 logo than their current one, also love their kelly green helmet, so I finished a concept based on this. Have removed the jets sketch from the wordmark logo, just flipped it and put it beside the number, hoped it created some feeling of speedy. Used some gradient to make it more retro too. Also put the same design on the shorts.
  11. slikye1

    NFL to NBA (#14 Falcons updated on 8/11)

    Finished a throwback version of the colts! Since the Colts set is based on their unused logo I wanted to have a version which is base on their current horseshoe logo. According to the C&C, tried to have the number inside the horseshoe logo and I thought it's good. Also added some dots(because of their logo) on the collar, cuff and also on the stripes on the shorts. Thanks for reading!!
  12. slikye1

    NFL to NBA (#14 Falcons updated on 8/11)

    Thank you for C&C!! I will keep working!! Yes that's what I have considered about the Chargers
  13. slikye1

    NFL to NBA (#14 Falcons updated on 8/11)

    Actually it's not the Lions font... it's Charlotte Bobcats. I didn't find it either lol
  14. slikye1

    NFL to NBA (#14 Falcons updated on 8/11)

    Here's my 12th team --- Lions!! I kept their current clean look. For the home jersey, use the two-tone stripe from their logo, and it's also inspired by the Detroit Pistons home jersey. Thanks for reading!!
  15. slikye1

    NFL to NBA (#14 Falcons updated on 8/11)

    Here's another version of the Vikings! Got some feedback on the previous Vikings concept and I appreciate it! But I just did't satisfied after trying some changes such as ditching the pinstripes... So had a try based on the current set. The front stripes are inspired by the original Vikings design in 1961, tried to used the V-shaped stripe as the V in their wordmark, also tried to make it match the current font better. Not too much work on the shorts, just adjusted the width of their current stripes. Looking for C&Cs!