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  1. Templates Requests

    Looking for NBA uniform template for Illustrator. Preferably would have all the different collar options with the template as well.
  2. Toronto Blue Jays white front panel caps question

    The white panel caps are officially part of their On-Field cap assortment now. Whereas before in 2015/16, they were just one-off "special event" hats.
  3. NBA Changes 2016-17 Season

    I freaking hate those stupid alt's that just have the Spur logo on them. Just awful.
  4. NBA Changes 2016-17 Season

    Forgot about that guy! He is not. Curious to see how much of a "new uniforms" Spurs will actually end up having though. Are they going to "Buccaneers" this or just make slight modifications?
  5. NBA Changes 2016-17 Season

    Hasn't been announced yet to public. I know I'm just a random poster on here but have some reliable sauces. Just wait for it.
  6. NBA Changes 2016-17 Season

    The other two teams are Spurs & Pistons
  7. NFL Uniform Tweaks - Texans Added 5-13-16

    Sorry, I've been busy w/ work and stuff lol so haven't had much time lately to play around on Illustrator for this thread. I'll hopefully get back to it soon. I do appreciate seeing that some people have been keeping an eye on this thread! Thanks for the love!
  8. NFL Uniform Tweaks - Texans Added 5-13-16

    Up next: Houston Texans Notable changes: - Switched to white helmets - Made the red jersey the primary home w/ standard white road and navy as the alternate I think the Texans have a solid uniform set and did a good job in retrospect rolling out a set that has so far proven to be timeless as it's aged well in most of people's eyes. It could use a little sprucing up to me. To start off, I kept the basic template in tact w/ the jersey font and shoulder yokes basically the same. Next, I wanted to make a uniform set for a team called the Texans a lot more "Texan" feeling lol so used the "alt logo" ( that's listed in the logo timeline and added the Texas state outline shape onto the shoulder sleeves. Updated the side striping on the pants to mimic the Texas state flag. C&C appreciated
  9. NFL Uniform Tweaks - Texans Added 5-13-16

    Up next: San Diego Chargers Notable changes: - All white helmet w/ white face masks now - Made the powder blue jersey as the primary home jersey again - Reduced navy to being an accent color as it's really just in the logos - White road jersey w/ powder blue pants as the primary set and white pants as an option for white out look - I do have them w/ a navy jersey alt but in this universe, it'd be worn sparingly - Ditched the custom number font in place of a more traditional block font C&C appreciated
  10. NFL Uniform Tweaks - Texans Added 5-13-16

    No love from anyone on the Titans so circling back to the Patriots. Switching out the grey/silver for white to go for the retro look. Updated the number font.
  11. **TEMPLATES**

    Any new NBA uniform templates for Illustrator someone could post?
  12. NFL Uniform Tweaks - Texans Added 5-13-16

    Up next: Tennessee Titans Decided to get rid of the flaming thumb tack logo and use the Sword "T" alt logo as the new primary logo and helmet logo. Kept the base colors of uniforms basically the same. Main updates to jerseys are getting rid of the shoulder yoke template and going with diff colored sleeve caps. Don't know anything about Tennessee so wasn't until recently that it dawned on me that the circle w/ 3 stars part of the Titans logos is referring to the state flag. So as part of the sleeve striping design, I used the circle w/ 3 stars portion from the Titans logo as part of the sleeve design. I think it's a cool feature as it's not just a blatant state flag reference as it still ties back to the team logo; even though it clearly is a state flag reference (if that makes sense lol). Basically what I mean is that if you knew nothing about Tennessee flag, the circle w/ 3 stars wouldn't seem that random to you since the circle is part of the Titans logo. It flows cohesively. The navy jersey serves as the home with the powder blue being the alternate jersey.
  13. NFL Uniform Tweaks - Texans Added 5-13-16

    @WSU151 suggestion on what font to switch to?
  14. NFL Uniform Tweaks - Texans Added 5-13-16

    Up next: New England Patriots Taking the Pats back to their old school look with the shoulder striping. Kept the helmet the same along with the general navy jersey/gray pants for the home and white jersey/navy pants for the road. I actually don't mind the Pats' current Navy/Gray/Red palette in general. Really the main gripe I have w/ the current uniform set is the piping/side panels on the jerseys. Added in a red alt jersey as a nod to the past w/ a modern twist using the current colors.