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  1. Zeus89725

    Cursed Uniforms

    Does anybody remember these jerseys for how good the Isles were in them?
  2. Zeus89725

    If You Ruled The World of Sports

    I really only care about hockey, so here's how I'd fix the NHL. - More fighting! - Take away those damn ads beneath the goal lines they added to the ice this year. - Allow for teams to choose their own jersey manufacturers. - Move Arizona to Seattle. Collapse the Hurricanes. Move Florida to Quebec. Keep the league at 30 teams. - More international games. Expand the game. - KEEP THE ISLANDERS AT THE COLISEUM UNTIL THEIR NEW STADIUM IS BUILT. F*** THE BARCLAYS CENTER. - Keep the league at large apolitical. Support the "Hockey is for Everyone" campaign but don't force teams to wear the rainbow tape and whatnot if they're really that opposed to it. They can be homophobic of they so please. - Take away hybrid icing. Half the time the refs f*** up the calls anyways. Just use regular icing again. - Quit making video review so prominent. - Expand marketing. Hockey has the potential to grow into a bigger sport, so embrace that possibility. Bam. That's about it.
  3. Zeus89725

    Soda/Pop/Branding Discussion & News Thread

    Coke’s purchase of Moxie pisses me off. Totally monopolizing the industry, as is Pepsi.
  4. Zeus89725

    Baltimore Ravens Refresh: 10/12/18 Re-Refresh!

    Absolutely perfect. Only complaint is that the purples are a little too similar, so when in motion or at a distance it'd be hard to make out the shading. The designs themselves are NFL ready as-is.
  5. Zeus89725

    Penguins Alternate Fix-Up

    The Penguins unleashed their new alternate upon the world, and while it's not awful, I think it could use a little tweaking. Here's how I'd fix it, along with a new secondary logo highlighting their championships, along with the stars from the Steelers logo to create a unified city identity. Any thoughts?
  6. Zeus89725

    NY Islanders Adidas Alt Redo

    Updated version. Anybody smell fish sticks?
  7. Zeus89725

    Fun With Flags!!!!

    :censored:ing dope. All those hats are good looking and well done. Phoenix, Washington, New York, Denver, and Indiana are my favorites.
  8. Let's just put the reoccurring ad issues aside and charge a premium fee. I would NOT complain with a $20 annual fee to keep these issues from happening to me, and to everyone else on the boards.
  9. Zeus89725

    Mascot Redesigns

    Not sure if it counts as a full on redesign, but Sparky the Dragon changed colors along with the Islanders when they went from navy to royal blue.
  10. Zeus89725

    NY Islanders Adidas Alt Redo

    Tried the LI silhouette. Didn't work. How's this?
  11. Zeus89725

    Isles Officially Unveil New Third Jersey

    Can you blame the Islanders for going for a relatively conservative jersey? Every time they've gone out of the box thus far the fanbase hated it, except for the Stadium Series jersey. Good on them for listening to the fans.
  12. $20 per user annually sounds fair to me. At the very least, just make it so the ads aren't so damn annoying.
  13. Goddamn these ads are annoying. Can’t they be tethered to a specific part of the page rather than floating at the bottom of the screen constantly? Or surrounding the entire goddamn page? EDIT: I noticed with the ads that, on a phone at least, that you can’t tap anywhere on the bottom half of the page without tapping the ad. This is pissing me off to no end.
  14. I don't even like baseball and this game has me biting my nails.
  15. Zeus89725

    Islanders Alternate Concept

    As an Isles fan, let me just say this... Nopenopenopenopenope. The idea is good, but the Islanders fanbase has been historically conservative when it comes to jersey designs. Like, after your management forcefeeds you the fisherman jerseys, pumpkin jerseys, original Edge jerseys, the first black jerseys, and black Brooklyn alts, what do you expect? That's why the new alt is so basic, the new management finally got their heads out of their asses and didn't :censored: around with the jerseys. Your concept would be good in a vacuum, but black is just not an Islanders color, and it shouldn't be. Plus, your jersey just has too much white in it when compared to the other colors. Either commit to black and white, or only use white as an accent. Also, sorry if I came across as mean. I'd get rid of the shoulder striping, and then it'd be a pretty nice looking jersey.