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  1. NHL Adidas Redesign

    Nothing? That's fine. Here are a few more teams. The Devils' new jerseys suck. There wasn't anything wrong with the old ones, but I can't say I wouldn't support modernizing them. That's what I did here, adding a bevel to the logo, as well as redoing the striping. The alternate is where it gets more retro, introducing green to the color palette. I almost made the entire jersey green, but I figured it'd be hard for the Devils organization to make that leap without green being an already-prominent color in their identity, so I held off on that idea. The Sens are another team in need of an update, considering they won't let go of their cookie-cutter Reebok jerseys. These incorporate a more traditional striping pattern, as well as the gorgeous side-view logo. While red and black remain the two main colors, I added gold into the mix to bring a more unique identity to the Sens. The alternate really doesn't change from their previous one, so there's not a whole lot to go on there. What all do you think?
  2. NHL 2018-19

    Probably the Islanders too. I don’t think they’re going back to black. They’ve got a faux-fisherman jersey they’re giving out as a promotion, so that may be an option for an alternate.
  3. NHL 2018-19

    So wait, let me get this straight. Every team is getting an alternate next year? If so, I'm cautiously optimistic.
  4. Introducing the Las Vegas Aces

    Don't get the hate for the name. It may be generic for a team in Vegas, but the execution on the logo is great. The hidden 'LVA' is really outstanding. I love the design of it, and the color scheme too.
  5. NHL Adidas Redesign

    And now, another update that comes weeks after the last post. Here are the Buffalo Sabres For the Sabres, I kept the navy blue for the primary set, which is something I know a lot of people are against. The striping there is really classical and simple, and the yokes are a solid mix between traditional and modern styles. The alternate was inspired by the first Sabres uniforms, and uses the gorgeous Winter Classic logo the Sabres are going with this year. So, what do ya think? I'll try to keep this series a little more regular now.
  6. NHL Adidas Alternates (Islanders added)

    I like all of 'em except the first one. The Isles are one of the teams in the NHL that should never go for a double blue.
  7. Colorado Rockies Refresh

    I love it! The new shade of purple looks great.
  8. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 6 Voting

    G - 3 S - 6 B - 8
  9. Portland ECHL Team Unveils Name-the-Team Finalists

    Logo looks good. There's a lighthouse in one side of the 'M,' along with the tree in the trident. I honestly can't see this on the front of a jersey, but it looks good.
  10. NHL Adidas Redesign

    Yeah! I forgot about this series. Here are the Ducks.

    I love it! Any chance I could grab the .pdn file?
  12. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    What the hell happened to Duchene? Traded in the middle of a game?
  13. Nike Olympics 2018 Fixes

    Nothing? Here's the next few. Czechia has always been a little out there with their jerseys, at least for the last little bit, so I tried to tone it down a bit. The jerseys here are modern, and continue with Nike's war on waist stripes, but respectfully so, I think. Not a whole lot to say on these ones. Finland's jerseys are where I tried to get experimental. I was partially inspired by the Czechia jerseys, but I also wanted to make something new. The majority of the jerseys in the series up to this point had been fairly traditional, so I figured something out of the box was needed. This is that. The arm stripes on both jerseys fade into gradients, rather than solid striping, and, again, there's a lack of waist stripes. Just an idea I had that I think turned out alright. Japan's jerseys from the last Olympics were actually pretty good, if you ask me. They were a little too simple, but I think the black actually worked really well with their identity, and gave them a more badass feel. I took that and tried to make it a little more visually stimulating, adding shoulder yokes and shoulder striping, as well as making the home jersey read "Japan" in Japanese. Again, very minimalistic sets. Switzerland was an issue for me, because the cross wouldn't translate well into being red, so it was a challenge to create a cohesive design to work for both the dark and light jerseys. What I settled on was a chest stripe that preserves the white cross, as well as remaining distinctive from the rest of the teams. Plus, it's a new design for Switzerland and most Olympic teams to have a chest stripe. Eh, it's Sweden. Not really any major changes here. Sweden has always remained fiercely stagnant with their jerseys, in the sense that they don't want to change them. I can understand why, as they're classic, so therefore I didn't want to switch 'em up a whole lot. They look good, and they wouldn't realistically change. There's the next batch! I'll finish up the last bunch of teams in a day or two. Maybe more.
  14. NHL Adidas Redesign

    Thanks for the kind words! Here's my take on the Preds. The Preds were headed in the right direction with their Adidas redesign, but they definitely oversimplified. I add some space inbetween the waist stripes, as well as thickening the top ones out. A shoulder yoke is added to the home, as well, as more color to the away yoke. The alternate I'm on the fence about. I was inspired by the fangs in the logo, but I also wanted to go with the checkerboard pattern. All in all, the fangs looked better, so they're in the final product.
  15. Nike Olympics 2018 Fixes

    Here are the next few teams. The USA's jerseys are split between two ideas I had. The dark jersey is the first one, and it is a classically styled jersey with the USA shield crest, and sublimated stars on the shoulders. The white jersey has a lot of the same, except it's inspired by older jerseys with the iconic 'USA' script put diagonally across the jersey. The script didn't look good with the waist striping, however, so I had to cut it out. Team Canada Team Canada got screwed by Nike this year, and I think that a more classic approach would benefit Canada. The country is often credited as the birthplace of hockey, and therefore a classically styled set of jerseys will help show that imagery. An older crest is used along one-color shoulder striping, to bring a modern yet traditional feeling to the set. Team Germany Germany has minimalist, simplistic, and modern jerseys inspired by the German flag. The light jersey is colored yellow rather than white, to form a new striking appearance. Not a whole lot else to say.