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  1. Not gonna lie, these all seem really templated and boring. I think they're really unoriginal and bland. As said before, they all look like they were made by an online logo creator. Replace any company's name with another and it still works. No originality.
  2. I actually kinda like the Adidas collar. Fight me.
  3. :censored: these white Vegas gloves.
  4. Opinions on the new jerseys after seeing these a few hours late. Ottawa: For :censored:'s sake, guys. Toronto. Make the arm stripes thicker, and add a stripe to the hem, please. Bruins: Thank god there's no double outline on the name. Still awesome jerseys. Sabres: And in this day God said: "The piping was definitely a mistake, my bad." Carolina: Today is a holy day. Washington: Oh for :censored:'s sake, again. Devils: I don't think it's as big of a deal as you're all making it out to be. I actually kinda like these. Nashville: Could've added a second blue stripe but it's miles better than the old one. Colorado: My faith in God has been restored. Minnesota: I actually really like these! I hope that the away matches. Vegas: Oh holy hell these are incredible. Ducks: USE THE ALTERNATES, PLEASE Edmonton: Please just swap the blue and white. Please. Sharks: GAHHHHHH Flames: I can't tell if there's piping or not, but I hope that there isn't. That is all.
  5. St. Louis flag on Blues' jerseys. Look at the collar. I love it.
  6. CCSLN before the leaks: "I hope all the jerseys are clean, simple, and classically-styled!" CCSLN after the leaks: "THESE CLEAN, SIMPLE, AND CLASSICALLY-STYLED JERSEYS ARE GARBAGE!!! WE'RE SCREWED"
  7. Better to be boring than to look crazy and stupid, at least with hockey jerseys.
  8. 2/31 jerseys have been released. And one of which is widely considered a modern classic. Your puns are :censored:.
  9. No Adidas stripes! That's always good.
  10. Now they're gonna be too heavy! How will they ever make it to the Final??
  11. I don't hate it... But I don't like it...
  12. I love that double green. Not only is the design itself gorgeous, but the color scheme is unique and outstanding. That's really the entirety of this series.
  13. Wrong forum, pal.
  14. Don't let all this expansion talk distract you all from the fact that there have been professional hockey franchises in SUNRISE, FLORIDA AND RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA.