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  1. Iowa License Plate Design Options Cause A Stir

    The middle plate is my favorite. It's got the Iowan flag which represents all the areas of Iowa in itself. Plus, it's well designed. I agree that having more than one designer take the job would've been better, though.
  2. National Floor Hockey League

    I was hoping for feedback, but I'll move right along. Seattle Pioneers Is this based off my previous soccer concept? Yes. Is it different enough? Yes. The pioneers are one of the league's official teams and have always been mediocre, with an exciting playoff run here and there. The team's aesthetic comes from the Blues/Rams color schemes, the St. Louis Arch, and a fleur-de-lis. Lastly, Here are the Toronto Nationals The Nationals are the sole Canadian team, placed in Canada's biggest market. The team has an identity loosely based on the Canadian flag, with a white stripe surrounded by red, hence the name 'Nationals.' The alternate jersey comes from the Toronto flag and provides a stark contrast to the other two uniforms. The team has always been pretty good, with a following akin to the Maple Leafs. There's that! This series was pretty fun to make, and I hope y'all enjoyed it!
  3. FC Barcelona Rebranding

    I really like this! It's a simple update to an established identity, that feels modern and classic at the same time.
  4. National Floor Hockey League

    To be entirely honest, I was completely unaware of that comparison. I've never been very interested in baseball, so this is news to me. Here's the next one. These are the Seattle Totems, a team with a lot of history. They were formed in the 70s and have stayed with the same logo, except for some tweaking, that entire time. The jerseys have mostly stayed the same as well since their origins, with minor changes to the sleeve length and hem striping. The alternate is very out-there, though, and was inspired by the wings of an eagle, as featured in the logo. The Totems found success in the late 70's and entirety of the 80's, sinking to mediocrity until the 2010's, where they've since become a regular powerhouse. There's that!
  5. Minnesota Lynx New Logo

    I actually really like this! Looks slick and meshes well with the T-Wolves.
  6. National Floor Hockey League

    I'm gonna hold off on the next team until I get some feedback.
  7. National Floor Hockey League

    If you can find a soccer template without cleats, let me know. Also, I wanted to go for a symmetrical and simplistic logo for Miami. Thanks! I understand that, and after you said that, I can't see anything else. Here are the next couple of teams. Skipped a couple days. Here's the team from New Orleans, with a familiar name. Initally, when I created the New Orleans Jazz, I didn't think of the NBA comparison. However, after thinking about it, I realized, "If the Rockies could do it, why not me?" So the result was a unique team with a trumpet for a logo, a Mardi Gras color scheme, and some very simple uniforms. Here's the Texas team. These are the San Antonio Braves, a team inspired by the Buffalo Braves logo. I saw the feather, and I was struck by the simplicity and uniqueness of the shape. The colors are just because I wanted to have a more brighter and unique color scheme for the team. Also, I'm really proud of the pants for this team. I think the logo placement is really clever. There's that! Any other reccomendations?
  8. Nuggets unveil new uniforms*

    I actually really like these. Navy doesn't look bad.
  9. National Floor Hockey League

    Nothing? I'll just keep right on going. Here are the Minnesota Saints! The Saints' identity is a modernized version of the old Minnesota Fighting Saints WHA club. The team was created in 2017 in the first expansion, and despite being towards the bottom of the league pretty consistently, has a good following in Minnesota. The jerseys are no doubt based off of standard ice hockey jerseys, except for the alternate, which is just weird for the sake of being weird. Any thoughts?
  10. Unpopular Opinions - Anything and Everything

    The California flag sucks, as does Texas'.
  11. National Floor Hockey League

    Again, must just be the template. Didn't notice it until now. Here's team number four, the Miami Vipers! The Vipers are one of the league's expansion teams in 2017. They're one of the surprising teams in the league, with a good year right out of the gate. The team's identity is a sleek and modern one, with form-fitting jerseys and a simplistic logo. The team has built a solid fanbase in Miami, along with a good amount of fairweather fans. Anything on the Vipers?
  12. NHL Concepts- NHL17 style

    No, the logos are set in NHL 17. They just recolored them.
  13. National Floor Hockey League

    The template I used puts a sublimated pattern over the logo, so without moving it above the shading, the logo seems as though it's printed on, which isn't a look i want to go for. Anyways, here's another team! This is the Los Angeles Gold, a team with a really simplistic and modern identity. I wanted a team just like this with really simple colors, and this was it. The third jersey is by far the most "bland" of the entire series, but I think it works well with the other two uniforms pretty well. The Gold is really just a hipster-ish identity. Anyways, the team was an entirely new creation in 2007, when the NFHL was formed. There was a team in LA, but they weren't successful at any point. The Gold kind of follows in their footsteps, and except for a few occasional years, the Gold are found at the bottom of the standings. Any thoughts?
  14. National Floor Hockey League

    This is a team with some history behind it, and a more classic look. This is Empire State HC. I know the name seems lazy, but the team was formed in the very early stages of floor hockey itself, and has stuck around for almost 100 years. The team's name originally came from the nickname for New York, but embraced the Empire State Building after it was built. Empire State HC found a lot of luck early on, but in the mid 60s, their play began a trend downwards. They had a revival in the 90s where they won a Northeast League championship, but have since been consistently in the middle of the pack. The team originally wore long-sleeved jerseys, and did so for the vast majority of its existence. However, when it joined the NFHL in 2007, their template was changed to the short-sleeved ones, but they stuck with their hockey striping. They also introduced one of the more 'out there' jersey designs in 2007 with their orange alternate, which has since become a fan favorite due to its wackiness. Their court is one of the more simple ones, just being a very subtle checkerboard pattern. There ya go! What do you think?
  15. Logos associated with failure.

    Saw that movie. 10/10 easy. Perfect cinematography, voice acting, animation, script, plot, characters, writing, everything. This movie is easily the height of cinema, and is the best movie ever created. There's no need to continue making movies when we can rewatch this one for eternity. That was sarcasm, just for the record.