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  1. Zeus89725

    Seattle Kraken (Secondary Logos Added 12/18)

    Yeah, the pattern is practically invisible from a distance. I had to zoom in to see it. Plus, realistically, it seems like it’d be too hard to stitch. Nice idea, but i agree that it’s better suited as a secondary logo.
  2. Zeus89725

    NBA | New York Knicks Primary Logo Refresh

    Very nice. Getting rid of the weird 3D text works wonders.
  3. Zeus89725

    Penguins, Flyers Logos for 2019 Stadium Series Unveiled

    That doesn't sound good...
  4. Zeus89725

    Seattle Sea Lions NHL (UPDATE 12/10)

    Appreciate the compliments and critiques. I tried playing around with salmon over yellow, and I gotta say, I'm a fan. Better? Worse?
  5. The Avs and Isles are my two favorite teams, and both of them got screwed over in the Edge cut. For all those years, I didn't buy one Avs or Isles jersey from the Edge templates. I had a few gifted to me, but I never wore them, and they've since been sold since I just don't like them. The best way to show your disliking of a team's identity is just to not show any support for it, physically. No merch, no nothing.
  6. Sadly, I've had to enable Adblocker for the site. As much as I want to let Chris and the boards be successful, this is just ridiculous.
  7. Zeus89725

    Seattle Sea Lions NHL (UPDATE 12/10)

    The prospect/confirmation of a Seattle NHL team is exciting. There are so many ways to go with the branding. Emeralds, Metropolitans, Sockeyes, Totems, tons of good names. However, one that's been in the back of my mind for god knows how long is the Sea Lions due to its near-alliteration and unique identity. So I decided to take it and run. Here's what I ended up doing. I'll give everything an explanation at the end. The logo was spurred by the Seattle flag. When I first begun ideating for the logo, that's where I started - with a circular shape and an identity based off of that. However, that idea didn't mesh well with the Sea Lion I'd drawn up, so I went for a fairly generic circular shape. The dark green in the background was initially slated to be a very basic 'S', which eventually turned into solely a circle after it got lost in the Sea Lion imagery. Of course I felt a need to use the green/blue color scheme - it's the northwest, right? However to help differentiate the team from the Canucks, I decided to make green the primary color, and add yellow/gold in as a tertiary color to help make it pop. The jerseys are a mix between modern and old, as is my style. I figured Adidas would push a more modern approach, hence the squared shoulders, but the team would want a more classical looking style, which is why there's some striping that's not all too fancy. That's really all I've got. Anything I should change?
  8. Zeus89725

    The Battle of Seattle

    These are beautiful. I know it's been said a million times before, but these are super professional, super well done, and just super good looking. Amazing work as always.
  9. Zeus89725

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Like the Golden Knights. When it came out, everyone thought it sucked. After they began to play and build an identity, it totally fits and sounds good. Sockeyes is NOT an NHL caliber name. I like Emeralds, personally.
  10. Zeus89725

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Seattle's gotta do something unique, that can differentiate them from the green/white/blue Canucks from just a bit north.
  11. Zeus89725

    MLS | Montreal Impact Brand Refresh

    I like it. But I also echo the sentiment that you should maintain the basic shape from the current logo. Other than that, these updates are beautiful.
  12. Zeus89725

    Kansas City Scouts: Resurrection

    Looks great. Only complaint is that the yellow and blue striping on the homes and aways are a little thin. If you could make 'em a little bold to fit in with the rest if the identity. Still, the logos are absolutely beautiful and it's a great revival of a short-lived identity.
  13. Zeus89725

    Microsoft Office new icon set for 2018

    Eh. I like the old ones better, but these are solid.
  14. Zeus89725

    Adidas NHL Throwback Jerseys

    Isles are hopping on the bandwagon with the fish sticks jerseys.
  15. Zeus89725

    Soda/Pop/Branding Discussion & News Thread

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.