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  1. While I was making this post, it was announced which vintage jersey the Canucks would be using in the 2019-2020 season, so this thread won't mean as much. Regardless, here are some of the best vintage Canucks jerseys templated for the Adizero template. I really wish they could've gone with one of the more colorful uniforms from their history, but they didn't choose a bad-looking jersey. And that's that! Which one is your favorite?
  2. Zeus89725

    U.S. Space Force Logo Vote

    These all look awful, and unnecessary. (Much like the proposed agency they're representing) The "MARS AWAITS" one bugs me the most. Is that really all this supposed agency is gonna be? A Mars mission? The only thing linking all these designs to the ground (Ba dum tss) is their visual connections to the NASA and Air Force logos, something I figured the Trump Administration would want to avoid, given that the proposed duties of the Space Force could fall under either one of those branches of the government. Another visual issue for me is the rockets. They look like they're straight out of either Pintrest or the Jetsons. All crappy, outdated, and generic representations of rockets, none of which would realistically make it to Mars as the 3rd logo proposes. NASA mission patches may not be the best designed things ever, but they're better than this bs. At least they actually represent the spacecraft in their missions, or a very well stylized version of them.
  3. Zeus89725

    CCSLN Airport Logo Thread

    Bringing this thread back from the dead to show my local non-international airport's logo. Surprisingly good.
  4. Zeus89725


    It is, but that is a really low bar to clear.
  5. Zeus89725

    Baltic Superleague: Lithuanian Hockey League (3/10)

    Good stuff, as always.
  6. Zeus89725

    Slapshot's NHL

    These are all awesome! I have to say I don't like Washington, LA, Anaheim, Minnesota, or Winnipeg, though.
  7. Zeus89725

    Jets Uniform Concept By Kong Tom

    There's this thing called the "Edit Post" button...
  8. The Ducks' new alternate jersey isn't awful, in fact I'm in the apparent minority that likes the jersey. However, it does have some weaker points to it that I'll address here. The main issue with the current alternate is the shoulder yokes. They have good intentions, but they feel forced and make the jersey too cluttered. Step number one was to remove those. Step two was then to add in more of the eggplant color. Sure both jade and eggplant were unique colors, but the eggplant is one that not only works well with the black base, but it just screams "Mighty Ducks!" The numbers and lettering were taken from the original Mighty Ducks jerseys this uniform is based on, and the only hints of the team's current identity are in the orange in the collar and the 25th Anniversary logo on the shoulder. And that's that! What do you think? (Also I'm really proud of the presentation on this one, especially the tagline. Looks real professional and makes me happy.)
  9. Zeus89725

    High School Logo Redesign

    Ooh, or the medieval styled 'R' on the primary logo. Maybe the slanted wordmark? Solid work all around, though. Really good look that feels both modern and classic at the same time. A+.
  10. Zeus89725

    New Thumbtack Logo

    Yeah, I can understand and appreciate wanting to turn the thumbtack into the letter T, but it really doesn't work out here. I'm sure they could find a better way to merge the letter and the definitive thumbtack shape.
  11. Zeus89725

    Hockey beyond the Iron Curtain...

    Why is the text in English though? All jokes aside, this is awesome, as always. I can't wait to see what this brings!
  12. Zeus89725


    After further inspection, there is, in fact, a logo underneath those watermarks. And that logo is really solid. I like it! No complaints here.
  13. Zeus89725

    Boca product line - New Packaging

    By doing that, I'm guessing that they're trying to cash in on the non-vegetarian market, so that when they find out it's not meat, they're pleasantly surprised and buy more. That'd also explain the move to a more "meaty" and bold font. (Pun intended)
  14. Zeus89725

    nevermore//baltimore ravens redesign

    While I like it a lot, I'd make the beak more "Drawn out" like it is on the current logo, if that makes sense. Bring it back towards the back of the head and make it larger. Other than that this is pretty perfect.