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  1. So... You? Anyways, I forgot to mention above that I think the badge looks good. It's probably just me, though.
  2. I'm a fan of the whole new identity. I think it all looks great.
  3. The Kings jerseys look awesome to me. I always enjoyed that logo. All these look really good, just to echo what has been said above.
  4. These... Make me think of this...
  5. I agree that the exterior is bad, but the inside and jumbotron look fine, at least to me.
  6. I'm actually a fan of Barclays' architecture. I'm especially a fan of the oculus in the front. The interior looks gorgeous when the Nets are playing. I love the non-circular feel of it, I think the seating looks good, the scoreboard fits, and it's just a good looking arena. However... When the Isles are playing, everything takes a turn for the worst. The scoreboard is offcenter, the good looking seating disappears on half the arena, and the perfectness of it all falls apart. On a different note, I love the Pepsi Center. I go for hockey games every now and again, and I love the way it all works. Maybe it's because I grew up watching hockey there, but the arena is just pleasing to me. Even the weird glass entries on the outside of the arena look good to me. It's unique.
  7. denver

    This was @JJ Anderes' and my entry into the HJC Pairs comp. We ended up winning it, so thanks to HJC and all who voted! Anyways, let's dig into this. The concept was to make some logos and uniforms for a future all star game. We chose to put the NHL's All Star game in Denver, Colorado. Below are JJ's logos, and my uniforms. It was a lot of fun working with JJ, and he definitely made some incredible logos. Thanks for watching!
  8. I think the jerseys were done really well, and had the Pairs Comp been a competition of only jerseys, this would've had a real shot. The logo seems like a good idea, but the text is what kills it for me. It seems like a generic font that's just kind of thrown in. The tower in the back that's hard to see overcomplicates things a bit, too. The star/leaf/cowboy hat was really good, though. That part of it is really well executed, and is genius. The jerseys are definitely the stronger side of this. I especially like the OHL's, because you incorporated the stripes of the logo in it. Nice job with those.
  9. I like the design, but I don't like the navy. Replace that with their brighter blue and you're gold.
  10. The Sens are absolutely gorgeous. I don't know why, but the Habs just don't look good to me. I'd just get rid of the chest stripe and go for something completely new.
  11. Those jerseys are absolutely gorgeous. Well done!
  12. Let the moderators do the moderating. Anyways, I think these designs are good! I'd make the gradient a little smaller on the first kit, if that makes sense. Still really professional looking, and good. I'm excited to see where this series progresses! It already looks really good.
  13. I'd take the second one, just because it's unique and looks good. Nice improvement over the course of this thread!
  14. Something along these lines? Not a huge update, as I wanted to keep a lot of the blue, but I changed part of the building. I'm not a huge fan, but if you guys are, that's good.
  15. These Montreal Maroons sweaters are better than the Canadiens jerseys, imo. If they were still around, the Maroons would most likely be the best dressed team in the league.