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  1. WissX

    Logos that Look Alike

  2. This reminds me of my pepsi rebranding I did in art.
  3. WissX

    Teams Due for a Rebrand

    id just give milwaukee a new look
  4. WissX

    Logos that Look Alike

    In 100 years when you win your next world seriess? but to the point All 3 different teams
  5. WissX

    Logos that Look Alike

    You see the cubs fly the flag when an "L" is taken. The two logos show no coloration, if you made it a dark blue instead of light blue id be agreeing And whos winning the division?
  6. You can make out an M and B for Milwaukee and Brewers I am dreading this logo every day, cool in concept but now the era is over and its trying to be revived its just eh
  7. WissX

    Logos that Look Alike

    The cubs always seem to be flying the L and I see some similarities
  8. WissX

    Logos that Look Alike

    there is some connection between the two.
  9. WissX

    Unity Leauge

    Logos are being made they arnt standard logos they resmeble something of the island or country
  10. WissX

    Unpopular Opinions

    Posession of this logo should result in immitate disporval from parents.
  11. WissX

    Unity Leauge

    January 2nd 301 Logos Established for the Leagues, and contracts have been proposed Blue Red Antarctica Polynesia USA Germany Atlantis Austrailia And the Logos
  12. WissX

    Unity Leauge

    Thanks ill adjust as needed.
  13. WissX

    Custom NCAA Courts

    Better than me
  14. WissX

    Unity Leauge

    The Year is 3019 The only peace in the world is through Baseball And the design didn't translate well over 1000 years. The Union League is the Official Baseball Organization In this place there is only Baseball and odd mix-ups in the game here is the Red and Blue Division The Logos may look rather odd* There will be a starting of 4 teams per division. Will go to 32 Click Here to suggest what country or fake one you want** All rankings will be done through random.org and any * This thread is to help me improve my design and change it I might stick with the style for the current logo ** Just add what colors you think would be good and any other info League Logo
  15. WissX

    Logos that Look Alike