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  1. Really like these especially the Clippers, Spurs, and Timberwolves. Keep up the great work!
  2. New: New Orleans Saints by Adidas (tried to make the jerseys similar to the Update: Las Vegas Raiders, WavePunter thank you for the helmet stripe and alternate number suggestion Leave comments and requests for who you want next!
  3. ODUMonarchs I see what you are saying but I wanted to keep it as close to their classic uniform as possible. HoopsCoach55 The uniform on the right would be their color rush/alternate, I was trying to go for a look similar to their color rush this year
  4. Haven't posted on this thread for a while but here are the Las Vegas Raider by Under Armour Leave comments and requests for who you want next!
  5. These are looking pretty sweet, great idea! You should do Gonzaga.
  6. These are great! Currently using the WSU one as my wallpaper.
  7. Holiday bowl on point! Thanks for making these!
  8. nfl2 update

    I really like this idea and looking forward to see what you come up with for the rest of the logos/uniforms. The only thing I would think to change is to make the under armour logo quite a bit smaller on the jersey.
  9. All of the names and logos you made are great!
  10. Here are the logos and word marks for the Toronto Troopers.
  11. Could I join as the Toronto Troopers?
  12. *Vikings Update* I like the purple pants much better thanks for the suggestion staatsbrett
  13. *Panthers Update* Kept the white number but changed the pant colors Thanks for the suggestion Germanshepherd
  14. Jets by Nike up next Added a Faux back set as an alternate Leave comments and requests!