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  1. Pac-12 confirms commissioner Larry Scott met with Houston AD Hunter Yurachek http://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/heat-index/2016/07/18/report-houston-ad-meets-pac-12-commissioner/87267164/
  2. Not sure if these got posted, but a couple of Adidas schools are getting "Iced Out" hoops unis...they "light up" when hit w/ camera flashes. https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video/CTtQeclVAAAhoIU.mp4
  3. Another detail related to ASU's Special Unis...however my lips are sealed.
  4. Like it, but don't LOVE it...can't we just get the centennial crest and call it a day?
  5. This is the uni I had the opportunity to see the other day....fairly clean but shock web is more visible in person. Best part is removal of "ASU" from sleeves.
  6. I have seen one of the unis...thankfully not as bad as what Adidas has released in recent days. From what has been shared with me, what was shown to players/coaches was not everything Adidas has in store for ASU. I'm taking that as there's probably a special combo saved up for the future...maybe Oregon or Territorial Cup.
  7. Arizona State Adidas unis will be unveiled on Thursday 7.30
  8. As an Arizonan and ASU fan, I am legitimately frightened for what will happen. I expect a simple good looking uniform completely RUINED BY STUPID ADIDAS GIMMICKS GAH I HATE YOU SHOCKWEB Working at the university, I have seen a few templates/mock-ups and so far nothing too concerning...but having seen other schools and knowing that I haven't seen everything...I am growing more and more nervous.
  9. <sarcasm> All these Adidas releases make me excited to see what they have in store for ASU </sarcasm>
  10. Newcastle 3rd...continuing the awful kit train....and the wrong/old Wonga logo.
  11. Better than the current home set, but not a huge fan...they should look decent on the pitch playing in the Championship.
  12. I actually like (not love) the home kit, but that away kit is AWFUL...I new NUFC would get stuck with it when the generic template leaked a while back. The third photo is actually the "members" kit and not the 3rd kit, so I'm guessing we'll get to see a whole new horrendous Puma creation in the near future.