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  1. Sure could use a coach of his quality and character these days...RIP Coach
  2. Knew the day would come, but still feels weird... https://www.nhl.com/news/coyotes-decline-contract-captain-shane-doan/c-289994044
  3. This was the case but home/away jerseys now have patches on both shoulders
  4. Was holding out hope that Newcastle Brown would return as sponsor, but alas...a nice kit ruined by an awful sponsor.
  5. If the Cardinals ever left AZ I would probably pay less attention to the NFL honestly...probably just watch more college football and hockey.
  6. The lower portions of sections 104 - 108 are retractable to allow for staging...not a whole lot of retractable, but some.
  7. Great points. By no means did I ever expect the collective fandom of NHL fans (of other teams) living in metro PHX to play a significant factor (monetary or vocal) in keeping the team here and/or a new arena (outside of purchasing tickets)...looking back maybe "support" was too strong of a word. For the most part it is just an interesting and odd dynamic to see/hear opposing fans say the Yotes should leave (and I get it to a degree), but by default you are calling for a team to leave and thus end your ability to see your team once/twice a year and/or NHL hockey.
  8. Much appreciated gents. I've joined the ESPN and Yahoo pools.
  9. I haven't chimed in since I am biased as an avid fan/ticket holder, but what I always find the most interesting is the lack of support from non-Yotes fans that have relocated to the valley. I do not expect them to support the team from a fan standpoint, but from a hockey standpoint. I get the history/funding/"better" locations/etc. arguments, and in relation to Phoenix transplants they rightfully support their teams, but if the Coyotes leave, regardless of who you support, you will have no professional hockey.
  10. The Neil & Stan SportsCenter is the only program I can watch these days. I was cautiously optimistic when FS1 brought Jay & Dan from TSN, but Fox ruined that like they do everything else. Side bar: Any Canadian or Northern US gents on the boards know how I can watch TSN online now that Jay & Dan are heading back?
  11. Yeaaaaah...they're probably going to get a phone call about this.
  12. ASU sporting their Adidas Hardwood Classic unis tonight...early 60s era.