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  1. If the Cardinals ever left AZ I would probably pay less attention to the NFL honestly...probably just watch more college football and hockey.
  2. The lower portions of sections 104 - 108 are retractable to allow for staging...not a whole lot of retractable, but some.
  3. Great points. By no means did I ever expect the collective fandom of NHL fans (of other teams) living in metro PHX to play a significant factor (monetary or vocal) in keeping the team here and/or a new arena (outside of purchasing tickets)...looking back maybe "support" was too strong of a word. For the most part it is just an interesting and odd dynamic to see/hear opposing fans say the Yotes should leave (and I get it to a degree), but by default you are calling for a team to leave and thus end your ability to see your team once/twice a year and/or NHL hockey.
  4. Much appreciated gents. I've joined the ESPN and Yahoo pools.
  5. I haven't chimed in since I am biased as an avid fan/ticket holder, but what I always find the most interesting is the lack of support from non-Yotes fans that have relocated to the valley. I do not expect them to support the team from a fan standpoint, but from a hockey standpoint. I get the history/funding/"better" locations/etc. arguments, and in relation to Phoenix transplants they rightfully support their teams, but if the Coyotes leave, regardless of who you support, you will have no professional hockey.
  6. The Neil & Stan SportsCenter is the only program I can watch these days. I was cautiously optimistic when FS1 brought Jay & Dan from TSN, but Fox ruined that like they do everything else. Side bar: Any Canadian or Northern US gents on the boards know how I can watch TSN online now that Jay & Dan are heading back?
  7. Yeaaaaah...they're probably going to get a phone call about this.
  8. ASU sporting their Adidas Hardwood Classic unis tonight...early 60s era.
  9. Pac-12 confirms commissioner Larry Scott met with Houston AD Hunter Yurachek http://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/heat-index/2016/07/18/report-houston-ad-meets-pac-12-commissioner/87267164/
  10. Not sure if these got posted, but a couple of Adidas schools are getting "Iced Out" hoops unis...they "light up" when hit w/ camera flashes. https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video/CTtQeclVAAAhoIU.mp4
  11. Another detail related to ASU's Special Unis...however my lips are sealed.
  12. Like it, but don't LOVE it...can't we just get the centennial crest and call it a day?
  13. This is the uni I had the opportunity to see the other day....fairly clean but shock web is more visible in person. Best part is removal of "ASU" from sleeves.