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  1. fyp
  2. To @Ice_Cap and all the other Leafs fans out there: GGs. That was one heck of a series. 6 games, each decided by one goal? You can't ask for more. You guys are going to be very, very good very, very soon. It wouldn't surprise me at all if you guys won the Cup before we did. Now, the Penguins. I'm calling Pens in 6 (Also, if you guys need a bandwagon, feel free to join. TBH the Caps winning it all will be just as much of a success/underdog story than if the Leafs won it )
  3. I noticed that too - when I just saw his avatar next to the forum name I thought I still had the most recent comment lol
  4. How about that - Freddy Anderson makes save after shining save and it's a net mouth scramble that beats him.
  5. That Saltiest Playoff Fan Award™ is looking like it's got my name on it after that goal. What a way to concede.
  6. About this - almost everyone that talks about this series for even 10 minutes has said how well the Leafs' kids have held up, how well they've handled adversity, etc. - and rightfully so. For someone looking in on this series from the outside, it makes sense. But as a Caps fan, this has been totally expected. From the moment the Leafs scored 5 mins into G1 I knew this would be just like last year, where the Caps have a real fight on their hands in Round 1. It's so Caps to have to really grind in Round 1 when nobody expects them to.
  7. Not an understatement to say that it was a huge turning point for Buck and the franchise. The next year we did good for the first time in forever and clinched a playoff spot
  8. It's K, Kadri hit Ovi below the belt in the first, Ovi couldn't put weight on it skating to the dressing room, and ol' Nazem got a 2 minute minor for it. EDIT: And Kadri just flopped to earn the Leafs another power play. Like I know I'm salty rn, and tbh I like a lot of the Leafs' players, but goodness I hate Kadri. Komarov too.
  9. Ubaldo Jimenez and Wade Miley just threw back to back gems. WHAT
  11. So the refs waved off a Caps goal for goalie interference. That's fine - there was contact from Backstrom and all, perfectly reasonable initial call. Trots reviews it - and it seems pretty clear that Backstrom was trying to get out of being held by Jake Gardiner, yet they still call it no goal, goalie interference. If if we lose this game I'm taking that Saltiest Playoff Fan™ award. EDIT: Aaaaand they're within one. I can feel it coming. EDIT pt. 2: OH THANK GOODNESS
  12. Lots of salty fans in this thread... idk guys, i think i might just have the best claim to the award of Saltiest NHL PLayoff Fan™. Down 2-1 to an 8 seed in the first round for our 3rd straight "year", scoring 3 goals in every game this series yet losing 2 games, and having to excruciatingly watch another mental collapse in a team that's capable of a lot better... (honestly at this point i wouldn't even call it saltiness on my part, just this dull sense of dread, hoping for the inevitable to not happen)
  13. I'm a noted pessimist/realist when it comes to sports, but I just don't see how the caps make it out of this one, both from a hockey standpoint and a mental standpoint.