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  1. Avs and Canes look amazing. As for the Caps... very disappointing to see essentially no change. But HOLY COW the Devils and Preds. RIP.
  2. I'm pretty sure the Caps will be leaving Phillip Grubauer unprotected. The Caps have way too many skaters that are far more valuable to the team than Grubauer to leave them unprotected. Grubauer is young and has proven he can succeed when called upon. He could be Vegas' netminder for years IMO.
  3. Northern Gaming takes home the Season 3 Rocket League World Championship after finishing 3rd the previous two seasons. What's really cool about their run is that they were using a sub for the entire three days!
  4. Poor Gigi Buffon didn't deserve that. Was really pulling for Juve. That was disgusting from Ramos, btw.
  5. I may be in the minority in this one, but I really like this kit. I love black-and-green combos and i think this one works well, excpet for that white spot below the collar.
  6. Guys, just don't let this result distract you from... ...the fact that the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead. lol old memes ftw
  7. Ehhh... not awful. I like the PL's kit font waaaaaaay more.
  8. I'm not opposed to league-wide kit fonts, especially if the league-wide font is good (see: 2017-18 Premier League). But this doesn't look that good, especially on that Valenica kit. Who knows, hopefully it'll look better on the Barca kit.
  9. This League is no fun.
  10. This is my 3rd Rite of Spring, and I'm almost positive I've never seen as many mod edits in one of these threads.
  11. As a Caps fan, you get used to it.
  12. Man CIty just signed Monaco star Bernardo Silva for 43 million pounds (I think). Anything but the title has to be a failure for them next year.
  13. I don't mind that, you know. The red on the shoulders works surprisingly well imo.
  14. Right, I totally forgot about this, but about 2 months ago I was walking around in a strip mall waiting for my haircut appointment. I walked over to a place that had a pretty cool sports store in it. I spotted a sewn-on, authentic looking purple Shannon Sharpe jersey from the 2000s. I asked the guy behind the counter how much he wanted for it, he said it wasn't his but that another guy was actually selling it. I asked the seller how much he wanted for it, and he said $75. It's not exactly "Thrift Store," but I consider it a good deal for that jersey. Pics to come once I get home.