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  1. I don't mind that, you know. The red on the shoulders works surprisingly well imo.
  2. Right, I totally forgot about this, but about 2 months ago I was walking around in a strip mall waiting for my haircut appointment. I walked over to a place that had a pretty cool sports store in it. I spotted a sewn-on, authentic looking purple Shannon Sharpe jersey from the 2000s. I asked the guy behind the counter how much he wanted for it, he said it wasn't his but that another guy was actually selling it. I asked the seller how much he wanted for it, and he said $75. It's not exactly "Thrift Store," but I consider it a good deal for that jersey. Pics to come once I get home.
  3. Right, 15 days later, better late than never I guess. Holy cow. 2,000 posts. I joined here on March 31, 2015. It has been over two years since I joined. The time has flown by. Here are some of my most memorable moments from these last 2,000 posts: Roasting Brendan Rodgers and the obsession over Klopp in the 2015-16 Football Thread "Captain Punctuation's" Think tank thread (positive memes only guys) Making a thread for a CCSLC baseball HOF vote - and coming pretty close to the actual vote iirc Experiencing the last 3 disappointing Caps runs in the NHL Playoffs thread Getting (rightfully) roasted by @Ice_Cap for fawning over Ovechkin after 500 goals And many, many more that I can't think of right now. Being on these boards has been an asbolute blast. Thanks to Chris and the mods for making it such an enjoyable experience. Here's to 2,000 more.
  4. For anyone who's interested, the Rocket League Championship Series grand final is next weekend (June 3-4). If you're interested in seeing some amazing 3v3 Rocket League, check it out.
  5. Hey @Silent Wind of Doom, it's that time of year again . Can I get the Caps' division title and President's Trophy from this past season? Could I also get Liverpool's League Cup/Carling Cup/Capital one Cup/Whatever Cup? Thanks in advance my man.
  6. Ugh why did I have to remember that (lol jk I've literally thought about that every single time I see the Predators play)
  7. Now you can truly experience what it was like to be a Caps fan in the 2017 playoffs.
  8. I have no idea, on either front. IMO as long as the font's good (it is in the PL) I don't really care.
  9. I'm not complaining
  10. Every Liverpool player yesterday was technically in the "wrong" uniform. It's a tradition (apparently) in England that if a team releases next season's kit during their current season, they wear next season's kit on the last home game of the season. Since the Premier League is getting a new number font next season, these pictures are technically "wrong." For comparison, new number font:
  11. Looking back on my early season predictions from this thread. Nailed some: Others, not so much:
  12. Liverpool through to the Champions League again! Let's goooooooo!
  13. This is a massacre. Holy cow. Boston doesn't even have 30 points with 2:30 left in the half. Whoo boy.
  14. 5-0 sens after 40. That's what I like to see right there.