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  1. Crabcake47

    Favorite jersey number?

    My favorite number would probably have to be 8, just because so many great players from my team have worn it - Cal Ripken Jr., Alex Ovechkin, and Steven Gerrard being the headliners. 24 is a close second. I also like 17, 7, and 81.
  2. Crabcake47

    2018 NFL Season

    How is this man still a head coach?
  3. Crabcake47

    2018 NFL Season

    Let’s not forget too that this is a man who is 9-39 in three years as a head coach in the NFL. Not sure how he hasn’t been fired. EDIT: Dang, Cosmic kinda beat me to it!
  4. Crabcake47

    International Football 2018-2019

    West Ham have the talent to get to where they were in that one glorious season they had with Payet, but because they have so many new talented players coming in at once, they need time to gel. It won’t happen overnight.
  5. Crabcake47

    Football and CTE

  6. Crabcake47

    2018 MLB Season

    I put the “modern” caveat on my post because Jones certainly does not stack up against some of the great players this organization fielded, especially in the 60’s and 70’s. But he is the closest thing the Orioles have had to a legend since Cal. I’ve been an Orioles fan since 2000. In 18 seasons, they have made the playoffs three times and have been competitive for the vast minority of those seasons. Jones was part of the core that actually let this city experience success with its baseball team again. He’s been very involved in the community. And yes, he’s on a steep decline now, but he had a stretch, as you mentioned, where he was a consistent presence at the plate. He won four Gold Gloves and a Silver Slugger. He’s a class act on and off the field, and has been with this organization for 11 years now through thick and thin. On a consistently contending team he wouldn’t stand out. But his longevity, loyalty, presence in the community, and overall classiness have made him the closest thing we’ve had to a legend in a long time. Number retirement may be going a little too far, especially considering some of the great players who came before him who haven’t had their number retired. But Jones stands alone in my mind in terms of the best Orioles over the last decade and a half.
  7. Crabcake47

    2018 MLB Season

    It’s a new era in Birdland, as one of the Orioles’ top prospects, Cedric Mullins, has been called up and is making his MLB debut today. The catch? Mullins plays CF, the position played by modern Orioles legend Adam Jones. So Jones is playing RF today for the first time since 2007 and had this to say on Twitter. We don’t deserve him. I hope he stays in Baltimore forever, rebuilds be darned. No one should wear #10 again.
  8. NFL: Browns MLB: Rays NHL: Hurricanes PL (no divisions, one whole league but since I’m a Liverpool fan, I’ll go Top Six): Spurs NBA (not a huge Wiz fan but I’ll answer regardless): Hornets
  9. Crabcake47

    International Football 2018-2019

    So glad the Premier League is back, even if it started with a United win can’t wait to see the Reds back in action on Sunday. Bold prediction: Naby Keita is going to take this league by storm.
  10. Crabcake47

    International Football 2018-2019

    Chelsea are losing probably one of top 3-5 players in Courtois, have a new manager, and could lose their best player within a year or two. They still have Drinkwater and Bakayoko on their books, clogging up the pipeline for players such as RLC. They have a new manager who is know for all our attack, which can be torn to shreds by counter attacking teams like Liverpool. They are teetering for sure, despite a dynamite midfield trio of Jorginho-Kante-Kovacic. And with third season syndrome sure to kick in at Man Utd sooner rather than later, and Arsenal having a good window with a fresh manager I could very easily see Man U and Chelsea finishing outside the Top 6. Big predictions: Top 6 (in order): City, Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal, United, Chelsea Relegated: Cardiff, Huddersfield, Southampton Golden Boot: Harry Kane PFA POTY: Kevin De Bruyne PFA YPOTY: Ryan Sessegnon
  11. Crabcake47

    Unpopular Opinions

    I’ll go one further and say that the Ravens’ entire look is really good, especially with white pants. Across the board.
  12. Crabcake47

    Popular Defunct Teams

    TIL that the Whalers literally played in a mall.