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  1. I feel ashamed, to be honest. LUL So yeah, I'd say Unitas bumps out Reed. And I'd say Palmer slots in nicely at #5 ahead of guys like Reed, Suggs, Frank Robinson, and Phelps because he's the only Orioles player to win 3 rings with the team.
  2. Pretty sure this has been done, but I'll play along. Baltimore - Ray Lewis, Cal Ripken, Jr., Brooks Robinson, Ed Reed, Jim Palmer
  3. Equates to just under 200m pounds. Current world record is Pogba to Man Utd last summer for 89m. I'd say that's the biggest example of market insanity, but...
  4. Huzzah! The O's won a game!
  5. Love NYR home/road, but the alt is too similar to the home imo. Maybe try incorporating navy blue or the lady liberty logo somehow?
  6. You know it's gonna be quality when it's a Lycan38 series. Great work as always my man, you're one of my favorite designers on here. Can't wait to see what you do with my Caps.
  7. Imagine Dragons' new album Evolve is pretty fantastic imo, but my personal favorite (besides the 3 that had already been released) is Rise Up. I love that chorus.
  8. Ah ok, i thought i had heard some varying reports around the time of the deal.
  9. Didn't post about it but Liverpool signed Mohamed Salah while I took an unofficial break on here. Various reports about the fee, anywhere from £35m to a club record £36.9m. Great signing IMO.
  10. Also the Caps signed Dmitry Orlov to a 6 year deal today. Good young defensemen, really improved this year, nice deal. Also, Jaromir Jagr reportedly isn't getting any calls in free agency... do it Mac. We need someone to replace Justin "Mr-Game-7-if-he-cant-help-us-in-the-playoffs-then-who-can" WIlliams. Could probably get him on the cheap too. Would be one heck of a story if Jagr, who pretty much was mutually unhappy in DC in the early 2000s, came back and got us over the hump.
  11. Avs and Canes look amazing. As for the Caps... very disappointing to see essentially no change. But HOLY COW the Devils and Preds. RIP.
  12. I'm pretty sure the Caps will be leaving Phillip Grubauer unprotected. The Caps have way too many skaters that are far more valuable to the team than Grubauer to leave them unprotected. Grubauer is young and has proven he can succeed when called upon. He could be Vegas' netminder for years IMO.