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  1. 2017 NFL Season

    Ravens offense looked awful today. Both TDs were from special teams. We're streaking towards a rebuild.
  2. 2017 MLB Postseason Thread

    YES Astros! 2-0!!!!!
  3. Premier League Weekly Pick 'Em

    Hey @MJWalker45 I just noticed that you bolded and underlined both Swansea and Huddersfield. Do you remember who your pick was? be honest EDIT: If you can't, that's alright, I'll just count it as a draw.
  4. International Football 2017-2018

    LOL united. Playing against the Top 6’s worst defense with Lukaku, Martial, and Co. and Mourinho plays for a scoreless draw. Cowards.
  5. 2017 MLB Postseason Thread

    The last time a big 4 D.C. Sports franchise (aka not D.C. United) won a title was the 1991 NFL Franchise. I'm convinced that there won't be another one until Dan Snyder is gone. I feel bad for full time D.C. sports fans who have to deal with the Caps, Nats, Wizards, and the football team year round. I at least get a break with the Ravens and Orioles.
  6. Winter of Discontent: The 2017-18 NHL Season

    Basically, yeah. We can't change our team's results. We've just gotta take it on the chin. The basic rule of trash talk is if you can't take it, don't give it.
  7. Premier League Weekly Pick 'Em

    Here are my picks/explanations: Liverpool v. Man United - Oh how it pains me to do this. If we can't stop Joselu from scoring, what are we going to do against Romelu Lukaku? Man United look too good for a Sadio Mane-less Liverpool right now. Burnley v. West Ham - I don't trust West Ham, and they're on the road. Plus, Burnley are in 6th right now. Crystal Palace v. Chelsea - Alvaro Morata looked really good before his injury, and Chelsea still can compete for the title. Crystal Palace need a miracle to avoid relegation this year. Man City v. Stoke - City have to be favorites for the title. KDB looks unstoppable at the moment. Swansea v. Huddersfield - Huddersfield have had a great start to their maiden PL campaign, and I think it'll continue. Swansea aren't that good either. Tottenham v. Bournemouth - Spurs have an incredible, young core and Pochettino is an excellent manager. They'll handle the Cherries easily at "home." Watford v. Arsenal - Arsenal have also looked very good recently. Watford won't be able to stop Lacazette and co. Brighton v. Everton - Koeman could be managing for his job here, and Everton aren't bad enough to lose against Brighton. Southampton v. Newcastle - Southampton are on poor form and Newcastle have a sneaky good side. Leicester v. West Brom - West Brom have a lot more talent than you'd initially think. They will get a W in Leicester.
  8. So I know we're still in the midst of the international break but as the weeks will typically reset on Tuesdays I wanted to get this started today. Hopefully you 7 who said you wanted to do it in the poll were serious . Basically the way it works is this: Liverpool v. Man United You must pick a team to win, no draws (will be explained later). The bolded team is the team you think will win. If you guess correctly, you get 3 points. If the other team wins, you get 0 points. In the event of a draw, you will get 1 point no matter who won. At the end of every week I'll tally up the points total and enter it into a spreadsheet. I know we're 8 weeks into the season, but the season is long enough I thought we could still do it. Have at it! Here are this week's fixtures: Liverpool v. Man United Burnley v. West Ham Crystal Palace v. Chelsea Man City v. Stoke Swansea v. Huddersfield Tottenham v. Bournemouth Watford v. Arsenal Brighton v. Everton Southampton v. Newcastle Leicester v. West Brom
  9. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Philadelphia vs. Carolina - Carson Wentz looks like the real deal and he actually has a running game and weapons this time. Miami vs. Atlanta - The Falcons are rested and have one of the NFL's best offenses. Won't be close. Cleveland vs. Houston - I picked Cleveland last week. Never again. Plus Deshaun Watson and stuff. Detroit vs. New Orleans - This one is really tough to call. I'm going New Orleans literally because they're the home team. Green Bay vs. Minnesota - Aaron Rodgers is elite. Case Keenum is servicable at best. Need I say more? Chicago vs. Baltimore - Don't get me wrong, the Ravens are a bang-average football team with a bad offense, but Chicago is quite bad themselves. Plus, a rookie quarterback, on the road in Baltimore behind a porous offensive line doesn't bode well. New England vs. NY Jets - The Jets, after a run of poor losing form, will get back on the tanking track this week against Tom Brady. San Francisco vs. Washington - I'm still not convinced by Washington at all but San Francisco is a bad team on the road. Tampa Bay vs. Arizona - If you've been following my picks, you know I really don't think the Cardinals are a good football team. Jameis could very well pick them apart. LA Rams vs. Jacksonville - Jared Goff is a better overall QB than Bortles but this game will ultimately come down to defense, and the Jags' defense is elite. LA Chargers vs. Oakland - If Carr is back from injury, it won't be close. If it's E.J. Manuel starting, it'll be close but ultimately I think Oakland will pull it out. Pittsburgh vs. Kansas City - I don't see the Chiefs losing anytime soon. Plus, Big Ben may be washed up (finally) and the Steelers sometimes struggle on the road. NY Giants vs. Denver - The Giants were bad before they lost OBJ and Brandon Marshall for the season. Now they will be extra-bad facing an elite Broncos defense and pass rush. This could get ugly. Indianapolis vs. Tennessee - Matt Cassell is bad but the Colts are really bad. Until they have a fully healthy Andrew Luck under center (despite the fact that Brissett is actually a competent QB), I ain't picking them.
  10. 2017 MLB Postseason Thread

    I'm not gonna lie, I've got a sickening feeling that the Yankees are gonna pull this series out of their butts.
  11. 2017 MLB Postseason Thread

    The Astros are through! Now if Cleveland can get its crap together tonight I will legitimately not care who goes through. Even the Dodgers, who would be third in "Teams I Don't Want to Win the World Series," haven't won since '88, so I'll give them a pass this time.
  12. Thrift Store Gems 2017

    Every time I read this thread I get really depressed that the only thing I have near me that might even have a slim chance of having any finds like these is a Marshalls and TJ Maxx.
  13. 2017 MLB Postseason Thread

    Can the plan that has been executed countless times for, let's see, about 5 years, be considered bold anymore?
  14. Winter of Discontent: The 2017-18 NHL Season

    Ovi just bagged another hat trick. Caps 4-0 over the Habs after one.