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  1. Crabcake47

    2018 NFL Season

    Wow, what a freaking game between the Ravens and Chiefs. We really should’ve won that but I don’t mind it too much considering we gave one of the NFL’s top 3 teams a serious run for their money. Gotta cut down on the mistakes though. 100+ penalty yards and a deep in our own territory fumble are absolute killers.
  2. In the lounge, tell us a joke thread. Communications Inc.&trackid=20181208114434577#
  3. Crabcake47

    2018-19 NHL Season

    This is probably especially the case in hockey, but I feel like this happens in a lot of sports. Listen to the postgame interview that FOX or CBS does at the end of an NFL game. I watched one recently with Drew Brees, who’s probably one of my favorite non-Ravens players, and I don’t think he said one non-cliche thing.
  4. Crabcake47

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Jacksonville vs. Tennessee NY Jets vs. Buffalo Carolina vs. Cleveland Atlanta vs. Green Bay Baltimore vs. Kansas City New England vs. Miami New Orleans vs. Tampa Bay NY Giants vs. Washington Indianapolis vs. Houston Cincinnati vs. LA Chargers Denver vs. San Francisco Philadelphia vs. Dallas Pittsburgh vs. Oakland Detroit vs. Arizona LA Rams vs. Chicago Minnesota vs. Seattle
  5. Crabcake47

    2018 NFL Season

  6. Crabcake47

    NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    Totally agree. The “Free Wilson” sentiment was huge after his suspension to start the season (which btw I think was totally justified). I think Caps fans almost feel like the league has something against him or something. I don’t get it.
  7. Crabcake47

    2018 NFL Season

    Is he a good passer right now? No. He missed tons of open receivers. He turns the ball over too much. He has flaws. But his talents and strengths have opened up so much for this Ravens team, so he deserves some credit. The run game has improved exponentially, meaning more TOP and a fresher defense. Does he deserve all the credit? Heck no. Does he deserve some credit? Absolutely. In addition, what better option do the Ravens have? Flacco hasn’t played, and virtually practiced, in over a month. RGIII isn’t ready to start yet. Lamar’s a project, everyone knew it. Give it time, his throwing should improve but for now he’s won 3 in a row. You gotta ride this out, at least for now.
  8. Crabcake47

    2018 NFL Season

    Saw this on Twitter. The Pack have two Super Bowls out of 27 seasons of Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. I know some organizations would kill for two SBs, but it’s frankly kinda inexcusable when you have two quarterbacks in a row who have been among their generation’s best at the position, maybe better. Mike McCarthy has been around for 13 of those years.
  9. Crabcake47

    International Football 2018-2019

    What a crazy Merseyaide derby. Shame I missed the game, I can’t imagine my reaction if I saw that goal live. Also:
  10. Crabcake47

    2018 NFL Season

    I still think the Ravens defense is overrated. But holy cow that was a dominating performance today.
  11. Crabcake47

    NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    No. But it’s Tom Wilson. If anyone in the NHL has a reputation, it’s him. Having watched the hit myself, I feel like it looked way worse in real time. For most people that’s probably a two or five minute penalty, that’s it. Here’s the conclusion that I come to every time with one of these Wilson hits. Regardless of whether he deserves the punishment for his latest hit, the guy’s got to know better. He’s extremely valuable to this team - we play much, much better with him in the lineup than without him. Knowing this, he needs to dial it way back and not even come close to the line because if he does his reputation will carry him over it. Most Caps fans defend Wilson to a fault and it’s infuriating to me because he does deserve a lot of the punishments he gets, and even though I like him in the lineup because we play better with him, he doesn’t have a good head between his shoulders. He’s immature and needs to realize that his actions are dumb and are hurting his team. He’ll be out of the league before he knows it if he can’t stop.
  12. Crabcake47

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Great MLS Cup matchup. Two soccer-crazy cities that will bring the noise and be really stoked about winning it. I’m kind of pulling for Atlanta because I’ve always kinda rooted for them because of how good I think they are for the league, but I’ll still be fine if Portland wins.
  13. Crabcake47

    2018-19 NBA Season

    Has there ever been a Notre Dame graduate in history that doesn’t like to remind people they went to Notre Dame?
  14. Crabcake47

    2018 NFL Season

    Reading more about the whole Washington/Foster situation as well as listening to it some on the radio today. It all leads to one conclusion: What an absolute joke of a franchise.