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  1. By the way, everyone, all teams posted in this forum are the product of the 2018-2019 realignment. That means, Liberty Flames (going to FBS in 2018) will be included here, but Idaho Vandals (going to FCS in 2018) will not. Also, I may consider going full Division I, as I might either expand this forum or create a new one for FCS.
  2. I used "The Ville" in reference to these past black uniforms: Also, for the FBS Independents, I will add Liberty Flames football since they will transfer to FBS soon. I have not done Liberty yet, but I may post Army and BYU first.
  3. I might consider the non-Power 5 conferences first before the Independents. What do you think?
  4. TEXAS A&M There will be one minor fix in Aggies' uniforms: TV numbers go to the uniform's sleeves instead of the undershirt sleeves. Home 1: Home 2: Home 3: Road 1: Road 2: Road 3:
  5. OLE MISS My first agenda for Ole Miss is to fix their white uniforms. Currently, they have two white uniforms, but I wanted them to go back to a solo white uniform. The pant striping has also been modified, and I brought back the gray uniform as one of the options. Home 1: Home 2: Home 3: Road 1: Road 2: Road 3: Alternate 1: Alternate 2: Alternate 3: Alternate 4: Alternate 5:
  6. MISSISSIPPI STATE Basically, I went back to their "ribbon" uniforms, with an additional black uniform. I felt that it's one of the unique uniform designs in college football. Home 1: Home 2: Home 3: Road 1: Road 2: Road 3: Alternate 1: Alternate 2:
  7. LSU Nothing has changed much for the Bayou Bengals, with the exception of striping changes on the white helmets and pants, and the adjustment to the Mach Speed template. Home 1: Home 2: Road 1: Road 2:
  8. AUBURN Since Auburn may have some homework to do when it comes to their striping inconsistency, I decided to base my striping from their logo. I also added navy pants and orange jerseys for more options. Home: Road 1: Road 2: Alternate:
  9. ARKANSAS Just a little modification on the tusk curves, and you've got a much better uniform set for the Razorbacks, in my opinion. Home 1: Home 2: Home 3: Road 1: Road 2: Road 3: Alternate:
  10. ALABAMA Like Penn State, USC, and BYU, Bama belongs to the "uniform untouchables' club". The only changes that I'd done here are the single stripe (pants) instead of two thin stripes, the houndstooth pattern on the striping and the sleeves (tribute to Bear Bryant), and an alternate white helmet. Home 1: Home 2: Road 1: Road 2:
  11. Yeah, I used Colorwerx's Vols color palette, which included that shade of smokey gray. I gotta say, it's too close to black.
  12. VANDERBILT Though Vandy's nickname is connected to a naval theme, the theme for my concept set is all about stars. Stars are scattered all over the sleeves and the pants' striping, but they're not that obvious. I used their basketball number font here, since what they use now (Agency FB) is quite generic. Home 1: Home 2: Home 3: Road 1: Road 2: Road 3: Alternate 1: Alternate 2: Alternate 3:
  13. TENNESSEE Since I could not find a TTF of the current number font, I decided to use the Adidas number font, since it matches the main logo of the Vols. You may not notice this, but all striping feature a subtle checkerboard pattern. As for the smokey gray set, there is only one shade being used, instead of multiple, like what they have now. Home 1: Home 2: Road 1: Road 2: Alternate:
  14. SOUTH CAROLINA The only adjustments that I made for the Gamecocks' uniforms are the bigger stripes on the jerseys and the pants, adjustment of the TV numbers, removal of the logo on the sleeves, and the modification of the main white helmet (to match the garnet and black helmets). Home 1: Home 2: Home 3: Road 1: Road 2: Road 3: Alternate 1: Alternate 2: Alternate 3:
  15. Sorry, I did not notice that you posted it wayyy back... Way back when Color Rush was still inexistent. By the way, your Seahawks concept is very, very great. Maybe, incorporate more blue on the green jersey, like on the numbers and the arch? Just a suggestion...