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  1. WAGNER I gotta say, this concept set is one of my favorites. The pant striping is pretty straightforward, but the sleeve design (the tip of the hawk head logo) really makes this set stand out. Also, black is completely removed from this set, and you might see a little bit of inspiration from the Philadelphia Eagles here.
  2. ST. FRANCIS (PA) Sorry to break your heart, @Seadragon76, but, IMO, the helmet design after the one from 2006-2009 is much better. The striping from that particular helmet became the focal point of the overall design for my Red Flash concept. Red helmet becomes the primary again, with black helmet relegating to alternate.
  3. SACRED HEART The design for my SHU concept is pretty straightforward. I based this design from the team's previous venture into Northwestern stripes. I originally planned on making the stripes on the white jersey, pants, and helmet red-white-gray-white-red, but I went to the current stripe color combo instead.
  4. Yeah, I might have made the numbers on the white jersey red. But I was so inspired by their Wilson set. And also, their white jersey on their Nike set before the UA takeover barely had no red on 'em. By the way, my Duquesne concept only has two helmet choices. Anyway, thank you for your honest insights.
  5. Comments, everyone?
  6. I absolutely love your Chargers concept. Bar none. This comes from a fan of BFBS, although this is an AFAS (anthracite for anthracite's sake) concept. The anthracite is totally necessary for this, given your explanation about lighting bolts. I wish that the blue jersey should have been the primary home jersey, so that traditionalists won't be astrayed. Also, I don't know if fans can stand volt yellow numbers on the white jersey, as proven by the change in number color on Atlanta Hawks' white jersey. But overall, this is a great concept.
  7. ROBERT MORRIS In full honesty, I like RMU's final Wilson uniforms. And with that, I integrated the design from those jerseys to my concept. While the navy helmets are retained, they're relegated to alternate status, as the white helmets are back from the dead.
  8. DUQUESNE Duquesne's first Nike uniform set has similarities to Liberty's final FCS uniform set. I mean, really. The color palette, the fonts, you name it. And so, I made the helmet stripe on their white helmets as the focal point of the overall design, or as some people would put it, the Arizona Wildcats stripes. The red helmet also makes its anticipated return.
  9. NCAA Custom Courts

    Just curious, though, what's all with the fondness with the Star Wars font? I mean, you used that font on Northern Arizona, Marquette, and TCU.
  10. Nike and the Jaguars should have gone to this design. Yeah, I like the simplicity of their new uniforms, but the lack of gold really makes that set look like their practice uniforms. Two thumbs up on your concept.
  11. CENTRAL CONNECTICUT STATE I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of mismatching home and road uniforms on almost all sports. That means that CCSU's 2017 uniforms should have been great if the team stuck to only one design. For this concept, I picked their road uniform as the base, and made the jersey striping become shoulder loops like what's on their home uniforms. Also, no half-logo-half-number helmets are in this concept, like the rest of the concepts I already made. The blue helmet is the primary helmet, while the white has been relegated to alternate.
  12. BRYANT I liked it when Bryant went back to a traditional look. After all, they have been simple-looking for the team's existence (except for their final Nike seasons). With my concept, I somehow maintained that, with the striping on the pants, logo on both sleeves, and the helmet that the team has been wearing since day one. The modern touch here is the use of the Serpentine font on both the front wordmark and the numbers. Three choices for the pants are available.
  13. 4 Major Sports Refresher - LA Kings 5/7

    You used a font that I wanted to have. What's the name of that font? Anyway, this is somehow improved. Just go for all caps, and for the "Basketball", change its orientation (from right-to-bottom to bottom-to-right, ala Detroit Pistons' flaming horse logo).
  14. The NFL (6/32; Bears added)

    Now that Bears concept is something that traditionalists will surely like.
  15. 4 Major Sports Refresher - LA Kings 5/7

    I like your idea for the Jazz, but I think you should thicken the container for the wordmark, because, from a distance, the "Utah Jazz Basketball" doesn't scream. Also, go for a font that is not condensed. Other than that, I love this Jazz concept. By the way, your Magic concept logo became 1000x better with the current colors. Great job!