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  1. It depends. The best example for this is the late Al Davis, who used to be the head coach when he arrived in Oakland, changing the Raiders' overall look to the familiar silver-and-black.
  2. edjb93

    NHL Adidas Concepts

    That's a winning set! I absolutely love it!
  3. edjb93

    NFL Redesign (Broncos Added 5/32)

    Oh, I see what you did there. At first, I thought, why do you have two blacks on the palette? But, I realized that the other "black" is just super dark anthracite. Barely noticeable. Anyway, I agree with others, as you should retain the Panthers' current shade of blue. If you want to retain gold, use yellow instead of old gold.
  4. WOFFORD Keeping the simplistic theme of Wofford's football uniforms, I just added a design taken from the decoration under the "W Wofford" logo to the sleeve cuffs, collars, and pant stripes. I also added white and black pants options as well. Fear not, though, as these should be paired with either black or white jerseys only once or twice in one season.
  5. WESTERN CAROLINA This WCU concept is inspired from their final Russell Athletic uniforms. Also, their custom font deserves to be used on the numbers.
  6. Regarding VMI's fauxback red helmet, I could not find an accurate copy of the 1981 helmet decal online, so I settled on a brush font usually seen on social media posts. Close enough, right?
  7. VMI Initially, I don't know what to conceptualize for VMI, but since it's a military academy, I settled with a chevron-like pattern on the sleeves, while retaining most of the simplistic elements of the uniform, as well as the use of metallic gold. Things got even more interesting with the addition of white pants and a red fauxback helmet, in tribute of their most recent winning season, 1981.
  8. SAMFORD To be honest, I think Samford should bring back the shoulder loops.
  9. edjb93

    BigRed's XFL Predictions (California added)

    If Columbus Crew SC would have an American football uniform, THAT would be absolutely perfect. As for the logo and the wordmark, they have a nice retro feeling. One complaint though, I think you should change the orientation of either one side panel, for the sake of consistency. Take the Detroit Pistons' association (white) uniform as an example, where the blue portion is on the front and the red is on the back.
  10. MERCER I got the inspiration from the jersey "worn" by their inflatable bear entrance, which heavily resembles the one that the Chicago Bears use. I fixed the striping on the white helmet for color balance's sake. The numbers have notches a la Michigan State (except for '1' and '4'), patterned after the MU monogram and their athletic wordmark.
  11. FURMAN I just fixed the striping on Furman's pants, and, voila, we've got a winning set. For contrast's sake, I added purple pants.
  12. EAST TENNESSEE STATE I applied a design for ETSU that you have never seen on any of my concepts: logo on top of sleeve stripes. The Northwestern stripe idea came from the buccaneer hat on the sleeve logo.
  13. edjb93

    Current NBA Courts Tweaked

    I'm not a fan of their new court with the asymmetrical design, so this is a great start on improving that inconsistency. I'd rather have Beale Street blue (lighter blue on the Grizzlies' color palette) than gold as the color for the keys.
  14. What's with the new striping for the Browns? I'm not complaining, it's just too unique, since most Browns hockey jersey concepts use their old sleeve stripes (which should be brought back for good). By the way, I applaud you for using the old bulldog head logo instead of the new one, since this is much better.
  15. All of these are not bad, but there are lots of missed opportunities. The Hotshots should have gone to green helmets instead of gold ones, the "ATL" on the jersey should have been located on the pants instead, and the Apollos' numbers should have gone to a full-shadow effect. What's not good to me are the "logo on one side, number on the other" teams. I'm fine with teams having differently-colored sleeves, and I'm also fine with the Iron going with a blank helmet (much better if the helmet color is iron). I'm gonna have to wait for the real-life versions, as well as the teams' road (and possibly alternate) uniforms before rendering my full judgment.