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  1. UTSA The roadrunner head logo is back on the helmets for good, while the state map logo has been relegated to the pants. Like UTEP, the design is predominantly tapered, even down to the collar and cuffs. Numbers on the navy jerseys gain outlines again, for readability's sake. Home 1: Home 2: Home 3: Road 1: Road 2: Road 3: Alternate 1: Alternate 2: Alternate 3:
  2. UTEP The design for UTEP was inspired from the axe on their logo set and their previous football uniforms. The shade of orange they're currently using is leaning towards golden yellow, but I still used this shade and made it the dominant color, to separate them from UTSA. No more unnecessary gray uniform needed. Home 1: Home 2: Home 3: Road 1: Road 2: Road 3: Alternate 1: Alternate 2: Alternate 3:
  3. UAB I liked UAB's most recent Nike set than their UA set so much, that I decided to retain the dragon scales on the sleeves, though the pattern is toned down on the dark uniforms. Also, the scales make an appearance on the helmet design, and the dragon head logo becomes smaller. Home 1: Home 2: Home 3: Road 1: Road 2: Road 3:
  4. I planned to include the bulldog head before finishing it, maybe on the pants or at the back of the jersey, above the NOB.
  5. Like this bulldog head? http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/r0hn0h8jld48ofnxfqmje7ut1/Louisiana_Tech_Bulldogs/2008/Alternate_Logo
  6. That font you used for the Sonics looks like what will the Cavs use starting next season... I wonder what's the name of that font. But, overall, great concept for the Sonics. The colors are so 90's, but you made them modern yet simple, to fit in the current trend.
  7. Sorry to keeping you bombarded with lots of comments, but you missed the double green Bucks jerseys. http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/7crnwjghkt5sg6rp9zgxkzco7/Milwaukee_Bucks/1987/Home_Uniform http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/u4ay5i0ft6rz7w7fhebh96fe8/Milwaukee_Bucks/1987/Road_Uniform I don't know if the NOB is arched or not.
  8. AFAIK, ever since the NBA went Rev30, the Rockets' numbers do not have shadows anymore. But again, it's all yours to decide.
  9. What's the difference between the 2014-2015 jerseys and the 2015-present ones?
  10. SOUTHERN MISS This concept set was partially based from the 1970's throwbacks worn in 2012. Unlike what they have now, there is a good balance between black and gold in this set. Home 1: Home 2: Home 3: Road 1: Road 2: Road 3: Alternate 1: Alternate 2: Alternate 3:
  11. RICE I created this concept set way before Rice updated their identity, and I'm not changing all the contents, even the wordmark and the owl head logo. The design is very basic, with a little bit of modern touch, thanks to the number font. Home 1: Home 2: Road 1: Road 2:
  12. NORTH TEXAS I was fascinated on the Mean Green's 2013 throwbacks so much, that I made them the basis for the design of this concept set. This design creates a retro yet fan-friendly vibe, echoing the Joe Greene era. The number font may be similar to the Denver Broncos' font, but Unbreakable has similarities to the font for the athletic wordmarks. Black alternates are included in my set, to echo the modern era. Home 1: Home 2: Home 3: Road 1: Road 2: Road 3: Alternate:
  13. LOUISIANA TECH I really wonder why Adidas decided to use the old Atlanta Hawks font for the Bulldogs wordmark and the NOB. Anyway, the font for the Bulldogs wordmark on my concept is based from the one found in their athletic wordmark. Also, the red helmet becomes the primary choice once again, with the white helmet relegated to alternate status. Home 1: Home 2: Home 3: Home 4: Road 1: Road 2: Road 3: Alternate 1: Alternate 2: Alternate 3:
  14. As a fellow Filipino, I wanna say, ang galing mo! That means, "you're great", for the benefit of our non-Filipino speakers here. By the way, the Heat's black uniform went from "Heat" to "Miami" beginning 2012/13. Please refer to this link: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/list_by_team/214/Miami_Heat/ Once again, great work!