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  1. 90s to Now Series

    You're referring to the colors of the Thrashers logo? Those are current Jets' colors.
  2. Well, the reason I decided to end this topic is that I wanted to have a separate forum topic for my FCS concepts. However, I'm still open to edit this topic, in case of manufacturer changes or design changes. Thanks for all the appreciation, and keep those comments coming!
  3. TROY At long last, we've arrived at the final FBS team uniform set that I conceptualized. I went back to the era when swords are integral into the uniform design, and I'm not talking about logos alone. I incorporated the swords on all jersey and pant colorways. And with that, I officially end my FBS concept topic, so have a look at yourselves. Home 1: Home 2: Home 3: Road 1: Road 2: Road 3: Alternate 1: Alternate 2:
  4. TEXAS STATE I added fangs to the basic Texas State football uniforms. Though it's somehow a generic design, I think it suits well with Bobcats football, plus, it's somehow a nod to the Houston Texans' uniforms. In reality, new gold uniforms were added to the mix, but on my concept, I did not. Home 1: Home 2: Home 3: Road 1: Road 2: Road 3:
  5. SOUTH ALABAMA There's nothing really special with my South Alabama concept. Basically, the design centers around "whiskers". The jaguar head logo replaces the Jags wordmark as the helmet logo. Home 1: Home 2: Road 1: Road 2: Road 3: Alternate 1: Alternate 2:
  6. No reply means I gotta move on to my final FBS 3.
  7. Before I move on to my final FBS 3 concepts, what can you say about these concepts so far, people?
  8. I updated my Rutgers concept set with a throwback alternate, complete with the ultra-obscure N.J. Rutgers logo (I have to edit it on Paint). Take a look on it for yourselves. P.S. Who would've thought that I actually nailed the all-maize look for Michigan football?
  9. LOUISIANA-MONROE My design for the concept set is pretty simple: tapered stripes on the helmet and on the pants, and a tapered gold and black outline on the collar. Home 1: Home 2: Road 1: Road 2:
  10. LOUISIANA-LAFAYETTE I really feel there's something missing on their current set. And so, I filled that void with black...probably, lots of it. Also, I brought back the Louisville-style Northwestern stripes, which had been integral in their helmet design for years. Home 1: Home 2: Home 3: Road 1: Road 2: Road 3: Alternate 1: Alternate 2: Alternate 3:
  11. For those looking for Idaho, I'll be putting my Idaho concept set as part of the FCS.
  12. With the manufacturer switches this year, I've updated the templates for two Georgia-based teams: Georgia State (Under Armour) and Georgia Tech (Adidas). You can go to the first page for the updated sets, which are not different from the original work I've done.
  13. GEORGIA STATE This set was inspired by mbannon92's concept, but I added black on the stripes and adjusted the pant stripes a la Jacksonville Jaguars (top part only). Edit: I retained the Nike concept design with the manufacturer switch. Home 1: Home 2: Road 1: Road 2: Alternate:
  14. GEORGIA SOUTHERN Ahh... The Georgia Southern Blue Ti... I mean Eagles football. Their looks stood the test of time. I decided not to add anything but a small touch of gold on the pant and helmet stripes. Why would someone mess with a classic outside the Power 5? Like my Alabama concept, this set also comes with an alternate white helmet. Home 1: Home 2: Road 1: Road 2:
  15. COASTAL CAROLINA My concept design for Chants football is loosely based from their most recent Russell Athletic uniforms. Basically, that's just I can explain. Home 1: Home 2: Road 1: Road 2: Road 3: Alternate 1: Alternate 2: Alternate 3: