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  1. If ever Mr. Tepper (new owner of the Panthers) would consider a redesign, I think he should take or borrow this design. There's a huge balance between the blue, black, and silver. Great work as always!
  2. edjb93

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    That tapered striping should've extended to the bottom. So far, along with the NOB font, this is one of the shortcomings of the redesign. Everything else is really good.
  3. edjb93

    Memphis Grizzlies Unveil New Logos and Uniforms

    I just observed this thing more recently. The new association and icon uniforms also pay tribute to the uniforms of ABA's Memphis Sounds. Just look on the striping on the Sounds' shorts.
  4. edjb93

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I wonder if this template is much cheaper than Shockweb. Template aside, the design is really good.
  5. I would like to know what you think about the entire Patriot League. Thanks in advance! P.S. I am temporarily taking an indefinite break in posting concepts in this topic, since I have not yet completed my Pioneer Football League concepts (technically, I completed the designs, and I only needed to patch the logos and numbers), plus, I'm not yet doing the remaining three FCS conferences, not to mention a huge workload on my current job as a web developer. Thanks for your support!
  6. Hi, everyone! As I promised from my FBS topic, I present to you my concept uniforms for NCAA Division I FCS schools. Like the ones in my previous topic, templates and manufacturers may vary. I'll only use Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour templates, and so, I'll choose what is best for those currently outfitted by Russell, Reebok, or New Balance. The teams that will be included here are the ones in the FCS lineup after the year 2020, which means that North Alabama (Big South) and Idaho (Big Sky) will be included here. I would like to know your comments and reactions from you. Here are the links (new additions are in bold): Big Sky Cal Poly | Eastern Washington | Idaho | Idaho State | Montana | Montana State | Northern Arizona Northern Colorado | Portland State | Sacramento State | Southern Utah | UC Davis | Weber State Big South Campbell | Charleston Southern | Gardner-Webb | Hampton | Kennesaw State | Monmouth | North Alabama CAA Albany | Delaware | Elon | James Madison | Maine | New Hampshire Rhode Island | Richmond | Stony Brook | Towson | Villanova | William & Mary Ivy League Brown | Columbia | Cornell | Dartmouth | Harvard | Penn | Princeton | Yale MEAC Bethune-Cookman | Delaware State | Florida A&M | Howard | Morgan State North Carolina A&T | North Carolina Central | Norfolk State | Savannah State | South Carolina State MVFC Illinois State | Indiana State | Missouri State | North Dakota | North Dakota State | Northern Iowa South Dakota | South Dakota State | Southern Illinois | Western Illinois | Youngstown State NEC Bryant | Central Connecticut State | Duquesne | Robert Morris | Sacred Heart | St. Francis (PA) | Wagner OVC Austin Peay | Eastern Illinois | Eastern Kentucky | Jacksonville State | Murray State Southeast Missouri State | Tennessee-Martin | Tennessee State | Tennessee Tech Patriot League Bucknell | Colgate | Fordham | Georgetown | Holy Cross | Lafayette | Lehigh
  7. edjb93

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I really anticipated this to happen. Maine football borrowing a page from their ice hockey counterparts. But this is somewhat weird, because the pants' striping is way too wide (a la Montana-era 49ers) and the entire uniform is on a Mach Speed knockoff template. I don't know if Nike allowed New Balance to lend their template.
  8. edjb93

    The 1972 Project: Georgia Bulldogs

    Red hockey pants paired with either the blue or the white jersey? Now that's Ranger-esque.
  9. LEHIGH I took their LSU-striped uniforms as the base for the design, because I think it looks good for Lehigh football. The biggest changes for this concept set are the helmets. The gold helmet now has a logo decal and striping again, while the white helmet has striping that's in sync with their white uniform striping.
  10. LAFAYETTE This is how the Lafayette football team uniforms should look like. I took this design as the base, and added the helmet striping to the pants.
  11. HOLY CROSS Silver is back as one of the primary colors for this Holy Cross concept set. I even brought back the silver pants on their regular uniform rotation as well, for some throwback feeling.
  12. If we could just only talk to the NBA administration. They're the ones responsible for uniform schedule. http://news.sportslogos.net/2018/03/12/nba-deciding-uniform-schedules-for-each-team/amp/ While I do like the Lakers' past white uniforms, wearing it more frequently than the purple uniforms doesn't seem Laker-esque to almost everyone.
  13. edjb93

    2018 NBA Concepts

    That's exactly what Adidas and the Nets should have done as their association/home and icon/road jerseys from the time the Nets moved to Brooklyn.
  14. GEORGETOWN I liked the idea of having the kente pattern, a Georgetown basketball signature, implemented on the football uniforms. Contrasting sleeve and striping colors containing the sublimated kente pattern dominate the overall design for my concept.
  15. FORDHAM A pretty straightforward design for Fordham, borrowing a page from the LA Rams' Fearsome Foursome era's white uniforms.
  16. By the way, please take note that the color of the Patriot League patch on this series will remain as is, and not recolored according to the athletic team's colors. With that in mind, let me know your thoughts about the series so far.
  17. edjb93

    Biggest Downgrades in History

    I just saw this on Google Images, then redirected to Reddit... https://www.reddit.com/r/AZCardinals/comments/78cxlm/desert_cardinal_arizona_logo_variation/
  18. COLGATE Like what I said previously, this concept set includes a grey jersey. This is just basically this uniform in a modern template.
  19. BUCKNELL I just made few tweaks on their 2016 uniforms.
  20. Yeah, you could also say that my TSU concept is somewhat similar to my Memphis concept that I made more than a year ago (black was even more emphasized on that set). And for Austin Peay, that was something I'm not aware of. Thanks for pointing that out. Football standings aside, I like the design of those, even if those are Russell catalog uniforms.
  21. You're referring to this, right?
  22. Almost all combos are interchangeable. I just only post 2-5 combos per team for simplicity's sake. Here are the black pants paired with other jersey colors:
  23. That's the end for OVC, and I'm moving on to the Patriot League. Lemme know your sentiments on OVC, especially on my unconventional TSU concept.
  24. TENNESSEE TECH I wanted to avoid TTU looking like LSU, and with that, I went with a design inspired by one of their Russell-designed looks.
  25. TENNESSEE STATE This might get mixed reactions. I dropped the classical blue-white-and-red look for Tennessee State in favor of blue-white-and-black. Almost all the typography are inspired by the curvy TSU wordmark. The final piece for the overall design is the incorporation of sublimated tiger stripes. I repeat, this might get mixed reactions, since this is a departure from their traditional look.