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    Introducing: Grace Football League (Oklahoma City added 2/8)

    I really suggest you give the teams nicknames, to make 'em more recognizable. I really like the overall look for Lynchburg, especially that primary lion head logo. For OKC, however, it's a swing-and-a-miss. If you really like to incorporate the arrow on to the primary logo, go for a Kansas City Chiefs-inspired logo, then refine it, as well as the secondary logo, like what you did for Lynchburg. But I do commend the colors, because the first thing that came to mind when I saw the logos is, "I see what you did there... Thunder's colors!"
  2. edjb93

    NHL Refresh Series - "Desecrating" the NHL

    Now THAT is "desecrating" the Oilers. It would be a complete "desecration" if you used the 90's colors of the Oilers. I suggest that you make the stripes on the home uniform white (as well as the stripes in the pants), while retaining the orange oil drops, to achieve color balance.
  3. I think the Rams are the only team that does that. That is, if you count their throwbacks as alternates. The team asked a permission to the NFL for this to be possible.
  4. The NEW Big Ten Conference. That's the first thing that came into my mind.
  5. Whoa, thanks for improving the layout of my template! It makes for a better presentation. I'm sure you're a fan of the "scarred knight armor" motif of Rutgers. I don't mind you using that, since I liked that for the Scarlet Knights. As for Syracuse, that set needs an orange helmet. Syracuse fans will love you more with it.
  6. edjb93

    Heavy's NFL D League

    You really should pick only one color on the numbers on the white uniforms, for consistency's sake, unless you want to enforce either the "Ole Miss rule" or the "Georgia Tech rule", if you know what I mean... ? It's much better if you recolor the NFL night helmet logos according to their respective parent teams. I'd probably agree with @stratonascar when it comes to Fort Wayne's name, unless the Detroit Pistons' management would give the team permission to use the "Pistons" moniker. Remember the Vegas Golden Knights' name fiasco. Design-wise, do the jerseys evoke a piston? What's the font that you used on the Rebels' jersey numbers? I've been wanting to use that for my design "projects", not just only on my concepts I post on this forum.
  7. VALPARAISO All the wavy designs on the uniforms were taken from their V-shield logo. I decided to use metallic gold instead of athletic gold (ehem, yellow), because that's what the football team has been using for the most of its existence. With that, gold helmets make their comeback. Despite all those waves, block numbers are here to stay, since nothing can go wrong with block numbers.
  8. Hi, everyone! As I promised from my FBS topic, I present to you my concept uniforms for NCAA Division I FCS schools. Like the ones in my previous topic, templates and manufacturers may vary. I'll only use Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour templates, and so, I'll choose what is best for those currently outfitted by Russell, Reebok, or New Balance. The teams that will be included here are the ones in the FCS lineup after the year 2020, which means that North Alabama (Big South) and Idaho (Big Sky) will be included here. I would like to know your comments and reactions from you. Here are the links (new additions are in bold): Big Sky Cal Poly | Eastern Washington | Idaho | Idaho State | Montana | Montana State | Northern Arizona Northern Colorado | Portland State | Sacramento State | Southern Utah | UC Davis | Weber State Big South Campbell | Charleston Southern | Gardner-Webb | Hampton | Kennesaw State | Monmouth | North Alabama CAA Albany | Delaware | Elon | James Madison | Maine | New Hampshire Rhode Island | Richmond | Stony Brook | Towson | Villanova | William & Mary Ivy League Brown | Columbia | Cornell | Dartmouth | Harvard | Penn | Princeton | Yale MEAC Bethune-Cookman | Delaware State | Florida A&M | Howard | Morgan State North Carolina A&T | North Carolina Central | Norfolk State | Savannah State | South Carolina State MVFC Illinois State | Indiana State | Missouri State | North Dakota | North Dakota State | Northern Iowa South Dakota | South Dakota State | Southern Illinois | Western Illinois | Youngstown State NEC Bryant | Central Connecticut State | Duquesne | Robert Morris | Sacred Heart | St. Francis (PA) | Wagner OVC Austin Peay | Eastern Illinois | Eastern Kentucky | Jacksonville State | Murray State Southeast Missouri State | Tennessee-Martin | Tennessee State | Tennessee Tech Patriot League Bucknell | Colgate | Fordham | Georgetown | Holy Cross | Lafayette | Lehigh PFL Butler | Davidson | Dayton | Drake | Jacksonville | Marist Morehead State | Presbyterian | San Diego | Stetson | Valparaiso
  9. edjb93

    Heavy's NFL D League

    I think you should pick only one shade of gold for your regular home and road uniforms, and make the other shade as a trim color. I suggest that the darker gold is the primary gold, while the yellow (ehem, athletic gold) is the trim color. The stripes are missing on the front and the back view of the jerseys, you can add 'em on your next teams, as this is for consistency. You know, there are some members of this forum that are so concerned about consistency, and I'm probably one of them.
  10. SAN DIEGO Curves dominate the overall design for my USD concept. These curves were inspired from the curves found in the interlocking SD and the main torero logo.
  11. ? That's what I thought when I saw the teams in the NEC. Just call it the Penn State Conference. ? Going with the uniform design, I'll be okay with that Army concept, except for the whites. Gold NOB and numbers are not readable from the pressbox or the upper bleachers of any stadium. Better have black NOB and numbers, where the numbers are trimmed in gold. For the whiteout uniform, better have the numbers trimmed in black. I like your UConn concept, but I don't know why the overall striping is like that. Kinda needs a Nike-splanation, if you know what I mean... ? For Maryland, I like that you toned down the flag pattern on the sleeves, although I'm a huge fan of the Terps' current full-colored flag pattern on the sleeves. I get that this is a concept, but the numbers on the white ops set is a no-no for NCAA. Gotta have either dark silver or black numbers. If you need a better Paint template, you can refer to this reply on the Paint Users Paradise 2.0. I edited the original template that you're using and made manufacturer-specific templates out of it. You can try 'em on your next teams. Keep up the good work!
  12. Since I just posted a Stetson concept and the holidays are coming, here's something that will make it easy for you, guys... https://youtu.be/xrTYInVzP78 P.S.: I accidentally posted Stetson first instead of San Diego.
  13. STETSON I modified their current uniforms by using their custom font on the numbers, making the TV number colors different from the color of the sleeves, adding striping on the pants, and adding extra black stripes on the shoulders, making them somewhat New York Jets look-alikes.
  14. PRESBYTERIAN Since their current Adidas jerseys are too plain, I basically added the same helmet striping to the jerseys and the pants. I also added a garnet jersey for good measure, even if the "Blue Hose" wordmark is too prominent.
  15. edjb93

    Paint Users Paradise 2.0

    Hi everyone! If you're following my NFL and CFB uniform concepts, you may had wondered about the templates that I use. I based my templates from this template (also made from Paint, credits to whoever created this and to the manager of this topic @LEWJ). Here's the link to the album of the templates that I use. You can freely download and use them on your concepts, and please give credit to the creators of the templates. https://www.flickr.com/photos/135830881@N02/
  16. MOREHEAD STATE I absolute love Morehead State's helmets from 2014. I love the way they incorporated the eagle head logo on the helmet striping. I centered my overall design from that, as well as from their 2014 black uniforms. I did consider adding black jerseys and pants on my concept, but it's better to stay conservative with blues and whites.
  17. MARIST The striping on the uniforms are based from the beveling on the athletic wordmark.
  18. edjb93

    NFL REDESIGN (Steelers 10/21)

    The first word that came through my mind when I saw this Bucs concept: BOLD. That set is simple but bold-looking. It draws comparisons with the new Jaguars' uniforms.
  19. edjb93

    Some NFL Concepts in MS Paint (LIONS and BENGALS)

    The Jets became better upon suggesting green numbers with black trim on the whites. Before anyone can complain about mismatching shades of red on the white throwbacks, that actually happened. http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controller/controller.php?action=teams&team_id=ARZ
  20. edjb93

    OKC Thunder New Court Concept

    HUUUUUUUUUUGE upgrade from what they have now. Remove all those bolts, modify the font and letter casing for the "Thunder Up!", make the center court "OKC" white, and you got a winner.
  21. edjb93

    Some NFL Concepts in MS Paint (LIONS and BENGALS)

    I like your Jets concept. For real. I like the black numbers on the white jerseys, but I think majority would prefer green numbers with black trim. It's just personal preference. Great job!
  22. Throw in more black there, and you've got a BC Lions concept. Anyway, orange and silver is one of the rare color combos you'll gonna see in sports right now. I don't know if it's just me or is it I don't see any silver on the orange jersey?
  23. JACKSONVILLE Even before the redesign, my Jacksonville concept has already stayed this way (except for the numbers). Initially, I had no idea on how to redesign their football uniforms, so, I went to everything that the Jacksonville Jaguars wore throughout their history. Apparently, the design of the Jags' old, gold-less uniforms is the one that's perfect for the redesigned logos, due to all those waves on them. Also, I'm not a fan of the Dolphins' current gold helmets, because it's as if they wanted to look like Notre Dame. Therefore, green helmets are back. And finally, for the helmet decals, instead of the new JU logo, I went with a somewhat oversized dolphin logo.
  24. DRAKE My Drake concept is pretty straightforward and classic-looking. I just took the stroke pattern from their wordmark. The white helmet also marks its return, relegating the blue helmet to alternate.
  25. DAYTON It's all about the wing part of the Flyers' logo. The overall design is at the center of it all. I tried making their winged D logo as the helmet decal and make the wings extend to the back of the helmet a la Seattle Seahawks, but it sacrificed the flipping of the D on the other side of the helmet, and so, I settled on the one that stands the test of time: a "Dayton" wordmark.