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  1. Minnesota
  2. Pittsburg Pens and San Jose Sharks
  3. Aye, as a fellow Minnesota high-schooler, i can say this would be easily the best logo in the state. Rosemount has a great color set of Green Navy & Gold
  4. The amount of "its lit" jokes are . .. . TOO DAMN HIGH
  5. Just a question, what would a mix of the Pens and Sharks look like?
  6. This is hilarious. How did this start>
  7. Not sure what I enjoy more in this thread, the actual team posts or the beef going on in the comments
  8. Not really a fan of of W & North Stars logo mixup, try one or the other, Loving the Blue Jackets
  9. team reveal

    I love this so far. It has a lot of potential. When you get around to expansion teams, try and put one in northern Minnesota
  10. These are all amazing, keep it up
  11. Ahh i see you are joining me on bringing the MSHSL to the sportslogos.net forums! I'm making hockey jerseys for the South Suburban conference at the moment! Looking forward to what you make
  12. So i think im going to stop with the team history stuff and just do jersey details but no matter, here are the Simley Spartans! The Spartans have pretty bland jerseys and I wanted to spice things up a bit, so i did the 1st thing that came to my mine. Barber Shop Pole Overload. These are one of my favorite jerseys that I have made so far. HOME AWAY CC is appreciated!
  13. AHHHHHHHHH I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS THREAD! I wish i saw this sooner! EJaws, might be my display name, but Earnhardt, is my real one. This is the greatest thing ever. You should try checking out Elko Speedway, and maybe the old Minnesota State Fair racetrack