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  1. MLS Redesign (FC Dallas Added)

    These are all so good. Keep them coming!
  2. NCAA Football Super Series

    Being from St Paul, I just want to say this is really slick looking. Keep it up!
  3. NoE38's New Look NHL (Devils posted 2/5)

  4. NoE38's New Look NHL (Devils posted 2/5)

    For the Green & Black Chicago jerseys i got a weird North Dakota Hawks vibe from it. I Do like that the BLACKhawks home jerseys are BLACK, not red.
  5. Habs'ing the NHL: Alternates (Vancouver added)

    OMG YES! THESE ARE WAY BETTER! We probably would win the cup if we wore these.
  6. Habs'ing the NHL: Alternates (Vancouver added)

    I personally hate the new WIld jerseys, but these are nice(the red numbers on the road J are my favorite part). The on thing i dont like is, the red striping on the road jerseys blends in to much with the green.
  7. Stock Car Designs - NARL

    AHHHHHH YES!!!!!!! I would you hella down to do a mini series
  8. All of these look great! In the past 6 months or so I have been getting into soccer more and more, but there is one thing i dont understand. Why do some jerseys leave the color pallet of the crest? For example, Swanseas 3rd is orange when its crest colors are greyscale. Another thing that throws me for a loop, why is Watford nickname the Hornets, then there is a moose on the crest?
  9. National Floor Hockey League

    Just a question. Why is the white line on the left side thicker than the one on the right?
  10. A Few Hockey Concepts

  11. Here are the Metro East remakes. Hill Murray Pioneers Home 2.0 Hill Murray Pioneers Away 2.0 Mahtomedi Zephyrs Home 2.0 (this is an attempt at their current set I made a while back & I thought I show post it) Mahtomedi Zephyrs Away 2.0 North ST Paul Polars Home 2.0 North ST Paul Polars Away 2.0 South ST Paul Packers Home 2.0 South ST Paul Packers Away 2.0 Tartan Titans Home 2.0 Tartan Titans Away 2.0 The next conference I will tackle will be the Suburban East Conference. Teams in this conference include the Cretin - Durham Hall Raiders, East Ridge Raptors, Forest Lake Rangers, Mounds View Mustangs, Park (of Cottage Grove) Wolfpack, Roseville Raiders, Stillwater Ponies, White Bear Lake Bears, & Woodbury Royals. CC is appreciated!
  12. Today we finish up the South Suburban Conference with Prior Lake, Rosemount, and Shakoppe! Prior Lake Lakers Home Prior Lake Lakers Away Rosemount Irish Home Rosemount Irish Away Shakoppe Sabers Home Shakoppe Sabers Away CC is appreciated!
  13. Northstar Soccer League

    Being from Minnesota, seeing threads that involeve the land of 10,000 lakes hits close to home. All of the logos & color choices are amazing. The Lakeville Kits are my favorties. Keep it up!