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  1. MLB changes 2018?

    Since St Patrick's Day falls during spring training I have zero problem with teams wearing all green jerseys (or caps) that day. Not that every team needs to do it but I mean, can anyone think of a REAL reason why they shouldn't wear those for a Spring Training game?
  2. MLB changes 2018?

    Exactly. The Tigers cap logo was never bad but when you saw it next to other teams caps it was obviously too small.
  3. MLB changes 2018?

    Lol if u must ask it was a black FloridaMarlins cap
  4. MLB changes 2018?

    Yeah come on the new Tigers D isn't oversized... it's now normal sized. It was too small before. It's not suddenly bigger than every other cap logo.
  5. MLB changes 2018?

    I once had a friend buy me a cap of my team with a purposely oversized logo as a birthday gift. Straight up told him nope, I will not wear that.
  6. MLB changes 2018?

    Popping in to confirm the Marlins cap logo is smaller. Not sure I like it but it may just be a case of not being used to it. It doesn't look bad but I for one never minded the larger logo. For now, just seeing it smaller it looks like a manufacturing error more than anything else lol.
  7. MLB changes 2018?

    Only additions. No throwback jerseys were removed.
  8. MLB changes 2018?

    19 new throwback uniforms added in for The Show 18 with some fabulous choices including the 81 Expos, 75 and 47 Reds, 44 Brooklyn Dodgers, 75 and 94 Angels, 92 Blue Jays, 66 and 94 Pirates, 02 Astros, 27 Cardinals, 07 DBacks, 49 Phillies, 31 Red Sox, 29 Cubs, 46 Tigers, 98 Padres, and 89 Indians from Major League!
  9. MLB changes 2018?

    Don't give them any ideas.
  10. MLB changes 2018?

    Wait, were those really made to show off the strike zone is that a joke based on how they look?
  11. MLB changes 2018?

    Caps yes but helmets please no. They look like construction worker hard hats. For the record they were only worn once and that was in a pre season exhibition game vs the Yankees 2 days before the official opening day of the 2012 season. They never made a single appearance ever again even when the orange caps were worn.
  12. MLB changes 2018?

    Nope. None. I personally have always "kept an eye on" the Rockies because both teams started together but there is zero connection between the two as far as the fan bases are concerne whether it's as a rivalry or as some brotherly connection. Edit: The Rockies wore road throwbacks at home? That's both awesome and weird.
  13. MLB changes 2018?

    That would have been a nice touch but the Padres did exist in 93 so it's not awkward to do it against them especially if the Padres end up wearing throwbacks as well. A really strange choice would have been to do 1993 throwbacks against the Rays or Diamondbacks. Actually, thinking about the Padres vs Marlins in a "celebration of 1993" it would be a great weekend for them to honor Trevor Hoffman in some way.
  14. Shoney's has an updated logo

    The new logo loses all of the charm of the original logo. Now it looks bland and corporate.
  15. MLB changes 2018?

    If the owners hate the Devil Rays years then I definitely commend them for bringing it back for this 20th anniversary celebration because it shows a commitment to the fans and the teams history even if they (the owners) don't like the look themselves. Again, I don't know if this is the case but if it is then pat on the back to them.