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  1. Came on here for the first time since middle of last week for the sole purpose of expecting a raging fire of you guys complaining about the MLB Players Weekend thing but alas there's no fire! lol! I'm disappointed in you all! But really the thing hasn't happened yet so maybe the fire is yet to come. Anyways my initial reaction is that it's gonna be a mess and the reason I hate it is, even though things like mothers day and memorial day uniforms seem like a mess at least they're still generally UNIFORM as in "everyone looks the same." The Players weekend thing is gonna completely go against that to a degree and it's not gonna be pretty aesthetically. Then again I guess this was coming for a while now considering how many accessories are no longer subject to uniform guidelines. I can't stand that Cespedes wears a neon green arm sleeve that isn't a team color... I can't stand that Nolan Arenado wears teal accents on his cleats and batting gloves... I can't stand that the A's are no longer the only team to wear mostly white cleats... I can't stand that so many teams no longer have a consistent base color for their cleats... it truly bothers me. As for the ASG caps, they're horrific. FYI it's not "a Marlins thing" because the ASG caps for several years now haven't been tied to the host team, they're just a generic gold and star modification of the caps but are no longer tied to the host team. It's now only the Home Run Derby caps that are tied to the host team, and in general those have actually been pretty good and actually look fine as they aren't worn with the regular jerseys and aren't worn in an actual game. But the ASG itself should have the regular caps, with a patch on the sides at most. The gold logos are such a joke and they're not even good designs to look at. It's not a cool take on every teams designs it's just a bland sucking up of colors. Nothing like a Mets cap with no orange! The Marlins themselves are a great example as the host team. Their entire look, for better or worse, is based on bright and vibrant colors... for the ASG themselves their caps won't even have any colors. How great is that? Idiots.
  2. Feels like that would have been better received if that was their first look and original concept, or if that was whole new expansion team altogether. I think suddenly adopting an Old Western Railroad theme after using a Futuristic Space Program theme for 30 years is was shot that one in the foot from day one.
  3. I didn't even know these existed. Awesome look... reminds me of this look that I'm dying to be revived by the Marlins...
  4. Lol I agree but just pointing out the color scheme that you said you had a weakness for.
  5. I was thinking the same. And as bad as the jerseys are, the caps are actually worse. The jerseys are a desert like brown and tan design and the caps are a green color. Why? At least the Padres camos are "well done" or as well done as possible.
  6. That's both horrible and great. Horrible that we have to see those ugly jerseys again but kinda awesome as a one time throwback to an ugly jersey almost like purposely saying "look at this garbage, can you believe we actually wore these things?"
  7. I feel like I know the answer to this but would it be possible for MLB to still make and promote the special event caps and sell them to the fans and give some of the proceeds to whatever the charities are just like they are now but NOT make the teams wear them on the field? Because I think the caps are wonderful as fashion caps and it's cool to have a couple for myself and to see people wearing them... I just don't care to see my team wearing it on the field. I also think the caps are improving too as far as looking better than previous years so I'm all for the caps being for the fans and to raise some money because I feel like more and more people will be buying them. But I guess of course the players wearing them is the ultimate in free advertising and is what probably leads to the most sales of the caps. Basically the players wearing those caps makes that the equivalent of the players now wearing ads. The entire weekend every team was wearing a free advertisement for the memorial day caps.
  8. Marlins are doing a fidget spinner promotion too. If fidget spinners bother you, you are either a teacher or way too preoccupied with fads. Understanding it's just a fad and will go away very soon is the way to deal with this this thing. Fads are part of life and to be honest this one seems to be the least annoying one in the longest time because the spinners themselves I must say seem kinda cool and they don't really bother as much as a bottle being flipped every two seconds or other more ridiculous nonsense.
  9. The Memorial Day caps all looked beautiful on their own, like I'd love to have one of my team, they were straight up cool. But the problem is the entire uniform looked horrible in execution. I had a hard time watching all the games this weekend because they don't look good in action on my TV. Most looked dark grey or even black and it was nasty dark and muddled look all over baseball. I made a comment about it out loud and my wife said "who cares how they look on TV, the caps are cool"... but the majority of fans have to see these things ON TV so how it looks on TV is important.
  10. I can't say this with 100% certainty but I believe that rule is just gone entirely. The 2 wild card teams play each other regardless of division and the winner plays the division winner with the best record, again regardless of division.
  11. On the pic above with the 3 red lines I though the Tigers home had a third button but I was wrong. Do any other teams use a 3 button jersey? I'm so lost because it's not like the Marlins did this from day one... they went four season without that third button, making it more perplexing why it was added in 2016.
  12. Couldn't the Marlins use both jersey styles? Like use the 2 button one for the orange jersey and the 3 button one for the other three jerseys? Because the problem is only with the orange jersey so I don't get why adding the third button had to be done for that jersey. Don't the Tigers use both jersey versions?
  13. Why did the Angels switch to the silver halo? Was it in 2002 with the latest rebrand? I wanna say it was gold every season before then?
  14. What? Then why do they have this? So they have the 2 button jersey but just chose to add a third button in that awkward location when they already had it right for the 4 seasons prior? Why? I'm so confused why this was done. I'm dying to know more about this.