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  1. They already are commemorating that. It's coming up soon, its called The Players Weekend I believe.
  2. One could argue the boredom and genericness of this uniform... same number font as so many other teams, pinstripes on a white jersey, oversized wordmark... I myself enjoy this uniform but I don't hate the current Twins set and I'm just providing a counter point against the 87 twins set because dare I say it's overrated. Edit: Looks like Gothamite beat me to this point.
  3. Ok? What are you trying to say? Just because they won't really care doesn't mean the Twins should be conveying the wrong visual image of the 87 team. Or am I understanding you wrong?
  4. What's the point of doing throwbacks if only the cap is the throwback and the jersey isn't? Has that ever been done before? Seems ridiculous. Casual fans might think the Twins wore those home jerseys in 87, especially when you put the patch on them. Horrible idea.
  5. Yeah great matchup but would be greatly improved if the As wore their home caps or even if they went back to the previous all green caps that had the yellow A and not that weird one with the white A and yellow outline.
  6. While Johnny Damon definitely has a handful of wrong uniforms my favorite one is when he played for Thailand in the World Baseball Classic qualifying round in 2012 (his mother is from Thailand I believe). While the WBC is almost always a short lived uniform for any player, this one is tops because it was Thailand's first and only WBC appearance... they weren't in the first two tournaments at all, then failed to qualify in 2012, and weren't invited back in 2017 (Pakistan took their spot). So, with only 3 games played ever, they're the ultimate rare WBC team and with them actually having a big time baseball star on them this one always sticks out to me...
  7. did an article exactly about what this thread is about, with one "wrong uniform" per team... they even did a great job adding video clips for almost every entry... enjoy...
  8. I have a lot of questions about the tones of the colors... Are the color tones all the same because I don't have high hopes for the Marlins using the correct Marlins shade of blue if in the pic it's the same tone as the other teams using blue. And I still don't get what about this says Little League baseball. At least all the other special event stuff has a clear reason and purpose... I'm struggling to understand this one.
  9. I disagree with this. The DBacks have an identity and I think it's pretty clear even if it is very busy. They have a black and dark red primary set, a teal accented alternate set, and one consistent "home Thursday only" throwback uniform. I don't love their identity but I think they have it pretty set, clear and defined. The Padres should probably take tips from them on how to juggle multiple elements into one identity. (Edit: Damnit I just defended the DBacks. There goes my weekend.)
  10. Bright colored caps? I bet you the Padres still wear navy caps.
  11. So I guess I'm pretty much hours away from knowing the exact 2017 answer to this but... in the past have teams who host the ASG kept their ASG sleeve and cap patches after the ASG has ended? I feel like it's a yes but I'm not sure and am curious to see it on the Marlins tonight.
  12. They weren't boring enough apparently.
  13. You've missed some crazy stuff the last two years in San Diego.
  14. Ahh damn you're right! Lol well you know what I meant. So 14 home jerseys in one night.
  15. That's great advertising because now I have to see that show.