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  1. It would be. There's enough solid names that are clearly city names like Dallas, Houston, and Austin, so Atlanta should work just as well.
  2. I love this thread. So nice to look at.
  3. If they aren't meteorologists they should be.
  4. While some of the white colored and other colored cleats are very nice looking, I miss the days when all the players cleats had the same base color. I feel like there's too much going on now. And, what bothers me more, there's way too many players now wearing colors that are not their team colors. Like why does Nolan Arenado of the Rockies wear teal batting gloves and cleats? Cespedes and his neon green garbage everywhere kills me. It needs to be a requirement that only team colors are worn.
  5. Really well said.
  6. On the Marlins pregame show tonight they showed a community event where volunteers painted murals in a local school and the murals were based off Jackie Robinson and his core principles that he strived for, etc etc. Point is, I noticed the murals were all painted in Marlins orange blue and yellow...aka zero black...
  7. Does this apply for minor uniform changes as well or just the big stuff?
  8. That's awesome. More fans should be like that. I'm so sick of die hard fans who wish misery on all other teams and fan bases. You can love your team and fanbase but there's no reason to hate all the others.
  9. I'd rather them not. They're not the Dolphins. Either teal and black or orange and light blue but not teal with orange. But that's just my opinion.
  10. I know one pretty lame Cards Fan other than yourself so you being on board would mean a lot to me.
  11. Does anyone know why the Marlins got a custom teal-colored Jackie Robinson 50th anniversary patch in 97? Only them and the Expos got custom patches. The Expos I understand because the wording on the patch was switched to French but the Marlins only changed the color of the patch. Why didn't other teams get custom colored patches?
  12. You are correct and, as I've pointed out before, this season they seem to be drastically switching away from black in every single aspect of the team outside of uniforms. Their website, all social media accounts, print media, programs, signs, ballpark signage, every single thing seems to be dropping black virtually 100%. If the change sticks, one would assume uniforms are next, although now of course that will have to be decided by the soon to be new ownership.
  13. Different enough that they can definitely coexist when many teams have the exact same color schemes in the same divisions.
  14. The Marlins are not the Yankees so they don't need to look like the Yankees and I'm sure the soon to be new ownership knows that. To think that Jeter is wanting to put the team back in pinstripes just because he is a Yankees great is silly and a bit insulting to Jeter because he's shown to be a smart guy and simply transforming the Marlins into the Yankees isn't smart business. That all actually sounds like a pipe dream of ignorant Yankee homers. Also, for the record, Jeter is not the boss there, Jeb Bush is. Jeter will have a role but he is one of five in the ownership group and is not the main man in charge.
  15. The Marlins didn't have a black in game alternate until 2002. The 93-01 teams only had 3 in game jerseys... home whites, road grays, and a home white vest alternate that was worn with teal sleeves from 93-95 and with black sleeves from 96-02.