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  1. There's absolutely no way that this should be the criteria for right or wrong uniform. There are so many players and teams that just don't get the same national exposure as other teams so you can't go by where they got meaningful national exposure. If that's the way you look at it then, for example, Ricky Henderson and Ichiro's "right" uniforms would both be the Yankees and not the A's or Mariners, and that's just wrong.
  2. Based on what the team said last fall when they announced their 2017 uniform combinations, they'll be wearing the Wahoo caps with the red bill with the home uniforms. The navy cap with the block C will be for the road gray uniform. They have 4 jerseys and 4 caps and each cap is paired with one jersey only, or at least that's what the plan is on paper. Of course things can change basically daily. So no the combo in that pic above doesn't seem to be the correct combo. We shall see soon enough.
  3. It's always been like that. The Show only has one base template for jerseys so pullovers will just be the pullover design over a button down template. Besides that, The Show actually made many welcome improvements to their uniforms this year. There's still several issues to be addressed but now there seems to be more hope for improvements in the future as before this year they were pretty stagnant on making uniform improvements. With that said, I found out this weekend that the uniform/art team in that game is only EIGHT people! Puts things into perspective when you realize how much those 8 people are tasked with and uniforms aren't their only assignments. Player faces and stadiums are theres as well.
  4. By my count, 9 MLB teams use royal blue... 3 use the darker royal blue... Rangers, Cubs, Dodgers 6 use the lighter royal blue... Mets, Royals, Blue Jays, Phillies, Mariners, Brewers Is this correct? Are any of these wrong or do any of these teams use a different shade beyond the 2 royal blues? I'm most unsure about the Cubs.
  5. That bottom piece is apparently some sweat catching material to soak sweat off their backs so that it doesn't soak up their pants. Not kidding. It's basically a diaper.
  6. No they don't. Those aren't fake vests. Those are collar-to-sleeve sections more like the 78 Padres/2016 HR derby jerseys.
  7. As long as you keep those stars on there then yeah I could take an upgrade of the wordmark. I love the stars.
  8. I like this!
  9. I love the Australia look. I think it's solid.
  10. No. No way. Not at all.
  11. Beautiful and well said. Love the lines about embodying Miami Beach, evoking the art deco, and most off all acknowledging that there are building blocks for a strong identity. Forward this to the new ownership when the change happens. With that said, as a Marlins fan I've heard all the complaints about the rebrand and while I disagree with some I understand why some things aren't liked except for one thing... the number font. I see that it's unique to baseball but I don't get what's "wrong" with it. It's not like the Brewers Times New Roman font of generic boredom so can anyone fill me on the problem with it or maybe what a better font option would be?
  12. I picked on Pakistan for their jersey in the qualifier but their cap was actually wonderful.
  13. While we're on the subject of the Marlins... gonna use this moment to drop in my annual fingers-crossed prayer that they decide to bring back the red-orange cap this year. I just got an email from them and from the shop trying to sell caps for the new season and the image shows 3 authentic caps for sale, with the red-orange one actually being the biggest and most prominent in the ad. The audacity! "Buy a new cap... especially THIS one that we'll NEVER wear!" Of course with now almost 3 years since the last use of the cap, I know I shouldn't hold my breath on this. Here's the ad...
  14. Yeah and that's a change I can see happening... I'm just saying I don't expect the new ownership to trash the entire identity as some would like.
  15. I just don't think it's certain that the new owners will hate the Miami logos and uniforms as much as traditional uniform fans tend to hate it. For better or worse, the Miami rebrand has a foundation of an identity that can be built upon and improved without just going back to the Florida Marlins look. It's possible the new ownership wants to embrace that challenge.