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  1. Why did the Angels switch to the silver halo? Was it in 2002 with the latest rebrand? I wanna say it was gold every season before then?
  2. What? Then why do they have this? So they have the 2 button jersey but just chose to add a third button in that awkward location when they already had it right for the 4 seasons prior? Why? I'm so confused why this was done. I'm dying to know more about this.
  3. I checked the Braves and Phillies jerseys because they also have thick wordmarks that would need to be lowered with the third button but they use the two button jersey which is the smart thing to do. I actually think this needs to be brought up to the team, I'm gonna look into it since the problem is pretty obvious when you compare them.
  4. I made a post about this last season... it's hideous but looks worse on the orange jersey because there's no space on the wordmark where the third button goes so the wordmark is forced to be lowered and instead of going basically across the nipples it goes along the bottom of the rib cage and on some people basically seems to be across their stomach. I can't believe they're doing this especially when the two button jerseys still exist and are used by other teams with wordmarks like theirs. 2012-15... 2016....
  5. What a fan.
  6. Exactly this. The white vs gray wasn't even enough especially in day games. ALL teams had white or gray jerseys with pink wordmarks and numbers and sleeve patches... gray crown caps with pink bills... and generally the same sock designs. There was almost nothing to differentiate them as far as colors. A nightmare.
  7. Individually and off the field almost all the mothers day gear looks great. I bought my wife one of the mothers day caps for her birthday, which is right before mothers day, and she loved it. Being able to wear our teams logo in pink once in a while is cool. The jerseys are fun for moms and grandmothers to wear, and even for guys on that day to support the moms. And the socks are fine for these trendy cool kids now that like the high socks fad in their regular everyday clothes... But on the field???? This is all starting to be too much to process. And my biggest problem with this is that with so much pink everywhere now (it used to just be bats, wrist bands, cleats, accessories, and then caps but now it's on caps, jerseys, numbers, wordmarks, sleeve patches, belts, socks, and cleats) now it's so hard to actually tell which team is which at a glance. Go watch any highlight shows mothers day and it's not easy to decipher which teams are which as the action is shown on the screen. I had a hard time differentiating the teams in the one game I was watching on Mothers day and I knew who was playing and where they were playing. Of course there's ways to figure it out but I was at a family BBQ and the game was on and as I'm walking around socializing with my family, several times as I peeked up at the tv screen I'd have to process several things to realize which team was where. It's not the instant recognition that you usually get in a regular game.
  8. I'd imagine several teams have logos that came even before what most consider their original logos. Not sure I'm explaining that right but from the 1993 MLB expansion most don't even remember these two logos...
  9. He does love black but he does love orange. The Marlins barely used any orange until he took over and then it started being used more and more leading to the reband. It's not so much that he was emphasizing black as much as he was getting rid of the teal, which he doesn't like. He had a huge part in creating and designing the new uniforms so he was perfectly fine with the orange cap. I know he loves black but there's no way to convince me that he's the reason that orange cap is essentially gone.
  10. Loria is responsible for the new uniforms and he likes orange so I'm not sure we can blame him for the disappearance for the orange caps. It's not out of the question to think he may love the orange caps and it's the players who didn't want them and he just let them choose what they want to wear. Just saying.
  11. It's been years since it was actually said but it has been noted that that cap is the best selling piece of Marlins merchandise... why don't they wear it is beyond everyone.
  12. As far as I know, the caps are in the Marlins style guide and are available to them. They as a team have just chosen not to wear them since April of 2014 but they do still exist. The fact that they are available currently with the New Era logo on the side and the ASG patch on the other side seems to be a pretty big sign of this. Imagine that, a 2017 version of a cap that will never see the field.
  13. They're on a nasty run of 12 losses in 15 games, this morning I was thinking that now would be a great time for someone to bring up the idea of breaking out the orange caps as a slump buster.
  14. I'd love to see the concepts for the other teams. The ones there are really well done. Not so sure I'd enjoy them in reality but as far as a conceptual article, excellent work. It reminds me of an idea I had when the DBacks unveiled their new uniforms. If every team had subliminated designs on their uniforms, what would the other teams designs be?
  15. Marlins have a pretty set schedule as well. Plenty of teams do.
  16. I wonder why this is the case.
  17. Good line. And you bring up a good point with the Blue Jays because I love their look but never really think about how the wordmark and numbers are absolutely a 70s font yet no one complains about it.
  18. Well that's awesome. Does it have any connection to the Trailblazers name or not?
  19. So pardon my ignorance but what is the pinwheel logo supposed to be or represent and does anyone know how it came about?
  20. I love the old Marlins look but it's no longer the 90s and they now actually play in Miami so I'd say they WERE 90s teal but no longer are. The current look fits them for right now and for the ballpark and the name change. If they were a brand new team and not connected to the Florida Marlins their look would be more liked.
  21. I agree. I think it's better than people think but could use some tweaks and would be greatly improved.
  22. Well I sure didn't know this one ever happened... Ricky Henderson on the Angels for 32 games in 1997???
  23. Woah I didn't even know these existed! They're nice! It's a great look right there. As for the red jerseys I can't get over the red letters on the red jerseys. That kills it for me. They'd be way nicer in white or even in silver.
  24. I think the Cincinnati Reds can keep black for cleats and accessories/equipment like batting gloves, wrist tape, arm bands, shin guards, and elbow guards etc but the uniforms need to lose the drop shadows. I can live with the black brim on the road caps and with the subtle black drop shadow on the wishbone C but the drop shadows on the names, numbers, and road wordmark need to go because they're outdated and silly looking on what's an otherwise traditional looking uniform. The Reds can use black if it's clearly their third color like how the Rays use yellow and how like the Blue Jays and Dodgers use red.
  25. Hello Mr. Manfred, welcome to the boards.