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  1. crosfam

    Los Angeles Rams Confirm Throwback Uniforms For Super Bowl

    If you go to NFL Shop website, they are pushing the old navy jerseys with a sewn on SB logo. Looks like royal and yellow may be sold out already, at least first round. Kind of sad they are pushing essentially obsolete jerseys.
  2. True. White over grey is my favorite road look. I like variety though. Maybe wolf grey tops over blue pants would be nice. Even green tops over white on a sunny day.
  3. Should we lose, we probably won't see this combo for a while. I would prefer all blue stay a Seattle home look only.
  4. They wear white over white usually once a season.
  5. crosfam

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I could live with Adidas versions similar to what was done with UCLA, Nebraska, or Miami.
  6. crosfam

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    No luck. Seattle Times posted team photo for the game. Same purple pant and purple shouldered armpit spiked white jersey combo that we got pounded in at Peach and Fiesta bowls last two years. Can't wait for the Adidas upgrade. Hopfully a clean classic look.
  7. crosfam

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I think the flat grey helmets are dull and drab. The shiny scarlet helmets are best IMO. I would like to see it paired with a shiny silver version. Since I am a bit older, I would love to see the logo replaced with the classic script "cougars ". Like with most teams, there is really no need for a white alt helmet.
  8. crosfam

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Really hoping we can do a rose bowl edition white jersey and retire purple sleeves and armpit spikes. Hate to imortalize those in Rose Bowl. Love to see us in G/W/G FOR A bit of change. I loved the old gold pants with wide purple and white stripes.
  9. crosfam

    NFL changes 2019

    Falcons are dated. I would use throwback alts as inspiration. But go red helmet. R/B/W at home, R/W/R on road. Alt red jersey. Alt black pants to allow a little mix and match. Perfect.
  10. crosfam

    NFL changes 2019

    Was hoping the Jets go with Kelly green, white, and dark green trim. Could see as an interesting stripe combo. Vibrant green helmet. Hoping no black. Dark green jersey could be an alt.
  11. crosfam

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Hate the purple sleeves and armpit stripes. I like the purple chrome lids, but this is the rose bowl. No way they bring them out.
  12. crosfam

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Small potatoes maybe. New Mexico bowl will feature North Texas in G/G/W vs Utah State in B/W/W. Due to gaudy silver on green helmets, Utah State wins uni battle. Still don't like it when both teams wear white pants. Uni announcements on school twitter pages. As every year, I will be there in person to see them in the bright winter NM sunshine.
  13. crosfam

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I think UW unis are changing to Adidas next year and rumors are it is classic retro. Hope they can talk Nike into a classic rose bowl one off. No purple sleeves or armpit spikes please. Gold pants with classic stripes would be nice too.
  14. Seahawks in wolf grey per their twitter acct. Wonder if we will see greens this year?
  15. crosfam

    NFL Increases Use of Alternate Uniforms in 2018

    I'd love to see the Rams wearing their blue and yellow jerseys during the playoffs. The Rams sitting on their couches, jersey on, with hot wings and beer.