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  1. Seahawks in wolf grey per their twitter acct. Wonder if we will see greens this year?
  2. crosfam

    NFL Increases Use of Alternate Uniforms in 2018

    I'd love to see the Rams wearing their blue and yellow jerseys during the playoffs. The Rams sitting on their couches, jersey on, with hot wings and beer.
  3. crosfam

    NFL 2018 changes

    Yes - not really original enough to be memorialized on a ring - that is already quite busy. I love the inside dog imprint though!
  4. crosfam

    NFL 2018 changes

    White underarm striping/piping/panels became dated 15 minutes after it came out. Hey Bengals... All other underarm piping/striping/panels was dated 15 minutes later. Pats, Titans... Only Broncos pulled it off, and I think that look is past due to be redone. Grey facemasks are all about nostalgia - being used to them from the old days. Most teams with them would really look better if they went color, or sometimes white. I.e. Cardinals & Colts. Vikings should be purple IMHO. Stealers are best in black. Washington in yellow is distinctive.
  5. crosfam

    NFL 2018 changes

    Minority opinion - I like the patch better than the floating Jag head. Wish they would have kept it.
  6. crosfam

    Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion

    ST Louis: AAF maybe? XFL 2.0? I love football.
  7. crosfam

    Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion

    It doesn't make sense to do a temporary helmet change to blue and white. I assume the intent was simply to banish gold, and blue/white served to do that. I'd prefer a slightly modernized version of the old rams blue and white look (yellow swooshes and sock option), with the royal blue and yellow brought out twice a year for evening home games in prime time. White at home for day games makes sense in LA, at least until they can cover the stadium.
  8. crosfam

    Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion

    I do love yellow, but I think there is no way a team in the NFL will go with a yellow home jersey, and I seriously doubt teams are not required to wear a white version for road games (when opposite color). I see no future LA Laker' ish version of a primary home/away jersey. I think we at we are already looking at the Ram helmet of the future now. I predict a modernized blue and white set for the future, hopefully with shoulder horns, with yellow swooshes and bits of yellow in trim, logo, etc. Maybe a bit of yellow trim around numbers or something. Throwback alts, and maybe a yellow top for a 2nd, formerly color rush alt. Probably continue to see all white at home for day games.
  9. I hope they kinda stay a white at home team, with gold jersey once and a while and blue for big games. Blue looks best, but for big games like the Orange Bowl at the end of 2014.
  10. crosfam

    Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil Stripped-Down Uniforms

    I'd have preferred a teal helmet, just for something different. But the helmet is nice, clean, and sharp. I would add some sort of acceptable modest stripe pattern down the full length of the pants legs, and a thin gold outline around the white and black numbers. The road unis are going to look a little plain black and white unless they wear them with teal pants, which I doubt we see much. Unpopular opinion, but I liked the shield logo on the shoulder instead of the Jag head. I would have gone teal primary, black alt, and white tops at home day games until Halloween. Unrelated, but I'd love to see the best shield logo on a jersey - the Chargers.
  11. crosfam

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Adidas version of this and I would be thrilled. Maybe an alt purple helm (bad luck!) and alt purple pants to add to the mix. No chrome, no jaws. mix
  12. crosfam

    NFL 2018 changes

    If they do go with red they can kill off the black alt/color rush.
  13. crosfam

    NFL 2018 changes

    If so, maybe the orange trim can be a little bit more vibrant. So it can be seen. Still prefer the faux-back alts.
  14. crosfam

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Maybe Coach Pruitt is following the Alabama menu - just one helmet, two jerseys (orange and white) and white pants.
  15. crosfam

    Evolving Uniform Opinions

    I still can't get used to the NHL wearing dark at home. I miss Oregon's dark (mallard) green helmets. I have grown to hate the Washington Football uniforms, after originally liking the possibilities (frosted white helmet anyone?) I now love the Seahawks look, did not at first - missed the steel blue. I do wish they would mix it up a bit though - Blue over white or grey, Wolf Grey over blue, more white over white or grey, etc. I loved the Browns re-do, but like Seattle, no mixing it up anymore (unpopular opinion, I know) I miss metallic pants paired with metallic helmets, but doubt they will ever be back. I can't believe chrome is still a thing in college football. I've hated the Cardinals and Patriots striping, and still do. I hated the Eagles switch to Midnight Green - but now they seem perfect to me. I originally thought the Dolphins update was really nice - but I really miss the retro look now. I loved the Redskins home jersey over yellow pants, but now it is seen too often. Could mix it up with white and burgundy pants. I still like the white over yellow though. They need to make the Cowboys wear blue when at home. BYU in dark blue looks fine, but not when compared to the retro royal look. I wish they would just switch back now. I originally missed the 49rs old dark burgundy (black highlights) and dark gold look - but really, their colors are perfect now.