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  1. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Here's a few quick mockups of the Cavs new wordmarks on their current set which is rumored to be the direction the team is going.
  2. Creating more modern NFL helmet icons

    How is this a concept
  3. University of Texas Longhorns Logo Concept

    I entered this thread expecting to have to explain that Texas' mark does not need messing with and works well as is. While I still believe that statement, I think your work shows that you know that as well, but have done a wonderful job in creating a mark that is a very elegant modernization of a classic logo. Job well done.
  4. JoeDGemma's NFL Uni Cleanup

    Thanks for all the feedback guys! I want to go back and adjust some of these concepts from the critiques you all provided, but in the interest of time and to keep this series alive, I'll share my concept for the Buffalo Bills. Obviously, the Bills are one of those cornerstone old-school franchises with a very solid uniform package. So for this, I just made small tweaks that would go a long way to improve their current identity. I removed the black from the uniform because it's the only place black exists in their brand, and serves no purpose. The double stripes have been taken down to single stripes to adjust for the smaller sleeves of current templates. Worldmark removed from the uniform in an effort to keep it looking traditional. This is the same reason I maintained the gray facemask which I typically don't care much for. In this instance, I believe it's appropriate. I also removed the logos from the hips as I think it's unnecessary with the pants stripe. Red uniform is new, and exists outside of the current color rush set which in an ideal world would be removed from rotation.
  5. New York Logo

    It's hard to judge this without context. What is it logo for? Just the city in general? The Knicks?
  6. Cleveland Browns New Concept

  7. Cleveland Browns New Concept

    This concept has a few things going for it and quite a bit going against it. The primary logo is kind of uninspired and lacks any real form. It relies on a white background, so as soon as it's on a brown or orange background, it needs to change color to work. Also,it's really just a direct rip of this concept logo that's been floating around online for some time now with a C switched out now. which is really just a poor man's version of this logo the Browns used in the mid 2000's. The badge doesn't do much for me either. It smashes their current word mark down and is built in a shield that doesn't really stand for anything or serve any real purpose. The EST. is too small and also doesn't need to be there. No professional logos state the EST date because it doesn't serve any purpose. As soon as that logo is scaled down to the size of a twitter avatar, that detail will be completely illegible. The shape of the shield conflicts with the shape of the C logo. The sleeve stripes are nice on the home and away, keeping the helmet stripe consistent which is nice. The belts should be the same color as the pants and that inner stripe on the inside edges of the leg are downright strange. The orange NOB is illegible on the brown uniform. The Orange uni numbers on the browns current away set are difficult to read, so removing the stroke only makes them harder to read. Orange on white doesn't work. I think the cream alternates are way too yellow, and also could stand to just be white. I don't think any NFL throwbacks currently use the cream retro treatment, so I see no reason to break the trend. I think it's kind of corny in baseball and should stay there. If you're gonna do a throwback, the facemask should be gray instead of brown since they've only used a Brown facemask since 2015. I don't know if this concept has done anything to give Cleveland a more recognizable brand.
  8. JoeDGemma's NFL Uni Cleanup

    Baltimore is next on the list. For the Ravens, much like Atlanta, the unnecessary drop shadow has been removed from all numbers. Primary away uniform is all white as opposed to the black yoga pants. Replacing the Maryland shield that used to take up the sleeves is a subtle pattern based off the Maryland state flag. This pattern has also been adopted to created a stripe running down the side of the pants, eliminating the legging look that has plagued these unis from their inception. All black alternate remains, updated to match the rest of the set. Satin black helmet with deep purple reflections when hit by light, in the same way the Jaguars old helmet reacted to light.
  9. JoeDGemma's NFL Uni Cleanup

    Atlanta is up next. As one of the few who love the falcons current set, I didn't want to do much to overhaul their system, but adapt it to current Nike templates and remove some of the 2000's clutter. For this concept I removed the drop shadow from the numbers while maintaining the same typeface. The Falcons word mark has been removed from the chest, and the shoulder piping has been completely eliminated. The grey outline on the helmet logo has been eliminated. New pants striping to be thicker to match the shapes seen in the logo. Away numbers changed from Red/Black to Black/Red to make up for the contrast lost when removing the shadow. All black alternate has returned only to be worn once or twice a season. Matte helmet.
  10. JoeDGemma's NFL Uni Cleanup

    Up first is the Arizona Cardinals. For this uniform, I decided to combine the look of the late 90s–Mid 2000s uni with current day elements. I've removed the outline from the numbers, while maintaining the existing typeface for numbers and name. The sleeves remain plain red as they did in the 2000's with the TV numbers being placed on the shoulders. Underneath, a subtle rubber texture of cardinal wings that is seen when hit by the light. Think Jacksonville's shoulder texture. Facemask updated to be Cardinal red and pants have been given a classic two stripe treatment. Atlanta Falcons are up next.
  11. JoeDGemma's NFL Uni Cleanup

    I've been meaning to do a series like this, exploring every uniform in the league and seeing what can be done to keep it feeling fresh in 2017 without getting too far away from the existing brand most of these teams have established. Before I kick this off, I want to explain a few of the guidelines I'll be following in order to make sure the concepts I'm creating are as realistic and feasible as possible. 1. The one helmet rule is staying in-tact as it would in the NFL. Decals can change but shell must remain. 2. No complete rebrands. Reasonable color changes allowed but no name changes, new logo marks, or colors that have not been used before. 3. No throwbacks will be included. Assume any throwbacks that are currently in rotation for teams are still at their disposal. Expect no drastic changes to many teams, this is simply an league-wide cleanup to remove some of the clutter and unnecessary elements of existing uniforms to extend their life expectancy. For certain teams who's uniforms would be better off starting from scratch, I'll be adopting some of their more favorable looks from the past, and bringing them to 2017. With that said, let's get started. Arizona CardinalsAtlanta FalconsBaltimore RavensBuffalo BillsCarolina PanthersChicago BearsCincinnati BengalsCleveland BrownsDallas CowboysDenver BroncosDetroit LionsGreen Bay PackersHouston TexansIndianapolis ColtsJacksonville JaguarsKansas City ChiefsMiami DolphinsMinnesota VikingsNew England PatriotsNew Orleans SaintsNew York GiantsNew York JetsOakland RaidersPhiladelphia EaglesPittsburgh SteelersSan Diego ChargersSan Francisco 49ersSeattle SeahawksSt. Louis RamsTampa Bay BuccaneersTennessee TitansWashington Redskins
  12. CFB-NFL Jersey Swaps

    For what its worth, I've done a number of jersey swaps in my time, and instead of creating a new thread I'll just share what I have in here if people are interested in them. I never thought of this forum of being the place to share these but I'll be doing quite a few as draft season approaches. Here's DeShaun Watson as a New York Jet
  13. @ethanmdon haha nice one edan

  14. Turned on my Spotify playlist "Tracy McGrady was real good when these songs were popular". Break Ya Neck: Busta Rhymes. Happy Monday.

  15. Snapchat Geofilters