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  1. I just saw this, but my god, I wish I could have seen this earlier. This is one of the most well thought out posts I've ever seen. I have done many sim leagues just like this, but none of mine have came close to the level of awesomeness this one has. Great job.
  2. Fremont looks great! Thank you so much for making them!
  3. Could you try Fremont High School in Fremont Nebraska? Here's their current set.
  4. Ok I'll use that one. I don't follow baseball at all so I'm not great with the stadiums.
  5. Team Name: Houston Stars Affiliate: Dallas Cowboys Colors: Blue/White/Anthracite Stadium: Whataburger Field
  6. I would most likely be able to digitize it.
  7. Here is my concept for the Harrisburg Hawks, proud affiliate of the Philadelphia Eagles.
  8. I have a couple good ones for GIMP. PM me.
  9. I Will start working on them now. Should I PM them to you when I'm done or just post on here?
  10. Team: Harrisburg Hawks Affiliation: Philadelphia Eagles Colors: Kelly Green/Silver Stadium: FNB Field
  11. Anymore CC?
  12. Hello everyone I have been working on a little project lately on turning NBA uniforms into football uniforms, using the Nike Match Speed template and A Riddell Speedflex template. I will try to complete all 30 NBA teams + the Sonics. I will use monochrome for each uniform, just like the NBA should be. (Atlanta) I also will go in alphabetical order by team name (not location), like NBA2K does. My first transforation is for the Philadelphia 76ers. Their uniforms are fantastic, and I tried to keep a lot of the elements from the basketball uniforms onto the football uniforms.
  13. (I know that the gold visor is illegal, I just thought it looked cool with the helmet)
  14. First of all, welcome to the boards. LOVE the home,away, and Alt 3 sets. The Alt 1/Alt 2 jerseys/pants look good, but as much as I want to like the helmet, It just isn't feeling right. This is really good for a first-time poster though!