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    2018/19 Soccer Kits

    I hate the fact that I absolutely love this At least Puma's made one kit good enough for me to cop every year.
  2. Asterix777

    Leeds United New Crest

    Regardless, it's not sticking. LUFC Managing Director Angus Kinnear just told a local station they're reopening the consultation process for the crest. It makes sense regardless of whether or not you like the logo, because this was a PR fiasco. 16,000 fans had signed a petition to change it within 2 hours. The internet has been destroying it ever since they unveiled it.
  3. Asterix777

    Leeds United New Crest

    Yes, Leeds' old logo is generally ugly and cluttered. Yes, Leeds have never had a great logo to go on. That's not an excuse to pull something like this out. Is the salute an identifiable, and personal symbol of the club? To a degree, yes. But the white rose of Yorkshire is also a much better symbol for the largest club in Yorkshire, and it looks ridiculously better. Some guy on twitter literally just switched the fan for the rose and the logo looked like an upgrade over the previous ones. I really do hope Leeds take his idea, otherwise they'll have one of the worst logos in England.
  4. To think a team from a media market outside the top 15 in the U.S. would be close to the top of merchandise sales and popularity is very surprising - hard to think of a team in real U.S. sports that could punch that far above their proverbial weight (Packers? St. Louis Cardinals? Spurs?) For comparison, the Broncos, with 3 championships and a relatively storied history, are the 13th most valuable team in the NFL. The Cents could arguably push top 5 - I guess that would just be down to a perfect set of conditions - Colorado's the only team with multiple championships in the western U.S. (LA, San Diego, and Seattle all have 1) I wonder what the five "biggest" franchises in the AFA would be? I'd probably have New York, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Colorado, and Washington in some order, but Minnesota and Cincinnati probably have a shout. (Apart from New York, the power markets - LA, Chicago, Boston, Philly have all really underperformed)
  5. Well, I really do think now is the time to put the horse down. This core seems to be done. Any franchise QB's in this draft the Cents can start to move assets around for?
  6. If any city is able to represent that free-spirit style, it's Portland.
  7. Well, that VB was interesting. I'm glad Portland lost and looked thuggish in the process. I'm guessing their nationally-televised behavior won't win them very many fans, and that's more fans heading to a team that would probably dominate it's local area (CO,WY,UT,) as well as being surrounded by opponents with less history (AZ,POR,SEA,CAL) In fact, i'd be willing to wager the Centennials are the most popular AFA team in the West, what with their environment and track record of success. And speaking of the Cents, what's their plan for the offseason? Tear it down and trade up for a franchise QB, or reload for one last run with Blitz's boys?
  8. I get the unfortunate feeling this might be the last hurrah for Tom Blitz and this current core. And even though the Guardians have looked unbeatable, i still remember the Cents that did go unbeaten and lost in the first round... Cents over Ghosts in the VB, with The Guardians upset in the semifinals.
  9. Also, Totally forgot about the blue-jersey thing. I'm sure a lot of people in Colorado think blue is a cursed color, what after all the postseason disappointments they've suffered wearing them. I could honestly see the Cents phasing out the blue jerseys for red or gold full-time, just on the grounds of superstition.
  10. I know that feel, Miners fans... This postseason is definitely the weirdest i've seen in the AFA's history, but it's also one to tell your grandkids about. Cents Reminded how much a good QB takes a team. Ken Hughes is probably wishing he could lace'em up again...
  11. Hey Guys Not gonna lie, I haven't looked at this page in quite a while, and I was wondering coming into this season whether or not we were gonna make the playoffs. Boy was I in for a surprise... Now, I think Tom Blitz is my favorite player of all time, and we're a QB away from a Dynasty. Good times in the Centennial State. Senator Ken Hughes is currently lobbying a bill to make Jan 15th Tom Blitz day in Colorado, Honoring (probably) the most legendary run in AFA history. It's expected to pass. Finally, can someone tell me how to attach a sig again? it's been so long since I've updated and my potato mind can't figure out the process again.
  12. This is too reminiscent of the Broncos these last 2 seasons... I can tell we missed the do't-screw-it-up -ability of JBG. How's the AFA Siemian doing in his first year?
  13. Ok, so since these have (somehow) gotten even better, do you mind if i request another one? Tim Howard in Colorado Rapids jersey, please. These are works of art. Also, take your time and do your projects well. I'm in the same struggle right now.
  14. So it looks like acquiring Eastern Illinois QB's are a theme in Colorado these days... (sigh?) Anyways, i was certainly surprised to see JBG moved on, but tell me more about his replacements.
  15. I'm going to take a guess and say this is the look the Cents will stick with for a while. They started to be very successful once they switched to the new set, so it's more than likely sticking around.
  16. Indeed Indeed... Take your time, though, Veras. No Rush. Also, with it mentioned, what's happened to the blogspot? I know it's on 1970, but no idea when that was put it. Considering recent circumstances it might become a lot more important...
  17. AND THE DROUGHT IS DEAD!! What a postseason run by this defensive unit and Tommy boy! Mr. Hughes took great joy in walking the VB trophy up the stage and handing it to his beloved Cents, and for the next few weeks at least, the residents of the Rockies can celebrate their heroes. Now let's get out there and defend that title!
  18. These are Incredible! I'd love to see Francesco Totti or Andrea Pirlo (Back at Juve), if you want to do world football.
  19. As a Colorado sports fan currently living in Dallas, this is a VB matchup i've definitely wanted to see. I like that the stallions have molded themselves in our image, but so long as they don't have a punishing safety like Portland does, i think Danny St. Mark finally has his postseason breakout game and does enough to get the job done, while Bob Jonas goes Von Miller on the Stallions offense. 17-7 Colorado. Ken Hughes is good friends with Joey Branson-Greene, and has long said he's a Quarterback who's deserved a ring. Now he's got a suite in Pasadena and is ready to watch his beloved Cents take home another Title. Come On, Cents!
  20. Tom Blitz? Tell me more, but I like that name My guess, we Blitz (Get used to it) the Bobcats into submission and then exact revenge for the last victory bowl.
  21. Every time I see a new post on this, it makes my day. Now it's time to right those wrongs and get back to the mountaintop. Come on Cents!
  22. Hello all! Haven't been on the boards for a while but more time is free for me to do some designing so without further aideu - MLS 2020 - A look into the future Heres a few things to note before we get into it - Posts will come somewhat regularly, but i do have to be a student, so no guarantees. Many Thanks, Asterix