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  1. AndrewMLind

    2018-2019 NFL Potential Super Bowl Uniform Matchups

    Both the fact that the NFC is the home team and that their throwbacks are their standard home uniforms have been discussed at length. I was simply stating, given the circumstances, how unlikely it would be they’d choose something else. As you can see, I was right.
  2. AndrewMLind

    2018-2019 NFL Potential Super Bowl Uniform Matchups

    They chose to wear white because it was the same thing they wore when they beat the Eagles in their previous Super Bowl matchup. This is a much different situation because 1. The Rams lost to the Patriots in the Super Bowl while wearing white, and 2. Their home/throwback uniform is much better than their mess of a road uniform. I highly doubt they’d purposely choose to wear white again given both of those circumstances.
  3. AndrewMLind

    NFL changes 2019

    LSU’s yellow stripe is a very small, truncated piece of fabric sewn onto a purple cuff, so we can agree to disagree that “they have no issue pulling it off.” It looks nothing like the purple-yellow-purple cuffs that existed on older templates. And the Chiefs should just leave the stripes on the sleeve caps as they are currently constructed because it looks much, much better.
  4. AndrewMLind

    NFL changes 2019

    Cuffs are basically non-existent for skill positions on current templates, though, so single contrasting color cuffs are typically the best you can do. The Redskins are the closest example I can think of of stripes on the cuff (see: Alex Smith, Adrian Peterson), but only because those players wear jerseys with bigger/looser sleeves and they can wrap that fabric all the way around the sleeve to create that effect. Look at skill players like Josh Doctson, though, and you’ll see it’s a truncated stripe that covers the sleeve cap just to create the look rather than the actual cuff itself.
  5. AndrewMLind

    2018-2019 NFL Potential Super Bowl Uniform Matchups

    It’s already been discussed at length how the Rams would be in their throwback uniforms (which are their designated home uniforms this year) for the Super Bowl, but they would never opt to wear white against the Patriots given the result of XXXVI.
  6. Which is the exact same thing as the Patriots’ Color Rush, as I mentioned, just with different color stripes. I was just giving two examples of a modified template created with a design on the shoulders in mind, not mentioning everyone that uses said template. In my mind, though, you’re slowly making the stripes smaller as they come down to a point. Think about some of the Carolina Panthers’ uniforms (Cam Newton, for example) or how the Houston Rockets’ jerseys looked prior to the Nike takeover. I don’t think it would look any worse than LSU, Ole Miss or UCLA’s attempts — though using a smaller/thinner number font would help alleviate any potential issues there. Let’s also consider the photo below. The reason those stripes work is because they’re actually inside what would now be the sleeve cap and then taper off into that seam. Indianapolis, New York and New England (color rush) all have UCLA stripes on the shoulders, which — if we’re being entirely truthful — is an entirely different kind of stripe. There also isn’t room for the old way on the current templates, especially with TV numbers. To get your desired effect, you’d have to either eliminate the TV numbers or move them to the shoulder — though coming to the understanding that today’s uniforms simply don’t allow for the Colts to look as they were initially intended is probably the route to go.
  7. If the Colts actually wore the Vapor Untouchable template, they’d probably use the same modified template as the Patriots’ color rush or Bengals’ uniforms (because of the contrasting yoke). That said, the Vapor Untouchable is probably the most design-friendly template there is. They could conceivably add seams to make stripes all the way around the sleeves if they really wanted to — or apply stripes in the same way they would most other sleeve stripes rather than sewing them into the fabric.
  8. AndrewMLind

    Atlanta Braves Tweak Road and Alternate Uniforms for 2019

    That tomahawk cap just carries over the issues from their previous blue alternates. That’s my only problem with this “refresh.”
  9. AndrewMLind

    Braves to Show Off “Refreshed” Uniforms This Weekend

    Just as I expected/hoped.
  10. AndrewMLind

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    It’s too similar to the Eagles’ design to actually happen, but I like this helmet concept.
  11. That’s fair, but I do wonder how a single stripe would be viewed if it was something that has been done for decades instead. Would we question the addition of extra stripes and consider it too bulky? A single stripe is certainly outside of the norm, but it would also be unique, yet classy — and I’m all for something outside of typical design standards and expectations if you can achieve such a balance. That said, I agree with you on this. It’s just unfortunate the original intent of the stripes is not the result we get on today’s template (no matter where the fault lies). I appreciate the discourse!
  12. AndrewMLind

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    I think it looks like the tail of the plane, which is why I’m all for it. Though it does feel similar to the Vikings’ sail stripes.
  13. But aren’t their current stripes also “blocked off” at the end? (It still technically runs into a seam based on a modified version of the Vapor Untouchable, but so then would a single stripe)
  14. AndrewMLind

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    It has potential... the black ruins it, though. If the sleeves stripes were white and the logo was, too, I could be on board. I do see ‘NYT’ when I look at the logo, as well, but I like the general idea behind it.
  15. AndrewMLind

    2018-2019 NFL Potential Super Bowl Uniform Matchups

    Saints vs Patriots, it is! (I’m hoping it’s Rams vs Chiefs, though)