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  1. This is amazing, I so want this in a game! Great work on this, I love the effort
  2. LA Rams concept 2.0

    I really love the white one. That is awesome, and I like the design and helmet. With the new one, I would add the horns on the sleeves. It is such a classic look, and really makes the Rams' stuff special. After that, I would make a yellow alternate, basically just the color rush from this year. I really liked that uniform, and I feel that it would really complement the whole set that you made. Of course, the NFL has to ruin all the fun with the one helmet rule, basically killing this idea, but this really would be cool and would totally be an awesome set in LA.
  3. NHL soccer jerseys (Finals Match-up)

    Bruins are just okay. I like the home kit a lot, but the away is a little rough on the eyes. The yellow and white don't make much of a contrast, and really make the kit appear very clunky. Maybe try a completely new design.
  4. NHL soccer jerseys (Finals Match-up)

    Nice job. Canes away might be one of my favorites yet. Great work.
  5. Ujju2's EPL

    Yeah, I get it.
  6. This is a really nice start! Scared to see the Yankees with 27 stars above the crest...
  7. These are all really cool. Can't wait for the Subway Series!
  8. Ujju2's EPL

    Agreed with on the away. Also, I can see the Jamaican feel on the home! But, I don't really think the teal belongs there. It makes the uniform seem a little out of place.
  9. NHL soccer jerseys (Finals Match-up)

    Nice work on the Canucks. I really like the throwback clash kit! The hoops are a really nice touch.
  10. Arizona Diamondbacks Fix

    Nice work. I like how the teal complements the red, and I like where you moved the gradient, from the top of the hat to the brim. I also like the fact that the snakeskin pattern is a similar color to the actual uniform, creating a less eye-hurting design. Good work.
  11. NHL Tweaks - Minnesota and Ottawa Added

    I love cream (referred to as wheat here), and I thought that I would hate this when I heard you got rid of it, but it actually isn't bad. Nice work.
  12. This is so wrong but so right. I like the logos, but it just feels wrong to change this identity. Not that I have anything against you logos/uniforms, which are great, its just that they feel so strange without the classic chief.
  13. Ujju2's EPL

    Nice job on Arsenal! I am really happy you stuck with the 2014-15 away, and not the one they have now. The gradient isn't so bad, but I would just get rid of it, in my opinion. Nice work with Arsenal, though!
  14. Ujju2's EPL

    Great work for MUFC. This is a really nice look for them, and I like the throwback alt. Can't wait to see Arsenal!!!!
  15. NHL soccer jerseys (Finals Match-up)

    Preds look cool. Can't wait for the Rangers!!!