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  1. I liked the previous set, but I was never a fan of the navy blue and weird fluorescent orange. This set is a good bridge between the old colors and new set. It feels more vibrant and does have a tiny bit of retro vibe to it. This just goes to prove that sometimes the littlest changes are for the better.
  2. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    I will reserve all judgement until they hit the field, but here are some quick hits: Like: -Helmet (White is so overused, and the navy/silver is very clean) -More Silver -Attempt at a sword motif Dislike: -The red Nike swoosh (it feels like a last second addition) -The dual gray (too much going on and the sword yokes look too clipart-y) -The weird, random side panel (why? this is probably just to throw in the blue when needed and feels forced) -The font (it feels too thin) -The pants (without more blue and just silver on white or navy, it makes a weird mess, especially with the way the stripes are oriented) Overall, they look like a uniform that someone who wants to put everything on one jersey would make. It has terrible color balance and a poorly executed, albeit interesting, sword theme. I think they were just trying to go for too much here. I do appreciate the attempt at modernization, though.
  3. Rotten Tomatoes New Logo & Site

    Well, in this day and age of oversimplified and cloned logos, I would say that this is pretty good. It maintains the character of the original without using overbearing elements, and also still fits a more current model of design. Very well done.
  4. What If....the XFL was a success??

    Sorry to ruin the fun, but there are some concerns I have with your concepts. First, why all the inconsistencies with the templates? All the templates don't look like the others. Also some of these templates seem to be taken from this series: Your Aztecs logo is a clear recolor of this logo, by @mcrosby And your Phantoms template is a re-use from this series, specifically the Moskva Saints. Just... if it isn't yours just give credit or don't use it. This is lazy work. I don't want to feel like a jerk, but so many teams are unoriginal. Half of the expansions are just Arena League teams. If you really want to be original, find a single template, and do your own logos and uniforms. Don't copy, paste, and recolor other people's work, especially without their consent. You know, I really hate to be that guy, but this is just not smart. I am only here to help, not to just shut you down. I hope you understand.
  5. Pittsburgh Steeler Jersey Numbers

    Honestly, the look has grown on me. Despite the block font fitting more of the "Pittsburgh" vibe, the italicized numbers add character to the uniform, without sacrificing a classic look. Maybe they could be a tad bolder, but they prevent the uniform from looking too much like the Hawkeyes (probably not the Steelers fault). Plus, I have lived through most of the italicized era, so I am more familiar with that look.
  6. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 4 Voting

    G: 14 S: 16 B: 5 HM: 9, 17, 18, 3, 1
  7. Bruins' Logolympiad Portfolio

    Honestly, this look was a bit too crazy for me. I enjoyed it, but there is still to much going on. I thought MXC was unique, but the full text would have worked better. I also think that if you took the poncho striping and put it in the side panels, that would have created a better look. However, I will say this was a fun look for the competition.
  8. Let the Logolympiad Portfolios Begin! (Event 4 Added)

    Just like many have said, if the uniforms had some kind of striping, I probably would have liked it a bit more. Maybe some more refinement on the logo would have helped as well. But hey, you did better than me!
  9. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 3 Voting

    G- 1 S- 3 B- 18
  10. SSmith48's Logolympiad Portfolio

    The 2nd event didn't go as well, and I was not as confident. I think the idea was there, but the execution was way off. The Wild name was inspired by the landscape of Vancouver, and the color scheme was inspired by the sky and sea (blue) and the forest (green). I tried to incorporate a chevron/V pattern on the uniform that I think needed some more refinement. BTW, does anyone have a better SVG Basketball uniform template?
  11. SSmith48's Logolympiad Portfolio

    It probably is redundant to post another one of these, but here we go. Honestly, I am doing the Logolympiad to help me. I, in no way, shape, or form, am expecting to be very popular. However, it is still fun to participate and continue to develop. The first event was very stiff, as I expected. I wanted to develop a generic color scheme, as the words "American" or "National" never appear in the name, so I went with a simple green and brown. I decided to do a simple football with shield concept, and it developed into this. It is alright, but it needs a way for the text to be more included in the overall shape. I was happy with the result, but it still needed some refinement. I realize this could look a little uninspired. Thank you for viewing, and here is to the rest of the events!
  12. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 2 Voting

    G- 18 S- 21 B- 11
  13. Massachusetts Pirates - National Arena League

    This is a really good look, especially for a lower level arena football team. That helmet is certainly eye candy.
  14. NCAA Basketball 2017-18 New Uniforms

    Is it a sin that I like Oregon's? Portland State and Stanford also look good. Most of the designs are meh (why black? It muddles up a lot of the looks.), but why did UNC go with what they did? Oversized argyle w/ a big UNC does not look very good for the Tarheels (remember the football uniforms circa 2013? *shudders*).
  15. High School Football Uniforms 2017

    How about some Highlands Ranch (south metro Denver) teams? My school, the Mountain Vista Golden Eagles have not changed their jerseys/pants since 2006-2007, but changed their helmets in 2012, I believe. Make of our look what you will. There are 3 jerseys (Green, White, Black) to pair with our black helmets and 4 pants (green, gold, black, white). Look at the green numbers on black jersey, though. You can't see them from a distance! Our rivals, Thundrridge, have not changed their uniforms much either. New Balance uniforms with new helmets this year. Highlands Ranch high school recently changed their uniforms a few years back, and believe me. they are much better than what they wore before, despite the BFBS. Rock Canyon recently (and sadly) switched to Adidas this year. Valor Christian (defending state champs) have also switched to Adidas.