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  1. We can all agree that the USA baseball team's uniforms are dated, and do not look any better with this year's WBC. Recently, Uni Watch has posted a USA Baseball redesign contest, and I wanted to share my look with you: Logo: An attempt to simplify and modernize the team's current cap logo. USA is in a more modern and bolder font, along with a retooled, brighter shade of red (what USA baseball needs more of). Home: White pinstripe vest with blue undershirt. USA is in red to give the color a more distinct position. Road: Grey uniform with basic piping details. Font and lettering color does not change. Simply a basic, American-style look. Alternate: A tribute to the "golden age" of early 1900's baseball. Simplified cap with star, blue jersey with blue pants and white striped stockings, and a vintage styled font. A bit out there, but added in for a fun look. No changes will be coming to the entry sent in for the Uni Watch competition, but C&C is still welcomed.
  2. I don't know if this is real or not, but, according to UniSwag, Florida might be bringing back these ugly orange shouldered uniforms.
  3. My top 5: 1: Broncos- Maybe I am a little biased, but they went the the best possible decision. Bonus points for the helmet. 2: Patriots- Classy and beautiful. I hate them, but this set is really good. 3: Chargers- I wish they went with a powder blue set, but the 80's inspired look should look great against the Bronco's throwback inspired look. 4: Saints- Nothing much to say except that they exceeded my expectations. This should be a primary set. 5: Giants- I always liked this old look. Very clean. Bonus points for the throwback logo. "Meh" 5: 1: Falcons- Better than I expected, but too simple. Needs more red as a stripe. 2: Bengals- Snow tiger look is cool, but I wish they went with orange. 3: Ravens- Love the all purple (and avoidance of gold or white) but not much changed. Love the gold numbers. 4: Browns- Nice look with the better sleeve stripes, but needs more white to soften the details. 5: Colts- not much changed, but the details they added do look good. The horrible 6 (because 5 is not enough): 1: Jaguars- Gold is alright, but teal is better and there was no change in last year's. 2: Packers- They had so much potential, but it came out boring. Love the white pants though. 3: Titans- Boring and a horrible look from current uniform elements. 4: Eagles- All black. Enough said. 5: Chiefs- I don't need to say anything. 6: 49ers- One of the most hated sets in NFL history is the new "color" rush. Gold NEEDED to be here.
  4. Living in Colorado, almost everyone knows the Avalanche. But I have always loved their previous brand as the Quebec Nordiques. I am thinking of starting a new series, but I just wanted to get something out there. I have started using Inkscape, and I enjoy it! It is so much more flexible than paint. So, this is my first posted Inkscape concept. This concept utilizes more red in the uniform, to add some color to it. The yolk is also a new addition. The fleur-de-lis still appear around the waist, and are also the shoulder patches. A new stripe style appears around the uniform, and there is blue pants for both the home and the road, as well as a blue home helmet and a white road one.
  5. Yeah, I agree that the double swoosh is too much. Could the Nike text logo work better?
  6. I love this idea! I feel that the Ottoman Empire is missing something. I think they could use a little gold as an outline color or something like that. Eh, it could just be me. if no gold, the Ottomans still look very good!
  7. I have always been partial to brown and yellow/athletic gold. I like the richness and rarity of the scheme and it makes for a great mountain/frontier style look: (And yes, I like the vertical stripe socks)
  8. Denver: I think the black keys don't reflect the brand/look of DU. I have been on the campus a few times, and I think gold is more fitting of a key color. Or maybe something like the lacrosse team wears with the white and gold mountains: IUPUI: I think taking the the colors and moving them to the apron would be better. That way you could have a cool half red, half gold look on the outside. South Dakota State: I think making the yellow stain in the arc solid would be a better look. The color of stain on your current one seems to tacky. Other than that, you look good in the Summit. I have read through the entire thread, and I do have to say, I like what you have done! Keep it up!
  9. Here is a quick little concept I threw together on Inkscape. It combines elements of both logos: And a (rough) IPhone screen view: I gotta say, I like and hate the new brand at the same time. While they did bring the entire brand of apps together (like Boomerang and those other camera features), I liked the quirky look of the old logo. What they did here was a bit too much in terms of a rebrand, but at least it is a bit cleaned up. I think they just need something in the middle of both icons.
  10. Ignore
  11. Ignore
  12. Agreed. I second this.
  13. Well, with the Dallas Stars pretty much owning the Stars moniker, I think it would be impossible to bring back the North Stars nickname, unless Dallas suddenly changes their name or allows it to be used.. I did, however, like the North Stars name, and their logo was nice. I just can't see this being allowed with Dallas being the Stars team in the NHL.
  14. Time for Super Bowl 50! I was just working on the computer and thinking about the Super Bowl. My thinking went like this: Family Member: What would Cam be without the dab? Me: he would Superman! Me, thinking: Cam: Superman...Manning... Cam vs Manning... SuperManning! So, I present to you, the utterly useless and stupid SuperManning logo! Basically, I took the Superman logo (which is Cam's nickname) and mixed it with a Manning in the Broncos font. It's really nothing special. Enjoy the Super Bowl! Go Broncos!
  15. Lately, I knew I needed to do something logo-related, but I was losing inspiration. However, I came up with an idea: creating sigs. My sigs are not flashy or crazy, they are simple to reflect one's pride for a team, and can be used with any style. I designed them so that they can be customized to a certain degree. The sigs have a logo or picture, which take up no more than 1/3 of the sig. The text will fill up all the rest of the blank space. Now, I have a couple examples for inspiration: Team Name (can be just city, just name, or both): Motto: Player (only last name and numbers 0-99): BEFORE REQUESTING: There are some restrictions, some personal, and some relating to my program: -When requesting a player, keep it to a last name and a 2 digit number (0-99) -When requesting a picture or logo, do not request one with a watermark or an image that is not compatible with Paint. -Also, if the image cannot easily be found on the internet, please have a sample image ready for me. This will ensure that I have an image for your sig. -If you want to request a font, please double check that it is free. I will not be paying any money for a font. If you do request a font that requires money, I will try to select one similar to it. -If I miss your request, please PM me. This will ensure that one, I will add it to my list without the risk of losing your request if you post it again, and two, if I purposely did not do your for one reason or another, I can contact you without building up the thread with unnecessary posts. Here is how you should lay your request out: Preferred text (font, what to type, player information, etc.) Description of logo or picture (with logos, say what logo you exactly want. Ex: Super Bowl 50 logo, Denver Broncos Alternate logo, Georgetown 1978-1995 Primary, etc.) Background color: Text Color: These sigs can be personalized for: Fantasy sports teams Stadiums Events Sports Teams Players Other Locations or people Request List: 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- Thank You! EDIT: PLEASE HOLD ON. THE SIGS ARE CURRENTLY TOO BIG. I AM EDITING THE SIZE NOW. EDIT 2: It may take longer than expected to change the size. As of right now, I am currently trying to change it, but I am getting it smaller than I intended. I made a mistake in posting this early. I am sorry.