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  1. same name, same team, same number

    How about Penn State football in its entirety?
  2. How much can you "update" a classic?

    Look at the unis the flyers wear today, almost exactly like the old ones
  3. Super Bowl LII Uniform Matchup Possibilities Database

    I’m on iPhone and I can’t see them either, no websites are blocked
  4. Tampa Bay Lightning Redesign

    I would make the collar be one color, but make the little pentagon with the shield be different rather. Outside of that I like it. Volt can work for this team, because they really need something other than blue and white which we see in the maple leafs, and even take it a step further and say the jets and canucks. Something refreshing here. Great job, how would you do the numbers on the back? I would suggest making them the same colors as he logo, so either blue or white with the volt outline.
  5. Sharks logo WIP - help needed!!

    Just seeing this now? Fantastic. I love the colors, the presentation, and the logo/wordmarks themselves And this shows how great these boards really are. You took a good logo, and turned it into something that could rival the best logos out there. This is what it’s all about be proud of this work. You nailed it.
  6. Detroit Lions Logo Concept

    Someone get this to Detroit pronto
  7. 2018/19 Soccer Kits

    Tottenham- whyyyyyyyyy it’s soooooo baddddddd just do a navy shirt with white earthquake marks. This weird teal shirt is atrocious. Barca looks good, and I like the PSG look, it’s quite modern and different but fits their “classic” look, avoids things like gradients and nonsense, and this youth era of neymar and Mbappe fits it. chelsea- I like it. Better than plain blue, but there could be more to it is all. But could be worse. Wayyyyy worse
  8. Baker Mayfield Bills Wallpaper

    Mike gesicki (penn state) to the jaguars
  9. I love these. They feel awesome to the cities and keep the focus on football. If the playoff didn’t already have a solid brand, this is what I’d hope for. Great work

    I like the ideA. Those colors are harsh though. Too many complex colors right there
  11. Cleveland Browns Uni Concept-As if they were a new team

    ah i see you picked #26 for saquon barkley...... jk yes there needs to be more gray in the NFL. also i like how you kept the main color brown with a heavy focus, instead of feeling like orange on top of brown like they have today. good job, i think a plain brown helmet (with normal stripes) would look better though, since the logo isn't too eye-catching if you know what i mean
  12. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    back to the discussion of the terrible numbers and bunching, here’s FIU close ups
  13. College Football Team Cougars concept

    It’s getting better for sure. The eyes are definitely an improvement. Not a big fan of the line you currently have, it looks like his eye is behind the bridge of his nose too much. Maybe curve that brown part onwards and use the yellow instead of white. A little thing I noticed: the brown under the nose and the center of the top row of teeth don’t match up, I’d suggest moving the nose unit over itself and leave the teeth there. Also I think it should say “Southern Ohio” not “SOU” unless his was like a secondary/tertiary mark. Getting better though, keep at it. I do like the font choice though, it’s modern, yet easy to read
  14. USC Facemask & Jersey

    I don’t have a problem with the bunching on the shoulders but when it distorts the numbers (which it always does) it looks terrible.
  15. 72Freebie's NLL Redesign Vancouver added 9/11)

    Oh yeah! Freebie is back I dig this. The wings on the sleeve are in an awkward place it seems but that might be normal for lacrosse. I’m not a lax bro so I have no clue what normal jerseys look like. Great font choice though, it’s modern and bold yet not too crazy. Well done