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  1. flyersfan

    Nit-Picking at Field/Rink Design

    Now I didn't see any thread I thought this would fit in, but i wanted to make a little complaint. First, does it bother anyone else that the "Center" in "Wells Fargo Center" is a different font? I know WF is corporate and it's a logo but it really looks off around the center circle, since its all 1 color. Also, its still preseason, but the Jaguars are still using the old jersey's number font on their field for the yard markers. They should switch to the updated uni font, or go with a classic look like we've seen on half the fields in the league.(about halfway through this video you can see it) Please feel free to share any other field design quirks that really grind your gears (im not talking about ugly basketball court designs or blue/red turf, its gotta be the little things)
  2. flyersfan

    Lehigh Valley IronPigs honor NFL champs with special uniforms

    The picture above tells me the color will be right. I sure hope it is.
  3. flyersfan

    Brownies Concept

    It’s a great idea, I like what you have but the letters should be bolder. I think that would really help it. As said above, great idea, it’s pretty close to being awesome.
  4. flyersfan

    RGiss NBA Concepts - Dallas Mavericks

    I love the city jerseys. I think the star one would look best if you added an outline to the number in the center. 2 tone is ok imo, as long as the uniform flows right. And the opponents have to clash pretty well. Also the other 2 look great, that blue one is pretttttyyyyyy
  5. Realll pretty logo, hoping they go with pinks as the kit color, and not monotone black. or monotone white.
  6. flyersfan

    Favorite jersey number?

    I mean my personal favorites to wear are 51 and 92. Ones I love? 2 is a classic to me as a psu fan, along with 31 and 11. 43 is a cool one as well, which may come from being a racing fan, but no special reason.
  7. flyersfan

    RGiss NBA Concepts - Dallas Mavericks

    What if you just made the Star the primary? And the current primary as a secondary? I love the royal and green look. Also for the city maybe take the star and put it around the number on the front. It’d probably look a little gimmicky but isn’t that what it’s all about in the city uniforms? edit- I don’t think it was clear that I love this idea you’re cooking up for the mavs, it’s def an improvement over the current set!
  8. flyersfan

    Canucks 50th Anniversary Specialty Jerseys

    That top one is pretttttty. Put the current font on it and bang that should be the new primary home.
  9. Penn state. No names. Black shoes. Plain helmets. All of it. No names primarily. Iconic to PSU, but definitely not unique to them. common slogan found everywhere of ours is: BLACK SHOES BASIC BLUES NO NAMES ALL GAME.
  10. flyersfan

    When Baseball Teams Wear the Same Colour

    In my perfect world, playoff elimination games for either team must be home vs away. If a team’s primary home Jersey is colored, so be it, but to see 2 alts in (what I would consider) one of the best ballgames of my lifetime, an instant classic, just feels absolutely cruel. The cubs pinstripes are iconic. The Indians have a very nice white uniform. It hurt me to see that game. Also if a team can bring all all the player equipment to a regular season game, surely they can bring another uniform. But come on, you really had to wear a matching color? Or the home team can’t do a one off normal look? Jersey matchups should be predetermined a few days in advance to allow this problem to not exist. And no, cap color or pants color isn’t enough. Navy v royal is ok, but not a fave of mine. White vs grey is the best imo. And I’m only 20, I’m no traditionalist
  11. NFL: A. But I’d never want them in the center of the uni. MLB: suggesting on the arm like the postseason patch in the pics. I’d want commemorative patches to be where option A is NHL: c. Keep it off the jersey if possible. I like it on the helmet
  12. Vikings broncos looked really good actually. Broncos went blue-orange-white, vikes in purple-white-purple. I would’ve guessed purple v orange would feel very minor league ish but it actually worked very well together. I don’t have a good pic, can someone help me out?
  13. flyersfan

    "Bad Design" that actually works

    See I actually really like the falcons current look. I prefer it to the old honestly. Too many teams are trending back to the basics. If they went red helmets I wouldnt be opposed, id want the black versions of the jerseys back, but theyre doing a great job with their brand. Also, the giants set was one of my favorites, until they switched from grey to white pants. Now they just feel Meh.
  14. Ok dolphins new beauts debut tonight.... as well as the let down jags... i am quite excited to say the least
  15. flyersfan

    Logo/Uniform Soft Spot

    I love the simpler college logos, baseball cap logos, and anything relatively simple.