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  1. They look great, but you used the US Natl teams font on a few teams! big no no in the soccer world!! Also the MLS font! USA looks quite amazing though, i know its in a different post but no need to make 2 comments. Also the honduras away or white is phenomenal. well done
  2. I dig it. Just dont like the number on the front, its too hard to read, i think the argyle should be left on its own, no number.
  3. These are fantastic. the suns should use what you did and rebrand using that. The fact that you kept it so the suns looks normal from both sides, is awesome. Keep up the great work, i have zero fixes for any of them. Well done.
  4. Its a beauty of a kit. but that sponsor is so terrible. couldnt they just take the white lettering and make it blue, while dropping the gradient? just my 2 cents
  5. Sorry for the confusion, I didn't know the Vikings played on turf. I never watch any Vikings games sooooo that may explain it
  6. Not sure if I'm the first to say it or not, but i dont like this la liga font. The lines on the inside, bevels, if you want to call it that, are a bit too much. I dont mind the styling though, i think if they make them a touch narrower and remove the bevels, they would look good. Its just too crazy for this day in age of professional soccer
  7. Im a little thin myself, 5'11" and 150ish lbs, but a medium fits very well. it is athletic so its meant to be tighter than say a t-shirt, but i thought it fit pretty well. Length was fine, and not too tight. I would say just watch the arms, because they can be a bit small if you have big arms. Also they are pretty breathable even for the tighter fit. I have the Spurs away from 2015-16, the light blue and navy one. Looks great though! Hope this helps!
  8. I agree. They better hope the vikings don't have home playoff games, so they can let the grass grow, be cut, and therefore the colors will fade. But, if there is any person or group that can just get a new field, the NFL can and probably will do it, if necessary.
  9. You don't reember the 50ish pages we added that night? I know they were just the homes but yes, the NHL did their thing
  10. Tottenham this season 😍. Any word on a third kit for them? Hoping they go with a light blue like the training kit or a dark gray...
  11. there are so many little things wrong with the jersey, thats what makes it bad. browns on the pants. cleveland across the chest. the orange stitching. orange numbers on the brown jersey. i dont have a problem with anything else on it though.
  12. i cant agree to these more.
  13. At the end of the day, it could've been a lot worse.
  14. My take: vegas actually looks good and the slate is a great color to have in the league
  15. What changed for Calgary, Washington, and Ottawa?