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  1. Just please no chrome
  2. Realizing now I'm missing the middle division
  3. if ya can't beat barcelona, then I guess try and make your kit their colors?
  4. Nothing too special, just wanted to share this, of the 2017 NCAA Hockey Tournament
  5. My old high schools turf had blades that were molded in the color they were supposed to be. And it made logos look clean and awesome. For an organization with the money and power like the NFL, they should be able to pull it off in the super bowl
  6. I see why they do it, so local places can stock lots of numbers to custom make any jersey, or "kit", but what do teams like Leicester and Chelsea put on their possible whit or grey shirts? I sure hope not black.... And no claret/maroon hurts but let's creativity, and the whole Leicester with gold look was awesome, was kinda hoping my beloved Spurs would add a navy shirt with gold numbers... Colors are Disappointing...
  7. No outline would be a little rough for teams who go with with stripes on the back but i like how the MLS has it, their numbers just need to be a bit bolder
  8. Full premier league number font:
  9. Came across this on the NFL Twitter today... The Giants logo in the background is a bit thin, I didn't know the Giants had a variation on it... Basically this is a thread for people to post when teams and leagues use logos of other teams that either are not official, or outdated... Have fun
  10. Love the times new roman don't personally.... I think the Brewers need a new update, and not go back to their old stuff. Go ahead and hate me for it
  11. definately not an upgrade, but they could be a lot worse
  12. Less colors in baseball, white vs grey. And high socks, no baggy pants
  13. Picked the jags based on their uniforms. Been a fan ever since.... And then all of Philadelphia.... Also picked hawthorn and Tottenham based on the fact that they were the best dressed teams in their leagues
  14. Jaguars helmets that looked black but you could see the teal around where the lights hit directly