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  1. oh my. this. is. stunning. i would love if my spurs would wear these. Itd look even better with the champions badge on the sleeve too I would say that they would more likely put "to dare is to do" on the shirt instead of "the game is about glory." once again, great work
  2. The mark martin valvoline might be the prettiest car ever. Yeah
  3. My take: we need purple in the NHL. There is minimal if any. I'd love to see a purple and/or light blue team. I think they should come up with their own new identity. Mets is boring. Totems can be offensive to this world today. I'd love to see something naval, militaristic like the oceanic in rimouski. Just not red white and blue please. And don't pick the same colors as the canucks. I'm cool with another green and blue but they better be different than the canucks colors. Aka light blue/ dark green. Obviously you can't make me completely happy but hitting a few of these is great
  4. It could use a touch, remove some things, but I love the black c and black numbers... unique in the league even though it's kinda BFBS
  5. My takes: EAST: Montreal v New York - If you complain about it, get off this site immediately Bottom line- I shouldn't even have to explain myself Ottawa v Boston - For the sake of consistency, i say the sens should stay with the red. I love the number font. I think the jersey needs some work in the future, for sure, but they should wear the usual home. Boston- needs to simplify a bit, but that is a problem you cant fix at this point. Black home, White away Bottom line- Not perfect. Both designs need work individually Washington v Toronto - Caps should wear the throwbacks, since they're going full time with them in the future. Its a nice look. What option do the leafs have? keep the look you've had forever. Bottom Line- Nostalgic Look Columbus v Pittsburgh - I like the Jackets home blues. They don't have a white version of the cannon, so home and road will look off. pittsburgh should not wear yellow/gold. Thats the Predators thing. Bottom line- Interesting, but the colors will work well together. Great games will come along with great uniforms in this series WEST: Chicago v Nashville - Just wear the usual, good looking matchup Bottom line- how can i complain? Minnesota v St Louis - Minnesota- wear your green. St louis looks great. This will be a nice match Bottom line- 2 of the better looking teams in the west, no complaints Anaheim v Calgary - Well, since edmonton is going orange, id say the ducks stay in black. I prefer the orange though, but we already have on in edmonton (Unfortunately). Unpopular opinion, but i like calgary's set. I think its nice actually. But if they go throwback, boy I am not opposed. Bottom line- nice matchup of modern looks San Jose v Edmonton - San Jose WEAR TEAL!!! The only team in the League with the color and they like to wear black. There needs to be more colors in this league. Where are the purples and teals? Orange has made a comeback! But speaking of orange, That's the flyers and ducks, @edmonton. You are a blue team. Its such a legendary look, why change it? there is hardly any royal blue in the 'yoffs, why would you wear orange? i get its a new era but the blue is sooooooo clean! Bottom line- so much more could be here. I guess it could be worse, but it could be so much better Well there's no flyers, so im gonna say im disappointed this year. At least we have some nice uniform matchups to look forward to in philadelphia. Bottom line- Im a blue jackets fan for the next week or so
  6. philadelphia would lose their minds if any of their teams changed up their colors. They are probably the most colorful city in terms of sports teams. (I may be wrong). But how would you change a team that is based on history and colors? The 76ers are based on the year 1776, they have ben franklin as a logo... they need to be red, white, and blue. But a team like the nationals needs to be red white and blue as well. Its a good idea, but can't be practical in any way.
  7. well you're not wrong
  8. just look at the darlington paint schemes from the last 2 years. All are beautiful throwbacks
  9. BFBS to the extreme
  10. i dont have the image, but ive seen one of an actual shirt like that
  11. It's Aston villa, it's west ham, its burnley! No, it's Manchester city....
  12. id say drop the dark parts of the front gradient that arent right behind the number. i think itd look better in real life, bt they look awesome!
  13. Just wanted to share this awesome match up from a Penn State Intramural Ice Hockey Game... Colors looked awesome together, and it had me thinking, what are some great uniforms or uniform match ups from you local Recreation/Intramural/Youth leagues?
  14. all i want is for them to keep LAS in the name. vegas raiders sounds horrible. AND DON'T MESS WITH THE UNIFORMS
  15. Just please no chrome