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  1. I love these. They feel awesome to the cities and keep the focus on football. If the playoff didn’t already have a solid brand, this is what I’d hope for. Great work

    I like the ideA. Those colors are harsh though. Too many complex colors right there
  3. Cleveland Browns Uni Concept-As if they were a new team

    ah i see you picked #26 for saquon barkley...... jk yes there needs to be more gray in the NFL. also i like how you kept the main color brown with a heavy focus, instead of feeling like orange on top of brown like they have today. good job, i think a plain brown helmet (with normal stripes) would look better though, since the logo isn't too eye-catching if you know what i mean
  4. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    back to the discussion of the terrible numbers and bunching, here’s FIU close ups
  5. College Football Team Cougars concept

    It’s getting better for sure. The eyes are definitely an improvement. Not a big fan of the line you currently have, it looks like his eye is behind the bridge of his nose too much. Maybe curve that brown part onwards and use the yellow instead of white. A little thing I noticed: the brown under the nose and the center of the top row of teeth don’t match up, I’d suggest moving the nose unit over itself and leave the teeth there. Also I think it should say “Southern Ohio” not “SOU” unless his was like a secondary/tertiary mark. Getting better though, keep at it. I do like the font choice though, it’s modern, yet easy to read
  6. USC Facemask & Jersey

    I don’t have a problem with the bunching on the shoulders but when it distorts the numbers (which it always does) it looks terrible.
  7. 72Freebie's NLL Redesign (San Diego added 5/11)

    Oh yeah! Freebie is back I dig this. The wings on the sleeve are in an awkward place it seems but that might be normal for lacrosse. I’m not a lax bro so I have no clue what normal jerseys look like. Great font choice though, it’s modern and bold yet not too crazy. Well done
  8. okay i love these. you have tons of great logos and uniforms, very colorful league. i feel like it might be best to have fluminense use the same color sleeves, aka moving one stripe to the middle and go from there, rather than the middle being the edge of two separate stripes, if that makes sense. Outside of these, they look great, especially that helmet on club america. well done here
  9. College Football Team Cougars concept

    outside of the eyes its great, i agree with what the others have said. If you're going to do a roundel logo i feel like it might help ya to add the name of the school, in this case "Southern Ohio" also- you mention they use navy, use that instead of black as the background! a team that doesn't have black in their color scheme would most likely prefer to use navy as much as possible. Great start though
  10. Stadium Series 2019

    flyers look awesome. only fix would be to make the F look more like an F, i get its just what that font has but it doesn't look like one at first glance. can you explain the penguins uniform choices? im not up to date on anything meaningful to Pittsburgh folk also **CENSORED** sidney crosby hes a **CENSORED** crybaby who cant fight his own **CENSORED** battles. And Bettman likes to **CENSORED** his **CENSORED** sorry but i hate that man
  11. CONCEPT: Jersey Display

    i think you've got a great product here. maybe angle your slots for the attachment to further prevent slipping, instead of having them just semicircles in the end. i do really like what you have here though.
  12. CONCEPT: Jersey Display

    this is pretty awesome actually. could i see a picture of the device alone? and how far could it go out if you wanted to put, say, a hockey jersey out? i like the idea and is for sure something new. I think its neat but how much easier is it to use instead of like a normal clothes hanger?
  13. Los Angeles Clippers Rebrand (Primary Logo, C&C needed)

    So I'm giving this a bump, still need some kind of comments & criticism, but here's my idea of a secondary logo! tell me if you guys like version A or B better! A: Red L, Blue A B: Blue L, Red A And here is the outline/two-tone version of this logo
  14. Atlanta United 3rd Kit Concept

    Yep. Adding tha adidas logo makes it look great. Well done. And I do like the all white better but as Conrad said, it might anger LAFC a little bit, since we have yet to see their kits
  15. Atlanta United 3rd Kit Concept

    while plain, i think its awesome. only only only complaints- maybe a thin gold stripe on the collar to make that part not all- black? and i would assume a gold adidas logo on the chest opposite the crest? otherwise- its awesome.