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  1. After going back and reading over the thread I realized that the characters were being made for the purpose of being apart of the expansion council and not ownership.
  2. So I re-stumbled across this forum again last night and it's been I think a year since I've last been on. If I remember correctly back when I use to come on the forum daily in 2015 my favorite part of keeping up with the AFA was when the expansions would happen and people would create characters in the AFA universe that would be potential chosen to be owners . So my question is 1.) is there an expansion soon? 2.) Will people be able to create characters that can apply or bid for ownership of an expansion team?
  3. Thanks I just want to catch up on the important events because just by looking over the past ten pages I can tell this page has come a long way since I was last on in 2015. Plus I have just one more question so has Free Agency been implemented into the league yet or is it players can only move teams by trades/getting cut?
  4. Ok So I have not been on this website for like a year but I wanted to get back into following the AFA daily again. Is there any place where I could find the standings and results for each season on one page because I know it would take like three hours to go read back all the years I missed ( last season I remember was the 1967 season).
  5. I really like the red stripes on Colorado's new uniforms. I think Colorado's new uniforms are your best uniforms yet.
  6. I like the new shade of blue which I think looks better on white than the old purple blue
  7. Great year for my Wasp. Now lets see what damage they can do in the playoffs
  8. A lot of SFL players are being signed..... I like it.
  9. Minnesota's colors remind me of the Kevin Garnett era Minnesota Timberwolves unis with the green and blue and I really like Winnipeg's logo.
  10. Josh Robinson was born in Washington D.C in 1928. He grew up watching his idol and dad play as the starting QB for the Washington pro football team and one day dreaming to play for a Washington football team to. Through out his childhood he became a fantastic athlete. In high school he would play football, baseball, and would do a little cross country. His senior year he would be an all American in all three sports earning him attention from big east coast collages. Josh would go on to attend the university of Maryland. For all four years he would play football as the number wide receiver in the program. He would lead the team in receiving touchdowns, receptions, and yards during his time at the university again earing him national recognition. He would be drafted by the Baltimore Legion in 1948. Josh would join Milo Speziale and others on a talented Legion team. His rookie season would began great for him and the team as the Legion would go 3-1-1 through the first five games before not playing in week 6 and 7 because of sickness. But He would come back for a good week 8. Through the 6 weeks he played he would have 4 touchdowns and 400 receiving yards . Then Robinson would go down with a hand injury and not play again for the rest of the season. The 1949 season would be almost the same but this time Josh would play the first 5 and the last 2 of the season grabbing 5 TDs and 490 receiving yards improving on his rookie season but no living up to his expectations. Through those two seasons the team would play much better with Speziale and Robinson at the same time creating a great friendship between the two. Just before the 1950 season Speziale came to Josh and told him to request a trade with him. Speziale would tell him that the way the team is now the future will not be good. Josh did not request a trade creating bad blood between the two. The 1950 season would see the improvement of the team and Robinson as he would play in 7 games catching 5 TDs and having 600 receiving yards leading the team in both categories. 1951 would be Robinson's breakout year as he would need to play good to show the rest of the AFA that he was the real deal. On a much weaker team then the previous season Robinson would have a career high 10 TDs and 700 yards playing in 10 games earning him his first of 7 all stars. The 1952 season would see the continuation of Josh's dominance as he have 13 TDs leading the league and 940 yards playing in a career high 12 games earing him his 2 all star. Despite the success the team would go 0-12 making it and obvious choice to not sign back with the team so he signed a 5 year deal with the Cleveland Ghost. In 1953 he would again be an all star playing in all 12 games and grabbing 12 TDs and his first and only 1000 yard season. Again he would be an all star. the 1954 season again would be a great season for Josh as he would be an all star again. The 1955 season would be a struggle for Josh as he would play in only 7 games and have 5 TDs and 500 yards but no all star for the first time in three years. The 1956 season would continue the trend of injuries for him as he would play 8 games and would fail to be an all star again. 1957 would see Josh become his normal self as he would play all 12 games again and the two play off games and another all star his 4th. Going into the 1958 season his almost retired but signed with the Washington wasp for another five year deal. The 1958 and 1959 would see him play great and be an all star both years. The 1960 season he would not play a game due to a knee injury. But in his last two year before retiring, the 1961 and 62 seasons, he would play a combined 17 games taking on the leadership role and being the teams captain fulfilling his childhood dream. Immediately after his retirement he would get the position of head of play scouting and development helping put together the Wasp 1967 championship team. Josh's votes go to 1. Richmond 2. San Francisco 3. Columbus 4. Birmingham 5. San Diego
  11. I have Milwaukee beating New Orleans 10-7. I think that the krewe will keep the game close with their good defense but I think that the wolves offense will pull out in the end and win the game late in the 4th quarter
  12. Lets goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Wasp

    USBL--St. Paul Loons Posted (24/24)

    Really liking the series so far.
  14. I really like the illustrations. My favorite one is Norbert Langway which looks sick.
  15. I am really liking the firebirds jersey colors and the helmet. I would go with the wave for the sleeves