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  1. You act like this is the worst possible thing ever when it could be worse, so so much worse... Be glad you only get weird one off uniforms.
  2. They don't have anything classic to wear.
  3. Oh come on, you can't even enlarge the wordmark?
  4. Association Edition? Icon Edition?
  5. I've never heard about this. Interesting.
  6. Looks like your texture experiment is going great so far. I'm interested in seeing some more, possibly some classic fields? I know Gridiron Uniform Database has some classic fields up of their own.
  7. The new logo translates poorly to the NBA TV logo. It looks like someone made an error in photoshop. New: Old:
  8. The White Sox uniform isn't even old enough to get the term "sacrilege." It's a modern classic, yes, but the team can survive getting new uniforms unlike the Yankees.
  9. Wow, the Suns are gonna shoot themselves in the foot if that's real.
  10. I had it on a Spurs/Celtics Summer League game and they showed the mom of Celtics rookie Jayson Tatum wearing his jersey and it had the General Electric logo on it, which looked to be Adidas because the tag was the same and so was the material. This ad patch nonsense is going to be frustrating. We can only hope it doesn't last.
  11. Pacers were the last team in the league to not have the city name in their primary logo. As of the 2017-18 season, all teams in the NBA will now be conforming to this stupid rule and yes, LAC and OKC count as city names in the logo.
  12. I seriously doubt that's the actual Jazz warmup.
  13. Atleast tell us how different the Cavs are. What are we dealing with here? Are we talking piping? Loud numbers? Stupid use of black? The return of the 80's CAVS wordmark for no reason?
  14. Here's a cool pic from a Raiders/Broncos throwback game in the 1994 season.