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  1. NBA Redesign Concept (Blazers 4/22)

    I decided to work on playoff teams first, so with the Blazers eliminated, I figured I'd get them finished first. The team's Icon jerseys are gray, the striping is inspired by the last red alternate Adidas gave them, and the City Edition uniform features the "Rip City" nickname in red and black plaid with plaid numbers and the pinwheel blades stretched out on the sides as piping. As always, C&C welcome.
  2. NBA Redesign Concept (Blazers 4/22)

    I've gone ahead and made the City Edition parchment-colored (Milwaukee has cream already) while putting the "Phila" script on the Statement jersey. I didn't want to put it on the City Edition because the stars would be imbalanced.
  3. NBA Redesign Concept (Blazers 4/22)

    I decided that I would make this a bit of a series (not sure how long, though). Next team up is the 76ers. I didn't want to change their jerseys too much, as I think they really nailed their last designs, so what I mostly did was brighten the red and darken the blue so they now match the colors of the US flag. The stars remain on the sides of the Icon, Association, and Statement uniforms, but the striping is now narrower. The striping on the sleeves and neck have also been simplified. I reversed the colors of the name and number from front to back just to add a little bit of personality and flair. For the City Edition, I drew inspiration from the '65-'66 uniforms with the front number above "Phila", and the number is surrounded by 13 stars. \ As always, C&C welcome.
  4. NBA Redesign Concept (Blazers 4/22)

    I tried to avoid that by making the dark purple/navy jersey that CP3 never wore. For some reason Utah and gradients work really well together, almost makes it worth living here. I went ahead and created a new note logo with mountains on the ball, inspired by R3G. Those replaced the snowflake on the Icon, Association, and Statement jerseys. I kept the snowflake on the City Edition, though, as the Jazz use their new state logo on their actual City Editions. I also reversed the colors of the back number and name so the numbers matched. For the teal Statement jersey, I also tried to reverse the colors on the front of the jersey, as I felt a blue wordmark worked better. I'm not sure, though, so let me know what you think. C&C welcome, thanks for the feedback!
  5. NHL Comic Sans Series (Update 4/20 #2)

    As amazingly awful as all the logos have been, the Devils seem to be a little NSFW.
  6. NBA Redesign Concept (Blazers 4/22)

    As a Jazz fan who's not a huge fan of the current design (minus the City Edition jersey), I figured I would try my hand at redesigning the team. Changing the colors to dark purple, teal, and copper, the team resurrects a snowflake logo. The Association uniform is off-white, the Icon uniform purple, the Statement uniform teal, and the new City Edition uniform a gradient going from pewter blue to dark blue. C&C welcome!
  7. A Few NFL Concepts (Hand Drawn)

    As a die-hard Cardinals fan, I LOVE the look you've come up with, the black piping around the sleeve cap really stands out. The only thing I would change would be to change the caps on the black jerseys to match the other two, but that would be it. I also really enjoy the Broncos concept, as it would really give them a unique identity.

    Nixon, we're here for constructive criticism, and that's not it. If you think the concept needs to be cleaned up, say THAT and use tact. Tom, you're posting online and can expect that people will be critical of your work. Learn to roll with it and if it's not constructive, take it that way. Now on the topic of the concept, it does need to be cleaned up but it's clear that you care a lot about this concept. I'd recommend taking a little extra time to clean up the presentation, because anything you care that much about is worth taking the time to make work. It's a very aggressive idea, taking the pinstripes from the Yankees. I like the idea of placing the league logo on the back of the collar, as I don't think I've seen anybody try that before. I'd recommend shrinking it down, as it would be a nightmare to attach, but it's intriguing. In fact, I'd shrink down all the elements, as a longer name would stretch onto the sleeves and the number takes up the entire back. Also, experiment with other fonts and it may improve the overall look. As somebody who loves looking back at baseball's history, I love the idea of using a polo, so definitely don't lose that aspect of it. Overall, it does need refinement, but it's a good start. Hopefully we see more from you.
  9. Feedback on new logos please

    I really like the second option on the left. What if, instead of outlining the deer head, you reversed the colors of the circle (left side of the head darker red/right side brighter red)?
  10. 4 Major Sports Refresher - Utah Jazz 4/13

    I really like what you did with the Phillies and Mets, I don't know how I feel about those mountains with the Jazz. What if you made the mountains a gradient instead of stripes?
  11. rsaline's Baseball Uniform Template - PSD

    I love this template. If I were to recommend adding anything, I would suggest adding in the Mets' racing stripes down the sleeves and up the sides. I've also been messing around a bit with the template and I'm finding that the layer "Neck Piping 2" doesn't move.
  12. The Return of Black for Black's Sake (UPDATE: Indians)

    I'm pretty sure NWA would've pushed sales into the stratosphere for the jerseys, if I were to make any changes I'd either add a black shadow to the cap insignia or switch it to black with a white shadow. Any chance of seeing Griffey's Mariners go BFBS?
  13. MLB Concepts (MLB Complete, MiLB Chihuahuas 7/30)

    The El Paso Chihuahuas come next. The team keeps their colors and wordmarks. They also return their Bark in the Park uniforms, but modified to put the mascot's face on the uniform. The team also becomes the El Paso Fajitas for Fajita Fridays.
  14. MLB Concepts (MLB Complete, MiLB Chihuahuas 7/30)

    The Fort Wayne TinCaps are next on the list. Keeping the team colors as they become an affiliate of the Cubs, the wordmark is changed to give the TinCaps a better font. The team also takes on the food identity of the Fort Wayne Sugar Cream Pies.
  15. MLB Concepts (MLB Complete, MiLB Chihuahuas 7/30)

    Next up are the Charleston Pilots. Named for the sailors of Charleston Harbor, the team colors are navy and green. The logo features a captain's wheel with the crescent moon from the South Carolina flag. The team's food identity is that of the Charleston Shrimp and Grits.