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  1. MLB Concepts (MLB Complete, MiLB Chihuahuas 7/30)

    The El Paso Chihuahuas come next. The team keeps their colors and wordmarks. They also return their Bark in the Park uniforms, but modified to put the mascot's face on the uniform. The team also becomes the El Paso Fajitas for Fajita Fridays.
  2. MLB Concepts (MLB Complete, MiLB Chihuahuas 7/30)

    The Fort Wayne TinCaps are next on the list. Keeping the team colors as they become an affiliate of the Cubs, the wordmark is changed to give the TinCaps a better font. The team also takes on the food identity of the Fort Wayne Sugar Cream Pies.
  3. MLB Concepts (MLB Complete, MiLB Chihuahuas 7/30)

    Next up are the Charleston Pilots. Named for the sailors of Charleston Harbor, the team colors are navy and green. The logo features a captain's wheel with the crescent moon from the South Carolina flag. The team's food identity is that of the Charleston Shrimp and Grits.
  4. MLB Concepts (MLB Complete, MiLB Chihuahuas 7/30)

    The San Jose Giants, San Francisco's AAA affiliate, are the next team prepared. The team carries over the parent club's colors, as well as most of the team's uniform. The differences include an extra stripe on the piping and "SJ" and "San Jose" on the road and black uniforms instead of "San Francisco". For the team's food identity, they become the San Jose Avocados.
  5. MLB Concepts (MLB Complete, MiLB Chihuahuas 7/30)

    After a long recovery from burning out, I've come back to continue with the Oklahoma City Redhawks. With the team no longer affiliated with the Dodgers, they revert back to their previous name, although without ridiculous capitalization. The team slightly modifies the last logo by modifying the colors, and the team adopts the identity of the Oklahoma City Chicken Fried Steaks.
  6. MLB Concepts (MLB Complete, MiLB Chihuahuas 7/30)

    My vision would be one of two scenarios as decided by the owners. The first scenario would see the champions from each of the eight divisions make the playoffs and eliminate the wild card, shortening the playoffs by a game and making division titles even more valuable. With only eight of the forty teams in the league making the playoffs, that would make for the toughest trip to the postseason since 1993. The other scenario would place the division champs in the postseason with four wild card teams. In this situation, the wild card round would be best of five, with the remaining rounds being best of seven. To enable MLB to add the extra games in the first round, either Spring Training or the All-Star Break would be shortened to allow the season to end earlier.
  7. MLB Concepts (MLB Complete, MiLB Chihuahuas 7/30)

    Next up are the Ottawa Rapids. The Expos' top affiliate is named after the Remic Rapids of the Ottawa River. The team's food identity is that of the Ottawa Maple Syrup, named after the delicacy most Americans recognize the entire country of Canada for.
  8. MLB Concepts (MLB Complete, MiLB Chihuahuas 7/30)

    That's the exact response I was hoping for with the 51s. I figured that any team affiliated with the D-Backs would have to be a bit more unique in their uniforms. The next team ready are the Dayton Dragons. The team's food identity makes them the Dayton Buckeyes.
  9. MLB Concepts (MLB Complete, MiLB Chihuahuas 7/30)

    The Tijuana Toros are the AAA-affiliate of the San Diego Padres. Taking their green and red colors from the flag of Mexico, the team takes on the identity of the Tijuana Tostadas as their food identity.
  10. MLB Concepts (MLB Complete, MiLB Chihuahuas 7/30)

    The next team up are the Colorado Springs Sky Sox. The team returns to the Rockies' farm system, keeping the color scheme of sky blue, navy, and red. The alternate uniforms include red and navy tops, a full sky blue uniform, and an identity as the Rocky Mountain Oysters.
  11. MLB Concepts (MLB Complete, MiLB Chihuahuas 7/30)

    I had not seen your concept, it looks amazing! Your wordmarks came out much cleaner than mine did. As for the Plates, that's incredibly ironic, and it looks like they beat me to the punch by about an hour. However, I stick by the "Pies", as I don't have another team left in New York to give a pizza theme to in AAA and they're the only league I'm giving food identities to. It looks like I nailed it on the head, as Nick Tahou Hots are clearly involved. And thank you, it's been a LOT of work to try to make each team unique without being garish.
  12. MLB Concepts (MLB Complete, MiLB Chihuahuas 7/30)

    I was very tempted to go with Garbage Plates, but there's a distinct problem with that. Garbage Plates are a trademark of Nick Tahou Hots. With the dish being specific to a particular establishment, the team would hamstring themselves into promotional deals to serve the food or even to use the dish as a basis for the uniform. Instead I'm going with generic dishes that any ballpark could serve on their own to maximize the team's profits (these are MiLB teams, after all).
  13. MLB Concepts (MLB Complete, MiLB Chihuahuas 7/30)

    After a much-needed hiatus, I've got the next team ready to go. Please welcome to the stage the Rochester Red Wings. The Red Wings feature four different regular caps, more than any other minor league franchise to this point. The white sleeves on the red uniform are a callback to the uniforms from the '70s. The team's food-based uniforms are under the guise of the Rochester Pies.
  14. MLB Concepts (MLB Complete, MiLB Chihuahuas 7/30)

    The Las Vegas 51s come next. As the new affiliate of the D-Backs, the team gets an unorthodox design. Each uniform has "Las Vegas" on the chest with no white or cream uniforms to wear at home. In fact, the team's primary uniform at home AND on the road is sand-colored. They also have monochrome neon, teal, and navy uniforms to wear anywhere. The team also gets the occasional moniker of Las Vegas Cocktails as their food identity. As the Cocktails, they wear rainbow neon colors.
  15. MLB Concepts (MLB Complete, MiLB Chihuahuas 7/30)

    Next up come the Springfield Cardinals. With the team sharing a state and name with their parent club Cardinals, the wordmark on the home uniform is the same, the road uniform's wordmark only changes out the city name, and the colors remain the same. The team also uses the parent club's home uniforms from the days of Stan Musial, which is used as a template for the road uniform as well. The team becomes the Springfield Toasted Ravioli as their food identity.