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  1. My next concept comes from Canada with the Calgary Cannons. Bringing the club back from the history books, the team is the top affiliate of the Mariners. The team's red and brass colors return, but the old blue is replaced with purple to help differentiate them from the Blue Jays, Expos, and Alberta Wild. The cap logo is a maple leaf with a baseball being fired through the middle and is also found on the team's purple uniform. The team receives the occasional identity of the Calgary Poutine to fit every other AAA team.
  2. I think I've gone ahead and corrected the issue with the cap, as it now sits more even. The next team up are the pink-and-purple Mississippi Magnolias, the AAA-affiliate of the Tigers. Named after the state's official flower, the road uniform's wordmark comes from the Mississippi Tourism Department. The food identity uniforms are for the Mississippi Mud Pies.
  3. The Reading Regulars are the next team I have ready to go. The name comes from regular passengers of the Reading Railroad. The team colors are coral blue, purple, and gold. The team takes the IronPigs' "Cheesesteaks" identity (because they already get bacon, stop being greedy with food, Lehigh Valley), becoming the Reading Regulars. The team also maintains their "Baseballtown" identity, with the Bunbino hot dog on the cap.
  4. I just KNEW I had something wrong. It's now been corrected. The Frisco RoughRiders are next. The uniforms remain largely unchanged with a blue cap added to the mix. Their food identity are the Frisco Nachos, with a guacamole green uniform and beef brown cap.
  5. I've gone ahead and made that change, making the Isotopes match the Krewe in terms of colors a little more. The Durham Bulls are next to the plate as the top affiliate of the expansion Trout. The team maintains the blue and orange they currently use and are given new wordmarks on the road and orange uniforms. The team's food identity makes them the Durham Sweet Potatoes, as North Carolina produces more of that vegetable than any other state. They also have a "Bull Durham" uniform based off the home uniforms from the movie.
  6. I added sunglasses to the player, but I don't think putting them on the raisins would be acceptable with copyright laws. Here are the uniforms of the Albuquerque Isotopes, AAA affiliate of the new New Orleans Krewe. The team is rebranded in black and the Krewe's colors. The atom "A" stays but is recolored, while the team's "I" changes font. The team also retains the identity of the Albuquerque Green Chile Cheeseburgers, with only slight changes to the uniforms.
  7. The Bakersfield Breakers come next. As the top affiliate of the Dodgers, the team is named after an earthquake from 1952 that destroyed much of the city. The logo depicts the First Baptist Church, also called the Bell Towers, the only religious structure to survive the quake. The team colors are those of the building's gray stone, orange roofing tiles, and complimentary red, black, and gray. Their alternate identity is that of the Bakersfield Raisins, which came as a result of the old "California Raisins" commercials.
  8. Coming up from the on-deck circle are the Iowa Oaks. Named after the state tree of Iowa, the Oaks come out of Des Moines in green, orange, and shades of brown. With an acorn surrounded by a roundel as the main logo, the team uses the name "Iowa Cobs" as their alternate, a play on the former (per this concept) Iowa Cubs. My favorite part of this concept is the negative-space "O" with an oak leaf outline in the center.
  9. I left it on there because it's not just chili, it's Cincinnati chili, and leaving off the "Cincinnati" would be an insult to any real forms of chili. The next team ready are the Memphis Blues. The top affiliate of the Music City Strings, the Blues are named after the specific genre of Memphis blues. The team uses a neon font for their uniforms and logos as a tribute to Beale Street, specifically BB King's Blues Club. They also have a black "Memphis Nights" uniform that makes the neon effect stick out even better. Their food-based identity makes them the Tennessee Hot Chicken.
  10. The Toledo Mud Hens of the International League are next. Having been reassigned to the Tribe, the team makes a slight change and adopts the colors of their new parent club. The Tribe's feather logo is modified and added to the wordmarks to give a splash of color and to hearken to the Tribe. The team's food identity is that of the Cincinnati Chili (albeit making them the most disgusting uniforms of all).
  11. Next up to bat are the Fresno Grizzlies. Newly affiliated with the Angels for this concept, the team uses the team's new colors. They also maintain their "Tacos" identity, with a serape belt and serape-billed cap.
  12. The A ball locations have been selected. PACIFIC SUN LEAGUE NORTH Flagstaff (Reds) Medford (Orioles) Modesto Nuts (Giants) Ogden Raptors (Red Sox) Orem Owlz (Swarm) St. George (Krewe) San Bernardino (Rays) Santa Barbara (Marlins) Santa Rosa (Pirates) Stockton (Athletics) Visalia Rawhide (Nationals) SOUTH Chula Vista (Padres) Irvine (Strings) Laredo (Astros) Las Cruces (Hammers) Long Beach (Dodgers) Mesa (Diamondbacks) Riverside (Braves) Santa Ana (Angels) Tucson Sidewinders (Rangers) NORTHWEST LEAGUE NORTH Billings (Expos) Casper (Royals) Cheyenne (Gallops) Davenport (Cubs) Duluth Norsemen (Twins) Fargo (Tigers) Lincoln (Steers) Missoula Ospreys (Tribe) Sioux Falls Cardinals (Cardinals) Vancouver (Trout) WEST Aurora (Rockies) Bend (Mets) Boise Hawks (Flight) Eugene Emeralds (Lumberjacks) Fort Collins (Yankees) Hillsboro Hops (Brewers) Idaho Falls Chukars (Blue Jays) Salem (Phillies) Spokane (White Sox) Tacoma Rainiers (Mariners) Included is a map of each team and their farm system affiliates so you can see the distances each team travels.
  13. The Wichita Monarchs, the conceptual AAA farm team of the Royals, use their parent clubs' gold and royal and powder blue colors. With a royalty-themed name, the team on occasion takes on the mantel of Wichita Ribs, taken from the long history of barbecue in the state of Kansas. The crown is originally found on Vecteezy and to be credited to happymeluv.
  14. Thank you for the confirmation, it's greatly appreciated.
  15. Each credited source is linked to the source, and from there if you click on the copyright information the following appears: However, the code they provided (<a href="">Vector Graphics by Vecteezy</a>) did not appear with the formatting for me, so I put the citation as clearly as I could, both linked and listing who the original creator was.