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  1. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 6 Voting

    G 10 S 2 B 3
  2. High School Logo Redesign (Again)

    Hey guys, I'm back with yet another high school logo redesign, however this time it isn't for my own school, but rather for a nearby high school. My most recent logo (the cardinal for my school) is currently in the hands of the board of education and the superintendent, so hopefully all goes well. But this is for a school called Woodford County High School. They're the Yellow Jackets, and like many schools with that nickname, they use a very slightly altered version of the Georgia Tech logo. So my goal was to change up how traditional yellow jackets are in sports, by modernizing the full body yellow jacket, and to give a front facing yellow jacket as well. I am considering sending these to the Athletic Director of the school, so any C&C would be greatly appreciated and guidance on whether I should send these or not. Thanks!
  3. High School Logo Rebrand

    I definitely agree, but I guess the administration gets what they want right? Yea, I was going for a look to make the claws like stand out at you. Thank you though!
  4. High School Logo Rebrand

    Hello all, so it's been a good while since I last posted anything about my cardinal logo, and a LOT has happened since then. So first, I ended up sending the presentations to my AD, and the next day at school he brought me in, we had a good meeting, just stuff like that. He said that he and the principal both really liked it, and that they thought it was much better than the current logo we use. He said he would also really enjoy if I could create a Morehead State style logo, with the bird holding the GRC, so that's exactly what I did. This is what I came up with: So, he met with me again, saying how he really liked it, and that he would also like it if I could try and use the current GRC mark they use, so I did that and came out with this Sorry for how big the images are, I can't seem to resize them. So, after I sent my AD that he pulled me out of class about a week and a half later, wearing a hoodie with my logo on it. He told me it was just to see how it looked, but most of the teachers in my school really liked it, and that if he ordered more I would definitely get one. So if that ever happens I'll definitely give you all a look at the hoodie. If you made it this far, Thank You!
  5. High School Logo Rebrand

    Believe it or not, our school actually just currently uses a basic matte black shell with nothing on it. That being said though, they did use to have only a "GRC" wordmark on it. It sure does! I also like the spikes, I think it sets it apart from other cardinal logos (as well as the front facing part) but I will try to fix that whole stroke issue.
  6. High School Logo Rebrand

    So, I think I may be finished, but I'm going to post these for one last round of C&C. So what I did in this version of the final primary was I removed all shadows from the right side of the face, I made the bottom parts of the beak the same color as the top, to eliminate an additional color, and I moved the highlight on the beak to the left side. Here is what I plan on sending to the AD. Thank you guys for all of the suggestions!
  7. High School Logo Rebrand

    I'm back with another update to the logo. On this version, I changed the entire right side of the face to the darker shade of red that i used for the shadows on the left side. Also, I made the head a little thinner, and moved the eyes closer to the beak. Once again, I any suggestions before I send this to my A.D. are appreciated
  8. High School Logo Rebrand

    So, I took the advice I've gotten so far, and I updated the logo. Basically what I did was remove the amount of spike by quite a bit. I moved the pupils of the eye up a bit, to take away from the cross-eyed look, I changed the highlight on the beak, and I thickened the stroke by just a little. This is what we've got now: I think it looks much better, but more C&C would still be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  9. High School Logo Rebrand

    Hello! So not too long ago, I attempted to redesign my high school's logo, however I had really been trying to make my own logos at that point for very long. Now, I'm back and after drawing up some logos, and gaining a little more experience, I think I'm ready to tackle the challenge again. Here we go: IMO, my new logo adds a fierceness that our current logo lacks, and gives us a unique look. (how many teams use the side of a cardinal's face as a logo?) I am considering sending it to somebody at my school, but I'm not sure who, and I'd like for it to be looking the best possible. C&C would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. 2016 NCAA Football Thread

    I know it's by a complete miracle and luck, but how about Kentucky being a half game behind Florida and 2nd in the SEC East? How crazy would it be to see a Kentucky-Alabama SEC Championship game? Odds are Kentucky will still lose to Georgia AND Tennessee though.
  11. LOGOLYMPIAD 2016 - Event 3 Voting

    G: 4 S: 2 B: 13
  12. LOGOLYMPIAD 2016 - Event 1 Voting

    G: 21 S: 22 B: 15
  13. Uniforms for my Las Cruces Coyotes. Didn't see the NAC logo, so there is none present on the jerseys
  14. Name: Las Cruces University Nickname: Coyotes Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico Colors: Burnt Orange, Gray, and Black In 1921, after 18 year old Henry Washington was rejected from his 1 choice in universities, he set out to found his own public university, with low academic benchmarks, so many people who may not have a chance of college otherwise, have the chance to continue their studies, and benefit themselves in their future. Just 10 years later, Las Cruces University opened, and it took only a few years, before the students of the new LCU began to long for athletic teams. In 1936, LCU raised enough funding for both a football and basketball team. Since then, the rest was history. Now, LCU is one of the most historic and prestigious football schools. As of lately, they have struggled in the last 3 seasons, with a combined record of 16-20. Despite this, they have hired a new coach and have made quite a splash among the young players looking to make it to the collegiate level. As for other sports, they never have really put together a top notch basketball team, and their baseball team will find success for a short stretch every now and then. Today, Las Cruces University is one of the most prosperous universities in New Mexico, and have every sport offered, with football their main focus.
  15. High School Athletic Redesign

    Hello all! I currently attend a high school in central Kentucky, called George Rogers Clark, GRC for short. However 4 years ago we received a new building, yet no new athletic facilities, and this summer they will begin to build our new arena, football stadium, etc... Anyways, since we're going to be getting all new facilities I figured why not redesign all the sports teams as well. Please note this is our current logo, and I would hate to see this at the half-court line every basketball game. Realistically, its not terrible but I would prefer something much more fierce and threatening. So I came up with this. Please keep in mind that this is my first ever attempt at designing a logo. Thank you! C&C Appreciated!