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  1. TNF Color Rush by bbb

    I really like the Buccaneers and Saints uniforms, but with the Buccaneers, I feel as if flipping the red and pewter, will A add to the throwback look you are trying to achieve and B make it more legible
  2. NHL 90s Series (Atlanta Thrashers added 35/35 COMPLETED)

    Amazing so 90s, but with the Panthers maybe throw some sun rays
  3. Patriots Logo Idea (Hand-Drawn)

    This is good would like to see what else you can add
  4. LOGOLYMPIAD 2016 - EVENT 4 - Crossover

    What about Miami and their team coming soon
  5. Arizona Diamondbacks Fix

    I really like this
  6. Cant wait to see the panthers
  7. Please finish MLB2k19 it was amazing

  8. Star Based Championship Signatures By Request!

    Hey you forgot 2015 to AL East
  9. Star Based Championship Signatures By Request!

    I'm Sorry but can I get a Toronto Blue Jays one
  10. Grateful Dead Design (Request)

    Can I get A Pelicans Logo: Flur de Pelican Colors: Blue and Gold
  11. Detroit Pistons concept "Bad Boys" tribute

    Put the pistons inside a basketball. That Might look good but this a nice concept
  12. Star Based Championship Signatures By Request!

    Can I get a Miami Hurricanes one
  13. BIG NHL EXPANSION PROJECT (Saskatchewan completed 28/7/15)

    Can we get a team back in the ATL
  14. Where did you get your add with the dolphins championships