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  1. NOLAPelicans23

    MLB Concept Rebranding: Nike Edition

    You have touched the forbidden Black Jays logo, you shall be stones by the fan base and logo haters. But I think it looks strange with the red on the eye and that area only. Maybe if part of the eye or the routine was red it would look better
  2. NOLAPelicans23

    Florida Marlins-style Logo for the Miami Marlins

    I would drop the slightly to get more of the Marlin head inside the image
  3. NOLAPelicans23

    A Few NFL Concepts (Hand Drawn)(NY Jets posted 6/23)

    Definently like the one green scheme better for the Eagles, and I like the Midnight over Kelly Green as well
  4. NOLAPelicans23

    TNF Color Rush by bbb

    I really like the Buccaneers and Saints uniforms, but with the Buccaneers, I feel as if flipping the red and pewter, will A add to the throwback look you are trying to achieve and B make it more legible
  5. NOLAPelicans23

    NHL 90s Series (Atlanta Thrashers added 35/35 COMPLETED)

    Amazing so 90s, but with the Panthers maybe throw some sun rays
  6. NOLAPelicans23

    Patriots Logo Idea (Hand-Drawn)

    This is good would like to see what else you can add
  7. NOLAPelicans23

    LOGOLYMPIAD 2016 - EVENT 4 - Crossover

    What about Miami and their team coming soon
  8. NOLAPelicans23

    Florida Panthers 2016 Rebrand (Final touches)

    I like the first one because that is based off info we've heard plus it looks cleaner
  9. NOLAPelicans23

    Arizona Diamondbacks Fix

    I really like this
  10. NOLAPelicans23

    My logolympics submisson

    I see what you mean
  11. NOLAPelicans23

    My logolympics submisson

    This was my submisson.It was for the pistons but disqualified due to many things
  12. NOLAPelicans23

    Point1's Adidas NHL - 2018-19 3rd Jersey Predictions

    Cant wait to see the panthers
  13. NOLAPelicans23

    NBA logo concepts: Sacramento Kings

    Everything is really good here